Weekly Love Horoscope for January 22nd – 28th

Hello Sweethearts,

it is once again time to gaze ahead into the week and to ponder the energies and how they will be affecting our lives, but I can promise you that it should be an interesting, enlightening, empowering, and intense week.

With Mercury conjunct Mars, there’s a lot of information to take on board, there are plenty of opportunities for psychological awareness and personal growth. This is an excellent time for problem-solving, thoughtful planning, and generating ideas, this is also a period where communications speed up.

It’s very fruitful for those of you who are in relationships and require use of the internet and apps because expressing yourself will become that much easier. With Sun conjunct Pluto and Venus entering Capricorn, this is also a great time for sensuality and sexuality, so what a wonderful moment to indulge yourselves in perfumes, aromas, lighting candles, and enjoying tenderness with your partner in a very adult and intimate setting.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Grand Ideas and Monster Thinking

For Aries, bigger is better in everything as this is a time when your emotions and ideas are somewhat exaggerated. This week fires up that incredible Aries imagination and you are having vivid ideas that superchargers your positive thinking and creative visualization, bringing a little bit of esoteric magic into your life.

With Sun conjunct Pluto, this however is a time where you are more demanding, you want relationships to be vibrant, exciting, and romantic and because of your high expectations, a partner is going to have to step up and deliver, but at the same time you are going to be that much warmer and more generous, and you will be inspiring, bringing out the best out of your partner.

You have the talent right now of drawing people out of their shells, making them feel comfortable and loved and therefore helping them to respond to you in an extremely sensual way. So whether you’re in a brand new relationship or an existing relationship, there’s every opportunity for that relationship to become richer, more rewarding and satisfying in an emotional and spiritual way.

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Taurus – Level Headed not Lead-headed

With Sun conjunct Mercury in Aquarius, this is a great week for progress at work, you are feeling particularly ambitious and you have a great deal of desire. There is a heightened need within you to achieve and also to gain recognition.

What’s key in relationships right now is the degree to which your partner believes in you and supports you. In good relationships, a partner will give you advice but not stand in your way, and they should help you to feel good about your projects. However, if you find your partner is a little bit indifferent to you, that is a message that your relationship needs work, particularly when it comes to communication.

With Mercury conjunct Mars in Capricorn, this is a very important period for positive thinking and seeing the bigger picture, so whatever you are doing, be careful that you don’t get sucked into drama or minutia, make sure that in your relationships you maintain the high road don’t succumb to control or manipulation. It’s very important to be the one in the partnership who keeps communication constructive.

Sometimes a new romance can be quite overwhelming, at the moment it’s hard to see the wood for the trees so try not to get carried away in the emotions, keep a level head.

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Gemini – Your Obsession

Mercury conjunct Mars in Capricorn represents a period of great curiosity, you are often deep in thought right now and you will have to be wary that your partner doesn’t feel a little bit neglected because you are likely to be quite obsessed with many things in your life and you could potentially neglect relationships.

However, there is another aspect to this, there is a slightly obsessive quality to your thinking right now as with Sun conjunct Pluto you can go overboard. It’s important not to overtext or overshare in relationships, keep track of what you are doing and if you find that you are sending multiple messages or being particularly demanding of a partner in terms of knowing the ins and outs of their life, be aware that this may be a little bit controlling.

Yes, everyone loves attention and wants to feel valued but over-communication is one of the biggest passion killers in relationships, so remember that less is more.

Sun concert Pluto in Aquarius gives you a great deal of desire, don’t be afraid to expect more from relationships even if they just beginning, you want nothing less than the best and you deserve it.

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Cancer – Love Is Blooming

With Mercury conjunct Mars in Capricorn, this is fantastic for all of you who are in committed relationships as it’s a great time for discussions, getting agreement and having really important conversations, and it’s not just about making decisions on money and family matters, it’s also about improving your social life and chatting about the fun things in life.

This is certainly a time to work on reinvigorating your communication, having fun together and being a little bit spontaneous and daring as a couple. It’s always good to try new things, variety is the spice of life.

Venus enters Capricorn this week which represents the beginning of a golden phase for relationships, a good time to get married, engaged and certainly a wonderful time for a new relationship to become more satisfying with a great deal of trust and loyalty developing.

Sun in Aquarius square Jupiter in Taurus is a great time for new ventures and shared experiences with friends, it’s often through networking, traveling with friends or reconnecting with your friendship groups that you supercharge your ability to meet the right kind of person, so search within your loyal friendship circles for the seeds of a new romance.

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Leo – Seeking Equilibrium

This is a powerful time for your relationships and also for personal transformation through relationships, right now your interactions with other people have a great effect on you, so for example, in your marriage, it may be a time when your partner’s behavior or advice and companionships makes the world of difference.

On the other hand, it can be a time when you feel that a difficult to partner is detracting from your own self-confidence and focus on your ambitions. So it’s vital right now to revel in the support and loyalty of good relationships but to have stronger boundaries in relationships where you feel your partner is a drain or constantly looking to you for support then.

This can be a great time for forming a stronger relationship with the colleague which could lead to love. Venus entering Capricorn and Mercury conjunct Mars in Capricorn represent a pragmatic time in your relationships, so it’s important to look at the levels of thoughtfulness and care and how prevalent they are, manage give and take because balance is key to relationships.

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Virgo – That Loving Feeling

With Mercury conjunct Mars in Capricorn, this is a very energetic and creative time.

There’s certainly an opportunity to make your mark on the world and to positively influence relationships. For those of you who are single, an ideal time to be re-entering the dating game or even joining a dating app because you will find lots of opportunities, but the key phrase is, “there’re plenty of fish in the sea,” so take a step back, experiment, don’t get obsessed with the first guy that comes along as there is plenty of time for you to find the perfect relationship.

With the Sun entering Aquarius and being square Jupiter in Taurus, this is certainly a time of being open-minded and traveling the course in your relationships with the awareness of the bigger picture.

Virgos love to analyze and understand the details, but in order to get the most out of relationships right now, relax and enjoy the journey and don’t think too much. You create anxiety by trying to interpret events when what you really need to do now is tap into the feeling because that is where the wisdom in love is.

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Libra – Deep Dives And Red Lines

With Sun conjunct Pluto in Aquarius, it is an important period for the emotional side of relationships and the development of depth, so what you are looking for in all relationships right now is to understand what goes on at a deep level.

It’s important to recognize where your needs are being met or where they are not, and from there, you have to understand how the relationship needs to adapt. Even good relationships need constant work to keep them strong and fulfilling, and this is an ideal time to have a relationship audit and to reassess the way you relate to each other.

Mars Mercury conjunct Capricorn indicates an important time for family events and there may be parties and events to attend, but it’s also vital to get an understanding on family matters, so whether you are in a recent relationship on ongoing relationship, he has to understand that often family comes first and they are important fundamental factors that where you don’t compromise.

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Scorpio – Fun, Forgiveness and Flirting

Now this is a busy and interesting week, variety is the name of the game, it’s an excellent phase for meeting up with friends, attending work events, traveling and also shopping. Whatever you do, pack a lot in, be aware of all the opportunities and follow them up. This is also a great time to just begin random conversations because you never know where they can lead, so be more present, don’t bury your head in your phone when you are out and about look for opportunities to meet people, because that random stranger could be Mr Right.

In ongoing relationships, the key now is supporting your partner in his work and perhaps helping him out in thoughtful ways. You have a lot of mental energy right now which is perfect for problem-solving, so use this period to brainstorm with a partner and to get excited about your lives again, experiment and try new things.

With Pluto in Aquarius and Jupiter in Taurus being stimulated by the Sun this is an ideal phase for passion and reinvigorating relationships, the key is forgiveness and being able to imagine a better future, it’s all about envisaging a bright new path and being daring in the changes you want to make to your relationship.

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Sagittarius – Secure Sanctuary in Love

With Mercury, Mars and Venus also entering Capricorn this week, this period is a time to put your money where your mouth is, it’s important in relationships to keep promises and stick to agreements. Right now it’s all about making your partner feel more secure and that is by being a consistent and reliable influence.

However, with Sun conjunct Pluto, you shouldn’t be people-pleasing, it’s also vital for you and a partner to be able to be totally honest with each other.

Now if you are in a committed relationship, you may want to have those difficult conversations because they are a lot easier right now because you are both fairly flexible and desire progress. If you’re in a new relationship, it’s important to set boundaries and to make your intentions clear, this is not a time to leave an element of doubt in relationships so clear up any grey areas.

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Capricorn – A Love Workout

Mercury is conjunct Mars in Capricorn and Venus is headed into Capricorn, so the message is to seize the day. Whatever you want to do, do it, be whimsical and be assertive. The key in existing relationships right now is to initiate conversations, make plans, arrange date nights and think of ways to bring innovation and excitement into your relationship.

This is not a time to allow things to drift, there’s a high level of creative and intellectual energy available to mold your relationship and get it into shape for the year ahead, so think of your relationship like a finely tuned athlete’s body that’s having a good workout. Make sure that all aspects of the relationship are up for discussion and renewal.

With Venus heading into Capricorn, what an amazing time to be dating or going out socially because Cupid could be waiting to strike.

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Aquarius – Nothing’s Gonna Stop You Now, And You Don’t Want To Talk It Over

Now this is an extremely headstrong and impulsive week for Aquarius, with the Sun entering Aquarius conjunct Pluto and then square Jupiter, you are energized and feel quite inspired, however, you can also be really hot-headed and you can do things that you wouldn’t usually do with a lot less trepidation.

This is an absolutely ideal time to launch yourself into something important, whether it’s a brand new relationship or a new phase of life, because you are likely to have a lot of guts and determination and nothing is going to stop you.

However, you are far more likely to see things in black and white as your reactions to things are a lot more vigorous and passionate than usual and this can surprise a partner. Your stubborn nature certainly comes to the fore, but it’s a good time to put your foot down and mean it.

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Pisces – Chance Versus Choice

Sun entering Aquarius conjunct Pluto and then square Jupiter in Taurus represents an awesome time for your spiritual life and for those relationships that have a soulmate connection. Right now it’s really important for you to feel that you can connect with someone at a deep level, so even if you are in a chalk-and-cheese relationship, or the relationship is facing a few challenges, what really counts is the belief you have in each other and how bonded you feel at a core level.

Those relationships that have a substantial amount of spiritual awareness and connectivity can survive almost anything, relationships that are more superficial and based on friendship and communication tend to struggle right now, so communication has to either deepen and you have to open up to each other and lower your boundaries or the relationship may remain in the doldrums.

This can be a great time for a new relationship where you and your partner are thrust together by fate, new relationships come about right now by chance rather than choice.

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This is quite a stunning and sexy week, this should be a time of great ambition and optimism. This is certainly an awesome time for networking and business opportunities, so when it comes to money, think big, aim high, and take a whole new view of the prospects you have financially.

In terms of relationships, there’s a lot of charisma, passion and sexual energy. This is an awesome time for relating to your partner at a deeper level and that includes tantric sexual power, greater awareness of each other’s carnal needs and being able to step out of your parameters where you are no longer restrained by previous mindsets or limitations in terms of love.

Key themes to capitalize on this week.

  • Sensuality and intimacy
  • Business
  • Money Plans
  • Creativity
  • Debate
  • Decisions
  • Optimism

See you again next week.

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