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Venus Enters Cancer: It’s Time To Open Your Heart Unconditionally

Venus, our favorite planet for love and romance, is about to enter sweet and sensitive Cancer.  The sign that loves to connect and build strong emotional bonds with people. You can safely open up your heart and experience what the true meaning of love is over this lovely transit.

This is an especially good time for you to get closer to your man and express the love you feel for him this month. Commitments are made much easier over this transit, because Venus in Cancer has us yearning for a deeper and more meaningful kind of love, a love which feels more authentic and real.

Emotions feel heightened, and we wear our hearts on our sleeves. This is the month for laying it all on the table and letting the people closest to you know how much they mean to you. Your intuitive understanding of other people’s needs will grow over this period, giving your love life an extra boost.

Your desire for intimacy will go through the roof as you seek to lay down your emotional roots. This period will make you very aware of your need for security in your life, and what it means to feel safe and contained in your spaces. 

This transit may have you questioning what home and family mean to you. You’ll want to take a deeper look at the people who you depend on for emotional nourishment and if you’re truly getting your needs met in your relationships.

The role of emotions also seems to take precedence over the course of this month. It is simply impossible to hide how you are feeling, and you’ll want to express your deepest emotions to those around you.

This month can feel particularly vulnerable, especially if you’re not used to being so emotional, but this is also an opportunity for you to learn to live more openly and see that there is strength in vulnerability.

You want to nurture and take care of the people you love during this time, so don’t be too surprised when you get extra sentimental and search for comfort from those closest to you. After all the flirting this past month when Venus was in Gemini, it’s now time to go deeper and build a strong connection with one particular person. 

Venus enters Cancer on June 2nd and stays there until June 27th when it enters Leo. This gives you a month to get cozy with your special someone and build something meaningful with him. If you’re curious to find out what this means for your sign, then continue reading to find out what this month has in store for you and your relationships.


Domestic bliss is where you want to be this month, Aries. All you want to do is spend some quality one-on-one time with your lover and build a deeper connection. You’re feeling a little more sentimental and emotional than usual.

You’re used to being full on and always on the go, but this energy has you wanting to sit back and relax a little. You love to be out and about experiencing new things, but this month you just want to stay home and indulge in a bit of familiar comfort.

You may experience a strong desire to feel rooted and safe, and especially so in your primary relationship. You’re no longer looking for a fling, you want something more serious and someone who you can depend on. Commitment is where your heart is at.

You want to be with someone who makes you feel safe and protected. So, it is a great time for you to evaluate how the man in your life makes you feel and whether he makes you feel secure or is contributing to any of your anxiety.


You seem to have a way with words this month, Taurus. You’re in a very charming mood and know exactly how to woo your way into a man’s heart. It might feel like you have swallowed a romantic poetry book with all the sweet nothings escaping your lips. Venus in Cancer is making you one hell of a charmer this month, that is for sure!

This is a great time for you to benefit from the ease with which you’re able to express yourself this month. It’s easy for you to put what you are feeling into words and it’s likely that this may elicit just the response you are looking for. 

Be as open as you desire to be. It might feel a little scary at first, because vulnerability isn’t easy for anyone, but you’ll feel much better letting the object of your affection know how you truly feel about him. 

This might be exactly what your relationship needs right now. Open and honest communication is a sure way to make you and your partner feel a lot closer with one another. So, get talking and see what you can uncover about each other.


You have just been through a pretty full month, Gemini. So many hot dates and fun events, you must feel exhausted and need a lot of rest and reflection to figure out where to go next. Your self-esteem is feeling at an all-time high, so you’re only interested in having people in your life that make you feel even more secure and confident with your life!

Stability is a big focus for you over the course of this month, therefore it might be a good idea to take the next step with the guy who caught your eye recently. Nothing says stability more than making things official with your man. 

This is a big deal for you, because usually you like to be super flirtatious and play the field, but you suddenly feel ready for a greater commitment and closeness with one partner. You’re craving the comfort only a serious relationship can bring. 

Celebrate this big milestone by splurging on a nice dinner with your man. I’m sure you’ll come to love the peace and quiet that a more stable relationship can bring.


This is a big month for your relationships, Cancer. You’re just exuding sweet and loving energy at the moment, and I bet you have no idea how attractive this makes you! Every guy you meet is about to be blown away by your soft and nurturing energy.

The ball is pretty much in your court this month when it comes to relationships. Venus is giving you an extra boost to help you attract any man you desire, so make sure to revel in the extra attention, because it is your time to shine.

Make sure to put some time into your appearance this month. Extra self-care is going to give you the confidence to go after the man you want. So, book that hair appointment and put on that sexy dress, you’ll have him eating out of the palm of your hands in no time!

This is a great time to become really clear about what you desire in a relationship, and make sure to not settle for anything less. This month is all about getting what you truly deserve, so make the most of it!


Leo, you’re so used to being center stage and drawing all the attention to you, but you just don’t feel up for that when Venus is in Cancer. You feel a great need for rest and recuperation after a long while of being social and on the go. No wonder your social batteries are feeling a little low.

You’re feeling really private and secretive about your love life. Perhaps you have met someone you have powerful feelings for, but it just feels a little more exciting keeping him a secret, especially as you figure out where things are going in the relationship.

It could very well be that you like him so much that you feel you want to protect the relationship a bit from the outside world. Whatever the reason is, it is right for you! But knowing what you’re really like, Leo, he’ll be appearing on your social media in no time.

Sometimes it’s good to keep the people you care most about a little protected, because relationships change once other people and their opinions get involved. So, enjoy these quiet moments together, because I suspect when Venus enters your sign, things are going to be pretty full on.


Virgo, the right man for you might have been under your nose all this time and right in the middle of your friendship circle! Venus in Cancer might have you seeing someone you’ve known for ages in a new, more romantic light. 

And why not? The best relationships are usually built out of a strong friendship and foundation. The trust and understanding are there already. It can feel a little scary at first, because maybe you’re afraid of losing a meaningful friendship. But sometimes in love you need to take risks.

Even if you don’t start dating a friend, you’ll see that friendships play a vital role in your love life this month. You could very well be set up on a date by your best friend, or meet someone at a social event someone close to you is hosting. So, keep your eyes open for these opportunities.

This month you’ll likely realize that the feeling of friendship is important for you in your romantic life. You want the trust, fun, and companionship you experience with a friend with the man you are romantically involved with.


Libra, you love status and hardworking men who you know can spoil you with luxury. This is no secret, but for some reason your boss seems to be getting hotter and hotter by the day. It’s safe to say you have a crush.

And if it isn’t your boss, then it’s someone older and wiser. You feel done with young men; you want someone mature and who has some life experience. You’re feeling ready to make some serious commitments because you’re seeking some stability in your life.

So, it makes sense that you’re feeling more attracted to men who have their life together. This might not be your usual type, but who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised when you go on a date with an older gentleman.

It’s good to explore your tastes, and evolve your opinions of what you think you find attractive. But let’s be honest, what isn’t to like about a man who is ambitious, hardworking, and successful? You might just meet your match over this transit, Libra. 


Scorpio, your desire for love is at an all-time high over the course of this month. You’re looking for something deep that’s going to blow your mind. A love that is all-consuming and life changing.

It isn’t always easy to find a man who is interested in experiencing such a deep and intense kind of love, but when Venus in Cancer comes around, you’re attracting all the right types of guys. There are depths to you that need exploring, and there is no better way to do this than when in love.

There seems to be a really interesting man knocking on your door, and you especially like that you could really learn something from him. He wants to expand your mind and have you view life from a new perspective. He’s just what the doctor ordered!

Great pleasure comes from having someone like this in your life, someone who challenges you and keeps things exciting. So, get ready for some jaw dropping adventures that make your soul sing, because you’re really discovering what love means to you!


Sagittarius, you’re unusually somber and intense this month. On a normal day you have more energy and excitement than everyone else, but this month has you feeling all the deep emotions and intensity.

You’re going through a process of transformation when it comes to your love life. Instead of feeling impulsive and going on a date every night of the week, you might suddenly feel the urge to connect deeply with one particular man.

Instead of partying your feelings away, you’re interested in exploring your emotions and sharing your vulnerability with your lover. This might feel like uncharted territory for you, because you rarely show your soft side to anyone. 

But, if there is one person who does well with challenges and discovering new parts of themselves, then it is you, Sagittarius. So, take this month to meet a new version of yourself and see how it influences the intimacy you allow into your life.


Love is definitely in the air for you this month, Capricorn. You’re feeling incredibly open and ready to allow a deeper kind of love into your life when Venus is in Cancer. If you’ve been feeling on the fence about the man you are dating, you might come to realize he’s just the man you have been waiting for.

You’re ready to take the next step and commit to the relationship in ways you weren’t sure about before. This month is all about making decisions regarding your commitments, so it’s really time to make things official.

You’re yearning to develop a deeper and more emotional bond with your lover, and a good way of getting there is by being extremely vulnerable and open about the way you are feeling. This can be daunting, especially for someone like you, who isn’t too keen on being overly emotional.

But you will recognize that your relationship will be so much stronger for it. For the next month, it’s totally fine and acceptable to be completely cheesy and sweet with your lover. Sometimes even the more serious gals need a cutesy moment, and this happens to be yours!


Aquarius, you’re not the most practical when it comes to love, instead you appreciate your relationships for the mental stimulation they bring you. But this month has you expressing your love completely differently, instead of talking about love, you’re more likely to show it.

You might feel overwhelmed by feeling a need to show how much your lover means to you by taking on the role of caretaker. This feels completely foreign to you, but suddenly you’re all about showing your love through cooking meals or helping out around the home. 

You desperately want to feel needed or that you can be of service to your partner. A more nurturing side to your personality wants to come out and play, and somehow you seem to really enjoy doing little things for your partner. 

This is a fantastic way for you to get closer to your partner and show them how much they mean to you. This kind of mood doesn’t come by often, so make sure you squeeze every minute of appreciating your partner on this level!


Pisces, you’re feeling lucky in love and full of romance. This is your month to shine in the romance department. You can’t help but attract all kinds of suitors this month. It must be that flirty attitude that keeps all these dates rolling in.

There is no better feeling than being in love and sharing your life with another. This month has you feeling all kinds of beautiful, which gives you just the right boost of confidence to go after the man you desire. 

Embrace this creative and joyful energy you have at your disposal. You want to have fun, and this feeling is infectious. Whoever is lucky enough to be in your presence just loves the light and fresh way in which you do things. 

Attracting new love is effortless and easy over this transit, so make sure you make the most of it, because Cupid is on your side and ready to make all your romantic dreams come true. Who knows, you might meet the one before the month is over!

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Final Thoughts About Venus In Cancer

The transit of Venus in Cancer is one of the most loving times of the year. Everyone is feeling super vulnerable and ready to wear their hearts on their sleeves. This is a time to be honest and let the special people in your life know how you feel.

You can be raw and real with people, and experience no judgement. So, it really is the right time to make that grand romantic gesture, because everyone is a little more open to being sentimental and ready to process feelings. 

This is the month to have your emotional needs met and to build strong feelings of trust within your relationships. Before the month is over, everyone will be feeling gentler and more willing to express the way they are feeling. 

This is truly the time to get raw and real and make your relationships a priority. Your emotions will be better for it! 

What was your month like when Venus was in Gemini? What did you experience and did any of my predictions come true? I’m really curious to find out so please leave a comment in the sections down below, I’d love to hear all your stories. 

Are you dating someone right now and feeling curious to know what the compatibility is like between the two of you and what your chances are with him and you in a relationship? Or perhaps you are struggling in some way and just need more clarity about your situation?

I’m happy to help and have a few spots open this month to provide personal guidance.

You can book your ‘VIP Consultation’ with me here to get instant clarity & guidance about your relationship.

You might find out a lot about the man you are dating, and especially the ways in which you can woo him and win him over.

Wishing you all the love and happiness in the world,

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

7 thoughts on “Venus Enters Cancer: It’s Time To Open Your Heart Unconditionally

  1. Hello Anna,
    Thank you for your help to look on my self by someone then me . I’m 68 years old ,divorced and retired from school district. Now is my time and in this moment I meet someone who is Virgo .

  2. Hi I’m confused with my friendship/ relationship I have with this guy I see. He’s put me in the friend zone and I don’t know why but wants to continue seeing me. It’s frustrating because when I do ask about our relationship he’s doesn’t want to talk about it .. should I just let go or continue just being a friend?? Help!

  3. We met last Sept my Pisces man. He wanted me to move in, I said show. I need a little reasueance he gave me a diamond Halloween. We get along pretty good, but Sat eve into this rainy w/E ..things fell sideways. Everyone has their spats.Sat we took my car..he has a diesel truck gas more money. He was grumpy Sun he wanted to take my car Again, I said geese I gotta put gas in it money’s tight. Im retired hes not. Plus he never asked nicley. Its how he handledit grumpy. I’m sensative. We went to breakfast, he didn’t even wait and walk with me. Tuesday came home started again about car, I did yell to him when we were entering store. That day.What’s that matter you cant be a gentlemen. We were planning a trip hes purchasing a house down SC. He said im going alone driving my stuff and flying back. Which I said is pay my own airfair..i don’t understand what’s happen3d to.him. he’s got Alimoney to pay. I understand, but we were supposed to work together. What’s his OCD problem. He pays me something toward rent, particular on fooda. He buys, lives with me til his new adventure. We shared his new home photos, he always claimed my room down their. I’m confused and hut he liked kicked me to curb. He organized my apt. To his liking im.easy going what can I do? He tells me he loves me, but that’s just words til he finds himself i feel..Help🤔🌹👍

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I have been using your method and my Sagitarius guy is so turned around and so turned on!!

  5. Thank you, I am a Scorpio who has been struggling in relationships. Men I meet are just childish and talk about sex every second they open their damn mouths. That just awaken my fierce scorpio sting as love is more than letting my panties down. Believe me am talking about 50+ age group.

    Yesterday I hooked with some 45yrs old guy and I am 52 in October who just immediately gave me butterflies in my tummy. His maturity level and conversation simply turned the fire in me. Ironically he is a Pisces born 12 April and me 26 October.

    I am so excited and we both can’t wait for our second date which he proposes a weekend away for us.

    Am I drawn to this younger version of men as my 2 previous relationship were with a 44 and 46 year old. They were the best by far since my divorce, now am hitting a 45 yrs which sounds exciting and he wants a long term relationship and to settle down.

  6. I am a 65 year Sag woman in a situation ship with a 65 year Cancer man. Neither of us ever intend to remarry and it can be a lot of fun. But he is most cautious when it comes to public displays of affection, which is hard only ego. Can this work much longer?

  7. Last month was a disaster before I got your predictions and your guidance. I had already messed up my relationship with my boyfriend and we are no longer together, however I wished we were. I love him but I don’t know what to do. Do you have any advice for me because there is other female involved I do believe at this time. I feel emotionally Torn to Pieces. His sign is “cancer”! And there might be another female “Taurus” involved, but not sure!

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