Weekly Love Horoscope For March 6th – 12th

Greetings, sweethearts! There is a lot going on this week! There will be a lot of change in the world on the 7th as Saturn moves into Pisces. Hopefully, this is the beginning of a major spiritual renaissance on Earth which will help us all to connect to others on a deeper level with greater consciousness. 

Sun sextile Uranus on March 6 can lead to a surprising change in the way you view yourself. This is the transit of a gentle “aha moment” that can lead to liberation and a greater sense of self. This is the moment to know your worth. 

Virgo Full Moon on March 7th which represents a culmination of energy to help us let go of perfection and be anything other than who we truly are. Isn’t it better to be loved for who we are, than for who we are not? What effects will all these shifts in energies have on the way we couple up and pair up in our relationships?

Venus sextile Mars on March 11th brings great opportunities for relationships. Having conversations with your loved one can help communication and the relationship as a whole. Love and passion are in the air on this day.

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I hope this weekly love horoscope brings you some understanding and guidance about what is going on in your romantic life. Please let me know in the comment section below about your experience this week. 

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Aries – Take a step back and reassess your priorities

When it comes to your love life, you can reflect on whether you feel supported or respected. This full moon is a good time to make important decisions if someone fails to show up in the way they promised. Saturn enters Pisces at this full moon!

It’s one of my highlights of March: Saturn in Pisces can help you set important boundaries around your time, energy, and availability.

Making time for yourself may be a priority. You may be taking time off from work or putting certain responsibilities aside. You might not want to waste time and want to spend it meaningfully.

Take care of your responsibilities, but don’t forget to rest. Inner transformation may be possible now. As in, maturing out of old ways of thinking and embracing new ones, you may be looking at internal blocks and breaking them down. It’s possible to feel introverted, to need rest, or to spend more time alone.

As Venus connects with Mars in Gemini on March 11, you may get some exciting invitations and enjoy your social life while Saturn is in Pisces. You may also find that you’re feeling more reclusive than usual, or crave quiet time alone. Give yourself some space to connect within.

Taurus – Focus on your financial goals and be patient

A full moon in Virgo coincides with Saturn’s entry into Pisces on March 7. Your social life may reach a boiling point. Feeling passionate about something and being unable to hold back your passion! Making choices that reflect your values and a meaningful life are big themes for you right now – authenticity is key.

Situations may become clearer as time goes on. Increasing intimacy with someone you love, or setting boundaries with those you need distance from, could mark a big change in your love life.

A significant change in your social life is possible when Saturn enters Pisces. In the next couple of years, Saturn moves through Pisces, and limits may be set. You might also be contributing more time to a group or community!

Taking on a leadership role in a community or noticing how leaders approach things in your groups may be on your mind. A fun and flirtatious atmosphere is created on March 11 when Venus connects with Mars in Gemini and Mercury connects with Uranus.

There may be unexpected news or ideas. Unexpected connections can happen.

Gemini – Communication will be key to success this week

You’ll focus on your home and family on March 7 with the full moon in Virgo. There could be a climax to home tensions. Making improvements to your home might be on your mind.

Your space could suddenly become very clear to you. In this full moon, you may begin reimagining what you want your personal life to look like as you achieve success in your career. During this time, you may also remember details about the past and feel nostalgic or eager to reconnect with old friends. There may be a reconnection!

A powerful leadership role may be yours over the next two years as Saturn enters Pisces. At work or with the public, you could be setting important boundaries. Mastery or authority may be yours. Saturn in Pisces helps you narrow down your best options if you’re unsure about what direction to go.

On March 11, Venus meets Mars in Gemini and Mercury meets Uranus, inspiring fun, free-spirited thinking. Networking and meeting new friends are great during this time, as well as your love life. Opportunities are all around.

Cancer – Don’t let emotions cloud your judgement

The full moon in Virgo on March 7 could bring a conversation to a head. Expect details. Suddenly, something makes sense!

The assumption you made may be validated. A change could be happening in your neighborhood or on your commute. You can resolve paperwork.

Saturn enters Pisces on March 7, making it important to set limits regarding communication and availability. School might be your focus, or you might decide to take time off from your studies to accomplish something else. You may have to make a big decision about your education!

Also, travel decisions could be made or an opportunity to publish something you wrote may come your way. It’s easy to feel cautious about the opportunities you take when Saturn is in Pisces because you don’t want to waste your time on projects that don’t work.

In March 11, Venus will connect with Mars in Gemini and Mercury will connect with Uranus resulting in opportunities to meet exciting new people and to connect on a higher level.

Leo – Step out of your comfort zone and take a risk

On March 7, we have a full moon in Virgo, which could bring a climax to a situation involving money and your sense of security. What’s truly valuable and important is realized. Your budget may need to be reworked or an opportunity for a new source of income may come your way.

Also on March 7, Saturn enters Pisces, changing the way you set financial boundaries, especially concerning the finances you share with your partner. This can be quite a tough realization to make. You could approach your finances more seriously and firmly, but you could also be guided by your luck and creativity.

It is a great time for you to follow your passions. In Pisces, Saturn asks you to make clear financial boundaries with your partners, don’t give up your financial power to the man you love.

As Venus connects with Mars in Gemini and Mercury with Uranus on March 11, you’ll find that your social life is lively and fun, and you’ll be able to connect with friends and work could be exciting. Who knows who you might meet at that office party?

Virgo – Pay attention to details and stay organized

On March 7, you can release old habits under the influence of the full moon in your sign, Virgo! An argument between you and your partner could reach a climax. Creating compromises is also possible when an issue is confronted.

You’re focusing on balance right now, particularly in relation to partnerships and how to navigate any conflict. You may discover something about yourself because this full moon is in your zodiac sign: A full moon often brings things to light and sheds greater understanding.

The way you relate to people may be changing. You can also explore important commitments in your partnerships on March 7 as Saturn enters Pisces.

Over the next two years, you could get to know serious and hardworking people. Pisces is your opposite sign, and Saturn’s entry into Pisces can find you setting firm boundaries in your relationship and raising expectations. If your partner isn’t showing up for you, it might be time for you to show him the door.

On March 11, Venus connects with Mars in Gemini, creating a fun and busy atmosphere, and your career is also at the height of its potential. A good distraction from everything else going on. 

Libra – Find balance in your relationships and personal life

On March 7, there will be a full moon in Virgo, suggesting that you slow down and rest. Consider taking time off before hurrying into your next project if a project is coming to an end. There’s no doubt that full moons can reveal secrets and hidden information, and this one may even reveal things about who you are in ways you could never imagine.

This illumination is important and surprising. Exploring your psyche now is a powerful experience.

On March 7, Saturn enters Pisces, which can lead to set important boundaries. New projects might be on your plate, perhaps at work or for your wellness.

The theme for you here is improvement. Over the next two years, you may be disciplined and structured with your time. Don’t forget to schedule plenty of time for rest during the full moon in Virgo.

A fun and adventurous atmosphere is inspired by Venus’ connection with Mars in Gemini on March 11. There may be some flirtatious and competitive feelings in the air that can help you to get closer to that cutie on your mind.

Scorpio – Trust your intuition and take action accordingly

Your social life might reach a climax on March 7 with the full moon in Virgo! Your circle of friends may be changing or you may be exploring new ones. It is possible for friendships to deepen or for you to realize that the relationship has run its course.

The details are becoming clearer as you gain some distance from something you were very passionate about. A lover, creative endeavor, or something close to your heart may be on your mind as Saturn enters Pisces on March 7. By setting boundaries, you can protect your peace and focus on what matters most.

If you are in love or working on your creative projects, Saturn in Pisces is the perfect time to be intentional, practice patience, and give things time to grow slowly. You don’t have to rush anything right now. Your creative practice and love life are highlighting maturity and responsibility.

So it is time for you to get real with yourself. March 11 sees Venus connect with one of your ruling planets, Mars, in Gemini where it has been for months now. A flirtatious energy flows when Venus connects with Mars and any upsets can be softened with a partner.

Sagittarius – Take a break from routine and explore new opportunities

On March 7, there will be a full moon in Virgo, which can result in a remarkable career achievement for you. It seems that there is a lot of buzz about you right now! It is possible to achieve a great deal in this area – you have worked hard for this.

Perhaps you are also beginning to let go of the past in a way that is extraordinary.

A large shift is about to take place at home and in the lives of your loved ones during this full moon, as Saturn enters Pisces.

There is a possibility that you are setting important boundaries at home, perhaps with family members or the general public, in order to create a sense of privacy and peace in your life.

During the week of March 11th, Venus will connect with Mars in Gemini: A fun and flirtatious atmosphere is created by their connection. Put yourself out there are see where it goes!

Capricorn – Stay focused on your long-term goals

March 7 brings the full moon in earth sign Virgo, which could bring an end to a simmering conversation. There may be revelations and details revealed. It may be the end of a journey. Your academic goals may be met or your work published-or you may put it aside if it doesn’t align with your plans.

As Saturn enters Pisces on the day of this full moon, you may approach communication with a more rigid approach. Remember to brainstorm, even though you might feel pressed for time and need to make decisions right away. Patience is your friend.

Having the time to think things over will allow you to make better decisions than rushing into a decision. Explore the best solutions with yourself and your negotiation partners. Limits and boundaries are important but don’t limit yourself, Capricorn.

On March 11, Venus connects with Mars in Gemini and Mercury connects with Uranus, giving rise to a cheerful, busy atmosphere that could lead to fun dates and social activities. You might need some levity from the boundaries of this week.

Aquarius – Embrace your unique perspective and let it guide you

You might be finalizing or resolving a financial matter on March 7. Setting a boundary around money, time, energy, or something of value could be your goal. Information may surface. A Virgo full moon reveals details! On March 7, Saturn enters Pisces.

During Saturn’s time in your sign, you have mastered a craft, taken on new responsibilities, or become a leader. Your boundaries and commitments may have been set. Even though you may have had to say no or been set limitations more than you would have liked, you’ve created something worthwhile!

When Saturn enters Pisces, the vibe changes, and you are more serious and determined about your financial wellbeing. Since Saturn’s in Pisces now, you’re more serious about your compensation and how you manage the wealth you’ve earned.

On March 11, Venus connects with Mars in Gemini and Mercury connects with Uranus, creating fun, flirty, and dynamic vibes in your circles. There may be surprising news in the air, and the mood is flirty. You better make use of it and put yourself out there.

Pisces – Take time to reflect and recharge your emotional batteries

On March 7, there will be a big climax in your relationships! Conflict might occur, but compromise is also possible. It is possible to bring some clarity to the situation. A partnership may be ending, or a relationship may be evolving. Pisces, Saturn enters your sign on March 7, the day of the full moon. Golly!

Your zodiac sign is known for being daydreamers, but with Saturn in your sign, you are the taskmaster everyone didn’t expect. Responsibility becomes your middle name.

You are not up for anyone’s noncommittal attitude. Your easygoing personality may no longer exist! Set limits, say no, and don’t worry about what anyone thinks about this change because you need it. It is possible that you are committing to something that is important to you. A focus may be on long-term goals.

On March 11, Venus will connect with Mars in Gemini and Mercury will connect with Uranus, creating a fun and exciting energy in your romantic world.

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Wrapping Up

This week seems to be relatively easy and gentle, but the universe works in mysterious ways. Love is definitely in the air. Be gentle with your emotions and be sure to take care of yourself this week!

This may be exactly the energy you need to process and progress forwards. 

Allow yourself to be guided and trust in yourself and where the Universe is guiding you towards.

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Wishing you all the luck in the universe,

Your sister and relationship Astrologer 

Anna Kovach


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