Weekly Love Horoscope for August 28th – September 3rd

Hello Sweeties and welcome to the last reading for August and the first covering September.

This week the Sun in Virgo is opposite Saturn in Pisces. Mars enters Libra and Mercury remains retrograde trine Uranus.

Mars entering Libra is excellent for team sports and team work in general. It’s also a brilliant time for dating, date nights and singles events.

During this week there could be tension between your identity and life goals versus the demands, limitations, and lessons that Saturn brings.

This can be a period of introspection and reassessment, leading to personal growth, maturity, and a stronger sense of self-discipline

Mars entering Libra brings increased focus on partnerships, negotiation with your partner and diplomacy. It brings more dynamism to relationships and offers you both a chance to grow, increase the energy you apply to love and affection.

Remember to check your Sun, Rising and Moon sign for more accuracy.

Aries – Relationship Recharge

With Mars entering Libra, relationships and partnerships become a sphere where you want to be proactive, spontaneous and alert to any threats. This transit can bring a surge of energy, passion, and assertiveness to one one-on-one relationships, increasing passion and the desire to connect.

Mars in Libra leads to a potential for dynamic changes in your marriage or business partnerships, so it’s important to be proactive, to address problems and improve the team ethos in your relationship. While the levels of excitement are stimulated, there could also potentially be conflicts and impulsive actions leading to the locking of horns in relationships.

You need to find a balance between asserting your needs and considering the emotions and requirements of your partner.

With Sun in Virgo opposite Saturn, you need to work on developing some healthy and practical routines and schedules, or you may be inviting burnout or sacrificing time that should be spent on your relationship.

In terms of dating, clear goals and some focus is needed, or you can easily lose control of your romantic life by suffering fools gladly or people pleasing.

Right now you have great compassion for others and enjoy reaching out and giving back, but it’s important to maintain healthy boundaries as not everyone is worth your valuable time. In love and life, your goal should be to establish limits for others and yourself and to develop a more focused attitude, remembering, where the attention goes, the energy flows.

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Taurus – The Thought That Counts

This week Mars enters Libra and the focus shifts towards work, health, and daily routines. Mars energizes your approach to work, making you more productive and assertive in your job or daily responsibilities and you are more eager to tackle challenges with determination and vigor.

This is an excellent time to supercharge health and fitness goals, motivating your partner to adopt healthier habits or address any medical concerns is also an excellent way to show thoughtfulness and practical concern and can enhance your love relationship. However, it’s important to avoid overexertion or stress during this time, as Mars’ energy can sometimes lead to burnout. So it’s important to be holistic in your approach to life and ensure your work life balance isn’t destroying your emotional life

It’s also vital to draw boundaries and not allow time wasters or fools to distract you from important romantic and intimate concerns.

With Saturn opposite Sun in Virgo, this can be a time when Taurus are more reticent in terms of meeting brand new people. In terms of romance, you may have to get over a certain shyness and unwillingness to stand out as an individual. You are much more conservative in your romantic life and it’s not a week when you are taking risks in your social life. However, taking it slow and steady can actually lead to a promising new encounter, even if it takes longer to develop into passion.

In marriage, make a conscious effort to deal with your partner in a more personal, involved, and loving manner, rather than falling back on reason and intellect which detaches you from your feelings.

Don’t forget to listen to your gut as by rationalizing your feelings, and become overly involved with other people’s problems, your sacrifice your inner need for attention. It’s important to guard against people pleasing as you are very eager to be helpful, but you don’t want to do that at the expense of your own happiness.

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Gemini – A Love That Burns Hot Enough To Last

This is a really exciting time for romance, your personal charisma and personal passions are ignited. This week you are encouraged to assert yourself in matters of romance, self-expression, and artistic pursuits. There’s a heightened desire for excitement and enjoyment, leading to more dynamic social interactions and adventurous experiences.

This is a fertile time for meeting new potential partners, especially via your hobbies and creative interests. Date nights, attending parties, sports events and the theatre are excellent outlets, so be spontaneous and see out the summer with aplomb.

Romance and relationships are more intense, there’s more urgency and emotions run high, but it’s important to be mindful of impulsive actions that might lead to conflicts or misunderstandings.

Creative endeavors definitely receive a boost, this is an excellent time to enter competition regarding artistic or sports hobbies. Be confident in who you are and in your unique attributes, don’t fall victim to living through the eyes of society instead of valuing our own personal talent and achievements.

In marriage, be a little vulnerable, allow some of your insecurities and personal needs to shoe without fear. It’s ok to wear your heart on your sleeve. Follow your personal instincts, rather than being driven by public life, and you can achieve greater happiness, balance, and fulfillment in your personal life.

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Cancer – Straight Down The Line

With Sun in Virgo opposite Neptune holding stubborn beliefs and opinions without gathering the facts, can do more harm than good. It’s important to be open and tolerant and saying, “Sorry” goes a long way.

This week it’s important to manage the family situation and not to crack under imagined pressures, because under closer examination things are not always as they seem. Listen to your partner and be focused in communication because then you will discover the value of truth rather than platitudes and people-pleasing which is ultimately self-defeating.

See all sides of a situation and look to wade through the emotions so that reason can prevail.

Mars in Libra significantly influences your home and family dynamics. This week’s energies emphasize activities related to your home realm, prompting you to invest energy in matters concerning your living situation, family relationships, and emotional well-being.

You may feel a strong urge to get organized or to take charge of the home environment, whether through renovations, redecorating, or addressing family issues. This week’s transits can evoke a mix of assertiveness and sensitivity, potentially leading to conflicts or confrontations within the family. It’s crucial for you to find a balance between demonstrating understanding and showing leadership with a logical not emotional response.

This is a great time for spending time making your home your castle or even house hunting.

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Leo – Go On, Go On Leave Me Breathless

With Mars in Libra, communication and your mental agility are energized making this an excellent time for learning, debating and gathering information. This week encourages a more active and assertive expression of thoughts and ideas, so let your partner know what you want and what you would enjoy doing as it’s a great time for fun. There’s a heightened eagerness to engage in discussions, share opinions, and travel to new places and so don’t feel bad if you are sick of the same old same old.

This is a perfect week for rebooting your connections with siblings, neighbors, and peers, as Mars’ energy encourages reaching out and engaging in social interactions. Harness this week’s constructively by using it to improve understanding and straighten out misconceptions in your relationship. Don’t argue for arguments’ sake, try to encourage a positive approach to relationship issues within your marriage.

With this week’s Sun opposite Saturn in Pisces, you need to discover your own values, to depend on yourself, and to reestablish your self-worth through your own initiative, look within for answers and dig deep.

In spite of the restless energy, enjoy life’s more serene moments without the unconscious need to distract yourself. Consider when you invest too much time and energy into supporting others at the expense of your own comfort and needs.

Redefine your relationship goals based on your own values, and then work toward achieving them in a patient manner, as that will help you achieve more happiness and inner balance.

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Virgo – So Slide Over Here, Give Me a Moment

With Mars transiting your second house, your sexual drives and need for sensual pleasures are stimulated. This is not necessarily a time for talking, you should rather use massages, hot tubs, luxury fragrances and aphrodisiac foods to get the passions going.

You are also more financially and material competitive and this week prompts you to take proactive steps towards increasing your income and hitting targets. There’s a strong focus on earning potential, and you might be more inclined to seek out new financial opportunities or invest your energies in money-making side hustles.

This week is an excellent time to focus on building valuable skills that contribute to their earning capacity.

In love, it’s important to be constructive and work together to improve your lives in practical ways, this is no time for pie in the sky.

This week it’s important to act on your impulses, which of course depends on your levels of self-confidence, and thus the extent to which you follow your heart will help you understand how much you trust yourself. Challenge yourself to go it alone and take bold decisions, as this brings you to a point where you can offer yourself to your man in a one-to-one partnership in a more balanced, healthy manner.

Strive for internal peace, before focusing on achieving peace and balance in your relationship.

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Libra – I Did It My Way

With Mars transiting your solar first house, there’s a surge of dynamic energy and assertiveness which you will want to express in relationships by being affectionate or going after the one you have your eye on.

Your personality and self-expression are more dynamic and excitable and this week’s energies encourage you to take charge of your life and pursue your goals with newfound vigor. You will be more confident and enthusiastic, often initiating new projects or ventures.

Be careful as your assertiveness can sometimes verge on impatience or impulsiveness, leading you to act before thinking, making you less diplomatic and prone to confrontations and conflicts. This can be a period of self-discovery and personal growth, as long as you channel this energy productively and avoid power struggles, by being mindful of how your actions impact your partner.

With Sun in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces, you need to put some faith in spiritual powers or the “big picture”, and to let go of irrational fears or self-criticism.

Love yourself and others with renewed understanding, and be humble, safe in the knowledge that we (and others) are not perfect. Avoid chastising yourself for not doing enough, as much as we would like to believe we are in control, we often aren’t.

Let go of any obsessions with rules, details, and fears of not pleasing people and this will help you to achieve a greater sense of balance and to ease any feelings of failure which are actually destructive for relationships.

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Scorpio – Your Truth

Mercury retrograde trine Uranus can bring about a tension between the need for personal freedom and the demands of close relationships and partnerships. You may experience a push-pull dynamic between expressing your ideas and perspectives and maintaining harmony in relationships. Mutual friends are important to help you and a partner maintain perspective.

Mars entering Libra calls for some rest and relaxation, you want to restore health holistically. Avoid stressful situations and toxic people and take charge of yourself emotionally. Don’t let your partner project his frustration on you, have strong boundaries and avoid looking for quick-fix solutions, be patient and allow others space, but demand space for yourself so you can gather yourself.

Sun in Virgo opposite Saturn, indicates that you should let go of fears in your relationship by offering freedom to your partner rather than expecting him to act as you want him to act, accept that people are unpredictable and don’t always follow patterns, and we should never forget that some unpredictability makes relationships stronger.

Show more impartiality, and to cultivate a more laissez-faire faire approach on your relationships.

Release any strong desire to get what you want in the here and now, satisfaction will come more easily when you find what you need by chance, even if you think are stumbling around in the dark. Personal relationships and romances will suffer when if you take things too personally, and expect others to follow a certain script that you have subconsciously written for them.

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Sagittarius – What Needs To Be Done

Sun opposite Saturn in Pisces indicates a need to take charge of your life and accept responsibility for your actions. You may too easily blame your past or focus on your insecurities and emotional difficulties instead of moving forward and learning to depend on yourself.

Security is an important issue this week, but security can only come once you let go of any dependencies and steer your relationship in a direction where you combine a sense of responsibility to yourself as well as to others. You are more aware of your emotions and those of others, but in order to successfully navigate this week, you must learn to strike a balance between sensitivity and responsibility. Don’t use your sensitivity or that of others as an excuse for not solving problems.

Mars in Libra brings dynamism into your social circles and group activities giving you an excellent opportunity to meet new potential partners. During this period, ensure that you actively engage with your community, pursue shared goals, and collaborate with like-minded individuals, as a springboard for personal growth and inspiring new relationships.

This week can ignite a strong desire to contribute to a cause or connect with people who share similar visions, making group projects, activism, and networking efforts attractive.

Whether single or married, it’s important to get more involved in activities where you or you and your partner invite new blood into your social circles – stagnation is the enemy of passion, so resist the comfort zones and challenge your preconceived ideas.

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Capricorn – You Are The Voice, You Are The Solution

Sun in Virgo opposite your ruler in Pisces means that it can be difficult to commit to any one thing, you need to learn to trust your inner voice, your intuition, in order to uncover more meaning to your love life. Sometimes the less traveled path in love is the one that’s going to take you to paradise, and so dare to believe in the impossible or improbable in love.

Your relationship decisions will tend to lead you astray, if you rely too heavily on logic and miss out on the thrilling adventures to be gained from the thrill and satisfaction of following a hunch or a vision. Allow yourself to believe in something that doesn’t necessarily make sense, but which your heart is pulling you towards.

Mars entering Libra brings a surge of ambition, determination, and regained focus on matters related to your career and future aspirations.

This is an ideal time to assert yourself professionally and kick start new endeavors, aiming to achieve recognition and success. You may take on leadership roles, initiate new projects, or make bold career moves.

You have a drive to excel, but this can also lead to power struggles or conflicts if your partner feels neglected, so don’t forget to make your time with your partner really count. Be more sensitive to your partner’s needs as you are sometimes more hasty and less diplomatic or outwardly affectionate this week.

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Aquarius – Contrast and Balance

With Sun in Virgo opposite Saturn, you need to loosen the tight grip you have on certain things and people around you and open yourself up to a need for change, and renewal. Letting go, and learning to understand that often there’s a hidden meaning that will only be revealed in time, is important.

You may experience difficulties in long-term partnerships because you tend to be blind to others’ values and lived experiences, expecting them to share the same values as you. Success in marriage is understanding the true value of a partnership and intimacy you share in order to gain perspective and to help you to let go of what’s less important in order to pursue the greater good in the relationship.

Resist the fear of taking chances and try not to resist change in relationships. Embrace differences in relationships as these are actually an asset, even if they cause friction occasionally. In dating, a new love is often love-hate as the new guy both triggers and excites you.

With Mars in Libra you have a need for adventure, travel, and exploring new horizons. Mars infuses you with a sense of enthusiasm and assertiveness and this should be used to break new ground in your career or establish an exciting new vision for your relationship.

New relationships should be challenging, they should raise questions about your ideas, morals and beliefs as this is very stimulating and helps you get away from safe and limiting comfort zones. Embrace upheaval, spontaneity and even intellectual conflict in love as relationships and the emotional sphere should be an exciting challenge right now.

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Pisces – Open Your Heart

With Sun in Virgo opposite Saturn in Pisces, you need to work on better communication, understanding to the needs of your partner, fostering cooperation, but always being pragmatic and not looking too far ahead or jumping the gun.

In dating, you need to let go of an overwhelming self-consciousness that is blocking your desire to open up and reach out. You could be subconsciously keeping lovers at arm’s length because you lack confidence or self-belief this week. You may be afraid of the demands that a potential partner might put on you, and that may lead to less success in love, so address any concerns you have about freedom versus relationships.

Mars transiting into Libra signifies a period of heightened desires and passion in long term relationships. You may achieve significant transformation through the exploration of deeper emotions and desires, so it’s very important to be psychologically aware.

The 8th solar house is linked to shared resources, intimacy, and psychological growth and Mars ushers in a surge of energy that can lead to a desire for greater understanding of the mysteries of life, sex and even challenging relationship taboos. This is a week when you and a partner should confront your fears, embrace change, and engage in intense introspection.

You and your finances could also be affected, giving you impetus to manage joint assets or debts more assertively.

Mars may trigger power struggles and confrontations with your partner especially related to trust and control issues. Navigating this week requires self-awareness, sensitivity, and a willingness to dig deep into your psyche to harness the transformative potential.

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It’s important to embrace robust debate in relationships, conflict often drives progress and part of a team effort is reaching compromise through vigorous discussion.

This is a week to be assertive and show strength, it’s not a time to obfuscate and delay.

This is an excellent week for reevaluation, where you mull over your goals, and relationship responsibilities and how to balance these.

Confront any areas of life where you may have neglected responsibilities or where you need to tweak your communication or approach in order to align more authentically with your true self.

The themes for this week are:

  • Passion
  • Self-awareness
  • Meaningful Communication
  • Contemplation
  • Strength
  • Freedom

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