Weekly Love Horoscope for July 10th – 16th

Hello Sweehearts, welcome to this week’s reading and I wish you a very happy week ahead.

With Mercury entering Leo, this week has a dynamic and expressive element and communication comes alight.

It’s a time to express your natural flair, be charismatic and dramatic in your way of conveying your thoughts and ideas.

This is a creative and imaginative time and your ideas are often bold and innovative. Express a strong sense of personal identity and express their opinions with conviction.

Relationships tend to be warm, passionate, and expressive. Giving compliments and sharing affectionate words is essential.

Creativity, confidence, and dramatic flair make this week great for effective communication and romance.

Juno is in Cancer, this signifies a deeper emotional connection and a strong need for security and comfort within partnerships. You value the nurturing and supportive side of relationships that provides a sense of belonging and emotional stability.

You deeply value emotional intimacy and if single will seek a partner who can create a sense of emotional security. Trust and loyalty are of utmost importance this week.

Seek emotional intimacy, stability, and a sense of home within your relationships.

Mercury opposite Pluto brings intense and transformative energy to the realm of communication, thinking patterns, and mental processes. This transit represents a powerful and potentially challenging energy that influences the way you think, communicate, and process information. It brings intensity, depth, and a probing nature to your mental and verbal expressions.

Mercury opposite Pluto can also manifest as intense and confrontational communication tendencies, power struggles, manipulative behaviors, or a need to control conversations and situations. You may engage in debates or arguments with a relentless and determined approach, often aiming to win or uncover the truth at all costs.

Aries – Green Eyed Monster

A very passionate and intense week, as with Mercury in Leo opposite Pluto, full-blown love affairs can arise out of nothing. Hate is very close to love – something worth remembering. The one you love can bring out the very best and very worst in you, and passions are often inflamed.

Conflict situations should be avoided, and when the volcanic lavas of anger rise, it is better to walk away. Some time spent apart from your marriage partner can only be a good thing as with the heightened intensity, things can be like a pressure cooker and can spiral either up or down, and so you need that distance to see a perspective.

Aries are certainly daring in love, and not much will deter you from pursuing the one you have your eye on – you must be careful of fixation, as this is a time when romantic feelings are very intense and often take over the senses. Loyalty is a massive issue, and this week, events will test that loyalty by throwing you both conundrums which can be very revealing of how far you will both go to defend or stand by each other.

Jealousy cannot be underestimated, and yet it is within your power to control the effects and the power it has over you – jealousy is one of the most powerful and destructive emotions, and it can cause havoc in relationships. However, Aries can use jealousy to transform your approach to the other in the relationships and also use it as a driver of self-awareness and understanding.

Taurus – Absence makes the heart grow fonder

With Mercury in your solar fourth house, Married Taurus may have to cope with being alone as your partner is likely to be away on business or perhaps is pursuing an interest very close to his heart that you have no interest in – it may be a challenge for you to accept the ways in which your partner is so very different to you and how those ways almost take him away from you to a place you cannot understand.

You should develop your own special missions, personal to you – something that gives you an outlet away from the relationship. Taurus have a great deal of charm and a positive energy, and yet you can go overboard in relationships, especially new ones, setting your sights high and having great expectations which are almost impossible to meet.

With Mars in Virgo, you can be a little rollercoaster: going from hot and quickly to cold when your route map for the relationships no longer matches reality. You are very affectionate and also very demanding; you put much energy in, and yet your partner (no matter what he does) may not be able to totally satisfy you.

You need to balance your own energy and keep your emotions in check or limit the fluctuations. Couples who are very socially active and who spend time around friends and going out will have fewer problems as you can burn off your abundance of energy in the wider groups rather than expecting one person to fulfil your needs.

Gemini – Mystery and Karma

With your ruler opposite Pluto, your attitude to love is more sober and reflective this week with you coming to terms with harsh realities and deeper psychological issues at play – it may be that these issues have come to light as you have matured and become more savvy and/or just woken up or maybe the relationships is new and you are learning more about your new lover.

Now, the question is, are the issues you see revealing themselves ones which you can deal with, are they worth dealing with, and do you want to deal with them?

Gemini are projecting a more mysterious persona, and you may attract someone who is an important stepping stone on a journey you are on, especially if you are in a zone where you are focusing on meditation, prayer, and the power of connecting with a universal source or higher source.

Many relationships that start now will have a strong karmic bond – you may have met in a past life, and you may have extraordinarily acute ESP together.

Understand yourself better and recognize certain gut reactions to things which are either useful or not – time to analyze, understand, and change these unhelpful and often self-destructive reflect emotion reactions.

This is a very good time to reflect; they often say hindsight is 20 20, but how often did we actually see what was coming but were in denial so far down the trajectory that we thought it was too late to change?  You can get out of anything, and so never be scared to put a stop to something you feel is headed for a crash landing. So, a time of internal troubleshooting.

Cancer – Commitment and Personal Growth

Juno, the asteroid is in Cancer, this asteroid is associated with partnership, marriage, and committed relationships and it’s presence in your solar first house suggests that relationships and partnerships play a significant role in shaping your sense of self and identity.

You must be careful not to be a chameleon, as while it can be safe and practical to define yourself through your close connections as a way to establish a strong sense of partnership and harmony in your life, you shouldn’t sacrifice your integrity.

You are typically relationship-oriented and will prioritize your most meaningful connections. This week you possess an innate desire to restore balance in your personal and professional life. Your need for for companionship is strong and you may feel a sense of completeness when a relationship is getting closer and more committed.

This is an excellent week for renewing your commitment to personal growth and self-improvement through relationships. Partnerships are opportunities for personal development and you may actively seek partners who can help you grow and evolve. The level of fairness, equality, and mutual respect in your relationships is often a deciding factor as to the viability right now.

Someone new may come into your life, someone who acts as a guide on a spiritual rather than a practical level and can help you make sense of things and begin to sort out your emotions and your past, turning events into valuable experiences not just a list of anecdotes.

You are able to draw potential lovers towards you like a magnet, and yet you are rather mystical and elusive, which adds greatly to your appeal. You are very much more open right now, which is a positive as it encourages new people to quickly respond to you on a deeper emotional level, but it can also be a negative if you don the rose-coloured glasses and develop an idealized image of your new love – either way, it should work out well.

Leo – Flirty and Fun

This is a time of great activity, relatives coming to stay, more interaction with friends and colleagues, trips to make, and this serves as a great distraction in love which is quite welcome. The focus is off you both, and so this can dilute any tension and give you new things to talk about which improve communication.

Mercury in Leo is a more light-hearted phase with interesting interactions and a quicker pace to life that seasons your life with some needed flavor. A greater degree of detachment and objectivity allows Leo to see where you may be exacerbating problems and how you could and should tackle tricky issues or conflict situations better.

This is a potentially light-hearted and fun time in love, it can also be a very productive time where you generate new ideas about how to solve issues to do with children, routines, and sex; however, it is just as easy to take the easy way out, adopt an avoidance strategy, and just defer any problems to next week. Leo are highly flirtatious, but you lose interest fast and may prefer to dip your toe into the pool of romance rather than take a full swim.

With Mercury opposite Pluto you are more assertive in relationships; you are surer of what you want and are not afraid to say so even if it causes an argument. It can be a time of conflict in relationships, but it is also a time of renewal. They say that if you want to make omelettes, you have to break eggs, and if you want to break out of situations in love that have become stifling and unproductive, a few arguments may be needed to set new parameters.

Virgo – Freedom and Fight

Mars in Virgo means you can feel new avenues opening up, and even if a dramatic change in career does not happen now, you may sow seeds that will result in significant openings in a few years’ time.

Virgo have a desire to be free and unique, and you react quite strongly to anything which appears to restrict or restrain. You may, however, be going about this all the wrong way and arousing opposition among those whom you perceive wrongly are standing in your way. Things can go your way if you are just a little more patient and also observant; you can be so busy that you miss the obvious details which are helpful and not a hindrance.

If your partner keeps dredging something up over and over again, you need to tell them to get over it. This is a week of inner emotional turmoil, and feelings have to be grappled with – it is not possible to sweep things under the carpet, and instinctive reactions are often quite intense. However, this week can be a very valuable one, if handled right, for learning more about yourself and for ridding a relationship of baggage. In new relationships, this can be a battleground time where some boundaries and rules begin to emerge and also where you discover some red lines regarding your own views/needs that you did not even know were there.

Libra – Deep and Meaningful

With Mars in your solar twelfth house, Librans are very sensitive to rejection this week, and that means both emotional and intellectual rejection – that can make you go overboard with the people pleasing in order to win approval. The more you do for others, the less they often appreciate or respect you, and so you have to make sure that fear of rejection leads to positive self-improvement and self-evaluation rather than simply turning on the charm and becoming an emotional contortionist trying to please everyone. This applies not only to romantic, but also to all your relationships both personal and professional.

With Mercury in your solar eleventh house, daily concerns tend to fade this week, and you become motivated by deeper concerns and needs, including your need to be free of restrictions imposed from the outside, obligations and responsivities.

This is a good time for a weekend away or to spend free time in a totally spontaneous way seeing where the whim takes you. You seek more depth and intensity in love and relationships. You are impatient with banter and chit chat and will implore your partner to get into conversations about things which are closer to your heart and also closer to the bone in many ways.

Regarding dating, flirting and casual interactions are not your thing; with Mercury opposite Pluto, you seek meaningful conversations and get quickly bored by anything mechanical or flippant. You will not linger on the superficial side of dating; you want to get to know the person deeply early on so you can really get to grips with what he has to offer. Even a little drama and anger in a relationship is good as long as it leads to better understanding and the meaningful unearthing of issues. You cannot bear pretences now, and you seek to root out anything which lurks beneath the surface.

Scorpio – Count to Ten

While you are more aware of your emotions, you must respond to them in a measured way, not shooting from the hip. By counting to ten and asking what the best way is to express the emotions to get the desired response.

Scorpio are very emotional in love, and this is perfect for new relationships and also for relationships that could do with an injection of tenderness and compassion. Your ability to understand feelings, even if not expressed, can enable you to react appropriately. With Mercury opposite Pluto, you are certainly more accepting and easygoing at this time. Relationships will become closer, either for the first time or a closeness lost can be restored.

Romances right now follow the long and winding road; you cannot see far down the road due to the twisting nature, and you must navigate on faith. New partners are often met via unusual situations or during crisis and chaos, and you can be thrust together in a way which only fate in its infinite yet curious wisdom could engineer. Your mystique, and your deep emotional understanding make you quite an addictive person to know, and you could develop a following – but you need to be sure you are not having people hitch themselves to you at cost to yourself in the long run.

Scorpio want to talk to your partner about major decisions, but you sense he is just not as anxious or as concerned as you are and his level of response does not do much to console or put your mind at rest. Tension can make good sex difficult even though great sex would do you the world of good regarding relaxing you. Somehow you cannot switch off long enough to get involved. Some spontaneous sex in a new location could be just what you need.

You are very resourceful and ingenious at solving problems – if in doubt you will not hang about for help to arrive, use your wits and roll up your sleeves, get stuck in and sort it out. You have a good grasp of mechanical workings and can figure out how things click together and where the problem lies.

Sagittarius – Choosing your words carefully

Pluto activated this week indicates heated arguments about money are possible, and it is not just about money it is about control and if you have control over the money decisions you effectively have control. Fights about money may be about boundaries, values in general and finding out where control lies then attempting to get some back or consolidate.

This is a time when you feel more like an individual in a relationship, than a pair or couple, as the sense of separateness and of having distinct identities and inner drives or opinions is palpable. Differences of opinion tend to drive a wedge and although you can pretend you are still amiable and affectionate that gulf still acts like a cold shower on true passion.

In dating, it is time for a new approach – perhaps you need to rewrite your dating profile, change your picture or forget that approach altogether. Whatever you have been doing, you need to can that and get back to the drawing board. Are you dating for fun and treating it like a lottery? In that case, pubs and clubs and random meeting are fine.

However, if you are looking for a serious relationship, start thinking about where the type of person you are looking for hangs out (probably not at a pub or club or tinder), maybe not an easy question, but the answer is worth hunting for.

You can be a real enigma this week as the way you approach people and problems defies convention, You have a unique take on situations and are looking for roundabout solutions which, to some may look like you are taking a very long route around and to others may look like you are avoiding the problem altogether.

Sagittarians are all about honesty, and you can be quite blunt usually, but this week you are thinking long and hard before you speak and are choosing your words carefully.

Capricorn – Rebel with a cause

With Mars going into Virgo, never mind the Devil inside, you are now more in touch with the rebel inside, and that is irrespective of age. You are ready to connect with the inner child, and that means giving yourself permission to be outrageous and to defy the rules. This is a ‘rules are made to be broken’ time in your life when you set less store by routines and convention and look to shatter preconceptions and limiting ideas, especially those imposed by others.

Events in romance are sudden – love can hit you like a train right now and sweep you away. Relationships, in general, are more unpredictable and also unstable; you cannot rely on them in a way you usually would, but you are inspired to break out of any ruts which have become counterproductive and stifling.

Any relationship in which you are controlled or held back is in jeopardy, and you can end things quite abruptly. Even in ongoing relationships, you can surprise your partner with a sudden change of heart or come home with a mountain bike and plans for a trip to the nearest rural area for a weekend of adventure.

New relationships which start now will not follow the same paths as others have in the past; in fact, ‘path’ may not be the right word as you will not be cruising along one track, you will be bouncing along like a kangaroo and feeling rather out of control, but quite enjoying the experience.

Any dating experience that is new to you can be successful, and this is certainly a time when unconventional relationships, age gap relationships, same-sex or gender fluid relationship can work our well and contribute to understanding your own sexual nature more fully.

Aquarius – Under the Microscope

Aquarius are very successful in love relationships both new and old this week, as you know how to play the game of love. You are very good at identifying what is needed in any situation, what your partner or lover wants and expects and how to give them what they need or indeed to give the impression that you are giving them what they need.

With Mercury in Leo opposite Pluto, you may engage in mind games and perhaps you do not always mean what you say precisely, you are however fully aware of what you need to say.

You enjoy debate and conversation in love and you are very good at relaxing your partner and getting them to open up to you, you will draw out all sorts of interesting information. You can get your partner to reveal much for very little information from you in return, you are able to speak freely without actually saying much.

If you are looking for love, you can become bored rather quickly and you can find it hard to put your finger on what it is that people are doing wrong, you just drift from one date to another enjoying the process but not getting hooked into the love vibe with any one person.

Love is somewhat a superficial concept to you right now: in dating and even in marriage, love is having fun and enjoying the moment, your deeper side is almost off limits, like you don’t want to go there.

This is certainly a time where you put on your game face and let the rest of you catch up. You know when to use flattery to get what you want.

Pisces – We dream the same dreams we want the same things

With Mars now in Virgo, any fundamental issues in relationships which have come to stalemates could begin to dissolve this week with less stubbornness and more acceptance of the need to move things forward from both of you. Take a look at what really matters to you both, and you will find that you both want the same things, but you just want to follow different routes.  However, changes now will tend to solidify your resolve, clarify objectives, and help you work together to achieve the end goal.

You and your guy need to rid your lives of things, either people or pursuits which do not further your goals, are not compatible with your values (new or old), and do not add value to your life. You may find that energy which could be used to improve your love life, quality family time, or joint goals is being squandered on activities of highly temporary amusement value which could be costly or energy wasting.

Pisces have a taste for the exotic in love and a new love interest may be someone you would not usually consider. Spiritual values and similar views on life are a uniting force in relationships. Pisces who are involved with a partner who despite many differences are united in terms of worldview can find much to chat about and debate and many good decisions can be reached which you are both on board with.

This is a week where you should look ahead and plan. Be it planning an aspirational family holiday or trip for 2024 or thinking about university for the children and how to pay for that, you need to come together right now to think about the big issues facing you both and how to navigate them.  Couples must have joint goals, as often without these a relationship will flounder.

So, if you and your guy have become rooted in the now and focused on just about managing day to day, this is the week to think ahead and establish some motivating goals that you can both work towards and which can give meaning to an otherwise uninspiring lifestyle and bring you together in a positive vision for the future.

Summing Up

Mercury opposite Pluto can lead to profound personal growth and transformation. It encourages you to delve deep into your own psyche and confront your fears and subconscious patterns of thinking.

This week challenges you to confront hidden truths, investigate deeply, and transform your thought patterns. When balanced, this week’s energy can lead to profound insights and personal growth, but it requires awareness and conscious effort to avoid negative manifestations.

Whatever your star sign, remember that this week is powerful for:

  • Truth
  • Audacity in love
  • Passion
  • Security
  • Family
  • Enhanced communication
  • Understanding

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