Weekly Love Horoscope for December 4th – 10th

Hi Sweethearts,

As Venus enters Scorpio, you are both charming and alluring this week, and potential lovers will find you mysterious and fascinating.

You can be emotionally quite demanding and may want to turn your intensity level down as although it is the thing which draws people to you and gets them under your spell, it can be a little too much full-time. Know when you are coming over too strong or perhaps talking too much and take a deep breath.

Differences on how to spend money regarding your enjoyable expenditure, i.e., entertainment, holidays, and alcohol versus saving and investment for the future can cause arguments, and your values on this subject will differ.

With Venus Sextile Saturn and Mercury trine Jupiter, while this is a very busy time of year regarding your home and work life, you will begin to love solitude and time to read and indulge interests that are esoteric and which give added insight into life’s struggles, problems, and yearnings.

You can create a bubble of calm around you which can repel negativity and pressure from others, and while at other times in your life, you may have needed guidance or advice, you will find that you now have all the answers you need, and all it takes is some quiet time alone for these answers and insights to filter through to your consciousness.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Good luck with good judgement

With Mercury trine Jupiter, this is a week of karmic good luck where you can squeak through, even when in a tight corner, and when things are going well, they go even better due to a positive headwind in your sails. Even if things in life have been tough from a family or work perspective; this week will feel like a release as you experience a break.

Venus in Scorpio trine Saturn in Pisces represents a stable, loving, and constructive and pragmatic time in relationships one where you have a sensual revival and are buoyed up and thinking big. You are reviewing your relationship goals and objectives with a far more positive outlook than last month.

Sexual encounters are far more intense and also sensual. Getting sexual satisfaction is important, and if you don’t, you may resort to food or extravagant purchases to satisfy your desire. Jealousy can be the snake in the grass in your relationship; you need to keep a cap on any jealous inklings creeping in.

Reflect on your recent reactions to certain events – you may be becoming paranoid and misjudging relationships your partner has to others. In most cases, your jealousy is rooted in insecurity rather than rationality, so stick to what you know not what you suspect.

Avoidance is not a good strategy right now; things need to be tackled systematically and patiently as results will often not come as fast as you would have like, but they will come.

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Taurus – Facts, Progress and Sincerity

Venus entering Scorpio trine Saturn means there is quite a weight of expectation this week, and you are approach life seriously; it is not a time of taking relationships with a pinch of salt. You will take decisions seriously and will dwell over the facts for many days before reaching a conclusion. It’s important to use wise judgment and not fall foul to knee jerk reactions.

Love is exciting and inspiring and can invigorate you and make you feel young again. With Mercury trine Jupiter, new love affairs happen spontaneously and often spring from unusual situations; you will tend to be less conservative and more adventurous in love. You may fall for someone free spirited with whom you can let your hair down and take flights of fantasy.

This can be a week when you try new methods of meeting people, or it may be that changes in your work situation mean you are brought into contact with very creative or innovative types, who are the precise kind of person you are into right now.

In established relationships, this is a time when the relationship is more dynamic and when you have the opportunity to challenge the status quo with less resistance – you are both open to criticism and ideas about how to improve sex life, cooperation or your social life as a couple. This week you should have fewer problems with a stubborn partner.

Love and your intimate life are a key focus, and it can be a good time for marriage guidance counselling as you have a constructive approach and it is a good time to make a clean breast of things.

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Gemini – Loyalty and Perseverance

With Mercury in Capricorn trine Jupiter, relationships need extra energy and effort this week; even when you try to be diplomatic and understanding, it may not be enough, or it may not give the results you want. You may get comments like, “you’re just saying sorry, you don’t mean it.”

You have to back words up with action to make what you say stick as your partner will not be satisfied.

Venus in Scorpio trine Saturn means there can be a mismatch of needs, and one or both of you may be trying very hard but not striking the right notes. You are eager to learn and discover things for yourself; standard answers will not have relevance for you and may feel wrong – there is a strong need to get closer to certain problems or issues to experience them for real and draw your own conclusions.

You can achieve personal growth when you learn to understand your partner better and adapt to their needs. A little understanding goes a very long way, and so when you spend time really listening and asking questions about how you can change to make the relationship better, things improve fast.

Loyalty and perseverance are the keywords in relationships.

You are taking relationships seriously and those which are formed now will mean a lot to you. You have the willpower to smooth over difficulties in relationships and will have the desire to make things work and find solutions – this is not the week to walk away from romances or relationships that are not working, it is rather a time to dig deeper and expand understanding and awareness.

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Cancer – Embracing your freedom enhances love

Expanding yourself and achieving your goals can be done by using your social influence, and so this is big week for those of you who are activists, who promote products via social platforms or those who publish.

With Saturn in Pisces trine Venus, this is a week of breakthroughs and hard work paying off, even if things in life have been difficult, a new perspective or information can now help progress to happen.

With Venus in Scorpio, your desire nature is very powerful right now, and you can be hard to satisfy sexually and emotionally – this is a problem for couples who are more isolated, i.e., new in a town or country with a smaller social circle and no family around as you have to be all things all the time to your partner.

In this case, you need to take the lead regarding being mature and allowing things to develop organically without piling on pressure. Find more pleasure outside of the relationship (not regarding having an affair obviously, but via social or creative pursuits) and you will find that satisfaction grows slowly but surely.

Events this week will draw you closer and galvanise your commitment with each other. Even if you have been at odds at times over boundaries, this week you are united regarding goals and ready to tackle the tough issues you have to face.

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Leo – Success and a soft touch

With Saturn activated in Pisces this week you need to take things as they come and not overanalyze or look for hidden motives as this second guessing of your partner can drive you crazy. You are best to ask straight out for clarity rather than assume; assumptions are the big source of problems. If you do ask the right questions, you can get fast to the route of problems and increase the degree of honesty.

Honesty should be diplomatic; Leo are mostly diplomatic, but this week you are inclined to be a little too critical or even abrupt. Take more care about how you frame your comments and concerns in respect to your partner.

With Mercury trine Jupiter, money tends to come your way when you believe in what you are doing from a moral and ethical point of view. When you feel your work is related to your destiny, you will put in an amazing amount of effort, and your resistance to failure and setbacks is quite outstanding.

You will not become demoralised even in the face of tough opposition as you have faith and belief. Tasks and activities which do not inspire you at a deeper level will fall away and lose relevance to your life; friends fall into the same category – if they share your values, the friendship grows, but if they do not, you will grow apart. All this will happen quite organically without any bad feeling.

In any situation, play it as it comes rather than deciding on one-set strategy and going with that no matter what. In a similar way, this week is not a time when plans go to plan.

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Virgo – Fireworks

Virgo’s sense of self gets a boost this week with your ruler in your 5th house trine Jupiter, and you can experience greater belief in your talents and unique attributes.

You feel more stable psychologically, and even great pressure, chaos, or opposition from the outer world cannot rock your boat as much as it may have at other times. You are able to draw on faith (which can have a wide range of meanings in the context of your life) and also philosophy to solve problems.

Romantic partnerships are set for a phase of creative change – ego conflicts are often the area of initial clashes, but deeper problems can soon emerge, and there is the energy and will to deal with these dynamic relationships where you are committed to each other.

Compromise does not come easy, but when it does, it has a healing quality. The great thing about love for Virgo o this week is the revival of passion and feeling. Yes, there are conflicts, but the heat of battle is what is needed to stoke those fires of desire once more and get everything slap bang in the open where it can be debated and talked out.

New love relationships start suddenly and move fast – they are vivacious and entertaining. With Venus in Scorpio, you enjoy being challenged in love and want a partner who shows guts and energy and who is up for anything.

While love life in general is like a fireworks display, things get into a rhythm, and the fire gives way later in the year to a comfortable groove where you feel you have reached new understanding and the relationship is more solid (in the case of marriages) or becoming solid (in new relationships).

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Libra – Healing energy and the Midas Touch

With Venus in Scorpio trine Saturn, this is an ambitious time and also a financially successful one. Money tends to come your way, and you can expand your business, your clients, or get a promotion. It is a good time to invest in yourself – you may update skills or learn new techniques to round out your repertoire. Improving your presentation and public speaking skills can be a very good move, and you may also look to take your writing or language skills to a new level.

The key this week in love, as Mercury in your 4th trines Jupiter, is learning where the power lies – what can you change, and what you have to adapt to? Which of the adaptations can you live with, and which are just unpalatable?

December may bring you the opportunity to resolve things with a former love and close that chapter on a positive note. While you never want to linger on old ground, it may be a good time to revisit the past briefly and put a more positive spin on it, and then let it go.

Remember in love that if you choose not to forgive, it only hurts you and holds you back in future relationships; forgiving is about you not about the person who let you down, and withholding forgiveness will never hurt them, just as forgiving them will not let them off the hook.

With Jupiter activated in your 8th, financial benefits may come to you via your partner who may be doing rather well in their business. It is also likely that, if single, you will meet a highly ambitious partner who can treat you to the finer things in life.

Libra may seek out up and coming and successful people to mingle with, not because you are looking to marry up or date up (not sure what they now call it), but because you want something of the Midas touch they have to rub off on you and perhaps bring to the fore your own desire for achievement.

Intimacy can be intensified this week, and while not all conversations are comfortable, you are able to initiate healing and enter a deeper phase in your relationship.

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Scorpio – True and Deep in Love

With Venus in Scorpio trine Saturn, there is a sense of responsibility in relationships, and both you and your partner will put emotions and even sexual needs aside to deal with practical matters. It may not be the most spontaneous time in love, but it is consistent and pleasantly predictable with less drama and volatility, and you can make decisions and get stuff done.

Commitment tends to solidify, and you are both willing to work at problems and start enjoying the simple pleasures without putting too much pressure on each other to have all the bells and whistles all the time.

New romances are intense and quite serious. You are attracted to people who have pasts this week; you tend to be intrigued by people who have experiences that are out of your realm, and even if some of what they have done makes you a little uncomfortable, you cannot stop being drawn to it.

With Jupiter activated in Taurus, love can be quite involuntary; you may not have control over your feelings which tend to keep drawing you in, even though logically the relationship may not make much sense.

You have more time than you think, and the worst thing you can do is sacrifice speed for accuracy just because you are under imagined pressure or feel that if you do not finish in double quick time, you will miss an opportunity. The best version of your project is to come, and so carry on tweaking.

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Sagittarius – Treasure in your backyard

This is a dynamic time for love relationships, and you cannot always suppress the need for change even if you want to; it is best to embrace the changes you feel happening and act to control them and master them rather than feeling a victim of them.

There may be a period of separation during this week where your partner or you works away, and this can be just what is needed to break a certain spell you are both in where there are tension and emotional mismatches.

New relationships can be subject to much change, upset, and also excitement; right now, it may be hard to see it lasting, but it could very well turn out successfully. It is a good time to distract yourself and think of pleasant subjects – avoid people who want to drag you into lengthy involved topics or negativity.

You feel most relaxed when you keep moving, doing this and that and not lingering for too long on any one topic or in any place.

You should plan some short trips and also some cultural activities like visits to galleries, architectural sites, heritage sites, local orchestras, and museums – most towns and cities have so much to offer that you often overlook if you live there day to day, you end up going to the same place over and over.

This is the time to discover the treasure in your backyard, and so start investigating and learning what your immediate surroundings have to offer that can transport you to a new world inexpensively.

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Capricorn – Finding the Funny Bone

Capricorn have a boost of creative energy, and this can be used for brainstorming new ideas and problem-solving.

In love it’s important to be encouraging your partner to see the funny side or at least the upside as that can be more helpful than indulging their emotions or giving endless advice. So help them to snap out of the pity party and help them make the first move in a positive direction.

It may be up to you to keep your head and avoid subjectivity when dealing with things you are facing together as a couple – you need to show leadership and also coolness.

Your needs right now are valid, and you need to express them; nothing can be served by suppressing your needs, especially if it is connected to a misplaced loyalty or duty. It is one of those times when your first duty is to yourself, and if you do not fulfil that, you are no use to anyone.

A new partner may awaken things in you, emotions especially, that you have not dealt with for a long time, and this arousal can be unpleasant initially, but it can also be a great spur to recognising that emotion and learning to acknowledge and deal with it and where it stems from.

This is a time to avoid relationships if you are newly separated as there is too much rawness, and you need to rediscover yourself and cater for all your needs, being the centre of your universe before you team up again.

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Aquarius – Love Radar

This week you find it easy to go after what you want in love – you hone in on opportunities to make a move often because it just feels right, and your love radar locks onto someone, and you zone in on them with the attitude of nothing ventured nothing gained.

It is a time of flirting, and you may not single out one person; if more come along, all the better, and you will try them out until a winner emerges.

You work and play hard this week and so when it comes to your private life, you won’t accept blancmange; you want the full trifle with extra cream and chocolate sprinkles. 

You will put effort into weekend activities and look to improve the fun factor with parties, get-togethers and trips to shake up the routine and get the good vibes flowing. In sex life, you are more creative and may purchase some massage oils, new underwear, fragrances, music or sexual gadgets to enhance and excite your sex life. 

Your neck and chest are the erogenous zones right now. 

You want true love, but you also want admiration. You may seek to be the mysterious one in the relationship and may choose a date who is rather straightforward.

You should demand firm commitments and loyalty from anyone who claims to be your friend or to have your interests at heart. The proof is in the pudding; you want actions, not just empty words.

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Pisces – Build Bridges

This is one of the best weeks of the year for new love relationships as you have this inner ease and contentment that helps draw positive people towards you.

It is vital to be in a place of high self-esteem when you embark on relationships as when you feel low and self-critical, you project these feelings outward, and you become a magnet for people who are going to either mirror your inner self-doubts and thus magnify them or who may seek to manipulate you via that insecure place you find yourself.

Make amends! This is a week to use the power of forgiveness. Build bridges and settle disputes as amicably as possible. Walk away from conflict, and do your best not to dip into contentious situations. The sooner you settle, even if it costs you money in the short run, you free up all that energy wrapped up in the argument or battle for more positive and productive things. 

Do not throw good money, time, and energy after bad in a battle to prove a point, it is just not worth it. Pisces are motivated to have fun, and you are quite happy to play sports and be physical in group situations or where there is an element of fun, some music, or a prize to be won.

You are less motivated about strenuous, routine fitness commitments which have no immediate payback, especially if you are doing them alone. So if you want to stay motivated, get a friend or lover to come with you pounding the pavements or breaking a sweat in the gym – make it fun, or you will probably take a rain check.

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This week you are knuckling down, and you will be dealing with issues that affect you both like money, work-life balance and general organisation. You will want to initiate lovemaking and closer, deeper intimacy. 

This is a week where you may finally take the leap and get married or engaged. In new relationships, you will get to a point where you think; “He is the one.” Relationships are a safe space this week and a refuge from many of the other things going on in your life which can be frustrating and befuddling.

Key themes to capitalize on this week.

  • Charisma
  • Passion
  • Money
  • Organization
  • Travel Plans
  • Positive change
  • New Ideas

See you again next week.

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