Weekly Love Horoscope for June 17th – 23rd

Hello, sweethearts, are you ready to discover your weekly love horoscope for June 17th – 23rd? This is the week of the summer solstice, or if you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, the winter solstice. It’s also a time of the full moon.

With the sun also square Neptune, there is a rather mystical feel to this week, there’s something a little bit ethereal and your spidey senses may be alerting you that there is a poignant and delicate, yet undeniable air of expectation.

It’s almost as if you can sense that something is brewing, something’s about to happen, it feels like a pregnant pause before everything springs into action.

So, this has been a year of slightly unusual astronomical occurrences, and this week is no different because we have the full moon at the same time as the solstice.

In the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and in the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the winter solstice, meaning a good long time to view the full moon.

This year features the first full moon to coincide with the summer solstice in 70 years, so that’s pretty exceptional, and it’s something we should dive into. What actually are the implications?

Mathematically, the full moon at the summer solstice should occur every 15 years, but historically, that’s not been the case. The last summer solstice full moon was in 1948, so what we have is a kind of rare event.

This is also very exciting because it will be a particularly special type of moon: a Strawberry Moon. This has got nothing to do with the red color at all; it will be more like honey or amber in tone.

If it’s cloudy, maybe you won’t see much of it at all, but Native American tribes call it that because it’s when strawberry picking reaches its peak. It’s also known as the Rose Moon or the Hot Moon, depending on where you live because it may be a hot night if you’re in certain areas of the Northern Hemisphere.

Here’s Your Weekly Love Horoscope for June 17th-23rd:

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries: Owning Your Purpose

For you, dear Aries, the full moon and the sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces mean this is an excellent time for spiritual goals and personal growth.

In any situation, whether it’s romantic, family, or work-related, it’s very important to take a step back. In many respects, this is a fantastic time to get away from it all. Take a road trip, spend an afternoon doing something totally indulgent, and use your imagination. Perhaps enjoy a hobby like art or music where you are free to let your inspiration flow. 

Right now, it’s important to be your own person, and sometimes that means having your own space. You don’t want a bossy or controlling partner pushing your around, especially with Mercury conjunct Venus. Relationships, business or pleasure, need boundaries.

It’s very important not to let toxic people invade your space because you are particularly sensitive right now. This is a great time to be romantic with no strings attached and not too much planning. Just try to go with the flow, enjoy each other’s company, and see where it all leads.

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Taurus: Priorities and Purpose

Well, my lovelies, what has this month planned for Taurus? Mars is in your sign, so it’s important to be daring and proactive. While in general the energies are encouraging patience and persistence, particularly with Mercury conjunct Venus on the cusp of Cancer and the full moon, that doesn’t mean you should be sitting on your hands.

This is a period where you make things happen, and that includes romance. If there’s someone you’ve got your eye on, it’s important to make a move, improve communication, or suggest doing something exciting together to get the ball rolling on the relationship. 

This is an excellent time for reevaluating how things are going in your love relationship or marriage. It could be an important time to chat about priorities, make sure you understand each other, and get things off your chests.

It’s vital to clear the air and make sure that you are supporting each other while pursuing goals that make you feel individually complete.

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Gemini: Easy and Evasise

Well, the planets continue to rock and roll through Gemini, and this week, the sun in Gemini square Neptune brings a little bit of uncertainty. It’s quite okay to feel ambivalent now.

We know Geminis often change their minds and struggle to make decisions, and that is so true at the moment. What you don’t want to do is put yourself in any situation where you’re forced into a corner. Keep your options open and maintain flexibility in relationships. 

It’s okay to take a rain check or say you don’t know or haven’t decided yet. You really want to avoid pressures, so it’s okay to be evasive right now because that serves you well.

With Mercury conjunct Venus, it is actually a really good time for relationships in terms of more communication, fun, and variety. It’s not a good time for those really heavy, deep conversations and certainly no drama.

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Cancer: Dial Back

The activation of Neptune in Pisces by the sun in Gemini represents a perfect time for you to get away from it all. This is ideal for all those Cancerians who’ve booked a holiday, particularly to places involving a lot of culture and sightseeing but also holidays that are very relaxing, like chilling by the beach, going fishing, or sailing. 

What does this mean for you and your life? It’s a good time to reflect. This is an awesome time of the year to slow down the pace, dial back on all the ambition or planning, and try to let your inner voice shine through.

Allow messages to come from the universe. Definitely pay attention to signals and coincidences. This period is rich with information coming from your higher consciousness, so be alert to it because it’ll help you stay on the right track in your love relationship and also in your career.

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Leo: Opaque

Now, for Leo, this is a complex and intriguing week. The sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces can mean the people you normally trust and rely on disappoint you.

It’s important to understand who your friends are and who is gossiping behind your back or letting you down. While good friendships are strengthened, supportive, and loving, many other friendships that just don’t hack it may fade away.

That is why it’s so important not to get into friends-with-benefits style relationships right now because that could be a bad idea. 

Overall, in terms of relationships and dating, it’s very important to be a good listener. Not just because it’s polite and helps the relationship flow, but because you need to clock everything about your partner.

Sometimes what he says isn’t really what he’s thinking, and you have to work out the fine line between fact and fiction. He’s not necessarily trying to be dishonest, but he’s more opaque. You need subtlety and sensitivity to get a full understanding of what’s going on.

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Virgo: A Friend Indeed

The sun in Gemini is square Neptune in Pisces, which represents your sphere of committed relationships and ongoing partnerships. This often means you will play a supportive role to your partner, either emotionally or in some other way.

Your partner needs you right now, and that can be very gratifying because a lot of Virgos find it helpful to express their love by doing practical and thoughtful things.

You may enjoy it if your partner is in need. They say a friend in need is a friend indeed, and that is true in love and marriage. Right now, showing love is about being kind, diplomatic, understanding, and giving practical help.

In new love relationships, things are off to a quick start, and a new lover may be quite romantic in a traditional sense, really spoiling you. This kind of tenderness can draw you into a relationship even with someone you wouldn’t have thought you’d like.

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Libra: True to You

For Libra, Mercury conjunct Venus on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer is definitely a sign that you are able to play to your strengths. You win when you are diplomatic, drive a hard bargain, and show tenderness while also being strong.

Right now is a perfect time for Libra to be extremely constructive in taking relationships forward but also in laying strong foundations for better communication in a relationship. 

Love right now is not necessarily about intimacy, going away together, or kindness. It’s really about understanding your strengths as a couple or your strengths as a partner and making sure the relationship benefits from those strengths.

Don’t hide your light under a bushel. If you feel you’re in a relationship that’s forcing you to be someone you aren’t, it’s definitely a time to seriously reconsider or reconstruct the relationship.

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Scorpio: Weird and Wonderful

The sun in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces is decidedly creative. Scorpios are far more likely to feel whimsical and playful. In relationships, it’s important to do something that is inspiring and fun, something you really look forward to.

If it’s just a really casual, boring date, perhaps say no and change it up a little bit. Do something you wouldn’t normally do. Go to an offbeat comedy night, take a stroll along the beach at midnight, or go watch a band you’ve never seen before.

What’s important right now to get your love life going or to reignite excitement in an existing relationship is a sense of spontaneity and sharing brand new experiences together that are a little offbeat. Don’t be afraid to be a little eccentric.

Try things that are a little weird and wonderful because this is what is extremely stimulating in terms of conversation and passion.

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Sagittarius: Upside Down

The full moon in Sagittarius, along with the sun in your solar seventh house being squared by Neptune, means that relationships are incredibly confusing.

Sometimes things are extremely turbulent: they are great one minute, and the next minute, you’re feeling totally at sea about what your partner wants and needs.

In fact, your needs in the relationship, particularly if it’s a new one, may be changing really quickly. You may become irritable and dissatisfied quickly, but the next moment, when you introduce a change, suddenly it’s all very exciting again.

What you shouldn’t do right now is overreact to anything that happens. Things are up and down and all over the place. 

Try to use this as an opportunity to test the waters in terms of intimacy, have new kinds of conversations, and enjoy relationships as an adventure. After all, you are an adventurous sign.

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Capricorn: Magic Change

So, what does this week have in store for Capricorn? Mercury conjunct Venus on the cusp of Cancer and Gemini, plus the summer solstice, means it’s all a go in relationships.

This is a time with a big weight of expectation. Sometimes there are new responsibilities in the relationship, possibly because you’re planning a wedding or a baby.

This is a time when you are taking a big new step into the unknown, so it’s quite alright to feel slightly anxious. It’s very likely that you are embarking on a new adventure as a couple. Do it fearlessly and enjoy the process. Don’t try to reach the destination too quickly. Savor every moment of the journey, even if there’s a little turbulence infights.

In new relationships, maybe it’s time to make a change. If you’re feeling everything’s too stable and dull, change is exactly what you need.

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Aquarius: Follow Through

For Aquarians, with Neptune triggered in Pisces and the sun in your solar ninth house, this can be a time of unrealistic expectations. It’s important not to have rose-colored glasses on in relationships.

With Mercury and Venus conjunct, it’s important to have fun and enjoy the dating phase without thinking too far down the road. There’s a quote: “The world was made round so we could not see too far down the road.” That’s so true right now.

In ongoing relationships, it’s very important to be honest and not leave anything unsaid or undone. Tie up loose ends because if you don’t follow through on a promise or do things exactly as your partner expected, it can leave a bad taste in their mouth, which can linger. Love is best when you just tick the boxes and make sure you are doing the basics right.

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Pisces: Pleasure Seeker

Neptune is triggered in Pisces, and the ruler of your solar seventh house, Mercury, is conjunct Venus. This is definitely a pleasure-seeking time. It’s okay to avoid and kick back, and a little downtime.

It’s important to nurture your inner child and use all your creative talents. Creativity can unlock positivity, feeding back into your love life and relationships. 

This is a time when matters to do with the family can distract from your relationship, so it’s important to maintain some separation. Keep any problems with home, property, or family in proportion so they don’t affect your love life, which could be very good right now.

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My Final Thoughts For The Week Of June 17th – 23rd

This week is not necessarily one where an awful lot happens.

We have Mercury conjunct Venus on the cusp of Gemini and Cancer, which is a fairly loving and laid-back placement, great for romantic juices to flow and for heart-to-heart conversations.

However, there’s nothing particularly daring. Mars is in Taurus, which is also rather patient.

So, the key this week, everyone, is to be patient, be observant, and understand that although a lot is happening, it’s not apparent yet exactly how it’s all going to take shape.

Whatever your Star sign is, remember that this week is powerful for:

Patience, Steadiness, Heart to hearts, Diplomacy, Subtlety, Completion, Fun

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