Weekly Love Horoscope for November 13th – 19th

Hello Sweethearts, another rollercoaster week awaits. Let’s start stargazing and buckling up our seat belts.

The New Moon in Scorpio signifies intensity building, and extreme actions and ideas are often the norm. This is an excellent time for new activities and ventures, so make your plans and be bold and proactive.

An ideal time for using your emotional power and you need to get to the core of the matter, and this is a good time to do it since you are more willing to look deeply into yourself and others. Whatever you begin now is destined to have a lot of energy behind it.

You may feel that fate has dealt you a hand of cards which are hard to play, but you have more power than you realize and that hand of cards is a unique opportunity, as long as you develop a better self-understanding and success.

Ego energy is very high and you and others are more competitive or eager to promote your own agenda. You have great courage and confidence, and thus this week is brilliant for initiating a new project that would otherwise seem too ambitious.

The unexpected is par for the course and people and situations that take you away from your regular routine can reveal another facet of life to you. This is a unique period when unforeseen changes can suddenly occur.

Surprise others; you even may surprise yourself. Dare to be different.

This is quite a selfish and independent week for us all – compromise, relationships and harmony are more challenging to achieve.

Remember to check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Conflict drives a love revolution

Even though Venus is in Libra, with Mars opposite Uranus, you should retain some detachment in love, it’s easy to get sucked into the intensity of the moment and it can be hard to see anything but the immediate circumstance, but this gives the particular problem too much significance and thus power, and you need to pull back, see a bigger picture and suddenly the problem shrinks.

There is always a bigger picture, so make sure you are seeing it. This is a time of negotiation and debate in relationships, especially about money, but remember that arguments are by nature upsetting and unpleasant, they are meant to be that way, that’s their function, you must understand whether the arguments are indicative of a fundamental breakdown in the relationship or just general tension.

Even with Mars conjunction Sun in Scorpio, don’t let friction ruin your confidence in a fundamentally good and strong relationship as it can weather this storm and the current crisis may just be a measure of changes and adjustments that must be made to strengthen the relationship and ensure its success going forward.

You could become compulsive, a little obsessed with a new person and this may lead to some controlling and jealous behavior on your part. You must keep your boundaries in love, if you don’t, you may lose confidence in your ability to handle the relationship successfully and that may cause a great deal of tension to develop.

However, despite these warnings, new relationships can be a source of great solace and healing, a chance to explore aspects of your own personality that have been latent or neglected.

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Taurus – Spice up your life and refresh relationships

With Uranus in Taurus activated by Sun and Mars, you are at that stage where you need the buzz of spontaneity and excitement from a relationship and, while you enjoy company, adventure is more important and if a partner isn’t providing that, you may reduce contact this week.

You aren’t playing games, you are just using your precious free time wisely. A short break from each other could be ideal as he’ll have to up his game and rather than thinking it’s a done deal.

With New Moon in Scorpio any relationship that’s becoming restrictive or lacklustre will have to go. If your relationship is about to go from dating to something more serious, i.e. engagement, or moving in with each other, you may indeed have cold feet and could need space to think seriously about whether this is the right move. While companionship and friendship is important this November, so is freedom and you quickly become wary if anything that feels restrictive.

With Mars conjunction Sun in Scorpio, you aren’t necessarily caring or thoughtful, although you will be quick to defend or protect your partner and you don’t mind rolling up your sleeves and helping them in practical ways.

Relationships with partners who are fire and air signs tend to shape up better this week, however you may find that if your partner is earth or water, he can be very frustrating and his responses may be too slow to keep up with you.

Boredom is certainly a feature if life is too slow moving or mundane. Your desire to be doing something important means far less patience with the routine. You’ll look for challenges and excitement and if it’s not easy to come by, you may lose your temper.

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Gemini – Understanding the heart of the matter

New Moon in Scorpio encourages spiritual development and the turning inwards to look at what drives you, inspires you and matters to you deep down. It could be a time when you immerse yourself in philosophy, metaphysical interests, and alternative subjects of healing.

You are far more psychic during this phase and your visions, dreams and ESP play a strong role in your decisions and also your daily life and the way your perceive evert day events and people.

With Uranus opposite Sun Mars in Scorpio, at the heart of a new page in relationships is freedom of expression, compromise and empathy. There needs to be a renewed understanding at an emotional level rather than a material one. Often dreams, aspirations and the need for unconditional love are concepts that should be at the forefront of renewing the relationship. You guys may need to shut our distractions like friends, neighbors, family and work.

Going away together to somewhere remote could be ideal. However, it’s not necessary to dominate each other’s time, you both need quality communication, however you both also need solitude as part of restoring your relationship or forming a better more honest relationship with yourself, and that cannot happen while you are both in a rat race or burdened with immense social responsibilities.

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Cancer – The throw of the dice in love

With the New Moon in Scorpio as well as the Mars Sun conjunction, it is easy for you to get carried away in love, it’s simple to become passionate and to let your emotions get the better of you, you become quickly consumed and while it can feel amazing, you may not understand the potential dynamics of the relationship and so you need to hold onto your hat and stay logical and awake.

This week is a time of great potential in love, love at first sight is certainly possible. Love is usually fated, in that you are thrown into a situation with a potential partner, rather than a more traditional dating experience. Love affairs are intense and involving, things progress quickly and that’s why it’s important to be alert to warning signs.

This week can herald the beginning of a love relationship with a great deal of potential for loyalty, commitment, sexual pleasure and even prestige, as in this relationship can assist your career, but you have to be aware that there may be a darker side of jealous, controlling behavior and some toxic emotional behavior.

This transit often makes you feel like you have to be all or nothing, but it’s rarely that drastic, it just feels that way as emotionally it’s a very turbulent time and things get out of perspective, however if you don’t let the passion cloud your judgement, this is an awesome time for date nights and renewed excitement and pursuit of happiness in your relationship.

An excellent week for trying exciting new hobbies as a couple, making new friends and entertaining together.

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Leo – It’s all about the chemistry and the magic

This is certainly a week to move on emotionally even if not physically from situations that have held you back. It is time to kick negative habits, i.e., holding on to anger, being New Moon in Scorpio is an opportunity to ditch old habits, to make way for fresh new alternatives.

They say old habits die hard, so do old mind-sets which is why you have to detach from anything which holds you back this week and that may include family and old friends. Do not burn bridges, don’t fall out with people, but don’t feel guilty about not accepting their accustomed ways anymore.

With Sun Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus in Taurus, separation from your roots and your family may occur in a physical sense, a trip away may get you fantasizing about a brand new start elsewhere. You may begin to think that your ideal life lies somewhere far from everything you know. You could begin to yearn for a new start and yet you are not quite as ready to make it as you think.

A new relationship may seem platonic at first, but you will both find that the more time you spend together the more you begin to click on an emotional level. New relationships this week are characterized by compassion and understanding, but not necessarily total agreement. You may have different views of the world, but you could share a connection that creates a sense of security and there is a perceivable bond that develops quickly.

In relationships, chemistry gets more and more powerful and your sex life has the potential to take off. You will be surprised at the way you don’t hold back, you let your emotions tumble out and you find your guard dropping.

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Virgo – Curiosity and transparency drives true love

With Mars conjunct Sun in Scorpio, your interactions with others increase and both work and social life step up a notch. People tend to test and challenge you, it’s harder to maintain harmonious relations as those in your life, probably your romantic partner, can be very opinionated.

You may part ways with your new date, not because you are splitting up, but because you but cannot agree and you guys really need space to do your own thing and blow off steam. If you are single, you will be attracted to strongly alpha males right now, you like an assertive and straightforward partner, however he may not suit you long term as you are actually quite sensitive this year and such a powerful, uncompromising personality may be too much.

Relationships right now can easily become like a runaway train, where you lose control of yourself and engage in things which aren’t very sensible for your long term development just because you are caught up in the moment

There is mutual support in relationships, and there is much to be gained in committed relationships as you can draw on that structure for support and encouragement. A problem shared is a problem halved, and in partnerships, your partner will be willing accept more responsibility to help you get over hurdles.

With some effort, it is totally possible to find solutions that can accommodate both of your priorities. This is a serious and also dynamic time in relationships; a time to mature and reach a more transparent and authentic time in the relationship which can aid both of your confidence and inner peace.

Relationships are stronger when you are open to debate and are happy to have robust discussions, it can be very frustrating for you if you have an evasive partner who cannot concentrate or who storms off in a huff when he isn’t getting his way.

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Libra – Moving mountains in love

The New Moon in Scorpio is an opportunity for greater depth and satisfaction from relationships, but it’s also a week of greater self-awareness so that you don’t just drift along in your relationship, but you control yourself and stay in the right channels resisting tangents and distractions.

Overall relationships are more satisfying as they have an edge, so while things can be more contentious with Mars Sun in Scorpio, you have a feeling that you are getting closer and the relationship is becoming more meaningful.

This is a very passionate month and you can achieve things in your relationship by sheer force of will. You are fiercely protective of your partner and your private life. You don’t necessarily want to share the details of your love life with others, but those details can be quite steamy.

Sex drive is high and those fated relationships with strong physical attraction fair well. Any relationships that were established early in the year that have run out of stream will quickly dissolve now, you cannot maintain anything that your heart is not 100% in.

Libra are in tune with the instinctive side of your nature and you will move mountains with your willpower, you are inspiring to know, but your motivation and fire could be disconcerting for some. Relationships which end now should not be mourned, don’t linger, you cannot sustain anything superfluous to your growth and if a partner is not growing with you, they may be happier elsewhere. You won’t put up with a new partner who flirts or has a wondering eye, they must pay you attention intellectually and sexually for a relationship to thrive.

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Scorpio – The test of time

With New Moon in Scorpio and Uranus activated in Taurus, relationships have an important impact on you this week in both a mundane and spiritual way. You enjoy relationship rituals and you’re not going to shy away from difficulties, you have a powerful drive to work on your marriage or committed relationship s, even if some of the things you do don’t necessarily hit the right notes.

Happiness comes from the hard work of love and often for Scorpio, there is something very sweet about being in a relationship that’s stood the test of time. The longer you’re been with your partner the better you feel about it. In marriage, it’s all about growing on each other, weathering storms together and like that Japanese analogy about the old vase which is glued together, relationships are more beautiful to you by virtue of the quirks, the traumas and the achievements.

You’re keen to commit and you won’t steer clear of difficult relationships just because it’s hard work, if you’re become emotionally involved with someone, you’ll want to see it through. In many cases, you have a strong sense of what is meant to be and that keeps you engaged and committed, even though you can be a little selfish at times in terms of what you expect from your lover.

Your important relationships like marriage, develop and get stronger and closer, mutual support being a key element which helps glue you both together.

In new relationships, you must communicate with your loved one properly, do not assume anything, and do not assume that he knows how you feel, make it clear. Make sure all communication is two-way, it is not just about you explaining how you feel, it is also about you learning how he feels too.

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Sagittarius – It’s no Sacrifice

Happiness in relationships is all about recognizing your own need for freedom, spontaneity and different challenges.

With Sun Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus, relationships aren’t going wrong because there is discontinuity, occasionally change comes from unexpected quarters and it can be seen as unwanted, but to ignore the opportunity for change is to live a lie.

Emotions can run high this week, and it may not be easy for you to see a partner’s point of view – you may be accused of not being sensitive enough. It is likely that you will say something that seems obvious to you, but is perceived as being very hurtful to him. This can be the problem: what you see as hurtful is not what your partner sees as hurtful/insulting and vice versa. This can mean that passions become inflamed over things that you each say without meaning to be taken as badly as they are.

Do not go overboard giving your partner what they do not want – sometimes what you enjoy giving is not what your partner enjoys receiving. It boils down to understanding each other’s needs better and being willing to accommodate them.

With New Moon in Scorpio, you are highly aware of psychic undercurrents in your relationship right now, and that can make you suspicious; please keep things in proportion. Single Sagittarius are very idealistic in love and may be prepared to make sacrifices for a partner whom you have only known a short time – do not let your heart run away totally unrestrained, allow your head a say.

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Capricorn – Sparkle in your mind

Love is active and affectionate and new relationships move along quickly. With Mars Sun opposite Uranus, you are more affectionate and gregarious in love, you feel a certain spark returning and you will inject enthusiasm and energy into your relationship. From candle-lit dinners, to evenings out and weekends away you are ready to push the boat out to make love come alive again.

You are in a romantic mood and are determined to show your partner what love means and lead the way in terms of you both living and loving life once more.

Sex is more thoughtful and you may plan special meals or trips to ensure there is both magic and novelty. It’s good to think about what you both like, what relaxes you, what matters in sex and intimacy etc., and then to ensure all the essential pieces of that puzzle are in place, rather than just having sex cold, just for the sake of it, when the timing and ambience is not right.

In new love, doubt is often a factor right now, but it drives you to work harder and also to envisage positive romantic scenarios in your head so that you are prepared for anything. This fear factor helps you to avoid obstacles rather than allowing complacency to set in and then bumping your head.

New Moon in Scorpio means there is a sparkle in your eye, and others appreciate your quirks and eccentricities more than usual. Your ability to adapt, and quickly recognize the change in the wind or the tide of opinion yields opportunity.

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Aquarius – The window to the soul

With Uranus activated by Sun and Mars, what’s going on at a deeper level is very important in new relationships, what’s said is nowhere near as important as what is unsaid. You need to watch your partner’s body language and listen to what he is communicating at a subtle level. Things may seem pretty normal on the surface, but you have to pay close attention, as this is the time to hear warning bells. Now these warning bells may relate to your partner’s behavior or yours, ask yourself if you are engaging in any negative behavior.

This is a week when games and manipulation can begin to seep in ever so slightly, that’ why you have to be alert to it as it won’t be obvious. It helps to tackle problems from a psychological perspective as otherwise events can be very confusing and intense.

Love is often uncomfortable, but it’s hard to put your finger in what’s wrong so be observant and analyze the relationship from many different perspectives. The other issue in love is your tendency to equate your own value and worth in terms of the new relationship, and you may become too wrapped up in the needs of a new partner at the expense of your own. Invest time in yourself as well as the new relationship, and don’t sacrifice any of your plans or activities to please a partner.

Watch out for a partner who exaggerates a crisis in order to get your attention. Pride is a problem as it gets people’s back up and can mean that it’s harder for you to get the support you need from family and friends. Be humble and know when to back down and admit when you are wrong. General dissatisfaction often leads to overreacting and so weight gain is possible right now, however eating less isn’t necessarily the answer, as the drivers of your appetite are frustration and lack of emotional satisfaction.

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Pisces – Passion set your inner fire alight

A New Moon in Scorpio and Sun Mars in Scorpio opposite Uranus, holiday romances can be very significant. Many Pisces women are spending a lot of time a long way from home, possibly with the view to moving permanently or looking for work and thus a romance with a new guy can be a wonderful introduction to a new culture, a culture which can become something you love. Even if you aren’t going anywhere exotic, relationships are a way to connect with your wild side and enjoy an escape from the mundane.

Sexuality and intimate life get a boost, however since you guys are feistier, conflicts erupt suddenly, but this added passion is reassuring in a way as the strength of feeling is obvious. This is quite a difficult time for couples living together for the first time, as you are likely to fight a lot over how to divvy out the expenses, who pays for what and issues over possessions in general.

Romance with authority figures can be a big disappointment, you know how the saying, “Never meet your heroes,” well that applies to falling in love with a person you respect. You may find that a guy is nothing like you believed him to be when you get into closer quarters with him, shattering the illusion.

In committed relationships, confusion and crisis are possible as things which previously satisfied don’t anymore, yet your future and the answers to your suddenly arising questions are not always clear.

The influences in your 3rd and 9th houses bring about a seeking mood, you are drawn to either philosophy, religion or study to express this need you have for direction. This is an important to time in your self-development as you question more, you’re open minded, but you’re also quite serious about establishing truth, your truth, a truth which will enable you to make sense of your life.

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Be brave and true you yourself, stand in your truth.

Volatile conditions can create excitement, and the urge for freedom is strong now-especially if you feel restricted. Conflicts can suddenly occur, often about unusual subjects or disagreements. However, what a wonderful time to clear the deck and the air and bravely open a new chapter in your intimate life that sets your sexual understanding alight and yet encourages self-expression and personal freedom.

Recognize the difference between changes that are necessary for progress and those that arise from self-serving desires.

Key themes to capitalize on this week.

  • Action and independence
  • Honesty
  • New starts
  • Passion
  • Creativity
  • Positive change
  • Truth

See you again next week.

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