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What To Expect With Venus In Virgo

Hello my beauties! Venus in Virgo is upon us, bring changes in the vibes around our love lives. This year, Venus is going into Virgo on July 22nd and will remain there until August 16th when she enters Libra. You might be wondering, what happens when Venus is in Virgo? What does Venus in Virgo mean for me? Should I be expecting changes in my love life? 

I’m Anna Kovach, a long-time Relationship Astrologer with a passion for helping women connect to their highest love potential using the power of Astrology. I am thrilled to be able to share my knowledge on the topic of Venus, the primary love and relationship planet in our Universe. 

The general vibes of Venus in Virgo vary depending on your sign, as I’ll show you in your individualized section coming up. There are general energies that arise for most people, however. 

You’ll find that Venus in Virgo brings a cerebral feeling to your love life. Your romantic area of focus becomes more discriminating. Your love life is becoming far more mental than usual during this transit. Your love expression is likely to become more service oriented than is typical for you. 

Venus in Virgo gets a bad reputation. Virgo is an analytical sign and Venus would prefer to go with the flow in love. These energies clash at times, but it doesn’t mean nothing good can happen at this time. In fact, a few signs will be feeling more love than they feel at all other times. 

I know how Venus in Virgo will affect each Sun sign by the area of the chart it’s passing through for each individual. It shows in what areas of life this energy manifests, creating a roadmap to the effects of this transit. Will Venus in Virgo create harmony or discord for your love life? 

If you’re as excited as I am to dive into the energy shifts coming for you, then keep reading to find your Sun sign in my overview below!


Aries, Venus in Virgo is passing through your 6th House of labor and daily work. For you Aries, this transit feels like a chore sometimes. Love isn’t as fun and fancy free as you’d like it to be right now. There is a strong tendency to ignore what is going wrong in your relationship to the detriment of your overall quality of love. 

This doesn’t have to be a terrible transit if you direct the energies correctly. You simply need to embrace servicing your partner and being serviced by them. As an Aries woman, you’re very into your own interests, which is why humbling yourself to help out your partner can be challenging. I can promise you; this is how you can best amplify your love potential during this transit. 

You actually could find love during this transit if you’re single, you simply have to look in the right places. At work and any event where you’re serving another you could find a romantic opportunity. You’ll find that you’re looking good and feeling good when immersed in this energy. Just stay authentic and try your best to be a great help and you might just catch someone’s eye! 

It’s important to make the best of this transit. Remember, Venus rarely brings ‘bad’ things. It’s a blockage of energies that will clear itself out with time while you learn a lesson in being of service to others. You’ll find that as Venus enters Libra in August, the energy swings upward in a big way. Just stay faithful and kind during this time. 


Taurus, as Venus enters Virgo, you’re loving this energy. You’re one of the signs that can take full advantage of Venus in Virgo, because she’s in a fellow Earth sign that speaks to your core energy. You’re feeling untouchable and like nothing could go wrong right now. Life feels like a breeze and romance is around every corner!

As Venus transits your 5th House of vacation, parties, and dating, you have every opportunity to turn up the fun factor right now! You’re finding playfulness in unexpected places. Chores might even feel like a blast right now. 

You’re measuring your lovers up by how much it ‘makes sense’ to be with them. You’re weeding out the folks who aren’t adding anything useful to your life. Romance is a mental activity for you, so this transit works well with your basic approach to love. 

I’d invite you to go to parties and live it up. Be the grounded Taurus that I know you are and find that person that speaks to your mental motivations. Head and heart are connected right now, so don’t shy away from letting the two converse about your potential lovers. The one that you choose will not only add something to your life but you’ll be happy to do kind things for them. 


Gemini, this Venus in Virgo transit could be a low key and potentially relaxing time for you. You’re finding more beauty in the home and you may decide to add lovely features to your living space. Gemini, is your lover so intimate that he feels like family? Do you live with him? If so, this transit is affecting you intimately. 

You’ll be feeling the most desire in your home this week. If your partner does not reside with you, then consider inviting him over to your place. You’ll find that the loving vibes flow with ease when the place of your residence is involved. Going out is overrated anyways, right?

If you want a surefire way to bond with your partner during this transit then ask him to come help with some housework or repairs! You’ll find that he’s happy to come over and help in order to spend time with you. And you might get some assistance around the house to boot!

Gemini, consider introducing your lover to your family during this transit if you have not already done so. This is a highly favorable time to introduce the two since your relationship with both parties is likely flowing smoothly. It’s a great time to integrate energies. 


Cancer, you’re typically a soft-spoken gal, but this transit might bring out the expressive side of you. You’re about to experience convivial and friendly Venus in your house of communication, neighbors, and messages. This covers all communication including spoken, text, phone calls, email – you name it. 

Cancer, for you this means that this is an optimal time for sending out those flirty texts and for reaching out to people who you’ve been harboring a secret crush on. Your words are bringing you joy, and people can feel that coming off of you. For this reason, your words will be warmly received, far more than usual. 

This is also a wonderful time to move in on any crushes that live in your local area. Your love potential for those who are in your vicinity is being activated. You could find yourself developing a crush on your neighbor or people you have met through siblings. 

You have an opportunity to flaunt your intellect at this time, Cancer. You have an ability to engage in discourse in a charming and romantic way right now. Make your ideas known and don’t be shy. This aspect of your personality will compel others to see the beauty in your authentic expression of your thoughts. 


Leo, your love potential is currently intertwined with finances as Venus traverses your 2nd House of resources. You could find love with someone that has plenty of money or who expresses their affection through tangible gifts. Lucky you, Leo lady! 

If you’d like to learn where love could come from while Venus transits the 2nd House, look at what the 2nd House is related to. Food, cars, sales, and money management are all under its jurisdiction. So, hang out where these things are going on. The mall, restaurants, and with anyone in the field of finance are good areas to start. 

This is a time when you could find yourself spending money on or with your lover. Think impromptu dates of an extravagant nature. You’ll find that these times connect you to your partner more than usual. A little wining and dining never hurt anyone, and as a Leo, I know you know that well!

Consider showering your partner with gifts and accepting them from him. This is going to ignite the love potential of you both. Express gratitude for all the tangible ways that your partner shows you appreciating, Leo darling. 


Virgo, Venus is in your sign, energizing your love potential and making you attractive to others. You are embodying pure love at this time and everyone else can’t help but see that. To someone looking to add romance and desire into their lives, you’re looking like partner material, Virgo. 

Your innate nature is coming across in a smoother, more congenial way. You like to see others be their best selves and you are currently able to express your suggestions in a placating and sweet way. Others will see your good intentions and love you more for it. 

Virgo, you’re careful and tactical in love. At this time, that approach is serving you well. All that I ask is that you let Venus’ innate nature soften your approach at this time. It’s a perfect time to take on the lessons of Venus. Your method to love is currently shaping your self-identity, Virgo. Decide how you’d like your love nature to be defined from this point out and lean into that approach. 

Since you are currently embodying Venus love-energy, you’re likely to find people who are attracted to you wherever you go. Ensure that you’re hanging out in the spots where your ideal lover would be. The success of this transit is all about how you decide to embrace love. 


Libra, Venus in Virgo could feel like a balm on your worst fears about love or it could amplify these fears depending on how you approach this transit. Venus is moving through your 12th House of isolation, meaning that love with others could feel far away at this time. This is a period where you’re meant to dive into your own relationship to relationships and purge what’s no longer needed.

Libra, you’re normally the embodiment of Venus itself. Social, witty, and enchanting. However, you’re being asked to dissect your perception of yourself and love. Choosing to believe the worst about your ability to love could leave you feeling broken and alone. Embracing love for yourself will create space for others to love you even more. 

Venus in Virgo is not meant to be an easy time for you, but it’s still an essential time. The lessons you leave this period with will serve you greatly as Venus transits into your sign next. This period will empower you to embrace your ability to be loved, if you allow it. It’s important to lean into faith at this time while you believe that love is within your grasp. 

Circumstances may force you to be alone at this time, but it doesn’t mean there is no opportunity for love. You could fall for someone who themselves is a bit of a hermit or someone who works in areas that are tucked away from the public eye, like hospitals, prisons, or even places of worship. 


Scorpio, Venus in Virgo is about to transit your 11th House of friendships, putting your love potential on display in your social groups. Your friends might be asking about your relationship status more and more. Why’s that? Well, one or more of them might find that they’re falling for you at this time! 

You’re not one to shy away from a hard conversation, Scorpio. If you have a suspicion that one of your friends is crushing, then do what you do best and dig a little deeper! You’re going to find that asking the right questions could allow you to find the one that could be into you.

If you don’t get the vibe that a friend is feeling you, but you’re interested in activating your love potential then ask your friends to set you up. Either way, Venus in Virgo is asking you to tap into your social group to find that love that you’re looking for. Your friends will know just the right person to link you with to get the fires of love stoked up. 

Scorpio, your new lover could lie in any community setting right now. If you are a part of any communities, clubs, or groups then look more closely at the people there. If you’re not in any, consider joining some. You might just find that it links you to a long-term romance. 


Sagittarius, Venus in Virgo is forcing you to look at your professional life and your overall legacy as it moves through your 10th House Themes of success and the mark that you leave on the world are entwined with your love potential at this time. Are there people that you admire for their position in life or society that you could see yourself with? 

Your career and public reputation could be at an all-time high now, Sagittarius. You’re always authentic and honest and right now you are being appreciated for that on a grand scale in some way. This is exactly what would draw a lover to you at this time. The word is out Sagittarius, and the word is good! 

You can look forward to a time of prosperity in general while Venus is in this position. You might find that older, established individuals take a romantic liking to you. If you’re into them then I encourage you to make a move since this is the prime time to capture their attention and affection. 

Sagittarius, flex your newfound charm at public events if you can. Work on that reputation and how you’re coming off to the world. The truest and most authentic approach will lend you an advantage in the realm of love and romance. 


Capricorn, your love potential is unique and enlightening as Venus in Virgo transits your 9th House of long-distance travel, people from abroad, and mind-expanding activities. This is a largely beneficial time which has you interacting with the world at large in an awestruck and inspired way. 

Travel could be on your mind right now. Leaving your area for a vacation is not only going to relax you (I know how hard you work, Capricorn gal) but it could also open doors to your new romance. Venus in the 9th House indicates that love could come from someone who was born far away. 

Consider your love potential to be activated by indulging in any activity that helps you think in a different way. This includes educating yourself on topics that interest you. Enrolling in a class of some kind might just connect you with your long-term love, Capricorn. Keep your mind open wide enough and the love of your life might just tumble in. 

Capricorn, any religious activity could also align you to the path that your true love is on. If you’re so inclined, go to church or connect with those into metaphysics (like Astrology). This is yet another interesting and exciting path that your love interest could be found in. 


Aquarius, you’re being challenged to destroy your concept of what your ideal lover is while Venus in Virgo transits your 8th House. This is the area of transformation and the unexpected. For this reason, you’re being asked to consider that the love of your life may look entirely different than you expected. 

Think about what you consider to be ‘taboo,’ Aquarius. As a relatively open-minded person, there is likely not much that comes to mind. But perhaps more than a taboo belief you should consider qualities in another that you find to be ‘dark.’ This is exactly the type of person you’re being challenged to accept with open arms, Aquarius. 

In addition, you could be looking at a change in your approach to love. You might have always believed that distance was preferable to excessive emotional involvement, but in the realm of romance, you’re being challenged to go deeper than you’ve thought possible. You’re ready to burn down your old approach to love in favor of one that will better serve you and others. 

Sex should be with someone that you cherish at this time, Aquarius. Ensure this is someone with your best intentions at heart. The intimacy will be beautiful as long as it’s with someone who will appreciate it just as much. Random hookups are a no-go right now! 


Pisces, you’re one of the most fortunate signs this month as Virgo is your sister sign. This means that Venus is currently falling into your house of long-term partnerships. Love is imminent at this time, Pisces. Your lover will ground you and inspire you to be the best that you can be.

You’re dreamy and poetic, dearest Pisces, but your potential lover is someone more practical. This is the type of person you’ve always admired and wished you could be more like. The best way to embody these desired traits is to be with someone who can teach you the ropes. This is a time where someone can become both your lover and your guide. 

Pisces, if you’re in a relationship then this is a time to elevate the partnership to perfection. Don’t shy away from airing what isn’t working right now, this is your path to a stronger love than you’ve shared with your partner ever before. 

You’re being blessed as Venus in Virgo activates your ability to fall in love with your ideal mate, Pisces. I know you appreciate a good nap, but don’t sleep on this opportunity for love! You’ve got an incredible opportunity to improve your love and yourself.

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Wrapping Up

Venus in Virgo is challenging us all to elevate our love game and to find out what it is we really want in love. Eliminate what isn’t a priority in your love life and pursue the aspects that create that perfect love. 

Venus in Virgo is a harsh mistress, but she has your best interests at heart! Flaws in our romantic ideals could be exposed, but this is far from a bad thing. This is your opportunity to prepare for when Venus enters her home sign of Libra in August. The lessons of Venus in Virgo are assisting you in identifying your perfect long-term partner. Are you ready to elevate your love game? 

I am wondering, what from your Venus in Virgo interpretation do you think you’ll integrate into the coming transit period? If you have a stellar plan to elevate your love potential while taking advantage of this knowledge, let me know all the details in the comments. 

If you are ready to activate your true love potential with someone who is already present in your life I have just the thing for you. I offer exclusive relationship consultations and I know that I can add value and insight to your relationship. Access to these consultations can be found here.

Wishing you the most love-filled Venus Transit, 

Anna Kovach

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  1. I am excited to read this. I just divorced a month ago. I have nee things coming you said love from far away. I’m in Bible school. I’m hoping to go on Mission trips. Leaving where I am to have a genuine love at my age is a possibility and all the things I have going..I mvery excited.

  2. Hi Anna!

    These days I’m confronting my karmic challenges to get rid of them. The challenges which I had through my Lilith. I’m Aquarius Sun…

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