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What Kind Of Man You Need According To Your Zodiac Sign

Have you ever noticed that you keep attracting the same guys over and over again? Men that you’re just magnetically drawn to! Yes, we all have a type, but that doesn’t mean the guy you’re drawn to would be your perfect romantic match.

According to Astrology, we all have signs that are compatible with ours. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to date according to your perfect Astrological match? Maybe this would improve your chances tenfold.

Continue reading to find out who you should date according to your Zodiac sign. 


Aries, you’re one of the most vibrant and independent women out there. You’re bold, courageous, and quite the firecracker! You know what you want and you go after it with passion.

You enjoy a challenge, especially with love. You’re a lot like a man when it comes to romance, you need to hunt your prey. You really don’t appreciate it when things come too easily. 

The perfect man for you would be someone who can keep up with your speed, someone who will put up a fight with you. You need more passion and action to keep you interested.

The worst thing possible for you in a relationship is feeling any type of boredom. You need constant stimulation to remain interested. A man who can take you on adventures and who is extremely independent himself is going to keep your fancy!

You can look towards Gemini, Sagittarius, and Libra to keep you endlessly satisfied and full of adventure.


Taurus, if there is one thing you love then it is commitment. You crave a solid life full of stability and security. You’re not too fond of change and do everything in your power to prevent it.

You’re the marrying kind, and you need a man who values commitment as much as you do. Your best type of partner is someone who is dependable and reliable, someone whose word you can always count on. 

Security is the most important thing for you in a relationship. You need to know that your man can provide you with a comfortable life. He needs to not only be financially stable, but emotionally as well. 

You want to live a life of peace and harmony, and you’re not looking for any unnecessary drama! You really hate change, but being with someone who can subtly push you to get out of your comfort zone will really help you grow on a personal level.

You’ll find the best balance with either a Cancer, Capricorn, or a Scorpio.


Gemini, you’re fun, witty, and full of curiosity. You love having variety in your love life and feel really excited when you can learn from your lover.

Feeling mentally stimulated by a man really turns you on, so it’s really important for you to have someone who can keep up with your smarts, and at the very least have you in stitches laughing.

Romance isn’t something you take too seriously; you just want to enjoy yourself and grow through every experience and see relationships as an opportunity to see life from a different angle.

You love to communicate and chat up a storm, so having a partner that doesn’t mind a lot of texting is perfect for you. Even though you’re highly independent, you still like to keep in touch and hear from your guy at frequent intervals.

Having a super straight forward man who really knows how to calm your anxieties is perfect for you. Look no further than a Sagittarius, Aquarius, or Leo. These men can keep up with your versatility.


Cancer, you’re one of the sweetest and most caring women around. You just naturally know how to nurture and make anyone feel at home. 

Your greatest goal in life is to create a loving family. You need to connect and have strong bonds with the people closest to you. 

Your perfect man is kind, generous, and sensitive to your needs. You want someone who can be a source of strength for you to lean on. 

Sometimes you can get a little moody, so a compassionate guy would be perfect for you. You want to talk about your feelings freely with your man. Emotional security in a relationship is at the top of your priorities.

You’re most attracted to hard-working men who are reliable and practical. Someone who you know can provide a stable home for you; you’re into traditional relationship roles and like a man who knows how to bring out your femininity.

Your best matches would be a Capricorn, Virgo, or Pisces.


Leo, you’re one of the bravest and boldest women around. Your creativity is truly astounding, and your ambition will get you very far, but most importantly you just want to have fun!

You’re deeply romantic and loyal in your relationships. You expect your partner to be just as devoted to you; reliability and dependability are big in your book!

You enjoy being the center of attention and don’t mind a bit of drama from time to time. You need a man who can give you the space to be yourself unapologetically, someone who isn’t intimidated by your confidence and knows how to shower you with compliments.

Feeling proud of your partner is very important to you. You need a man who makes his own waves and stands out from the crowd; he has to have unique qualities. Relationships are most fun with men who you can expect the unexpected from. You need a man who knows how to switch on the heat.

Leo, you’re likely to find the one in either an Aquarius, Aries, or Libra.


Virgo, you are thoughtful and modest, and your personality leans towards being shy and reserved. 

Romance is something you’re careful about, you need to feel 100% certain about the partner you are with. You dislike nothing more than being wrong about people, so you really take your time getting to know someone. 

A mental connection is vital for you in a romance. You need someone who can turn on your mind with their sharp wit and intellectual ideas; a man who you can learn from.

You work extremely hard towards your quest for perfection. You like a man who is hardworking, responsible, and presentable. A guy who knows how to be on his best behavior. 

You really despise messy situations, which means you really appreciate a man who can follow a routine and knows how to schedule a date. You’re definitely not one for surprises and like your life to follow order. 

Perfection isn’t always possible, but Capricorn, Scorpio, and Taurus come pretty close.


Libra, relationships make your world go round. You just love being in love and experiencing life with a partner. 

You’re sweet, charming, and creative, plus you’re extremely beautiful! You know how to catch any man’s attention. Getting a date isn’t too hard for you, because you know how to flirt your way into a man’s heart.

The perfect guy for you is someone who is social and thoughtful. One of your greatest attributes is your ability to be just and fair, so it is important for you to be with someone who has an open mind and doesn’t cower away when you challenge his perceptions. You need a man who can keep up with you intellectually.

Even though you’re quite open-minded, you’re actually rather old-fashioned in romance. You need a man who will put in a lot of effort to pursue you. Feeling desired and chased by a man leaves you breathless and excited. 

You will find your fairytale romance in the arms of either an Aries, Leo, or Capricorn.


Scorpio, you are known for your intensity and determination. Relationships give you the depth you crave in your life. You love nothing more than getting really intimate with a partner. 

Your personality is pretty full on, and weaker men seem to get really intimidated by your presence. The perfect man for you is a man with grit and strength, it’s important that you man can keep up with you and isn’t afraid of your power.

You can be quite suspicious of people, so you need to know that your guy is trustworthy. You need someone you can rely on at all times. Commitment and loyalty are values you stand by in your relationships. 

The reason you have such a hard exterior is that you actually feel rather vulnerable at times. A man who is emotionally mature and knows how to stay strong is your ideal match. 

You want to be with someone who can support you on your journey; someone who will hold your hand through all the emotional transformations your spirit calls for.

Look no further than a fellow Scorpio, Pisces, or a Capricorn. 


Sagittarius, you’re a free spirit! You value your independence and you’re always up for an adventure. Your mind is full of questions and wonderment about the universe. A life full of spontaneity is the only way to live.

One of the best parts of your personality is that you’re always optimistic and full of positivity. You want to be with a man that is just as excited about life as you are, a man who is ready to go on an adventure at a moment’s notice.

You don’t mind being in a relationship, as long as you can follow your own rules. You need a guy who is happy to be with a free spirit. The last thing you want is to feel you’re being tied down to someone.

Your ideal partner is a man with a healthy sense of adventure, an open mind, and above all else, integrity. Honesty is so important to you; you need someone who can appreciate how blunt you are!  

You can find the right guy for you in either a Gemini, Aquarius, or an Aries.


Capricorn, you’re ambitious and determined to succeed in your life. Your career will always come first in your life.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t space for a relationship – on the contrary, you’re quite old-fashioned and like the idea of a traditional courtship.

Security and stability are extremely important to you; therefore, you work so hard! You need a man who you can depend on and who wants to build a life with you, someone who is just as serious about commitment as you. No need for time wasters, you want the real deal.

You can be quite serious and stern, so it’s good for you to have a partner who can encourage you to let go and relax a little. Someone who can help you embrace your softer side.

You’re always looking to take care and provide for others, but it is important for you to allow your man to nurture and love you as well.

Your best match is likely to be a Taurus, Cancer, or a Virgo.


Aquarius, you’re a true original. One can expect the unexpected from you. You’re full of surprises and know how to stand out from a crowd with your unique energy.

Romantic relationships aren’t the most obvious choice for you because you love your independence too much, but when you meet the right guy, you can be a really thoughtful and reliable partner. 

Your greatest fear in life is feeling like you’re trapped in a relationship, so it’s really vital that your man gives you a lot of space to do your own thing. This requires a lot of trust and honesty between you and your guy.

You need to feel you can be best friends with your partner, all the romantic stuff comes second. A man who accepts you for who you are and doesn’t change you is your best match.

Having a strong intellectual connection with a guy is at the top of your priorities. He needs to stimulate you and keep you interested to keep coming back for more.

You’re likely to find a guy equally weird as you in either a Leo, Gemini, or a Libra.

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Pisces, you’re a soft, sensitive, and creative soul. You live in a bit of a fantasy world, especially with your romances.

Your dream guy is compassionate and caring. Someone who encourages your creativity and doesn’t cringe at your emotions. 

You feel deeply, so it is important that you find love with someone who isn’t scared of your vulnerability and intense emotions. You’re looking for someone who can understand you and is willing to grow with you.

Your imagination plays a big part in your love life, so finding a man who can sweep you off your feet and can give you the fairytale you have always dreamed of is perfect for you.

Your life can be a little tumultuous at times, but if you find the right partner who can support you and offer a sense of stability, then life should become a little calmer.

You need someone who can bring you back to reality when you’ve indulged in too much escaping. It’s important that your man holds the fort while you’re off on a creative adventure.

Your Prince Charming is likely a Taurus, Capricorn, or a Scorpio.

What is your sign, and have you ever dated one of the men I just suggested? What was your experience like and what did you learn from the relationship? Please leave me a comment in the section below.  I would love to hear your stories!

And if you feel like you need personal guidance on your relationship or a potential one, I will encourage you to listen to your feelings and respond to them in a constructive matter! Book a private consultation and get instant clarity and guidance.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

24 thoughts on “What Kind Of Man You Need According To Your Zodiac Sign

  1. Liebe Anna… danke sehr…bin mit einem Stier zusammen…lange Zeit.. leider ist das erotische Gefühl fort…mein Herz ❤️ haben 2 Männer wirklich gebrochen..1 Wassermann und ein Fisch vor 2,5 Jahren.. grosser Herzschmerz… liebe Dich auch Anna.. alles Glück dieser Welt für Dich …Martina 💙🍀🌼🦋

  2. I have never dated any of these signs but, I have been in the talking stage with all and I didn’t feel a connection or the need to date them. I dated signs such as an aries, leo, and an aquarius bad idea btw. I am cruently dating a cusp such as leo/virgo and I feel a mature and deep connection in my partner so capicorn, scorpio and tarus isnt a really good match for me.

  3. Hi Anna

    You are hundred percent spot on, I’m a Libran woman and so far been with an Aries and a Leo, they did leave me breathless with their aggressive chases, their intellectual side was something I thoroughly enjoyed because I live for the challenge. I love alpha male type of men because they can handle the challenge I bring on without feeling undermined and insecure.

  4. Hi Anna, my name is Carolina and I’m dating a Libra man, he is the sweetest man i’ve ever met in my entire life, he is the man of my dreams and i can finally say to myself, i found my soulmate.

  5. Hi

    As an 24 march aries I do not want to hunt my pray, a man should approach me.. and it’s OK if my partner isn’t the same as I..
    I don’t need to party every week, a man must be able to communicate and prioritise family like I do, travelling likewise, and want to be my companion, not too clingy, but loving, but more grounded then me wouldn’t be bad..

  6. Im a Capricorn the man im seeing is a Taurus we get on great but im 19 years older than him we are not in a relashionship i carnt work him out usualy by now i no about who im dateing but im baffled this time treats me well loveing but no commitment

  7. Am Pisces but the guy am dating is a Sagittarius he always yearns how he loves me and how important I am to him but I feel he’s just lying cuz since we started dating I haven’t seen any proof of his words.

  8. Aries here, Yes, I hate boredom, love adventure, moving, doing something different everyday. Perhaps at my age, I am searching for more security., but still did not change much.
    Thank you.

  9. Hi Anna, thank you so much for helping others. Youre amazing and God give u the talent to make other people have their succesful relationship. Anyway, im a virgo but unfortunately i dont have any luck in relationship. As u said, looks like ive dated almost the same person. 🙁 its sad…

  10. There is a Scorpio man in my life who I feel strongly about ( I am a pieces) and have a close friendship with. He is 1 person I can totally trust and confide in and just” gets it ” but always seems to choose the other girls 1st. You know, the pretty ones with big boobs. He has had some terrible relationships and is currently in an on again, off again one but keeps comming back to me when things go bad for someone to confide in

  11. Hi anna:. I am seeing a Taurus man for the first time this Wednesday. since we connected on line in Feb. 4hrs. Away. He has all the qualities of a Taurus. He not like texting, but writes often. He sends me virtual breakfasts often. I appreciate him greatly. I ask him a lot of questions, to get to know him, and is straightforward. He knows ithat I am the same straightand honest.
    We have great communication via email. He made plans to meet to take me to lunch, but due to Covid but juat get to it this week. He seems just wants to be friends and says ‘probably stay stngle til the Almighty calls him”. I did mot question that but He is confusing as I wonder why he even wants to meet me. I have been reading a lot of your info on a Taurus. I am a cancer.

  12. Sagattarius. Married a Gemini. Best love of my life but he was not honest and that ruined it. You were spot on.

  13. hey i’m a virgo and i am dating a libra after 3 months of talking stage ( starting from when he confessed) and a total of 3 years of knowing each other. i am very happy but feel insecure he might like someone else, can you help?

  14. Hello Ann!
    I am a Pisces and I totally agree with you on the Zodiac sign for me!
    I am deeply in love with a Taurus Man who is a true Taurine Man! I wish I could I could talk to you every second of the day about being in love with a Taurus! Thanks

  15. Hello Anna, I am a Libra. I’ve never dated any of these Signs, Talked to a couple but that’s as far as it’s gone, at this moment I have actually fallen back in love with my ex-husband who had actually showed intrest first, was doing the most to get me back after 8 years of divorce, now wont even talk to me anymore. Oh he is a Virgo Man, I just want him back.

  16. Hello Anna, As a 76 year old Pisces widow my experiences with love have been with Aries (not great). Libra (ugh). Sagittarius ( pure hell). Leo (long term good but no commitment).
    Scorpio (married 25+ years true love with some ups and downs). Now widowed for 3 years I am dating an Aquarius (wonderful, exciting, but no commitment after 2 years) a Cancer who I think loves me but is long distance, and a new dating experience with a Capricorn who interests me a lot but after 2 weeks I’m not sure because he seems interested but slow and cautious. I love romance but am fond of the quirky Aquarius who keeps coming back although I feel the Capricorn might be “the one”. The Cancer I feel might be too controlling for my Aquarius Rising, Moon and Mars. My Sun Pisces is in first house. I feel and look much younger than my years. I want to live life to the fullest.

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