Weekly Tarotscope for June 17th – 23rd

Hello Sweethearts, and welcome to the weekly tarotscope for June 17th-23rd. As the solstice approaches, we stand at a pivotal point of the year, a moment when the balance of light and dark shifts dramatically.

The solstice, whether it marks the height of summer or the depth of winter, is a powerful time of transformation and renewal. It is a period that invites introspection, celebration, and the embracing of new possibilities.

In this set of tarot readings, we draw upon the profound energy of the solstice to guide us through the complexities of our lives. Each card pulled in this solstice-themed reading is imbued with the potent symbolism of the turning year.

The lengthening days or encroaching nights remind us of the cycles of growth and rest, of beginnings and endings. Whether you seek clarity on a specific issue, hope to understand the undercurrents of your emotions, or need inspiration for future actions, these readings are designed to illuminate your path.

As you explore these tarot insights, allow the solstice’s light to reveal hidden truths and the solstice’s shadow to bring depth to your understanding. Embrace this unique moment to realign with your inner self, set intentions for the coming months, and harness the transformative power that the solstice offers.

Here’s Your Weekly Tarot Reading for June 17th-23rd:

Check your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign for more accuracy.

Aries: 3 of Cups

This is a really encouraging card as it indicates that you will be attending fun, happy occasions and you will experience a joyous, optimistic energy not only within yourself but also from the people around you.

Even if you are feeling blue, others could cheer you up because they are in a good place. So whether it’s you generating good vibes or other people, there’s bound to be a positive feedback loop of emotional upliftment. This can help all relationships. 

An interesting thing about this card is there may be a reunion with a long-lost lover or acquaintance. In some cases, it could also mean a family member, but very often there could be communication from someone you haven’t heard from in a long time.

This could be, again, a romance. If you are single, this is a great time to make up with a lover you had fallen out with or start a friendship with someone you had known in the past.

In terms of long-term relationships, it is a perfect time to reinforce friendship, enjoy each other’s family, and simply relax with loved ones, allowing yourself some breathing space.

Taurus: Queen of Cups

This card indicates that your nurturing qualities and wise advice are needed by those closest to you. However, the key right now is to stay grounded and logical. While you should help others, you should not be drawn into their drama, and therefore your own boundaries are very important.

It’s very important right now to be a good listener, try not to over-communicate, and keep your advice or input simple. Relationships are strengthened simply because you are always the one who can keep calm and remain pragmatic no matter the circumstances.

In terms of long-term or emerging relationships, this brings a period of emotional stability and calm. However, you still have to be totally honest with yourself about your true feelings.

Sometimes it’s easy to be caught up in the relationship without understanding if your needs are being met. So, while it’s important to be nurturing, it’s also important in both existing and emerging relationships to keep an eye on the level of give and take and make sure that there is fairness.

Gemini: Page of Pentacles

Now this is a card that Geminis will absolutely love because it’s all about a fresh new perspective, new ideas, being creative, and undertaking something that is going to challenge you. And I know you love challenges.

This is definitely quite a financial card because it can bring an increase in income, a raise, or a side hustle that is going to benefit you materially.

However, in terms of love, it’s a time when in existing relationships the sense of devotion and constancy in the romance is increasing, but it’s still important to keep variety and good communication in the relationship.

While you’re entering a more stable phase, you shouldn’t become complacent and begin to take each other for granted because otherwise, you can drift apart. So keep increasing novelty in the relationship and also new challenges for you to consider as a couple.

For those looking for love, it’s very important that you are able to envision yourself in the future with a loving spouse who cares about what makes you happy and who supports you in all your goals. Envisioning the ideal relationship is absolutely important to attaining it.

Cancer: Eight of Wands

Now the key phrase for this card is “the light at the end of the tunnel.” It’s very important right now not to give up. Just keep going; move forward with your plans and your goals, they are coming slowly into focus.

The hurdles and the obstacles have been navigated and the worst is over, so you should be a little bit positive right now but stay cautious because there could still be a spoke in the wheels if you get complacent.

In terms of your existing relationships, don’t despair if the relationship feels lackluster or communication has gone downhill because it is very possible right now that your partner can experience a sudden event which will bring back the spark to a relationship that was flagging.

The connection you previously had may have faded, but it’s still there, and if you can address the distance between you and create momentum for goals in the relationship again, things could be restored.

In new relationships, things move pretty fast right now, so you should enjoy the moment and grab the opportunity. But remember, the pace will always slacken in a few weeks’ time, so don’t panic, you can’t keep going hell for leather all the time.

Leo: Four of Pentacles

The key for Leo with this card is to keep your eye on the prize. Stay persistent and act responsibly right now. You don’t want to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory simply because you have lost hope. So stay in the game.

This is also a time when you should be fairly conservative with money and preserve scarce resources. 

Now in love, control issues can rear their head and your partner may be acting out of jealousy or trying to suffocate you. You may feel that you need a little bit of space and either one or both of you could be harboring resentment for a recent event.

So, it’s very important that you can introduce some constructive communication after a period of space for each other so that all the emotions can settle. Don’t be in denial, there are some issues that need to be tackled to ensure the relationship runs smoothly from here on out. 

If you’re looking for love, make sure that you are fully over your ex because problems can arise in meeting a new partner if you are still harboring some sort of unresolved emotions regarding your ex.

Virgo: Nine of Swords

Now this card reminds me of Cher’s song, “If I Could Turn Back Time.” This card generally represents a time of some anxiety and worry. It could mean regret about some recent decisions you made or an argument you had.

However, remember, regret and remorse are pointless. It’s important for you first to forgive yourself, to understand what led you in that direction, and then to make amends. Reach out and offer an olive branch. 

In relationships, this card could be an indication that the relationship has recently suffered because one of you has a secret or there’s been a loss of trust. It’s important right now to understand gaslighting and when a relationship has reached a point of no return. You must identify whether your guilt is due to what you have done or if it has been put in your mind.

So, a proper cold light of day analysis of the facts of the relationship is important in order to understand where fault lies so that you can either remedy it or take means to distance yourself from a toxic relationship.

Libra: Page of Wands

The message with this card is “go for it,” give it your all. The key phrase here is “leave it all on the field.” It’s likely that you are excited about something new or perhaps you doubt your ability if you’re doing something brand new, but you should look forward to the adventure and you should begin immediately in haste. It’s a creative, restless card and it’s a good time to take chances. 

In love, this is a fantastic time to go after romance, or maybe romance will come knocking at your door because this is an opportunity-rich time in love. Try and meet new people, widen your social groups, join organizations, and do things that you genuinely like doing to meet like-minded people, and anything could happen.

In long-term relationships, it’s important to be charismatic and expressive. If you’re a creative person, use that creativity to reinspire romance. Use it to write love letters, songs, dress flamboyantly, but the important thing now is to allow all your most positive traits to shine through in love because that’s what’s going to reignite the spark.

Scorpio: Four of Swords

Now this card represents a time where there is some anxiety and fear, but often it is stemming from being exhausted and therefore feeling overwhelmed. So, what’s important right now is to prioritize and focus on the most pressing demands and do the first thing first.

Often problems feel a lot less serious once you get going on them, and very often delaying only makes things seem worse than they really are. Once you tackle a problem, the momentum builds and soon you can regroup and calmly and logically consider all your options. 

This card is actually a fantastic call for a relationship pause or a space break just so that you can deal with your demands without the emotions going on in a relationship and then get back to the relationship with a clear head.

So, it may be necessary to just cut off communications, seek seclusion, and then return to the relationship after you feel on top of things. Sometimes a very demanding new relationship is taking it out of you, and you may just need to reassess.

If a new relationship feels exciting but is also causing you a lot of worries or headaches for various reasons, pause is the key.

Sagittarius: Eight of Cups

The key with this card is knowing when you have to distance yourself from a situation. No more flogging dead horses and don’t get involved in situations that cannot be remedied, whether it is to do with friends and family or yourself.

Sometimes it’s good to just cut your losses. This can be a time when you have to accept that something that you were once excited about is not heading in the right direction, but instead of applying any more energy into that project, it’s time to free up that energy for a new adventure and goal. 

In terms of your love life, you have to reevaluate your options. It may actually be a time for you and your partner to have a frank discussion and decide to step back and tackle things in a slightly different way.

Perhaps there has been a lack of boundaries or overcompromise in the relationship, or maybe you guys have just been chasing your tails, but what’s important right now is to understand what your strengths are as a couple and what will bring you most pleasure going forward in life, then refocus your energies on the most important things. But what this card really requires is brutal honesty. 

If you’re looking for love but haven’t found it, maybe your focus is just not in the right place. Maybe you are too emotionally bound up with work and other matters and you need to free up space in your life for the relationship to come in.

Capricorn: Three of Pentacles (Reversed)

This card reversed means great difficulty with teamwork. If you and your partner are trying to achieve a goal, this can be a time when you disagree on the way to go about it and it’s very hard for you to understand each other’s perspectives and viewpoints.

Tolerance is very important and what is also important is valuing each other’s opinions. In some relationships right now, there can be a distance between you if you feel that your partner continually undermines you or dismisses your opinions.

In these kinds of relationships, there can be a red flag. This is something you need to tackle. Key to trust in a relationship is respect for each other’s opinions and ways of tackling problem and if that isn’t there, that does need to be redressed. 

Sometimes this card can mean that a third person is causing trouble in your relationship, it could be a parent or a sibling. So you really have to weed out that problem because a lot of the antipathy you feel for each other may not have been generated between you but from somewhere else.

In terms of new relationships, there can be practical problems like scheduling work or even distance problems. Often the relationship itself is sound but it’s just a matter of figuring out all the logistics.

Aquarius: Ten of Cups

Now you’ll be very happy with the reading of this card as it brings a lot of tranquility into your life, particularly in the family environment. It may be a good time to hang out at family events and enjoy the company of others.

It’s an awesome time to introduce your new partner to your family or get to know theirs. This indicates a time when you are more content with the long-term direction of your life. If you meet someone now, there’s a good chance that this particular relationship is going to be long-lasting.

This is also a great time to talk about things like marriage, buying your forever home, and the real foundational aspects of the relationship. 

Now, if you have become estranged from your partner recently, this card is a wonderful sign that you guys may actually reunite. There’s every hope that with some effort, counseling, and better communication, the relationship can be restored.

This card generally brings a sense of completeness, and it’s through that closure and feeling of coming full circle that you’re able to truly embrace the opportunities for better relationships that it represents.

Pisces: The Hanged Man

Now this card combines both attraction and a hint of danger because there are obstacles and problems in any situation. So in terms of love, it represents a dark, foggy night where it’s hard to see too far ahead and yet the journey still feels exciting and important. Patience is required, but so is using your intuition and being fairly selfish.

If you are looking for immediate gratification from a relationship in terms of an ego boost or sexual excitement, that may actually lead the relationship into a dead end. So, it’s more important right now to be willing to let the relationship take you where it wants to take you. Get rid of any preconceived notions. 

The Hanged Man represents a time when you have to trust in the universe. In terms of your life in general, it’s important to work with concepts and ideas because practical solutions and facts are often thin on the ground.

You may feel that the foundations of your life are shaky, but the Hanged Man is trying to alert you to the things that you have neglected, misunderstood, or areas where you have been selfish. Through being more compassionate, you can achieve better.

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Wrapping Up

Thank you, my dears; I wish you all a wonderful week ahead.

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May the Tarot cards continue to spark your imagination, offering unwavering guidance and empowerment as you navigate your unique passage through the ever-shifting energies of life.

Until our paths intertwine once more, may your journey be illuminated by the radiance of wisdom and the warmth of love.

In the spirit of the season,

Your sister and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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