How To Get The Most Out Of Virgo Season, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Virgo season is one of my favorite times of the year. It is that time of year when we can all streamline our lives and become more efficient and productive. It is all about refining our lives and taking out the trash, and it can often feel like a spiritual New Year to me.

Virgo is one of the most practical signs in the Zodiac and very much of the Earth. The energy of Virgo is represented in how much this sign loves to give and help others. This sign has a propensity towards service and giving to others.

This means this is a fabulous time to get closer to your loved one in your relationship, or if you are single, it is the perfect opportunity for you to clean up your act and get rid of any emotional baggage holding you back from getting the love you deserve in your life. Being able to give to others of your time can be quite powerful.

Virgo is one of the signs that are all about getting back to basics, and embracing a more minimalistic way of living, which is much-needed after the dramatic and over-the-top antics that Leo season likely brought forth.

Virgo season is here to cut out all the crap and love purely for love’s sake. Its energy can really teach us how to be critical of our love lives, but also how we can learn to love people unconditionally without expectation.

The great thing about Virgo season is realizing what works in your life, and what doesn’t. Virgo season not only asks you how you can help others feel more loved, but what self-care practices you can embrace to show yourself enough self-love. It is all about the energy you invest in yourself and how that reflects on others.

The Sun enters Virgo on August 23, 2022. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to get really practical in your love life and show how much you care about the people in your life. Make the moves to do more for others, and you would be surprised how much that fills your own cup. Of course, don’t give so much of yourself that there is nothing left to give. But do enough that it makes you feel good.

If you’re interested in seeing how Virgo season 2022 is going to influence your own personal life, then continue reading and remember to check out your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs for the most accurate results.

Let Virgo season help you start afresh, and hopefully bring some much-needed blessings into your love life! Remember, this month is all about refinement and editing your life until it is perfect.


You’re on a bit of a health mission this month. Is it possible that you’ve recently been sick and now you feel the need to make better choices in your life so that you can thrive?

You want to clean up your act and in doing so not only will you start feeling better, but you might even shed a pound or two and that never hurt any girls’ confidence levels. But this is, of course, about living healthier and having longevity, not about what you look like on the outside.

It is really important that you invest in a lot of self-care this month and figure out a routine that makes you feel good. You should be your number one focus, especially if you may have recently gone through a love disappointment or just feel blah in general.

Giving to yourself is the greatest gift. It is more important that you work on yourself than actively chasing a relationship though. Don’t change your lifestyle simply to attract a man.

The right man will come into your life when you’re simply living your life, feeling good and confident, and not focusing so much on finding the right guy. Remember that the Universe has a plan for you and you need to trust the Divine Timing. However, you might just meet the right guy on your daily walk or at your gym. Men love women who take care of themselves, but don’t do it for him, do it for you!

If you’re coupled up, you could spend a lot of time on exciting fitness adventures with your partner. This could really spice things up for the relationship and help the two of you to grow closer together! Consistency is really important for you right now, so if your needs aren’t being met, then make sure that you mention it.

Virgo season is the perfect time for you and your man to start a new routine or some sort of ritual together. So, don’t be afraid to start a new hobby with your man, this will only bring the two of you closer together.


Virgo season might be serious for most, but you’re one of the lucky ones who is likely going to have a great time this month. You’re likely to have the most fun in love out of all the signs this month, Taurus. The Sun is really heating up your sector for fun, love, pleasure, and romance, and being ruled by Venus, you love to hear this. What more could a girl want? It is your time to shine!

It is amazing that you’re able to feel yourself so much this month. By feeling yourself, you definitely project quite a nice confidence to the world, and others can’t help but find you irresistible. You’re attractive and know what you want at the moment.

You get to live with bravery and wear your heart on your sleeve. You know what it is you desire and aren’t afraid of getting closer to it. It is a fantastic moment for you to go after what you want when it comes to love and whoever it is that makes your heart skip a beat.

Virgo season is especially discerning, so without a doubt, you’ll be able to see what works for you and what doesn’t. It is easier for you to see if the puzzle pieces fit together nicely.

Plan some super-hot dates for you and your man and make sure to dress to impress, make this an unforgettable month for you both. You get to turn the sensuality up a notch and get much closer to him. Show him that you are a woman who is worthy. Make him treat you like a deserving queen.

And those of you who are single aren’t left out either, fun and romance are to be had, even if you don’t have a ball and chain! This month is about having fun and embracing your unique flair. You’ll have many heads turning if you just embrace who you are this month. Be unashamedly yourself! Be authentic!

Keep your eyes open for that perfect suitor, because the chances of meeting him are quite high for you during Virgo season. Just remember to have some fun, and let things flow. Don’t try to control the situation by getting into your own head, you don’t have to be perfect.


Gemini, any other time of year you are quite the social butterfly and enjoy spending time with people, but when Virgo season comes around, you want no part in that.

Snuggling up is really all you can think of during this cozy Virgo season. Home is where the heart is for you this month. You might find yourself wanting to spend more time at home, which is so unusual for a chatty and sociable Gemini. You’re probably exhausted after the activities of Leo season and want to go at things a little more chilled and do some inner reflection.

It is actually a great time to spruce up the ambiance in your house to get those romantic feelings flowing. You’re great at setting a mood and reading into what others need, but now it is more important that you focus on your own needs and what you would like.

Make your space more sensual, buy some candles or a soft new blanket; do whatever you can to set a more receptive mood for yourself to feel more comfortable. Make yourself feel good to help lift your spirits if you feel down and a little lonely. If you’re going to spend so much time at home, then you might as well make it enjoyable.

Just because you’re wanting to be in the comfort of your own home, doesn’t mean you have to do it alone if it is that difficult for you to disconnect from others, I know this can be really hard for a Gemini to do.

Open up your space and make it the social hub for the month, especially if you’re single, but this is only if you feel ready after some time of reflection! Throw a dinner party and see if one of your friends can introduce you to that cutie you’ve had your eye on for a while now. Virgo season will help you to be the hostess with the mostest!

And if you’re in a relationship, now might be the time to take things a step further to amp up the intimacy with your lover. You might want to consider giving your man a set of your spare keys just so that he knows that you are serious about him. This is a major turning point in your relationship and a sign for things to become a little more serious if this is what you are after.

Just make sure you feel ready and not forced to make such a big commitment, as this can be a big deal, and sometimes, you’re not great at sticking to your decisions.

If anything, this might be the start of you and your man discussing plans to eventually move in together. All big, positive steps, but sometimes it can feel a little daunting. Remember all change can be stressful even if it is positive or negative.


As one of the more introverted signs in the Zodiac, you might find yourself being a lot more chatty than usual. You’re wanting to connect and get closer to people. You’re in an especially flirty mood this month, Cancer. You might find yourself wanting to be more playful and even a little risky over text.

It can be really fun for you to explore a different side of yourself this month. It is good for you to sometimes get out of your shell. Single Cancers, you might have great luck finding a partner online. So, whip out those dating apps and get swiping!

Virgo season is a fantastic time for you to work on your communication skills with men, be it if you’re with a partner or not. You might find that it is a lot less daunting than you initially thought. You’ll find yourself speaking more clearly, and saying what you think without being scared of the judgment of what others think.

This is like a weight being lifted off your shoulders. So, if there is anything you would like to get off your chest, now is the time to do it because you might not feel so frank when Libra season comes along!

This isn’t the month to get super serious when it comes to romance, just keep things light and relaxed. This is really all you can do right now. Have fun with yourself and the people you have in your environment. Not everything has to be taken so seriously all of the time.

This is a brilliant time to build a connection without getting too detached from someone. The best thing you can do is to engage in lots of conversations and really get to know the men you are spending all your time with. This is a moment of learning for you.

Sometimes, it is hard for your sign to be totally direct and assertive with what you want, but take this boost from Virgo season to help you say whatever you need to say. The sign of Virgo can sometimes be brutally honest, so let this energy guide you. This confident side to you is really sexy and will help you to seriously spice things up socially. Sometimes it is fun to be a different version of yourself, you see.

This is an especially social time for singles and Cancers who are partnered up. Arrange a get-together with some of your closest friends and have a good time together. The banter is bound to make everyone have a seriously fun time. Be open and willing to connect to new people.


Leo, after a month spent in the spotlight during this last Leo season, it makes so much sense that you would want to retreat to feel a little more grounded and out of the public eye for a while.

You must be so tired from all the partying and having attention on you. Sometimes it is really important to invest in yourself so you can be the best version of yourself to others and that means getting a good amount of rest.

Easier said than done, am I right? Especially for an outgoing gal like yourself. You love the hustle and the bustle of life and being around people gives you a lot of energy. It is imperative that you carve out quite a big chunk of your time and spend it on self-care and doing the things that nourish your soul. You might not think you need it, but you do! Remember, you can’t love from an empty cup!

Take this month of reflection as an opportunity to look at all the people in your life and see if you’re investing your time well with these individuals. Are there people who are perhaps stealing too much of your energy? You know you deserve better than this. Ensure there is a healthy balance between giving and taking because it is totally unfair if you’re the only one giving in these relationships. People need to see your worth.

Coupled up Leos, make sure that you carve out some quality time for yourself and your partner. It is good to spend some one-on-one time with each other to find that connection again. Make sure to spend some time together, and forget about all the distractions trying to vie for each other’s attention. Make your partner a priority and make sure that he does the same for you.

Singles, be sure to be careful to just commit to any old man just because he gives you attention. This is never a good approach, especially considering that you just deserve so much more than this. Don’t settle just because someone is available and giving you attention. You’re worth a lot more than that, and deserve to get exactly what you want from your love life. It is worth waiting for, so hold out on it!


Virgo, it is your season to be in the spotlight! It is your time to shine, my girl! Birthday seasons are the best and bring the best kind of luck from the Universe to you for the next four weeks. You might experience a great deal of clarity this month as if it suddenly dawned on you exactly what you want in your life as well as in love. Everything is just so clear and obvious to you now.

Virgo, you’re definitely more of an introvert by nature, but because the spotlight is on you, don’t be surprised with the amount of attention you get from men this month! All eyes seem to be firmly fixed on you. This can make you feel quite shy, but also flattered.

However, keep a clear head and see if you can hold off for the moment from deciding on one guy, perhaps it is better to see all the options available to you. Sometimes it is best to enjoy your own company and focus on yourself solely because this gives you time to think and evaluate what would work best for you in the long run. Remember, you have a tendency to put others ahead of yourself, so try to be a little selfish this month.

Don’t rush into anything, least of all relationships. Just enjoy yourself this month, and perhaps invest in some pampering and self-care. Go to the spa, get your hair done, or buy new clothes. It is your birthday after all, and you deserve a little decadence and enjoyment. Give yourself this gift!

This month is all about self-love and putting in all the work into yourself, which is just as important to the singles and the Virgos who are in a relationship this month. The more you invest and care about yourself, the more attractive you become and if anyone resents you for looking after yourself, show them the door. You need to treat yourself like a Queen and let everyone else follow suit.

It is a nice change of pace to be solely focused on yourself this month. I know it may be a little uncomfortable at times, but get used to filling your own cup. This brings you closer to your truth and really illuminates what you want out of your life and especially your love life. Happy Birthday, Virgo! I hope all your dreams come true this month and over the next year!


It is a real slow down for you when Virgo season comes around, Libra. Your life and romances might make you feel slightly hazy this month. Like you can’t quite grasp what it is you want at the moment. It is all so confusing!

Don’t stress about it, love and romance tend to do that and can definitely turn your world upside down and have you feeling confused. You might ask yourself “is this too good to be true?” or “Am I seeing things clearly?”

It is so important that you really take things slow this month because it might be a little hard for you to distinguish between fantasy and reality. Try your best to keep your wits about you. It is important that you ground yourself and don’t run away with the fairies. Remember, when it looks too good to be true, it probably is, so just listen to your gut as best as you possibly can.

Trust is critical in a relationship, but don’t move into a situation blindly or move too fast. Let things build over time and really get to know the person you are with. Do they meet all of the criteria? Or are you just settling on someone who is paying you a bit of attention? This advice is necessary to hear for those of you who have just started dating. Take things slowly and be realistic about the relationship!

Those of you in an established relationship have the opportunity to heal some resentments with your partner. This month can be about healing and letting go. The two of you really have the chance to start anew. You have the opportunity to decide to let go of the baggage that has held the two of you back from reaching real intimacy. This is a choice you need to make!

Single Libras, it might not be the best time to start dating, as you aren’t seeing things too clearly. Take this month to spend time with yourself and heal whatever needs to be healed for you to feel comfortable with dating again. Focus on yourself and fill your own cup. Meditation and journaling will really help to support you in this process.


You’re a private person for the most part, but those who are dear to you, you keep quite close. Friendships are front and center of your life this month, Scorpio, and they may influence your love life. It is often the case that romantic love takes precedence in our lives, and then we forget about our friends, but this month you’re reminded how good it is to connect with your soul family and the people you have chosen to have in your life.

Those of you who are in relationships might find yourselves really wanting to socialize in a pack. You might find it has been a little dull just spending time one-on-one with your partner. You need to add some extra spice to your relationship. Why not invite some of your fellow couples over for dinner or a board game? Being in a group can be so much fun and help you to get to know your man in a different way.

Those of you who are single might be pleasantly surprised by a blind date your best friend organized for you. You can always count on your bestie to know exactly who to set you up with. This is the perk of having someone understand you so well! It can be nerve-wracking to meet a complete stranger, but who knows – this can be the start of something really beautiful. Just go with the flow and trust where things are going.

And if neither of these things is an option, then why not try looking for love on the internet? Online dating apps could also really work in your favor. The stars are aligned for you to meet someone special online this month. My only advice is, don’t take it too seriously and just have fun! You could have a lot of fun checking out the potential, but it is best to keep your expectations low.

Whether you are single or taken this month really calls on you to have fun and connect with like-minded people. Be sure to spend as much time as possible with your friends.  It is so important for us humans to feel like we belong and are part of a tribe. So, make sure to connect to the people who bring you joy and happiness.


Sagittarius, you might not have a lot of time this month, as Virgo season seems to be all about your career and getting ahead. This month is all about your goals, and what you want to get out of your professional life. It is such a wonderful time for you to really sit back and think about what you need to feel fulfilled to help you make your dreams come true.

Although this time isn’t particularly romantic, it could very well help you to envision your goals and think about a five-year plan, and hopefully, a romantic relationship is part of that.

It is quite possible that you’ve been settling, perhaps feeling like you’re not good enough for the people you desire or that you don’t deserve any better than what you have been receiving from the Universe. Of course, none of this is actually true and it is time for you to work on your limiting beliefs. Remember you are what you believe about yourself.

You ARE good enough to get the love you want and deserve, but it is up to you to start believing it. This is the magic part of the equation. Why don’t you start using affirmations to build yourself up? At first, it might feel a little uncomfortable, but I promise the more you say it, the more you will start to believe it. Start with an easy one that you can believe in 100%.

This can work for those of you who are single as well as those of you who are in a relationship. Everyone needs a boost and a little extra positivity and confidence. Find a mantra that works for you, perhaps it is “I am worthy of love” or “I am always good enough” and repeat it over and over again until you really believe this about yourself.

Eventually, it’ll rub off on you, and you’ll come to see how not only your romances improve but also how the rest of your life starts to pick up in a magical way. Everything starts with what you say to yourself throughout the day, so start now and make a change. Refine and adjust!


Capricorn, as things go, you like your life to be pretty controlled, but when Virgo season comes around, it is time for you to gain a greater perspective by looking outside of the box. As girls, we can often fall into a nasty trap of getting too set on our “type” and really overlook some of the wonderful men out there. This month you need to promise to keep your eyes open when it comes to love. I suggest that you learn to surprise yourself.

Love can be found in the most unexpected situations, so don’t limit yourself by thinking about what love will look like for you. Things don’t have to go according to plan to be perfect. Sometimes perfection lies in the imperfect. The Universe has a plan for each and every one of us, so don’t close the door on potential opportunities because something doesn’t look the way you wanted it to. Follow your gut this month and see where it takes you. Follow your heart blindly.

This advice is specifically for the singles out there, but those of you in a relationship can benefit from this as well. Life never goes according to plan and this is why it is sometimes so important to test yourself and your own expectations of life. Why don’t you and your partner try something new and fun in the relationship? One of the biggest complaints I get from my readers who are in a relationship is that they feel like they are stuck in a rut. Go outside of the box and see what you can improve on.

Well, guess what? You have the power to change this feeling of being stuck, of course. Why not go on a bit of an adventure with your man? Book a ticket and do something exciting like going to a new country last minute or booking an adrenaline-fueled adventure. This can simply be going away for the weekend or trying out a new sport. As long as you are inviting new energy into your life, circumstances should improve.

My biggest advice to my Capricorns is to remain curious and open your mind to new possibilities. Don’t remain so stuck on the things that you think you have working for you. There is always space for improvement. This is a month to broaden your horizons and to really learn how to have fun on the quest to love and romance.


You are quite a detached person by nature and try your best to avoid emotionally intense situations. However, your life is about to get hot and heavy, Aquarius. Virgo season is lighting your erotic zone on fire, but it may also awaken some painful emotional realizations for you. I can only imagine the things you’re going to get up to this month. Embrace your inner seductress, because you’re on fire, but also allow yourself to feel and weep if need be.

This month is fantastic for you to get really deep and intimate with your partner. To get closer to him than you have ever done before. But it is also an opportunity for you to get closer to yourself and your own sexuality.

Yes, this energy is very sexual, but this is also an opportunity to get much closer to your man by being more vulnerable and open to sharing your secrets. This is uncomfortable for you, but if it means that you can grow, then why not? You’re always open to expanding who you are and learning new things about yourself.

Even if you’re single, there is a great opportunity for you to meet new people who might make you feel like you have never felt before. Virgo season is intense and will make you very aware of your animalistic urges. And even if it means spending time with yourself and really exploring your desires, then why not?

Those of you who are in a serious relationship might decide to take things to the next level, you might talk about moving in together or discuss sharing a bank account. You’ll start to think “what is mine is yours.” You might take on a secret someone shares with you and feel like you are closer to them than ever before.

The energy of this month is heavy and intense. Don’t for one moment think that it is going to be a walk in the park because it isn’t. Moments will feel terribly uncomfortable. You’re ready to merge with someone else, you want to share your life with someone in a deep and meaningful way. If you have done all the inner work to heal, you’ll start to notice the depths you get to reach now in love.


As far as love and romance go, you are definitely the sign that will get the most out of it this month. This is probably the most romantic time of the year for you, Pisces. You are one lucky girl! You have an urge to merge and get closer to your significant other, even if you’re single, the thought of what you want in a relationship will be at the forefront of your mind. It is time to get really real and raw about what you desire in a union and ask the Universe to deliver this to you.

It is time to make a commitment and settle on the person you want to be with. This is truly a special time for you in which you realize you don’t want to go at life all alone, you want to share your experience with someone meaningful. Even if no one like this exists in your life right now, the fact that you are putting the intention out there will be quite helpful to you.

Those of you who are coupled up, go out of your way to show the man you are with how special he is to you. Don’t hold back – let him know how you feel about him and what he means to you. This month favors honesty and bravery and being raw with your emotions. You’ve got this! Those of you who are single now get the chance to figure out what you want in a relationship. To really fine-tune your desires.

Get really clear about the qualities you want in a man, and feel it in your heart that it will come true. You need to manifest him and welcome him into your life. This is an energetic thing so focus on your heart space and see in your Mind’s Eye how you welcome a man into your heart. This is powerful stuff. You have the power to manifest your dream relationship, you just need to believe! Get motivated and go after what you want in your life.

The relationship you have always wanted is now in your reach, just believe in yourself and your capability in falling in love. It all comes down to your beliefs and what you believe you deserve. You just need to be open and let the Universe do its thing, that is all you can do. There is no need to control the outcome, if you believe in the love that you deserve, then you will quickly see it unfold!

My Final Thoughts

Virgo season is here to shake things up and help us all clear out any baggage. It is a wonderful time to understand what we need and don’t need in our lives. This is a time of letting go, and going for the life we have always dreamed of.

The energy of Virgo is really going to help you make many necessary adjustments to improve your love life. Have clarity about the way you want to live your life, keep a vision, and remember to stay consistent.

Virgo really favors routines and rituals, so the more you go about your tasks with consistency, the quicker you will start to see results. If you just do a little bit every day, eventually it will make a huge impact in your life, and become second nature.

Value the connections you have in your life, and see how you can make the lives of your loved ones a lot easier. The energy of Virgo really enjoys being of service and helping others, so when you reach out and help the ones who need it, you should receive many blessings in return.

This month is all about refinement and letting go of all the things that no longer serve you. You have a great opportunity to start afresh and stop letting certain things hold you back from living the life of your dreams.

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