The Astrology Behind Sharon and Ozzy Osbourne’s Long & Stormy Marriage

Any metal head or classic rock fan would be able to tell you all about Ozzy Osbourne, lead singer and songwriter of the 70’s rock band Black Sabbath. 

This is a legendary man who is known as the ‘Prince of Darkness’ to his legions of fans. The guy is likely one of the more legitimately wild rock stars out there… I mean, the dude ate a live bat on stage! Talk about dedication to your brand. 

After a, well, terribly sketchy marriage to Thelma Riley, mother of two of Ozzy’s kids, he ended up finding love with his manager, the now famous Sharon Osbourne, who was born on October 9, 1952. 

Despite his checkered reputation at the time of their marriage, it seems that settling down and coupling up has helped make Ozzy a more consistent and reliable person. Sharon and Ozzy have been married just shy of forty years!

As a Relationship Astrologer, I can understand why these two have had their share of public scandal, even in the most recent years of their marriage. 

With Ozzy’s outlandish Sagittarius Sun and Sharon’s accommodating Libra Sun, the two of them have different but mostly complementary takes on life.  

Before we dive headfirst into the Astrology of their relationship, let’s cover who they are as individuals first!

Overview of Ozzy Osbourne’s Birth Chart

Overview of Ozzy Osbourne’s Birth Chart 

As a long-time Astrologer, I sometimes can just look at a person and how they operate and know which signs influence them in some way. With Ozzy, I knew right away at least two of the signs that influenced him! 

He has a far-reaching influence in music and entertainment and he’s one of the richest people in Great Britain (along with Sharon herself).

Born on December 3rd, 1948, in Birmingham, UK. Ozzy is a bold Sagittarius, a work-oriented Capricorn Moon, and a dark Scorpio rising.  

In Astrology, Sagittarius is the final fire sign of the Zodiac and the ninth sign overall. It is associated with the ninth house of the Zodiac and the planet Jupiter, the largest planet in our Solar System. 

As a Sagittarius Sun, he is someone with the most expansive presence in the Zodiac, and he’s impossible to ignore. Sagittarians are open-minded, philosophical, and sometimes highly associated with religion in some sense.

 This makes sense with Ozzy’s years of accusations of being a Satanist (he states he is a member of the Church of England).

The Sun placed in his first house of self means that Ozzy fully embodies the “look here!” and “see me!” energy that the Sun represents. People pick up on Ozzy’s sense of vitality and his spirit right away. 

Since the ruler of his Sun is the mighty Jupiter, we can infer that he’s also a larger-than-life personality just like the Gas Giant himself!

For example, Ozzy is one of the most famous people in England and one of the most famous living rock stars in the world. No matter what he’d chosen to do, he never had a chance at being overlooked. 

This is displayed through his success as a solo act after Black Sabbath fired him for drug abuse. He still was wildly successful all alone, a testament to the boldness of his personality. 

When it comes to relationships, Sagittarians want love to be a grand adventure. They are a blast to hang around and they love nothing more than having a constant adventure buddy. 

The first house deals with the body, and this can be a sign of someone who is quite sexual. The Sun is a fiery planet that can ignite a drive in whichever house it is in. When it’s in the first house, it can be quite an explosive placement. 

Ozzy’s Sagittarius Sun isn’t the only indicator of his personality and how he acts in relationships, though. His Scorpio rising speaks to how he is immediately perceived by others as well as his gut reactions to life in general. 

For me, Ozzy being a Scorpio rising is an absolute no-brainer. Since the rising sign is like the clothes we wear and what’s obvious on the surface of someone, let’s consider how a Scorpio rising would affect that.

Scorpio is a sign that is dark and dirty – to put it bluntly. They are the ‘goths’ of the Zodiac. Of course, not all Scorpios are goths per se… though Ozzy certainly fits the bill. 

They crave intensity and passionate experiences. They have their share of secrets and when Scorpio is on the ascendant (rising sign) it’s like everyone around him just knows there is more than meets the eye with the Scorpio rising. 

In relationships, a Scorpio rising will seek wild and deeply personal sexual experiences. They may be possessive and jealous of their partner as well, which can be good or bad depending on how the partner interprets it. 

With Ozzy’s Moon (emotional nature) in serious Capricorn, it might be hard for Ozzy to acknowledge his own emotions or he may feel that emotional displays as silly or useless. 

On top of this, Ozzy has his Venus in moody Scorpio as well, doubling down on his need for highly stimulating relationships with just a hint of taboo, secrets, and maybe scandal thrown in. 

When Venus is in Scorpio it accentuates the need for a romantic partner who has a lot more going on under the surface than they show. He’s likely romantically attracted to those who ignite emotions he didn’t know he had.

With Venus placed in his twelfth house of the subconscious, his relationships are likely far more interesting behind closed doors, since the twelfth house rules all that is hidden and taboo. 

It makes sense that he married Sharon as he was in the midst of heavy drug abuse, another theme of the twelfth house. 

Overview of Sharon Osbourne’s Birth Chart

Overview of Sharon Osbourne’s Birth Chart

When I saw Sharon and Ozzy’s synastry chart, I realized exactly why the two of them have lasted so long despite multiple occasions of great stress on the relationship. 

Sharon is a charismatic, charming, and entrepreneurial woman who flexes her influence as easily on reality television as she does on talk shows. 

In my opinion, the two of them are just about as perfect a match as it gets, as long as one or both parties can remain committed and enthused about the relationship. 

Sharon was born October 9th, 1952 in London, England, and this makes her an enchanting Libra. 

In Astrology, Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac and is associated with the seventh house of the wheel of the Zodiac. Libra is a cardinal air sign, meaning that she loves new and novel beginnings (cardinal) to relationships or within relationships (air). 

As a Libra Sun, Sharon likely feels most herself and most complete when she is in a partnership of some variety. It’s the sign of partnerships, especially romantic relationships. 

Ruled by Venus, Libra is known for their appealing personalities. They are social, and are really good at connecting with just about anyone they like. 

In addition, Libras are known as people pleasers because they want so much to ensure that everyone is getting along… they do not enjoy drama in the least!

And with Sharon’s Moon in the nurturing and reserved sign of Cancer, she has a true water nature that feels all emotions deeply and constantly. 

In Astrology, Cancer is the sign associated with motherhood and the home. This makes total sense since Sharon and Ozzy have multiple children and multiple homes!

Her Cancer Moon indicates that Sharon is going to be attracted to partners who support her need to nurture, protect, and reign in the people around her. 

She wants someone who makes her feel safe and comforted, the ultimate state of happiness for a Cancer Moon.

Sharon’s Venus is resting in the sign of Scorpio, indicating that though she needs safety to feel secure, she also has a side of her that embraces the darker, more dangerous side of life.

When Mars, the planet of action, is in the sign of Sagittarius in a woman’s chart, I often find that they’re inclined to fall in love with people who have a radically different background to their own. They also love a little adventure in the bedroom.  

Overview of Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne’s Synastry

Overview of Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne’s Synastry 

To say that Ozzy and Sharon have had some knocks in their relationship is an understatement, but are these two really meant to be despite the struggles? I think they are, and I’ll explain why. 

As I covered, Ozzy Osbourne is a Sagittarius Sun and Sharon is a Libra Sun. These two signs actually have a decent rapport with each other given a little effort to understand one another. 

To make things even better, Ozzy and Sharon have opposing Moon signs, and this tends to create a complementary emotional relationship, each one adding in what the other is lacking.  

Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne’s Sun Sign Compatibility

As a Sagittarius (Ozzy) and Libra (Sharon), these two have Sun signs with what is known as a sextile relationship to one another. It means that with just a little work, the signs can understand one another quite well. 

Ozzy is a hot and spicy fire sign and Sharon is an easy breezy air sign. Fire needs air to survive and the heat of the fire excites the air and sends it in an upward funnel, so it’s easy to see why these two elements get one another. 

Ozzy’s over the top and out of the box antics are likely A-okay with Sharon, since she is such an accommodating person. She won’t mind his wild shenanigans and may even enjoy it.

One spot that can be hard to handle for Sharon is Ozzy’s say-it-like-it-is tendencies. Libras appreciate truthfulness but in the same breath it should be pointed out that they can’t stand discord.

This means that Ozzy’s blunt nature is likely to have her anxious that he’ll offend someone around them – basically her worst nightmare!

On the other hand, Ozzy will be able to appreciate Sharon’s love of lightheartedness and good vibes, both concepts he can get behind as a Sagittarius. However, Sharon’s hesitancy to offend is likely the bane of his existence!

As I mentioned, the two of them can have an excellent rapport with one another given they are willing to put in an ounce of work. Just a smidge of attentiveness to their differences and a hint of compromise will have these two feeling right at home with one another.

The cherry on top of their nice Sun sign compatibility is that Sharon’s Sun rests comfortably in Ozzy’s house of friendship, gifts, blessings, and community. To Sharon, Ozzy is a gift and Ozzy likely recognizes all the good connections and boons that Sharon hooks him up with. 

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Ozzy Osbourne and Sharon Osbourne’s Moon Sign Compatibility

In my opinion and in my experience, the Moon is the most important factor in relationship charts. This is because relationships are inherently emotional in most cases. 

As Capricorn (Ozzy) and Cancer (Sharon) Moons, these two have some enviable Moon sign compatibility for the home and family life!

Capricorn and Cancer are opposing signs which can occasionally mean tension, but it also means that the signs are totally complementary. What one lacks, the other brings to the table and vice versa.

Capricorn Moons like Ozzy are often serious people form birth. Levity in his emotional relationships is not always his style. 

This is just fine though, because Cancer Moons like Sharon aren’t the biggest fan of nonsense either. They take emotional responses seriously. 

Capricorn Moons are like the fathers of the Zodiac and Cancer Moons are the mothers. This creates an excellent give and take relationship of the Capricorn putting in real world work to provide for the emotional and physical security of the Cancer. 

In return, Sharon’s Cancer Moon likely softly simulates Ozzy’s normally aloof Capricorn Moon into submission… no easy feat!

When you combine the Capricorn Moon and the Cancer Moon it creates a solid home life with two people who are committed to making the relationship work. Capricorns are not afraid of hard emotional work and Cancers can guide them into a space where they can let their guard down. 

To make matters even better, Sharon’s Moon is in Ozzy’s eighth house, indicating that no matter what trials the two go through (and there will be trials) they always bounce back and have a rebirth within the relationship, in eighth house manner. 

In addition, Ozzy’s Jupiter (planet of abundance, joy, and good fortune) touches Sharon’s Moon, meaning that Ozzy provides Sharon with an emotionally rich and good-natured relationship with one another.

Their Moon sign compatibility creates a solid environment where the two can help each other through any struggle the other experiences. 

This pair gets a 10 out of 10 in my book! Congrats, Sharon and Ozzy, this is a first for me! 

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