Weekly Love Horoscope For May 15th – 21st

Hello Sweethearts, and welcome to one of the most romantic and creative weeks of the year.

I hope you’ve all had a good May so far, May was definitely an opportunity to learn and discover new things about yourself and your partner.

I’m pleased to tell you that with Taurus, Cancer and Neptune emphasized, the energies are gentle and artistic but also quite vibrant, and there’s lots to get excited about.

This is a very receptive time for tenderness and deeper understanding, and you can show your partner this through care, concern and being practically helpful.

Music is an absolutely vital component this month, and so incorporate music into your life through your hobbies, attending events or making little musical love notes through Snapchat or TikTok.

Mercury is direct in Taurus, which is good for both financial matters proceeding and also for greater clarity in relationships.

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Aries – The only way is up

Mercury goes direct this week Sextile Venus which is excellent for talking to your partner about family matters and also sorting out your budgets. It’s perfect for celebrating an event in your home with family, but decorating or buying something nice for your home is also a great way to come together and do something creative and inspiring.

This is a great time for shopping. Perhaps spoil yourself with a new fragrance, spray tan, or nail do. It’s important to feel good physically and to use your imagination in love.

Sun Sextile, your ruler Mars in Leo, represents a great time for romance and meeting potential partners via local community events, bars and sports clubs.

Your energy levels and motivation are higher and yet you have the patience to apply this positivity to all relationship issues in a consistent way leading to a lot of progress in terms of better communication and relating.

Mercury goes direct in your solar 2nd House, indicating a lot more success in any negotiation or communication projects, and teaching or writing are quite lucrative. You are highly resourceful, and that means you use common sense and pragmatism to improve harmony in your relationships. This is definitely helpful in devising ways to please your partner through food, fragrance, beauty and charm. Since you are highly persuasive, this is an excellent time to get your partner to understand your needs.

Taurus – Be a Beacon

Mars square Jupiter in Taurus means you are feeling a surge of energy, and with Mercury direct in Taurus, you are rather restless and eager to try new things, experience different perspectives and expand. That makes this an ideal week for meeting new people via work or hobbies and striking up random conversations that could result in flirting. You have more confidence and being quite impatient, you won’t beat about the bush when it comes to letting a guy know he’s caught your eye.

Whether you are looking for love or wanting to improve your relationship, it’s important not to play safe, be outgoing and put forward a positive vision for the relationship.

This is an ideal time for relationship discussions because you are more articulate, self-assured and less likely to back down and compromise. This is a time to get what you want in love by asserting yourself and being bold.

Life feels less restrictive now, and you are able to glimpse the possibilities rather than getting bogged down in details. Set your sights high and be ambitious for the future of your relationship.

Your ruler trine Saturn in Pisces indicates the time is right to take that special friendship you have with someone to the next level.

It’s time for you and your partner to dream again and so don’t put off pleasure.

Gemini – Fly with me

Mercury direct in Taurus Sextile Venus in Cancer is an excellent time to get closer to your partner physically; actions speak louder than words and compassion and empathy lead to intimacy.

Private time away from the madness where you and your partner can have a little escapism to talk about your true feelings and be totally honest is important. A little road trip or getting down to the ocean to let the sea air clear your heads is important. Make sure you take your foot off the gas and have time to breathe.

With Mars in Cancer square Jupiter your solar seventh house ruler, there can be some arguments or sudden, unexpected disagreements, but this is actually quite creative and productive as these outbursts die down quickly and then pave the way forward for more honesty and meaningful relating.

Love life is not stagnant this week, your interactions verbally and physically have greater significance and in new or long-term relationships, there’s a great opportunity to find out what’s really on each other’s mind and what makes each of you tick in 2023.

This week is an important springboard for developing new mindsets to enhance your relationship.

Cancer – Anchored

With Mercury direct in Taurus Sextile Saturn and Venus, your understanding of people and ability to connect with others on an intellectual and inspirational level is enhanced, making you a shining light on the social scene. An excellent week to impress your friends and fellow professionals and to make new friends who could become lovers.

You thrive in group settings and enjoy exchanging ideas with like-minded individuals, so there’s no excuse not to get out there and widen your circle of acquaintances. You can excel in networking, social activism, or any activity which demands collaborative thinking and communication.

In marriage, you are able to maintain harmony as you are able find the right things to say at the right time, rather than merely saying what your partner wants to hear.

As Venus in Cancer is Trine Saturn, good relationships can help you to feel more secure and self-assured. There’s a lot to be gained from working constructively with your partner and reaching agreements on money and issues connected to religion and faith. Romance comes through expressing genuine feelings and showing your partner strength. Cancer have a great deal of inner resolve and quiet confidence right now, and you can use that to carry your partner and make everything progressively better.

This is a very positive week for your career, and so be bold.

Leo – Pamper and Please

Mercury goes direct in Taurus sextile Venus and Saturn, meaning this is a great time for your voice to be heard. If there’s anything that you have been needing to say, especially about the direction of you and your partner’s life, this is the time to set out your plans. It’s also a very good time for you and your guy to discuss what’s next in your relationship and possibly how to set money aside for those important purchases and relationship goals.

With Mars in Cancer, particularly because it is square Jupiter, you are in a really impulsive mood, so this is definitely a week for spontaneity; it’s not a good time to do anything that’s going to be long-winded or laborious. So it’s best if you and your partner fly by the seat of your pants and jump on things as soon as they arise, whether it’s sudden spontaneous outings with friends or getting a last-minute deal on a trip away or even taking a road trip, that’s a great way to inspire romance.

Even though you as a Leo are obviously independent this month and will not accept anyone telling you what to do, that doesn’t mean that you are romantic because in established relationships where there’s a good balance of give and take, you are very compassionate and understanding, and you are more than willing to go the extra mile to make your partner happy. So although this is a very independent month, that doesn’t mean it’s a selfish month because your high energy means you want to please and pamper your partner.

Virgo – Love Fireworks

Mercury going direct in Taurus sextile Venus is fantastic for love affairs and romance, this is particularly good for relationships that have a long-distance element and, it’s also a great time for you to be jetting away with your partner to have some downtime and experience something new.

You are particularly attracted to Aries and Leo right now because you are looking for a partner who has got a lot of get-up-and-go, and exhibits a vibrant and excitable energy. You’re easily bored right now, and so you need people to come into your life who can show you a good time and who really don’t hold back.

Relationships that start now could actually move quite quickly, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to fizzle out. It’s highly likely that you can find someone with long-term potential, particularly through mutual hobbies and cultural events.

In your marriage, it’s very important to laugh and see the fun side of life, so whatever else is happening, make time to get out, let your hair down and get to a place where you feel or relaxed and away from the hassles of the world.

Libra – The Little Details

This week with Jupiter square the ruler of your solar seventh house, Mars, you should expect more energy and excitement in your long-term relationships. It’s likely your partner may be a bit restless and may want a bit of space. However, it’s definitely true right now that absence makes the heart grow fonder, so it’s good to cut each other a little bit of slack and enjoy your separate hobbies because when you come back together, the romance will be that much sweeter.

Mercury is now direct in Taurus, and it will be sextile Venus and Saturn, which is fantastic for the joint finances, so you and your partner should have a lot of success when you come together to organize either investment plans, debt consolidation or your taxes. It’s very important from now on to be very proactive about getting more organized about the household income because when you apply some reason and some research, you are lucky in money.

With Venus in Cancer trine Saturn in Pisces, less is definitely more in love, so less conversation and more understanding and thoughtfulness. This month kind words and practical help go a long, long way in ensuring your partner knows you care. He’s especially impressed when you care about his health and maybe help him to improve his diet or encourage him with his fitness goals.

Scorpio – Love me Tender

Mercury going direct in Taurus sextile Venus and Saturn is an excellent time for harmony in marriage. This is an excellent time for discussions, for reaching agreement and for having a good level of conversation on both important and more lighthearted matters. This is definitely a great time for you and your partner to spend time alone with each other or with good friends, simply chatting and catching up. The more you talk, the more is revealed, emotions can flow and togetherness can be enhanced.

With Jupiter Square Mars, you should be cautious of excess when it comes to your health, this is not a good time for strenuous exercise or extreme changes in diet. It’s important to have a good balance, and if you are dieting, stay patient and consistent. It’s easy right now to get frustrated with your dietary or exercise plans, but don’t force the pace; everything in its time.

This week your partner appreciates a little bit of creativity, so doing something different in the evening after a lovely meal, like introducing some interesting music and essential massage oils or just wearing some totally different textures like feathers or silk, is really excellent for impressing your part in the bedroom because he loves to be visually and sensually stimulated.

Sagittarius – Magical Mystery Tour

With Mars, the ruler of your house of romance square Jupiter and trine Neptune, it’s a wonderful time for a magical and exhilarating romance, but you have to be careful because all is not as it seems and you could be beginning an exciting but rollercoaster relationship. So be ready for surprises, but enjoy the magic because it will certainly appeal to the part of your nature that loves adventure and curiosity. Love is quite a magical mystery tour right now.

When it comes to your marriage and long-term relationships, the little things count, so pay attention to the details, be a good listener and support your partner in his work, and he will really appreciate you. This is definitely a time to be punctual and to be exact in your communications because even if things are looking good overall, a small mistake here and there can cause distrust and a breakdown in communication.

While in romance, it’s okay for you to be a little bit flamboyant, flirtatious and enigmatic, in terms of long-term relationships and marriage, it’s much more important for you to be consistent, and honesty should be an absolute priority right now.

Capricorn – Symmetry and Mirroring

With Mars in Cancer trine Neptune, your partner may request your help more often, or you could be called upon to work with his family or his children. Idealism, a motivational outlook and higher principles are what is called for rather than a financial or practical outlook when it comes to relationships.

Your desire to improve your relationship may cause you to be more compromising, and you may not assert yourself and push for your emotional needs to be met, however, harmony is more important to you than your own needs right now. Cooperation wins the day you can assert yourself another time, using the goodwill generated this week.

With Venus in Cancer trine Saturn, marriage relations improve as you are open to listening and are more understanding of your partner’s points of view; you are ready to take new information on board and can do so objectively. You are less inclined to get emotional or become defensive, as you can see the logic of what your partner is conveying. However, you will not hold back on your own opinions either, but you can be tempted to take the moral high ground and assume a righteous approach, try not to do that.

Aquarius – Dawning Realizations

Aquarius are open to possibilities and you are in an optimistic and open frame of mind, you are more generous and forward-looking and you feel a certain excitement as if something is about to happen. But is it?

With Mars Square Jupiter, you are quite quick to jump to conclusions about men, and you often overlook details or their obvious shortcomings, this can result in you becoming a little previous as you draw conclusions based on hope and idealism rather than on logic.

With Mercury direct in Taurus, sextile Venus and Saturn this week is much better for home life and family matters, and many issues can be resolved, although dilemmas must be faced. Anything which was on the back burner can now be tackled and differences and conflicts can be ironed out. It’s important to focus attention on private life, if you are married, this is a time to prioritize family and not let the demands of friends, colleagues or the allure of the big wide world distract from fundamental emotional issues.

This week you come closer to the truth about your relationships, things come into focus and you may be surprised at what suddenly dawns on you. These realizations come quietly and often unexpectedly.

Pisces – Bright and Breezy

With Mercury direct in Taurus Sextile Saturn and Venus, Pisces will enjoy a touch of romance this week, but you only dip your toe in; you are not ready for anything too heavy or intense.

You tend to develop an interest in new partners quickly and are drawn to air signs as you enjoy the banter and the conversation. However, even though you do get interested in potential partners quickly and want to take their number, you may also ignore their calls and cold-shoulder them as you do not want to encourage anything to develop right now. It’s a classic case of leaving them hanging, you want to do enough to maintain the flirtatious friendship, but you are not sure you are really engaged yet on an emotional level, and so you want to maintain freedom while you stay in touch for the odd date.

So a good week for casual dating and exploring in love and a great time to make new friends, but not a time to go steady or become serious with any one person; keep it bright and breezy and develop the friendship side first.

Mars trine Neptune indicates a time to reinforce cooperation and get busy doing the practical things needed to make your marriage work.

Don’t be passive, be a team player and help motivate your partner to keep the momentum going on mutual goals.

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In summary

This is a wonderful week for social events and breaks away, but even if you are working, it’s a wonderful time to be generous and improve all your relationships.

This can be a time when we should all shine and must explore our talents and do things that make us feel happy and enhance our well-being.

Whatever your star sign, remember that this week is powerful for:

  • Romance
  • Communication
  • Compassion
  • Money decisions
  • Fun
  • Enjoying life

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Wishing you all the luck in the universe,

Your sister and relationship Astrologer

Anna Kovach


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    1. Dear Juanita,

      Well, this depends on different factors, but first and foremost would be mutual respect, honesty and tolerance.
      If he is affectionate, if he is includes you in his plans and talks about future with you, that is a sign that he is a keeper!
      Don’t let him out of your sight!

  1. My Aries man walked away after 8 years because I said “I’ve heard that before” to his comment💔 won’t take my call won’t call me I’m just brokenhearted

    1. Dear Colleen,

      If he can leave so easily, he was never really meant for you.
      He was only looking for reason to end this relationship. Not even that comment was a valid reason.
      You can text him and ask what made him stop answering your calls. If he doesn’t respond, I strongly advise moving on with your life because he is not worth it!

      Best of luck to you!

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