Weekly Love Horoscope for January 1st – 7th

Hello Sweethearts, Happy New Year!

The New Year is a wonderful time to set a fresh and inspiring intention, to change mindsets and to start in a positive frame of mind, and the good news is that the planets are going to be very, very helpful because Mercury is direct and so is Jupiter, and this means it’s an ideas-rich, inspiring time with an ease for problem-solving, but there’s also a feeling of excitement and optimism.

This is a really good time for thinking about money and being positive about your prospects financially. Mercury is square Neptune, so no need to hit the ground running, no need to take the Christmas decorations down quite yet, and get into a work mindset as there’s still some time to savor the season and enjoy romance and quieter evening’s before the hectic rush of the year begins.

Mars is entering Capricorn at the end of the week which represents a busy weekend and time to be really sensual and sensuous and get the love juices going with some excellent food, spicy aromas and some effort when it comes to affection and physical engagement.

Venus is square Saturn, so there’s a slightly serious tone, but when I say serious, I really mean focused and intense when it comes into personal relationships not sombre at all.
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Aries – Flair for Life

Mars enters Capricorn sextile Saturn and this is a really exciting and motivational time for you. With Mercury now direct in Sagittarius, and Jupiter direct in Taurus, you are feeling really excited about your future, the sky is the limit.

It’s a very important time right now to be ambitious, to be proactive, and to get to work on all your personal and relationship goals. It’s time to be a leader, so it’s important in relationships that you provide your partner with them new ideas and the impetus to take the relationship forward.

It may also be up to you to initiate love and romance, so it’s an ideal time to be your creative, flamboyant self and to impress your partner in your own inimitable way. This is an ideal time for those of you who are single, partly because you are more likely to be socializing at work and meeting influential people, and this is a wonderful time to make a great first impression because you are charismatic and confident.

This is the ideal time to let all your Aries characteristics shine, so be your competitive, forthright, loving and generous self.

With Venus square Saturn this is also a time of renewed trust, and it’s very important for you and your partner to show each other respect, to give each other compliments and to be good listeners. Right now, it’s the little things that count, and no matter how much money you have, or don’t have, remember that the greatest pleasures are things money can’t buy, and that is something to meditate on this week.

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Taurus – Recipe for Success

The only way is up! Jupiter is now direct in Taurus and you have a really optimistic energy surging within you right now, it’s time to forget whatever has gone before, to look forward, and to get into a really positive mindset.

When it comes to your relationships, your career, and your self-development, what’s really important for Taurus right now is not only trying to enjoy your relationships and putting more energy into making your relationships successful, it’s also important to give yourself a pat on the back, to reward yourself and to appreciate how far you’ve come. It’s a great time to think about your achievements and to feel good about your recent successes in terms of keeping a relationship on track or supporting a partner.

This week with Mercury direct in Sagittarius, it’s a fantastic time to get those intimate conversations going and have really important and revealing discussions with your partner. It’s a time to think more about your boundaries, your red lines and to possibly work more creatively with those boundaries in order to encourage more sharing and more of an opening up in your relationships.

I know that as a Taurus you value harmony and diplomacy in relationships, but sometimes you need to take a few risks, you need to introduce subjects that are a little bit more edgy, more revealing, and where you can get a better grip of what your partner really thinks, wants and needs. So this is definitely the week to scratch the surface and add more excitement and authenticity to your relationship, particularly your intimate relationship by digging a little deeper into both your true needs.

Your partner may get good news in terms of their finances or a job promotion and you and your partner may be able to sort some out some problems that you’ve been experiencing financially, and this can lead to a release of pressure. However, remember it’s also important to consolidate and cut back, so there’s an element right now of pruning, being sensible and cautious financially.

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Gemini – Harmony Symphony

With Mercury now direct in Sagittarius, it’s a good time to communicate, but also to negotiate with your partner and to get your view across. With Venus in Sagittarius square Saturn, this is a great time for developing relationships – particularly the harmony, sharing and cooperating side of relationships. This week it’s very important for you to develop a strong rapport, good banter, and to have a sense of humor in relationships in order to really develop the potential.

Remember that mindsets matter, the thoughts that we have most often become our reality, so it’s important to cultivate tolerant and harmonious thoughts about your marriage because these will have an effect on your partner and will make him more willing to cooperate. If single it’s also important to have optimistic thoughts about finding a new partner because love will be much more likely to manifest for you. This is an excellent time for positive visualization and also for using any affirmations or mantras connected to love.

This can be a time when you are more reticent in terms of meeting brand new people. In terms of romance, you may have to get over a certain shyness and unwillingness to stand out as an individual. You are much more conservative in your romantic life and it’s not a week when you are taking risks in your social life. However, taking it slow and steady can actually lead to a promising new encounter, even if it takes longer to develop into passion.

Don’t forget to listen to your gut as by rationalizing your feelings, and become overly involved with other people’s problems, your sacrifice your inner need for attention. It’s important to guard against people pleasing as you are very eager to be helpful, but you don’t want to do that at the expense of your own happiness.

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Cancer – Whole Again

Now this week with Mercury direct in Sagittarius, is one of hard work and serious dedication to goals. With Mars in Capricorn, it’s time to lead the way in relationships by setting an example. Sometimes it’s easier to get your partner on board if you can put your money where your mouth is.

So it’s important in terms of any commitments or promises that you and your partner have made to each other, to show your full respect for those and to be dedicated in fulfilling these promises. Now the more that you do this, the more your partner will feel the need to come to the party and pull his own socks up. So lead by example.

One of the themes this week is health goals and holistic healing, so it’s very important for you to see your relationship and your love life in the context of your whole life. Therefore working on your diet, your fitness, your work ethic and your personal growth all feed into better relationships. If you are neglecting your health or your own projects, this tends to have a negative effect in a relationship as you will end up feeling martyred and as if you have sacrificed your personal needs.

So while it’s important to give relationships your all, you should still keep relationships in context as part of an overall system, where if one part of the system is lacking, the whole system falls apart.

In spite of the restless energy, enjoy life’s more serene moments without the unconscious need to distract yourself. Consider when you invest too much time and energy into supporting others at the expense of your own comfort and needs.

Redefine your relationship goals based on your own values, and then work toward achieving them in a patient manner, as that will help you achieve more happiness and inner balance.

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Leo – Starting Over

With Mars entering Capricorn it’s a great week for a personal reset, and so start as you mean to go on for the rest of the year. Get a makeover, a new hairstyle or buy yourself something special to represent a brand-new attitude. Whatever’s gone before this year, this is now your opportunity to set that aside and create a positive new intention in order to improve relationships, marriage and career.

It’s important to remember right now that the power is in your hands, so don’t wait for fate or for other people to hand you an opportunity; go out and grab what you want.

Mercury goes direct in Sagittarius and this is absolutely fantastic for pleasure, fun, hanging out with friends and getting away for short breaks. So this is certainly a time to be getting in touch with people, from relatives to friends you care about, and making dates for getting together.

This is generally quite a positive, upbeat time for you, when you feel quite alive and have a high amount of desire, you have the ability to enhance romance as well as the level of friendship and camaraderie in your marriage.

This is quite an exciting time, it’s also a constructive time when you and your partner can make important decisions about the next step in your relationship.

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Virgo – Love Light

With Mars going into Capricorn sextile Saturn in Pisces and Venus in Sagittarius, this is a fantastic week for rekindling love and that emotional bond. It’s very important for you and your partner to spoil each other, to lavish each other with affection and gifting is very important right now. If there’s anything that you can surprise your partner with like a special meal or a bottle of his favorite beverage, that will be perceived as quite thoughtful and very much appreciated.

This is certainly a fantastic week to re-initiate attempts to have date nights or to get out and about. There’s a great desire right now within Virgo to enjoy life and to do things that are a little bit out of the ordinary, so throw out your rulebook, change up your relationship rituals, and get into a fresh new gear particularly for the summer months which will help stimulate passion.

Jupiter direct in Taurus encourage adventure and a revival of the spirit of enterprise in your life. Virgo are ambitious and right now you have a taste for innovation and positive new directions in life.

You want to ask questions, and you are seeking to understand your relationships in new ways, rather than simply going on as you have before. It’s a great time to speak to your partner about your future and what you think you guys need to do to reinvent the relationship.

It can be a great time to break deadlock and seek quite radical new alternatives in love. Courage and determination are needed to renew your relationship and get the most from your life together.

It’s time to think bigger and have potentially tough conversations in order to get things moving in the right direction again.

Mercury square Neptune, indicates that your partner is more open and ready to listen and communicate than you think, so let’s get brainstorming and get the next part of your journey started.

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Libra – Lucky Stars

This is an excellent week for Libra because you are lucky in terms of feeling more abundant, and you are able to attract better luck in relationships and also in terms of improving your self-esteem, which feeds back into your levels of confidence. An inner feeling of being worthy will mean it’s easier for you to get your needs met in love.

With Jupiter direct in your eighth house, it sparks a different perspective on your finances and you are inspired to reassess your values and find innovative ways to improve your cash flow and your material security.

This is a perfect week for entertaining in the home or hosting family events. It’s important to strengthen your bonds with family members and also to do home improvements.

Within long-term relationships your nurturing and homemaking qualities and are likely to create a warm and harmonious setting in which you and a partner can become more amorous.

You can create emotional fulfillment by building a secure foundation of trust in relationships.

This week it’s important to act on your impulses, which of course depends on your levels of self-confidence, and thus the extent to which you follow your heart will help you understand how much you trust yourself. Challenge yourself to go it alone and take bold decisions, as this brings you to a point where you can offer yourself to your man in a one-to-one partnership in a more balanced, healthy manner.

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Scorpio – Fire Fire Burning Bright

With Mercury direct in Sagittarius and Jupiter direct in Taurus, this is a really great time for you to make a good impression and gain influence, and so it’s awesome for job interviews and self-promotion, it’s also exciting for social media goals and influencing.

As Mars enters Capricorn important issues come to the fore in relationships and creating cooperation may require much effort. It’s likely that in love, things reach a turning point as you and your partner are both quite reactionary and you are unlikely to let important things fly without debate.

It’s easier for you and your partner to be affectionate and passionate, in fact, you are both more provocative. It’s a fiery and feisty time on relationships, but Scorpio find the drama very refreshing.

This is not a time to accept second best in love and in the best relationships your partner shows an ardent response and they will help bolster your confidence and self-esteem with their loyalty and dedication. It’s not a time when you are comfortable with partners who allow the relationship to drift and who take a soft approach.

Passivity makes you question your partner. If you are with someone who’s energetic, who gets passionate about your future, then the relationship is definitely on the up.

A good week for opening your home to new friends and colleagues for socializing and work.

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Sagittarius – Live Your Life Be Free

This is a really exciting week for Sagittarius, the Mercury direct in your sign and your ruler Jupiter direct makes you incredibly sociable. You are charming, friendly and you can set both your professional and social circles alight.

You are incredibly charming and persuasive, and this is a wonderful time to be out on the dating scene, making an impression on people. You can succeed in romance in virtually every setting. In marriage, however, you have to be careful not to be over the top, always respect your partner’s state of mind and their boundaries. The only downside right now, is that you can get rather carried away and sometimes some of your exuberance and flamboyant actions can actually put your partner on the back foot, in terms that it may overwhelm them or be a little bit too much.

This is also an excellent time for all your creative and artistic ventures, it’s important to reignite hobbies that you haven’t tried for a while because life is for living.

It’s essential for you to enjoy yourself and live in the moment, don’t be austere or enter any situation that is very restrictive. You don’t have much of self-control now, however sometimes in life, it’s good to just go with the mood and leave your cares behind.

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Capricorn – Love Dynamo

This is a really good week for relationships, not only is Mercury direct in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Taurus, but Mars enters Capricorn which indicates a fresh start, a brand new page, and lots of new perspectives in love. So it’s time to be ‘out with the old, in with the new’ as no matter what’s gone before, it’s time to wipe the slate clean, be forgiving and embrace a whole new era in your relationships.

Your personality and self-expression are more dynamic and excitable and this week’s energies encourage you to take charge of your life and pursue your goals with newfound vigor. You will be more confident and enthusiastic, often initiating new projects or ventures.

This is also a good time for new relationships with a touch of the exotic, and therefore long distance relationships and holiday romances are also favored.

Capricorn will be benefiting from a far more open-minded, tolerant approach in love and therefore the sky is the limit and a lot of significant progress can be made in terms of understanding and achieving fulfillment in your relationships, starting this week and following through the early 2024 months.

Be careful as your assertiveness can sometimes verge on impatience or impulsiveness, leading you to act before thinking, making you less diplomatic and prone to confrontations and conflicts.

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Aquarius – Hall of Mirrors

With Mars entering Capricorn you are forced to be more thoughtful and to contemplate as the more private aspects of your chart are activated. Thus you may enjoy your own space, having a bit of time alone to unwind, to contemplate or to assess how your romance is going.

This is not necessarily a bad time to start a new romance, but a romance that starts right now can be quite a spiritual affair with a very deep yet mysterious connection, but things could be quite confusing in the short term. So any new relationships may offer some butterflies and some excitement, but not a lot of certainty, so you have to be able to take a really long-term view and be patient.

This is an excellent time for brand new starts in terms of your career, and it favors any Aquarius who’ve recently made the plunge to get a new job because you are likely to get off to a cracking good start in a new career or new job opportunity.

Remember to be compassionate and open-minded, as that is the key to unlocking passion in romance. Show your partner empathy, reserve judgment and be willing to look at things from all angles, don’t allow yourself to be narrow-minded, and everything will be great.

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Pisces – Take Your Chances

Mercury Direct in Sagittarius and Jupiter direct in Taurus is a terrific time for you to be unpredictable and spontaneous. Pisces enjoy indulging your imaginative side and you quite like an occasional walk on the wild side. This is an excellent week for making new friends, attending festivals, and joining others for entertainment or humanitarian purposes.

If you are adventurous and positive you can be lucky in being in the right place at the right time. Luck in love is all about getting into the things that make you unique and making the most of immediate opportunities rather than focusing on what could be some way down the road.

With Mars in Capricorn, this is an excellent time to unleash the eccentricities to your nature, since potential partners will be drawn to the very traits which provide contrast to the sterility of conformity.

This week you are easily excited and you seek out what’s potentially out there or esoteric when it comes to love.

Rebellion is a theme and you aspire to do things differently without caving in to pressure. Often it’s by taking chances that the resulting events can bring a fresh perspective to your relationships, making it obvious that the old ways are not necessarily the best ways.

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An awesome week for brainstorming, positive visualization and getting in to the right frame of mind.

Relationships benefit from free-thinking, gratitude and the power of positive intent.

A perfect week for spoiling yourself and enjoying the best things in life. Forget the worries and think big!

Key themes to capitalize on the first week of 2024.

  • Optimism
  • Sensual Pleasure
  • Money Plans
  • Shopping
  • Pleasure and leisure
  • Affection
  • Appreciation

See you again next week.

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