Weekly Love Horoscope for September 11th – 17th

Hello Sweethearts,

Welcome to this week’s love horoscope!

The New Moon on the 14th is trine Uranus, indicating emotions take the lead and you do not always judge the situation well as you could get hot-headed. Sometimes a ‘what the heck’ attitude can be quite liberating, but be sure you assess what the fallout could be before you act, and make sure you can handle the consequences.

Make sure you are debating over things that really matter, not just from a perceptive of pride or unwillingness to back down. Pride, in general, can be a barrier to better understanding and cooperation in relationships.

Mercury is now direct in Virgo from the 15th, this is an opportune time for setting intentions related to organization, self-improvement, and efficiency. Make plans for personal improvement, or address health and well-being issues. This lunar phase encourages meticulousness and a commitment to taking practical steps toward achieving goals with a strong focus.

Venus in Leo is square Jupiter and Mars in Libra. Be more willing to be bigger than petty concerns, and take a more global perspective regarding the relationship – what matters and what does not. You are not always reasonable this week; however, you do have passion, and that passion can help you achieve great feats against the odds.

Remember to check your Sun, Rising and Moon sign for more accuracy.

Aries – Love Potion #9

With Venus Square Jupiter in your solar 2nd house, this week can be incredibly intense and passionate and yet it is invariably about control, and the agenda of you or your partner may be questionable. Love life is not plain sailing this week and yet sex is still a feature as you need it as a release and also as way of connecting with your partner when other forms of communication have failed.

Sex is incredibly complex right now, it’s part of a psychological dynamic not a physical or emotional one. It may not be satisfying, but you still gain something from it. You or your partner may use sex in a manipulative way – games will be played this week.

New Moon in your solar 6th house trine Uranus, means you are not really at peace with yourselves psychologically, you are highly engaged in the outside world and while this is a very social week of both parties and group activities where you meet potential partners, your energy tends to repel rather than attract. You repel potential partners as you are friendly, but aloof and you exhibit such a powerful independent streak, it’s intimidating for your admirers. There is something driven and self-reliant about you which may not be conducive to emotions developing between you and another.

This is a time of significant coincidences and fate may well send someone into your path who will become important to you at a later date. Look out for feelings of Deja vu and signs that pop out and grab your attention, your romantic life is developing quietly without you even realizing it.

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Taurus – Snap, Crackle, Pop

The New Moon in your house of romance trine Uranus in Taurus means that a new partner in your life can represent a spark or catalyst to action that you have been missing and while that person, can be the ignition, you will both be the engine. All relationships for Taurus are quite volatile and things change fast and indeed furious, and so while things move at great pace and you and your partner achieve a lot together, there are also strong views and some battles.

You need to be careful of the company you keep as while the people you attract (friends and associates) stimulate you, they may wind you up or bring a great deal of aggravation into your life. However contentious your new friendships or love affairs are, they are dynamic and offer a great deal of personal advancement to you. You will make many important decisions this week which will set the tone for the next few months of your romantic life and yet some will be quite subtle. A new relationship, while slow to become steady, as you are quite freedom loving this month, may well be part of a new destiny.

Love causes dilemmas for you and also for your career, so nothing is straightforward and you have to be patient.

You seek adventure in love and are likely to develop attractions fast. You may fall in love with a colleague you meet at a convention or while on a tour, you like the excitement of dating someone totally new from a completely different walk of life.

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Gemini – Secret Distraction

Jupiter in Taurus square the ruler of your house of love means relationships which begin now are more intense and feelings run high; romance has a greater hold on you and it can tend to dominate your life and your thoughts, which can be quite distracting, but you are compelled to continue as a new lover holds a fascination for you.

New love relationships have ups and downs from the start and they tend to impact your life in strange ways. You may experience sudden jealousy and even possessiveness as this new relationship gets close quite quickly, and you may become quite irrational and easily threatened by potential problems which arise.

Online and internet romance can become quite a distraction and you may spend far more time chatting to potential partners late at night, at work and while traveling, on social media. These secret relationships which develop in the cyber world have an odd fascination for you and can be quite addictive.

You should however be careful about what you believe or reveal, as your guard comes down and you can open up without even realizing how much you are revealing about yourself. You may not be sure what you are even after, perhaps your online romantic liaisons are purely distraction or an aid to fantasy, but be cautious as you don’t know what you are getting into. It may well be something special, however it could take a while to work out the truth from the fantasy.

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Cancer – Comparison Causes Discontent

With New Moon in Virgo trine Uranus there may be few facts, it’s all a matter of opinion, and yet feelings run high and you can both stubbornly stick to your corners demanding the other partner compromise; however you both need to compromise and so don’t be intransigent. Any agreements made this week are often short-term and will only hold for so long before you both either renege or reconsider your positions.

Casual romances may hit a snag this week, you need more depth from communication and may find that you prefer talking to good friends or even your mother rather than a new date or boyfriend with whom you may suddenly feel a disconnect. It’s much harder to relate in a meaningful way with people you have only recently met, and you may both find you are more shy and reserved. This is not a good week for dating websites or blind dates, in fact, take a break from romance or looking for love and have a think about what you really want. Are you attracting fulfilling experiences in love or are you just keeping busy on weekends. Embrace some loneliness while you ponder your recent dating experiences and ask what was missing.

In love and marriage, this is a week of much talking and little understanding. You tend to argue about trivial small issues while ignoring the big ones. You and your partner are often caught in a comparison game where you make unhelpful references to friends and family.

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Leo – Create Space for Change

With Jupiter retrograde in Taurus, this period is quite frustrating, you can expand in some areas, while you have to cut back in others. Authority figures may curtail your freedom or lumber you with onerous duties. You often have to battle with bureaucracy or paperwork to get anything done and progress is slow, but steady.

Age gap relationships are much trickier to navigate, this isn’t a good time to date a much older man.

This is a time when your ideas are tested and your partner will challenge you quite relentlessly, you have to be both bold and accurate on the facts if you want to get anywhere or convince your partner of your ideas for the future.

Plans have to be robust and detailed as you cannot survive in business or any other field on a wing and prayer. This is not a time to back down, you have to persist and be determined, but you certainly need a good plan B.

You can be pulled in different directions and it’s vital to prioritize, if you don’t have a strong direction in your relationship, you can become rather confused and distracted, so it’s important to have a plan and a goal, even though you may need to change some of the details.

If a relationship doesn’t really mean anything to you, this is the time to drop it and focus on your core goals in love.

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Virgo – Visionary Magic

With the New Moon in Virgo trine Uranus, you need to enjoy your partner’s company, chat about non-contentious issues and drop any unhelpful attitudes. Often playful and social activities enhance the relationship more than analyzing and trying to thrash out major issues. You have very high expectations in love right now and that can help you to see beyond the immediate problems to the great possibilities that can happen with some more faith and a little visionary magic.

Positivity is key in love and so you and your partner need to surround yourself with friends and family members who can mirror your positivity – this is a time to distance yourself from friends who add a note of pessimism or who stir the pot with spiteful observations or comments.

Romance now is very instinctive, it may not be rational at all and you could fall for someone totally different or unusual.

With Venus in Leo, love is very much about a spiritual attraction and filling an emotional need rather than an intellectual one and that is why your new relationship won’t make sense to you, as Virgo, I know, usually judge love and compatibility in a very cerebral or even computerized way where emotional is an equation rather than a mysterious feeling.

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Libra – Change of Heart

With the New Moon in Virgo this is an ideal time to break toxic patterns in love. If you are single, you may have compulsively attracted the same personality type, but now you are ready for a brand new brand of relationship, and so if you start dating you may be a little awkward and even tentative, but you can also be like an excited puppy as it is all new to you, you are attracting very different type of man to what you have had before.

You may experience some U-turns or adjustments in romance, in fact, a change of heart is a very good phrase for this period, as often you are swept into a new course of action via a newly discovered strength of feeling. This can leave you quite discombobulated as it can come out of nowhere and you may feel like you are being quite erratic and out of character. So, you are quite emotional in the way you react and come to conclusions.

I talked about changing your mind, it’s important to review promises and commitments you have made in love, and whether these are necessary or are merely perpetuating a false premise or inequality in your relationship. You need to put everything on the table and ask ‘why’ and ‘for what purpose’ it is time to be aware of your own power in relationships and to asset your needs.

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Scorpio – Number One In The Boudoir

While this week is generally one of calm in love, there are a few tensions that lurk beneath the surface. You may feel a sense of detachment as if your partner is not present enough or connected enough. However, there is nothing you can put your finger on, and so it is very hard for you to communicate your feelings. You tend to need more support and reassurance, but it’s hard to get that,  so you may just be a little difficult or uncooperative to almost jolt your partner and make them take notice. Often bickering about trivial issues or money masks a greater feeling of unease that is hard to quantify.

In love, calm and patience is the best way, try to live moment to moment and not to analyze or second guess your partner. Focus on friends and family for support and take the pressure off your relationship.

Your sex life can be great at times this week, it’s pretty much about being selfish. You have to know what you want and need and demand it, you can’t necessarily satisfy your partner and you shouldn’t feel guilty about that.

Saying, ‘no’ and using this week to end damaging relationship habits or rituals which may have once served a purpose, but no longer do, is crucial.

Energy can be wasted in little battles that are generally a reflection of each person’s inner battles. Competitiveness may be stimulating for a while, but it can also be very draining, especially if you share a lot of time and space with each other.

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Sagittarius – Taste of Adventure

You have a heightened psychic awareness and are highly tuned into your partner, you have to be careful however not to be drawn too deeply into their problems or anxieties, so maintain some detachment.

You are hungry for satisfaction and have strong desires, and so vigorous sports or doing something nerve-wracking like watching an end-of-the-seat sports match or horror film can turn you on. Sex life is not sweetness and light, it’s not a chocolate box right now, it needs to be racy and daring to get your motor running. Your partner needs to excite, stimulate you and this is an excellent week for new romantic opportunities to blossom as you are passionate and confident.

With Venus in Leo square Jupiter, it’s important to remember that opportunities expand in proportion to your willingness to take chances, and this week you are gung ho and eager to travel down the road of love. Love relationships start fast and the attraction is physical and also high on mutual admiration. Love should have a flavor of adventure and excitement and if it feels mundane and predictable, you are doing something wrong, and so stop and reconsider.

It’s good week to get married or arrange an engagement or anniversary party. You feel romantic and are inspired by the highest ideals in love, you are forgiving and tolerant and are likely to view your partner in a favorable way as you have a spiritual outlook in love, and want to overlook what is either trivial or mundane, and sense behind it the greater purpose.

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Capricorn – Party Animal

The New Moon in Virgo trine Uranus means you are very positive and progressive, and new relationships that don’t move with the times and which do not mirror your own enthusiasm for life will struggle, and you will drift apart. You are attracted to party animals and people with a wide range of interests, who have a zest for life and take the bull by the horns. Couples who play together, stay together – so you want enjoyment and sparkle in yoru life and someone to share activities and interests with.

For single Capricorn, meeting new mates via social groups, sports activities and art projects can be very beneficial as you have a reservoir of mutual likes and mutual friends that really fuels love. Music and passion are always in fashion with Venus in Leo, and you can certainly fall in love this week! The essential element in love is fun, and when your partner puts in an effort to be spontaneous and takes the initiative in love, you will more than reciprocate in the passion department.

In marriage you may overreact to issues and say things that can be damaging and then decide when you calm down that you may have gone too far – so hold back and don’t write that email or text that angry SMS. Step away from the situation and spend at least one night contemplating whether it is worth the anger you feel.

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Aquarius – Make or Break

With Venus in Leo square Jupiter in his solar 4th house, developing camaraderie and the ability to laugh and also cry about your problems together is vital to the intimate side of your relationship – there must be a feeling of in it together and like you are both 50% stakeholders in the future of the family unit. If you feel your partner is either detached or not fully involved and committed, you will tend towards stormy relations and some dramatic outbursts.

With the New Moon in Virgo trine Uranus, you may feel the need for a good argument to clear the air. Any recent tensions or anything you have repressed lately will bubble up and demand expression. It’s a good time for total honesty and no beating about the bush.

In romance, a sense of shared responsibility is vital, you won’t be impressed with partners who cannot hold their side of the bargain. You are beginning to enter a critical phase in love, you are more observant and you tend to pick up on things that perhaps were invisible before and these may be bad habits, poor hygiene or quirky things about your partner which annoy you.

This week is a test of how you feel together day to day, and how you both react during arguments. It’s a time where true colors are revealed and that’s why it’s a make or break week for new love, as you both end up being very honest, without even intending to, as all the emotions erupt, charm and diplomacy dissolve and your innate natures reveal themselves.

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Pisces – New Freeways of Love

With the New Moon in Virgo trine Uranus, existing long-term relationships may have to endure a period of transition while you both decide “what next” and I do mean both, as often with these transits one partner sees the other as the problem, and vice versa, and yet you both need to make changes as there is restlessness within you both. One may want more major changes than the other, but you both need more personal freedom and should not be living in each other’s pockets or having a very restrictive, controlling relationship. Often a brief separation can be the tonic to get your (both of your) priorities straight and come back to the relationship less jaded and more willing to start afresh.

If you are not in a relationship right now, you may be ready for a totally new type of relationship or a relationship with a person very different from the partners you have had before. If you have been married, you may now be ready for a more open relationship with fewer strings and even separate houses; if you have been single you may be ready for a deep level of intimacy and involvement.

A new relationship you enter now will have an unusual path and will probably defy the norm, its course will be hard to predict and it can have dramatic up and downs. You may not be able to depend on each other as much as you would both prefer as there are limits to what you can both offer each other due to circumstances. One or both of you may not want to be tied down, but may want something quite flexible.

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Attractions are usually very sudden this week and the feelings are red hot taking you and a partner both by storm. You may hit it off right away and could very well meet in unusual circumstances, it is unlikely you will meet at work or on the bus, it likely that you will meet in crisis or emergency.

At times, with these transits, you feel separate even though you are together, as perhaps you have a lot on your mind and cannot be as mentally engaged with each other as usual. Even if you are not experiencing many problems, separations can still occur due to work commitments.

This is hectic time when you have to just be flexible and make the most of it, but it’s not humdrum. It is one of those time where it is not about what you know but who you know and so if you are out of the loop it can take great effort to work your way to the inside, but you can do it as long as you commit to that goal.

In your love life in general, it’s busy week filled with the unexpected, nothing can be assumed and so the diary entries must be made in pencil, so everything can be rubbed out and rewritten. You daily routine may be anything but routine as you get pulled hither and thither by chance events.

The themes for this week are:

  • Self care
  • Embrace the unexpected
  • Flash romance
  • Self-expression
  • Independence
  • Liberations

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Wishing you all the luck in the universe,

Your sister and relationship Astrologer,

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