Weekly Love Horoscope for November 6th – 12th

Hello Sweethearts,

This week is quite a delicately poised and highly excitable one. Mercury in sexy Scorpio opposite Uranus in stubborn yet sensual Taurus is quite a tightrope walk.

Venus in Virgo opposite dreamy Neptune in Pisces creates romance but also some confusion.

We are all very sensitive right now, and that means some concealment of emotions and playing characters rather than being ourselves. It is about self-protection and self-preservation. Criticism can hurt more than usual now, meaning a delay in action or acting in secret until we are sure of the outcome

Minor changes that happen right now could portend towards greater changes that will happen through the next few weeks and so if you get a feeling about changes afoot, do not ignore that feeling. This is a week of flux regarding your career and your work situation, and you need to be alert to changes that can affect your conditions, ability to get ahead, or your authority.

In some situations, changes in the management structure that start now can affect your ability to be as effective as you want to be or may undermine you, and so watch out for these changes and look to circumvent them or alter your course appropriately.

Single women are more adventurous and open to new experiences in love as they know where they stand – they are single and from that standpoint, they can expand. By the same token, married women who feel secure and happy in the relationship will be an initiator who will encourage new experiences and want to inject fantasy and excitement into the relationship.

Good relationships prosper right now regarding an increased sense of togetherness; in struggling relationships, cracks will widen as communication and tolerance break down.

Remember to check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Freedom is self-love

With Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus, restlessness and an inability to settle can create a rather topsy-turvy love life this week. In new relationships or unconventional relationships, things will be brilliant right now – both exciting and varied.

If you are in a relationship where there is a great deal of pressure and responsibility, the weight can be onerous, and you will look for ways to escape either physically or mentally. Love needs to be free to express itself, and so the greater your confidence that your partner loves you for who you are, the more you will freely express your love, and the relationship will grow and be very rewarding and exciting.

In relationships where you feel your partner either restricts or suppresses part of your nature, you will rebel by kicking back against that. You may act outrageous or controversially just to get a rise out of your partner and force a confrontation to bring certain issues to light.

With Neptune in Pisces opposite Venus, your acting skills are superb right now, and you can use those no matter what situation life presents you with to get the desired result. The best way to tackle an obstacle is not head on – feel it out and adjust accordingly.

Idealism can stand in the way of constructive progress, so be sure when you make decisions they have some basis, and you are not acting out of a blinkered adherence to a belief system. There is a very strong emotional and subconscious pull towards certain directions, and you often need to take a step back and harness the reason again.

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Taurus – Relax and count to ten

With Uranus in Taurus opposite Mercury, you need to be wary of a certain eagerness to draw conclusions that suit you and a growing impatience in analysing everything on the table. You may be too quick to dismiss what could be of value to you. More haste less speed is the message this week as you may end up having to do things over again, as you overlooked important details.

This week is ideal for learning more about the link between breathing, relaxation, and your effectiveness mentally, romantically and physically. This is a serious and also reflective time in relationships; a time to mature and reach a new, more comfortable and secure time in the relationship which can aid both your confidence and inner peace. Taurus who are not currently committed will look to move forward on your more informal relationships, making them more committed, and you will be looking to reveal more of yourself.

This is not a period when Taurus necessarily want to talk about inner feelings, and so when you begin to open up to someone, then you can tell you really care for them.

There may be peculiar conditions that arise in your job, and some adaptability, and flexibility will be required. It is best not to become wedded to one idea or way of doing things, be prepared to change tactics even at the last minute. Keep an element of secrecy, and do not reveal your hand until the last possible minute.

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Gemini – Escape the questions and embrace spontaneity

This week information overload can mean you fail to see what is really important in your relationship, and this can make it hard to make effective decisions. With Mercury opposite Uranus, this is a time where you are receiving stimuli from a variety of sources, and the big picture becomes vague, you must be careful not to overestimate vague worries based in insecurity or guilt.

You will find it hard to commit yourself to a relationship goal or a person as you feel torn between the options, and you will delay as long as possible before choosing one or the other. You need to look beyond the logic and the facts, as often the more facts you gather and the more information you collect, the less clear things are. At some point, you need to go with gut feel rather than endlessly analysing and pontificating.

Sudden trips away or the chance to take a trip somewhere new at the last minute, can be quite a romantic adventure; indeed, even a routine journey could go very differently than planned in a way that creates some sexual excitement.

This week, although you need to project outwards, there is the feeling that you have to hold back as you are not quite ready, but you are more ready than you think. Launch yourself out into the world – have your say, initiate romance, express your opinion, and get out of comfort zones. Look for ways to expand your experience of people and places.

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Cancer – In touch, in tune and independent

This is a week of originality, creativity, vision, and inspiration. With Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus and Venus opposite Neptune in your ninth house, this is a free-thinking phase where new ideas and activities will make your life more exciting and help enhance love opportunities.

Hard work done in October is really paying off, and you can reap dividends and gain recognition. Your open-minded attitude can help you open doors, start trends, and inspire others. Relationships will undergo changes that will bring you closer as friends and reignite the spontaneity. New relationships that start will open up your world to new people and new ideas.

Believe in yourself, and do not be afraid to learn new things about yourself; be open to new directions, even if your motivations baffle you – go with it and be open to learning from your subconscious yearnings.

Cancer who are single will have quite a sudden romance – which may not last, but you will enjoy the experience, and it will enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence. You are more carefree in love, and this free and easy attitude helps you attract positive romantic experience as you are not coming over as intense and needy. Keep your options open; you are lucky in love and do not need to take the first person who comes along, so do not commit too soon, as you never know what is around the corner.

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Leo – Patterns weaving themselves through our lives

This is certainly a week to move on emotionally even if not physically from situations that have held you back. It is time to kick negative habits, i.e., holding on to anger, being resentful and even being over sentimental. You should not romanticise the past; it does not matter how good or bad the past was – it is finished, and the future is all you have, and so do not let regrets, pain, or longing for the past cast a shadow over what you should be striving for now.

While you should forgive yourself and others for events in the past, you should not necessarily forget as patterns tend to repeat, and so you do need to take the past behaviour of a person as a good indicator of their expected future behaviour.

Talking about patterns, there will be many events this week which strongly echo events which have happened before; this can thus be a fabulous opportunity to do things differently this time and thus break a cycle and even release yourself mentally from a block which had developed.

Ex-partners suddenly pitching up can disrupt new relationships or cause you to have mixed feelings; remember the only way is forward NOT back, and so remember why the previous relationship went wrong and do not expect a different result a second time.

Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune means you are at your intense, magnetic best, and this will stimulate both the communication and sexual side of new and established relationships. You have much to give to the union and you can inject a spark which may have been lacking for a while.

Single Leo will have no shortage of admirers; however, will they satisfy you? That is the question. Leo are quite insatiable emotionally, and so they may cultivate many different love relationships in different areas, i.e., at work, online or via your usual social circles.

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Virgo – Flirting, Fun and Freedom

This is a great week for love, with Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune you are affectionate, loving, and giving, and will promote bonhomie in all relationships. With Mercury opposite Uranus, new relationships will be fun and carefree, and neither of you will want to ruin the mood with any heavy conversations or serious talks about where the relationship is going. It is all about fun and enjoyment and escapism through love.

The only problem for love is that you are less patient with partners who are maudlin – you will be likely to shift your focus to friends rather than be with a sulky or troubled boyfriend or husband. Virgo want to enjoy the week and will expect your partner to snap out of moods or miserable attitudes.

You are very amorous, which bodes well for existing relationships; however, single Virgo may be so caught up in the moment and the good vibe that you take things too far regarding flirting or being indiscreet. This can lead to awkward moments in the coming months, and so do not get carried away.

This is a pleasant and sociable period where you are easy-going and can find time for pleasure and relaxation. Overindulgence is a problem, and you will not be able to resist sugary and fatty foods, and so not a good week for diets.

This is an inspirational week for those Virgo for whom faith plays an important role in life.

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Libra – Sex, secrets and lies

This is a more challenging month for Libra who have partners who are very different, i.e., the opposites attract syndrome. In these relationships, fostering understanding takes quite a bit of energy and compromise as the differences can seem greater than that which binds you this month. With Mercury in Scorpio opposite Uranus in your solar eighth house, arguments are likely about the joint bank account and where to spend and where to save – you will both fight for what you want, and it can get heated.

Sexually, this month can be very exciting, but the sex is not necessarily spontaneous – it is more about planning the time, getting the kids babysitters, and setting up a conducive space for romance and sex to flourish. Sex needs forethought, and it also needs some delicacy regarding expressing what you need and what you would prefer. You need to relax before sex as you are both very tense, and this can affect performance – so take your time to get into the groove with food, wine, music, etc.

Your many interesting ideas will attract new friends and also colleagues who will want to work with you and romance can arise if you are single.

You may come into possession of secret information, and you could sit on it a while waiting to decide what to do, i.e., you may discover a colleague being dishonest, financial irregularities, or even that a friend’s partner is cheating.

Deciding what to do can be hard as there are many complications and factors to consider.

It is very important not to make assumptions about your partner or your relationship and then act on those as if they are factual. You can get so convinced that your view is correct that you forget to have a discussion and talk it through, and you go right on acting according to these assumptions rather than to reality.

This can be very confusing and frustrating to your partner, as in a way they are not getting the right of reply – you are acting as judge, jury, and prosecutor without a key witness. So, before you jump to conclusions, get all the information you need and allow your partner a right of reply and hear him out. Air grievances, but do concentrate on central issues rather than letting tempers flare over peripheral issues.

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Scorpio – Upping the ante

Scorpio have a great deal of spontaneous energy right now with Mercury in your sign opposite Uranus, and that means sexual energy as well. You are likely to get angry with and also sexually aroused by your partner in equal measure. Some arguments may well be about sexual frustration.

This week is all about boundaries in relationships and also sexual fulfilment. You will need space and some freedom, and will be less easy-going due to a general lack of patience. You cannot live in your partner’s pocket or even try and get agreement on key issues right now, and you are both likely to get confrontational. Space apart, expressing yourself in an individual way, means better sex when you do meet up with your partner again.

It is a good time frame for you to pursue separate interests and hobbies and have a healthy amount of space. I can see that you may start pushing the buttons of your partner to provoke a reaction. It could be that you need an argument to clear the air or maybe you just need a good barney for the passion and feeling it generates.

Even in an established relationship, things may come out when you are both angry – things you would normally avoid but which are best out in the open where they can be confronted honestly.

There is a degree of tension this week, and this can be used to your advantage in situations where you need an adrenalin surge and to be really geared up. You need a certain amount of drama and also confrontation to get the most out of yourself, that is why this week is good for competitive situations, especially where it is one on one – you versus the opposition.

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Sagittarius – Taking things forward or leaving issues behind

With Mercury opposite Uranus in your solar sixth, the hard thing this week is knowing what advice to take and which to ignore. Some friends will have your back and can offer you wise and helpful advice; however, there are some friends who are really not with you or happy for you to follow your dreams, and they can act as Debbie Downers. It is up to you to decide which friends are acting out of genuine concern for you and which are trying to steer you off course for their own selfish motivations.

Your senses are heightened with Venus in Virgo opposite Neptune, and you can appreciate art, music, and beauty to a great extent which fuels your imagination and your romantic side, making this a good week for personal relationships. This is a period of looking within and then projecting into the world; you are more in touch with what you want and need from your relationships and thus are putting your back into the work that can get you there.

Things that are a distraction will fade away as you focus energy and willpower on breaking the emotional and philosophical taboos that you have created for yourself. You can remake yourself in the image you want; this is a time of shedding any identity or value system that was painted onto you. Relationships improve as you become more self-assured and act with confidence that builds as the month goes on, and you successfully surmount hurdles.

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Capricorn – Sense and Sensibility

This is a good week for working on strengthening the relationship – good communication is needed; working on problems and addressing the key concerns you both have is vital. Venus in Virgo indicates a mature time in relationships where you can take a step back and look at things with a clear head – this means you will think before you speak, be more diplomatic, and make an effort to build bridges regarding areas in which you have disagreements.

This is a fabulous week to work on all those joint decisions which usually cause friction due to differing values or viewpoints. It is very important in all relationship to shut out noise – forget what friends and parents are saying, think about what unique solutions work for you as a couple. Advice right now can be useless; it is your life, and only you can work out your problems.

If you are newly in a relationship, will take a cold light of day look at things and decide if there’s future potential or not. You are far less impulsive right now and are taking a pragmatic look at whether relationships are good for you or not.

In committed relationships, you need to be cognisant of your emotional state and not push yourself to do anything that you are not really up for as it just won’t come off. If you are feeling a little off, wait until you feel in a better frame of mind before you take on anything that threatens your comfort zones.

The key in relationships right now is being sensible and also true to your temperament, don’t force yourself into situations that don’t suit you.

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Aquarius – Echoes that you’ll find in the windmills of your mind

This week, with Uranus stimulated in your 4th house, offers an opportunity to shift psychologically from negative patterns that may have affected your self-esteem. It may now be a chance to reassess in your own mind what you feel you can achieve, in love and life – perhaps your expectations were actually too low, and you now see that you are capable of far more.

In some cases, you need to think about what you really want and need for yourself rather than letting your life direction be determined by the expectations of others. This can mean letting go of some emotional issues from the past – some emotional habits are beneficial and some are actually scuppering your attempts to move forward – it is these negative voices which need to be put to bed.

Do not blame the past – it is you who gives the past power over you. Subconscious motivations can have a great effect on your moods, your actions and your energy levels – negative energy is very draining. Positive attitudes can do much to propel you forward, but rest, sleep, and some solitude for reflection are just as important.

It is a busy month regarding family and you may feel you have to be ‘ON’ all the time – which is why quality rest and withdrawal from the fray is vital for health and mental well-being. This is a time when, if single, you want to experiment with relationships – you will resist convention and shun advice as you gravitate towards romantic partners who offer excitement, unpredictability, and sense of danger.

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Pisces – Imagery and innuendo

With Neptune in Pisces opposite Venus, there is intensity of feeling this week, and you will succeed at any activity in which you feel emotionally involved – in fact, emotion is a key part of what drives you to succeed, and it can provide a secret ingredient to any project you are busy with.

This emotion can both help and hinder you in personal contacts – you can impress people with your obvious passion and drive, and yet if not kept contained, you can come over as so intense that it is intimidating. This is a very creative time and a period where you can express deep emotions and also psychological concepts via art – you can reach people at a deeper level and move them emotionally via your words, images, or music. So remember the power of imagery and innuendo when communicating in love.

You need to widen the circles within which you move this week to attract romantic attention – look beyond the obvious. Support and encouragement may come from unusual sources rather than from those closest to you.

There is the ability to learn a lot about yourself regarding your most intimate relationships – there can be both challenging moments in love but also enlightening ones. There will be many chances to re-evaluate how you behave in love and what your triggers are, i.e., what gets your back up, causes jealousy or the need to control.

You will find that by addressing the triggers and changing the way you deal with them, you can actually have more control in the relationship and that will make you feel more secure. Generosity of spirit in love and the ability to see beyond the trivial can increase understanding.

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You need to avoid self-deception as often lying to yourself about issues in your love life can be more of a problem than the other person. There is a strong element of karma in relationships this week, new relationships may have uncanny coincidences or links to the past or perhaps a feeling of déjà vu.

Whatever happens in love this week, the deep – emotions that arise now must be examined rationally and not ignored. Some time to yourself is essential and can help you gain more perspective from which you can act in your and the relationship’s best interests.

In relationships which are stuck in a rut, disruptions will bring a breath of fresh air. Stale relationships need a shake-up, and a period spent apart due to work or some time spent with separate groups of friends can help you to appreciate each other again. Variety and change are vital to your relationships, and you need to establish communication again, but not dramatic and intense communication, rather discussions about life and opportunities.

Key themes to capitalize on this week.

  • Self-honesty
  • Compassion
  • Novelty
  • Escapism
  • Friendship
  • Tolerance
  • Foreshadowing

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