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10 Secrets To Understanding Your Man’s Gemini Moon

Want to understand your man’s Moon in Gemini better? Dying to know what makes him tick deep down inside? Would you like to understand how to fulfill his emotional needs? Look no further – here are ten secrets for understanding the Moon in the airy sign of Gemini: 

Has your man got his Moon – the planet of emotions and needs – in the clever sign of Gemini? Lucky you! You’ll be laughing non-stop, and constantly amazed at his brains.

There are a few things to know about this Moon placement, namely that he tends to be rather rational and objective, but at the same time, moody and changeable. One thing is for sure – life is never boring with a Gemini Moon man! 

Getting to know how he ticks, emotionally, can be a wonderful way to create more intimacy and closeness in your relationship – he will love being so understood by you! Here are the top ten secrets you need to know about dating a man with a Gemini Moon:

10 Secrets To Understanding Your Man’s Gemini Moon

1. He’s Hyper Rational

The first secret that you should know about his Moon in Gemini is that he tends to be hyper-rational and objective. He thinks and feels in a way that may come off as slightly detached to you, or even a little bit cold

However, your Gemini Moon man is the perfect person to turn to when you need a solution to a problem, or for someone to help you understand your own feelings in a non-emotional way. His rationality can be a true lifesaver at times! 

2. He’s Always Analyzing

Although he may come across as “light and fluffy,” your Gemini Moon man can be someone who constantly has the wheel turning in his mind. He seldom stops thinking, even for a moment. 

This constant analyzing can of course be draining, but at the same time, he just can’t help himself. It makes him feel safe and secure to be thinking a lot of the time, and he may even be prone to thinking his feelings away as a defensive or avoidant technique. 

Noticing and understanding this quality may help to support him better in the long run! 

3. He Needs To Talk About His Feelings

Along with his analytical emotional nature, your Gemini Moon man often needs to talk through his emotions. When he can describe them in a logical way, he feels calmer, more in control, and happier overall. 

Learning to listen, is therefore a great way to support your Gemini Moon guy, and encouraging him to speak, not just about his feelings, but about anything in his life or his day to day, will bring him closer to you. 

Bear in mind, that this talking may often be a tool he uses to avoid bigger feelings – see the fourth point below: 

4. He’s Not Comfortable With Big Emotions

Ladies, something you need to remember if you date a man with his Moon in Gemini, is the fact that he often cannot deal with big, raw emotions – his own, or yours.

If you are someone who is more sensitive and expressive emotionally, you may not always feel held or supported in the way you need. You may even get upset with him for trying to logically analyze your feelings instead of holding you! 

Instead of being angry, teach him. Let him know what he can do to help you, and that you appreciate his logic and rationality. But also, that this doesn’t help when you are feeling down, necessarily. After all, air Moon people do need to learn to face big feelings! 

5. He Laughs His Feelings Off

When your Gemini Moon man is feeling sad, or angry, he will often make a (really funny!) joke about his emotions. He may laugh at himself, for example, calling himself funny names or characterizing himself. 

This should be a major alert for you to step in and comfort him, perhaps by asking him how he’s feeling, or just knowing inside of yourself that he’s actually going through quite a lot. 

6. He Can Be Very Moody

For an air sign, a Gemini Moon guy can actually be extremely moody! His moods are always in a state of change, so he may come across as angry one moment, happy the next, and in the next hour, he’s sad! 

He may express these changing emotions by withdrawing emotionally, making jokes, analyzing his feelings, or talking a lot. He may even get anxious! You can support him by just flowing with it, and not buying into his feelings too much.

7. He’s Very Intelligent

If you haven’t already noticed, your Gemini Moon guy is hyper intelligent, sometimes to his own detriment! He loves to learn things all the time, and share the knowledge that he has learned.

He loves as good, strong mental connection with someone (preferably you!), someone to bounce his feelings and ideas off! Knowing his need to be constantly learning is also a great way to be there for him and understand him better.

8. He Needs Variety & Change

One of the top needs for a Gemini Moon man is his need for constant change and variety in life. Maybe this means moving home often, changing jobs or having work that is always somehow developing and evolving. 

A Gemini Moon man is not always going to love a routine, in other words – he may get easily bored! Just like his moods are always changing, so is his life and he enjoys experiencing novelty! 

He’s always curious, your Gemini Moon man, which makes him eternally youthful and open-minded! 

9. He Can Be Prone To Anxiety

Because he’s such an avid thinker and learner, the Gemini Moon man can be very prone to anxiety. There is just so much information going on in his brain all at once that he gets overloaded and overwhelmed at times! 

The way you could hell is by getting him to come back into his body. Go for lots of walks, runs, swims, surfs – anything to help him get moving and out of his head! Try not to analyze things too much with him, although talking together can sometimes help him be calmer.

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10. He Needs To Always Be Learning

 One of the biggest needs of the Gemini Moon is to constantly learn new things. He loves information, and tends to gobble it up. This is why he is into learning how to support you emotionally – he may see you as fascinating puzzle to be solved! 

If he’s not learning, you’ll find your Gemini Moon guy becomes rather grumpy and moody, causing trouble and maybe even drama! He has a dramatic side to him that can be quite surprising for some of us to see.

In conclusion, understanding your Gemini Moon man’s deeper, inner world is easy when you realize what a mental, intellectual guy he is! How he “thinks” his feelings instead of necessarily feeling them, and how he needs to talk instead of cry, for example.

When he feels seen and validated emotionally, he will start feeling safe and held with you, which means he will learn to become that much more vulnerable and secure in your relationship! 

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