How To Actively Work Towards Your North Node

The North Node is a wonderful tool that I love to use in Astrology. It just reveals so much about people’s personalities and a lot of the issues each individual has can be balanced if they just know how to use their North Node sign and position in a constructive manner.

The North Node is all about your karma and what you need to sort out to ascend to a greater and happier version of yourself. Why wouldn’t you want to have this knowledge and use it to your benefit?

There are small changes you can make in your life if you have this knowledge that can make a major impact on how successful your life is. The North Node is a reminder that you need to continually work on yourself to level up.

So, if you are looking for some practical tips on what you can do to live your True Node, the ultimate purpose you have in this life, then be sure to keep on reading to find out more on how to live a happier and more successful life.

What Are The Nodes?

The Nodes of the Moon are not planets, but points that are formed by the Moon’s orbit around the Earth. The Nodes move in a counterclockwise direction and the North and South Nodes are always 180 degrees apart from each other.

The Nodes signify our greatest fears (the South Node) and our greatest purpose in life (the North Node). Our work in life is to overcome our fears and move into a position of power and greater achievement.

What Aries North Node Needs To Actively Work Towards

An Aries North Node person doesn’t always have the extreme confidence and self-assurance that an Aries Sun or Rising might have. If this is your natal North Node then you are likely to be quite insecure or afraid.

For you to go to the next level, you have to start cultivating a feeling of independence and realize that you cannot always rely on others to support you. You need to learn to be able to do things on your own. You need to recognize that you can depend on yourself.

This should give you a feeling of greater self-awareness and help you to trust your own impulses. With this, comes courage and a belief in yourself that can’t be faked. You will learn to pay more attention to yourself and your own needs.

And this is something important for you to develop because you may have a tendency to give so much of yourself to others that you end up taking away from yourself. There is nothing wrong with having self-interest.

Learn to give of yourself in moderation and through this, you will be able to nurture yourself in a way that only you know how to.

What Taurus North Node Needs To Actively Work Towards

A Taurus North Node person doesn’t always know how to trust and can be quite suspicious of others. If this is your North Node position then you need to learn how to show others loyalty; just because you believe others are going to hurt you doesn’t necessarily make it true.

You must take things one step at a time and realize that you cannot always control others and their actions. You need greater patience and the ability to see that things can’t always go your way, and this is a good thing.

All of this really stems from a lack of self-worth, so it is important that you foster this feeling within yourself. You need to work on yourself to know that you are valuable just as you are; you don’t need others’ approval for this.

Have gratitude for what you already have because this will make you realize that you have more than you could ever desire so you don’t always have to chase every little high to feel like you are a part of something.

The most important thing for you to learn is to let go and to remember to forgive. It isn’t healthy for you to hold on to the baggage from the past. Just let it flow and be kind to yourself as well as others.

What Gemini North Node Needs To Actively Work Towards

As a Gemini North Node native, you love information and knowing as much as possible, so much so that it can actually become quite obsessive for you. What you need to learn is how to create a healthy curiosity without becoming obsessed with it.

You also need to learn that you don’t always know best and that it is important for you to be open to the opinions of others. Why don’t you start asking others what they think about something? This can be quite illuminating for you.

You need more of a rounded opinion on things, so seeing both sides of a situation will give you the ability to have more tact and use a different kind of logic. Life isn’t as black and white as you might think, so learn to be more positive and open to different ideas.

It is important that you let go of being so dogmatic and always thinking you are right and you can do this by taking a non-threatening approach to the way you express yourself. It really isn’t the end of the world if someone disagrees with you.

Learn to listen and recognize that there is still a lot out there for you to learn.

What Cancer North Node Needs To Actively Work Towards

Those of you who have the North Node in Cancer may cut yourselves off from feeling completely, and this is no way to operate in the world. You need to wake up and realize that you are only blocking yourself from true happiness and intimacy.

You need to validate the feelings and emotions that come up for you in your day-to-day life. You can’t always suppress them. Allow your empathetic side to shine through towards others but also remember to have empathy for yourself.

This will give you the ability to be able to be nurturing and supportive toward others without having to build a wall around yourself. Through this, you should recognize that you have a greater feeling of security in your life and this is ultimately what you are looking for.

What you really need to work on is humility and accepting that the people in your life have their own fluctuating moods. Don’t be so hard on them and pass out judgment on situations that you don’t actually understand.

The biggest thing you need to do is to focus on yourself and be okay with feeling vulnerable at times. This will give you more opportunities to get closer to other people.

What Leo North Node Needs To Actively Work Towards

Having the North Node in Leo makes you feel quite vulnerable and want to belong with the “in-crowd.” But the thing you actually need to work on is your individuality and what exactly makes you special in life. You need to let go of needing the approval of others.

You need to have the willingness to be in the spotlight and show off all of your talents and this means following your heart’s desires and not being afraid of doing what makes you happy because you cannot always live for others and what they think of you.

This will need a lot of willpower on your part, but if you connect with your deepest desires then you should be able to connect with the enthusiasm to make this happen. You’re not meant to live in the shadows, what you need is to work on your self-confidence and believe in yourself.

You will have to start taking risks and putting yourself out there, no matter how uncomfortable this makes you feel; this will definitely help you grow and reach new heights. You’ll notice how quickly your life starts improving and how much more fun you’ll be able to have.

The thing you need to learn is that you are the master of your own ship and at the end of the day, everything is up to you. You are a lot more powerful than you may give yourself credit for at first.

What Virgo North Node Needs To Actively Work Towards

Those of you with a Virgo North Node might have had experiences in your life that have led you to feel like you are a victim. But your purpose is to actively work against this feeling by building routines for yourself and allowing yourself to participate with the rest of the world; stop being a recluse!

You will quickly notice that you have an innate ability to bring order to chaos and that you are a lot more organized than you give yourself credit for. This ability kicks in when you learn to focus on the here and now and stop worrying about the past or the future.

It would also be a good idea for you to allow yourself to feel compassion towards others, you don’t always have to build up such a wall around yourself. You will then notice yourself wanting to be of service to others more regularly. And what a blessing because you are so naturally helpful.

The biggest obstacle you need to overcome is the unnecessary fear you have for life, so much so that you end up not even living it. But I promise if you start throwing yourself into situations and gaining experience, you will certainly boost your confidence.

Allow yourself to take risks and realize that failure is a part of life – it is going to happen whether you plan it or not. Just go for it and see that life really isn’t all that bad.

What Libra North Node Needs To Actively Work Towards

With the Libra North Node, you seem to be a lot more impulsive and reckless than those with the Sun in Libra. The quest you have been given in this life is to learn cooperation and work well with others.

There is a part of you that is actually extremely diplomatic and tactful, but it is your job to access that part of yourself in order to help others. You may be a little too self-interested, so it would be good for you to increase your awareness of others and their needs.

You can be selfless; this is just something you need to grow into and realize that giving to others is something you need to do without expecting anything in return. You should stop living with “an eye for an eye” kind of view of life.

Sharing might not come naturally to you, but it will certainly make you feel good about yourself and make you see that it isn’t so difficult after all. There is a lot you can learn if you just see things from a different perspective.

You will learn a lot if you stop living for yourself and give to others freely.

What Scorpio North Node Needs To Actively Work Towards

Those of you with the North Node in Scorpio may have a streak of possessiveness in you. You have an innate need to control and be the one making all of the decisions. It can be really hard for you to just go with the flow. This behavior tends to be quite destructive.

What you really need to learn is how to have discipline and stop paying attention to things that are of a low vibration. You tend to get caught up in the drama and quite frankly, you enjoy it. But to evolve, you need to recognize that this isn’t healthy behavior.

Because of your possessive tendencies, you feel the need to own things, as well as people. Your biggest lesson needs to make you realize that you can enjoy your life without owning the world. What you have in your possession doesn’t add to your self-worth; the quicker you learn this, the happier you will be.

You should also recognize that sometimes you need to accept the support of others and at the very least, accept their input. You may think you know the best, but this isn’t necessarily true. Others can add quite a bit of value to your life if you let them.

Be open to having authentic connections with people without feeling the need to rule the roost. Isn’t it better to have people in your life because they choose to be, not because they are coerced?

What Sagittarius North Node Needs To Actively Work Towards

As a Sagittarius North Node woman, you might have an innate indecisiveness, like you don’t trust yourself completely to make a decision, and because of this you perpetually seek more information to make yourself feel totally satisfied.

This rumination needs to stop; you need to learn to really rely on your intuition as well as your “psychic abilities.” Your gut knows a lot more, so you need to really start listening to that inner guidance because you’re usually not wrong.

You need to realize that you have a gift for communicating with a Higher Consciousness and this is something you really need to develop. It is truly a gift that you need to take care of and cultivate.

You also need to learn to be more spontaneous and recognize that under all the anxiety and mental turmoil, you are actually a free spirit that can’t be contained. But you can only express this part of yourself when you learn to trust yourself.

It is important that you spend time alone and in nature, this will help you to quiet down your mind and connect to what your intuition is trying to tell you. Be patient because the answers always have a way of flowing to you.

What Capricorn North Node Needs To Actively Work Towards

Having your North Node in Capricorn can give you a lot of fears you need to work through in your life. You might feel that you have quite a strong dependence on other people and this stems from the insecurities you have about yourself.

The thing you need to learn is how to develop self-respect for yourself and how to learn self-control. You may have the tendency to lash out and lose control when things don’t go your way. This is something you are going to have to actively fight for the rest of your life.

The thing that will help is to approach life a bit more like an adult and to accept the responsibilities that come your way. The way to do this is to stay goal-oriented and to have a vision for what you want to achieve in your life.

You also need to learn to keep your word and honor your commitments. This is a part of taking responsibility for yourself. You can’t always just cancel things because you feel bad; sometimes you have to simply make sacrifices.

Remember that just because something happened in the past, doesn’t mean it is going to happen again. Just let go of the things that once hurt you. This is a form of self-care and can help you to live a happier life.

What Aquarius North Node Needs To Actively Work Towards

With a North Node in Aquarius, you definitely know what you want in life, but sometimes you’re a little too insistent on getting your own way. The biggest thing you need to learn is to be willing to share.

You don’t always have to be a lone wolf, you have the capacity to be an amazing friend and surround yourself with a vibrant community, you just need to make the mental switch and recognize that you actually need people.

When you surround yourself in groups you tend to soar, but at first, it might be an environment that makes you feel a little uncomfortable. You feel like you don’t fit in or you don’t belong, but you really do!

Another thing to realize is that you aren’t the only exceptional person in a room. Everyone has unique qualities about them, and you need to learn to recognize how special other people are. You aren’t the only one.

Give people a chance to surprise you. There are opportunities for you to learn, especially when you involve yourself in groups. You are here to elevate the consciousness of the world.

What Pisces North Node Needs To Actively Work Towards

Those of you with a Pisces North Node tend to run a little anxious and nervous. The littlest things seem to stress you out. The thing you really need to learn is how to have greater compassion for yourself and the people in your life.

You need to let go and give all your worries over to your faith or a higher power. Don’t think that you can handle everything on your own, there are invisible forces always willing to give you a helping hand; you just need to ask.

The thing you need to do to free your mind from stress and worry is to actively work on your problems using meditation, yoga, and self-reflection. This will give you a semblance of inner peace and harmony.

You need to trust in the process of your life and trust that everything is going to work out positively. You need to let go of that victim mindset and believe in the power of positivity and faith. This will have a life-changing effect on you.

Don’t try to control everything, if you allow yourself to flow and be one with the Universe, you will feel that your life is a lot easier to handle. Welcome in the change and don’t be so afraid of the unknown.

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My Final Thoughts

As you can see, working with the North Node is quite a practical tool in helping you to create a happier and more successful life for yourself. There are small changes you can make that will ensure a more peaceful existence.

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