Uranus Is Going Retrograde & Here Is What To Expect Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Hello, my lovely ladies! What a year this has been already, and the Universe is about to hit us with another curveball. Uranus, the planet of upheavals, sudden changes, innovations, and awakenings, is going retrograde.

But don’t you worry, Uranus retrograde doesn’t have the terrible reputation that a planet like Mercury has when it goes retrograde. Uranus energy is already quite dramatic and out of control, but when this planet turns retrograde the energy turns in on itself and becomes a whole lot calmer.

Uranus is currently in Taurus and the retrograde starts on August 19, 2021 and will remain in the backspin motion until January 18, 2022. Giving us quite a big chunk of time to really make sense of all the changes we have had to go through this year.

Uranus retrograde tends to be a lot more subtle than most people would anticipate from this giant planet. This time will have everyone more introspective and give us the time to process all the big changes we have recently experienced. 

When Uranus goes retrograde it gives us a beautiful opportunity to be able to upgrade our lives in a way that is more forward-thinking and innovative. All the shifts you have had to go through over the last few months will slowly start to make sense. 

And you might find yourself coming out of this retrograde feeling more at peace with where you are at in your life, and all the reasons for any upheavals in your life will start coming to the light. Change can be a hard thing to accept, but with this retrograde, you will find more peace in surrendering to the moment instead of resisting it. 

Like much of the Astrology for the year, my fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius will feel this energy the most. Especially if one of these signs is on your Ascendant. I think this retrograde will bring much relief.

Fixed signs don’t particularly like change very much, and unfortunately, Uranus is all about change and shaking things up. This retrograde will give you all the opportunity to slowly integrate and make peace with all the upheaval in your lives. 

Because the energy of Uranus retrograde is so subtle and slow, you might not notice the change at first, you need to be patient with it and let the energy unfold as it wants to. Relationships might go through a transition, but don’t expect it to be life-changing and dramatic.

So, continue reading to see what subtle changes you can expect in the next few months, and how exactly this Uranus retrograde can shift certain things in your relationship. Remember to read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising sign to get the most accurate horoscope. 


The only certainty in life is change – and there is nothing we can do about it, even if it can come as a shock and more often than not feels like heartbreak. Heartbreak may have come your way this year rather unexpectedly, and now you are picking up all the pieces. 

Don’t expect healing and acceptance to happen overnight. You need to let yourself feel everything! Focus on small changes you can make to help yourself through the process. A transformation takes time, so be patient with yourself as you evolve slowly. 

One of the best methods for you to invite love into your life once again is to focus on yourself and your well-being. Think about all the qualities you value and have you noticed a shift in the things you find important? 

It is good to notice these shifts and how these subtle changes can influence the people you attract in your life and how you operate in your relationships. You might notice that your new values attract different types of people into your life now and this can be the dawn of a new phase in your love life. 

Stay true to who you are and what is important to you and the right people will knock on your door!

Tarot Love Advice For Aries: 3 Of Wands

A new beginning is on the horizon for you, you just need to hold to your vision and believe in your dream and keep focus. Your passion will pay off, so don’t lose momentum when you meet a roadblock.


Change has been hitting you from every direction, and luckily with this Uranus retrograde, you get a few months to take a breath and integrate all this rapid transformation. Taurus, your sign doesn’t do very well with change, you much prefer consistency and stability. 

Take this moment to pause and reflect on who you have become and what parts do you accept or reject in your new way of being. It might be time to realize that clinging to something is holding you back from true happiness. 

And that letting go will bring you the greatest amount of peace. This can be letting go of anything, from a job, a friend, or a relationship. When you’re ready to surrender to this process you make space for the things that are meant to stick and be in your life in the long term. 

And work on accepting the parts of yourself that may seem a little strange and unusual to others. This is the time to embrace what makes you unique and not to run away from it. The person you are meant to be with will want you to be yourself completely. 

So, learn to live unashamedly for the next few months!

Tarot Love Advice For Taurus: Page Of Swords

Stay curious and always ask: why? See what each and every person can add to your life if you take the time to get to know them. Being open-minded will help you build stronger connections with others. When you embrace your own eccentricities, you can easily accept the eccentricities of others.


The next few months are going to be huge for your spiritual journey, Gemini! You’re more of a do-er and thinker than someone who really sits back and indulges in time for reflection and introspection. 

But you will notice the next few months will have you stepping back, and allowing a lot more time for yourself to heal and dive deep into any emotional wounds that need healing. Really take your time to enjoy this process and allow yourself to feel everything you need to feel. 

Feeling so emotionally vulnerable might make you feel rather uncomfortable and out of your depths for a while, but learn to embrace it and realize that this time is teaching you a wonderful lesson on how to be softer and live with an open heart. 

All kinds of wounds and triggers can really be healed over the next few months while Uranus is in retrograde. Don’t let this special opportunity pass you by. There is a certain liberation you can only come close to when you are willing to work on the hard stuff. 

No one said this journey was going to be easy, but I can guarantee it will be worth it! 

Tarot Love Advice For Gemini: Strength

Be brave and have the courage to make the step forward. Be compassionate with yourself and all the emotions you feel. Don’t see your feelings as a weakness, but an opportunity to embrace yourself wholly. Love comes when you can accept the good and the bad within yourself.


Your idea of friendship has very likely been tested for the last while, and now with Uranus going retrograde you can really dive deep and question what exactly is missing between you and your inner circle.

The type of friendships we have with others can often illuminate the relationship we have with ourselves. If you have a strong sense of self, and buckets of self-love then it is often reflected in your friendships and the support you receive from your community.

And this is also usually the case when it comes to romance. Do a proper inventory of the people you allow into your life and take special note of how you feel when you are around them. Uranus retrograde wants you to clear the air and give you clarity. 

You might also want to take a good look at your mental diet and the media you consume. Take a look at the people you follow on social media and really ask yourself if this aligns with your vision of your life or are you constantly comparing yourself to the highly edited images you see on screen?

It is time for you to get authentic and to let go of anything and anyone who isn’t on a similar journey. Letting go of this baggage will only allow you to welcome in the energy and love you truly want and deserve.

Tarot Love Advice For Cancer: 8 Of Swords

There is no need to stick with a bad situation when there is always an option to be free. Don’t let fear and negative self-belief have you feeling trapped. Fear cannot control you if decide to take the step forward. Shift your perspective and realize that you are the only person sabotaging yourself. 


Change has been afoot for the last few years, and whatever “five-year plan” you had you might as well discount because your life is likely not unfolding the way you once expected. This can’t be easy for you to accept, but trust me this process is only putting you on a path of greater authenticity. 

This retrograde is giving you a well-deserved breather and you’ll walk out of this process feeling more accepting of where you are at. It will probably dawn on you that you are exactly where you are meant to be right now. 

There is really no point in resisting this process, this will only make it a lot harder for you to deal with. Accept where you are at, adapt to your situation and show the world how brilliant you are at dealing with change. 

Be open to exploring all your options and all the different people who come your way. This is the time to embrace the unexpected and to allow the Universe to take you on a journey. Many gifts are waiting for you if you allow yourself to surrender. 

You might not exit this process the person you thought you were, but at least you will feel a whole lot happier. 

Tarot Love Advice For Leo: The Hanged Woman

Your life might feel like it is in a state of suspension and you’re just waiting for the shift to happen. Just allow yourself to be part of the process. Surrender and move forward with grace, even if you are coming from a different perspective. 


All this growth and expansion needs to lead somewhere, right? Take a little break from all this self-discovery for the next few months, and really integrate everything you have learned about yourself and the world.

There are two distinct parts of yourself pulling you in two different directions. The one side of you wants to travel, experience expansion, and all the wonderous corners of the world while the other side is yearning for you to settle down and finally call somewhere home. 

Take the next few months to try out a settled life, and see how it suits you and the dreams you have for your life. You might come to realize having more stability is exactly what you need, or you can take up the nomadic journey when the retrograde ends.

It is also quite likely that you and your romantic partner might be experiencing a battle of two wills. You want to sit still and settle, while they just want to travel and go on a journey or vice versa. 

The two of you are going to have to come to a compromise and see what will work for you both in order to make this relationship successful. 

Tarot Love Advice For Cancer: King Of Cups

High emotional intelligence will always work in your favor and you can inspire others with your open heart and willingness to learn from love. Always choose compassion and you will find yourself on the right path.


You might have noticed quite a shift in your views of sex and intimacy since Uranus entered Taurus in 2019. This might be quite a shock to your system as you’re still getting used to what your new tastes are. 

You might have noticed more unconventional and unusual types of people walking into your life. People who test your boundaries and push you towards experimentation and sexual liberation. This can be fun, but it takes a moment of adjustment.

Luckily this retrograde is giving you a chance to breathe and an opportunity to get to know this new you. Retrogrades can often bring back people from your past with who you might have some unresolved issues. So, have you left open a crack in the door for someone to come back in? 

During the next 6(ish) months take it easy and allow whoever needs to come in, to come in, but be careful – you don’t want to fall into old patterns. This is a fantastic opportunity for you to grow and see how much you have learned. Out with the old, and in with the new! 

Expect a lot of things to come out in the open, so say what you need to say to either start over from scratch or to let go for good!

Tarot Love Advice For Libra: King Of Pentacles

Your life might feel totally out of control right now, but all you’re truly yearning for is stability and being with a partner who is responsible and is secure enough to provide you with all the physical and emotional comforts you need. Know what you want from a man, and never settle for anything less!


Relationships have been quite the rollercoaster for the last while. One minute up and then one minute down. All of your closest relationships are rapidly changing and it can feel like quite a shock to the system like you’re not sure if you’re coming or going. 

Thankfully, with this Uranus retrograde, all of this will come to a much-needed halt and you can take a breath and come to terms with all the changes that have occurred in your relationships.

Are you really over your ex? Because there might be a chance for you to explore that relationship once again. Just be prepared to do a lot of soul searching. If you want to make it work with him the two of you are going to have to sort out your differences, or else you might fall into a familiar old trap. 

The most important thing for you to do is to be authentic and true to yourself throughout this retrograde. Don’t pretend to be anyone else to make others happy. Inauthenticity is like a rash for Uranus. This planet wants you to be real.

Don’t resist the changes that keep coming up for you. Be honest with yourself and everything else will fall into place. 

Tarot Love Advice For Scorpio: 3 Of Swords

Disappointments are a natural part of falling and taking a chance on love. Sooner or later, you are going to get hurt, but this is what makes it all worth it. Don’t get stuck in the pain and refuse to let go. Give yourself the time to heal, but then pick yourself up and move on. 


Uranus retrograde is going to make you take a close look at all your habits and daily rituals. It might even be time for you to let go of a vice or two. The things we do and say day in and day out are a big reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves.

It is the food we choose to eat, the media we choose to read, and the people we choose to spend our time with. It is a good time to ask yourself how all your little daily rituals make you feel? Are you energized or do you feel drained by the end of the day?

Is there something you know you need to change, but you just can’t seem to let it go? Uranus retrograde is going to help you to make a smooth adjustment to shaking up your self-care routines.  

Remember, the way you treat yourself says a lot about what you are willing to allow in a relationship. If you treat yourself with kindness and respect, then the partner you choose is bound to do the same. 

Let this retrograde embrace a new diet or an exercise routine. All these little adjustments will help you to be a more attractive version of yourself. 

Tarot Love Advice For Sagittarius: The Empress

What makes you feel loved, creative, and nurtured? What self-care practices can you implement to make yourself feel more whole? Embrace your sensuality and all the things that make you feel feminine. When you love and care for yourself the whole world will sit up and respond to your beauty.


There is a newfound wildness you may have embraced for the last couple of years since Uranus entered Taurus in 2019. You might feel like your libido is through the roof and you’re more daring and reckless than you have ever been before.

This kind of energy can feel slightly unusual for you, Capricorn. You normally operate at a much more responsible and measured level, so this retrograde is a sigh of relief. You can take a timeout from this unusual behavior and take a step back.

Have you noticed yourself attracting a lot of bad boys or unconventional types into your life recently? How does this change of pace make you feel? This retrograde will give you the opportunity to question all your new behaviors and to make sense of the how and why. 

You might also be ready to put down your rebellious hat and return to your calmer roots. All this drama and chaos in your love life might be a little bit too much for you to actually handle. You want something more stable out of love.

Take note of what you want and what you need out of love and embrace the parts that make you feel alive and excited.

Tarot Love Advice For Capricorn: Knight Of Pentacles

Are you ready for a commitment? Invite this energy in and make it yours. Speak love and stability into existence. Don’t be afraid to claim what you want out of love and relationships. It is your life and you should be able to get what you want out of it! Believe in your goals and you will get there.


Emotionally your life may have been feeling rather chaotic and all over the place for the last two years or so. It might feel like all your foundations and life structures are falling away and you’re struggling to find the ground beneath you.

Have you been looking for the perfect place to live? Or uhm-ing and ah-ing with your partner if the two of you should move in together? Or maybe you just want your man to be ready to commit to you already. The point is you have been feeling unsettled and uprooted and now is the chance for some respite.

Luckily, this retrograde is going to bring you a sense of calm you can hold onto for the next five months. You can feel more settled, and all that uprooting is now put on pause for the time being. What a relief!

Take the next few months and try to create a semblance of structure and stability in your life. Whatever makes you feel a little more grounded. But don’t expect it to last forever, when Uranus moves forward again, you might find yourself on shaky ground once again.

Tarot Love Advice For Aquarius: 9 Of Cups

Wish fulfillment! Do you have everything you have ever desired? Well, you could if you ask for it! If you can wish it, then you can make it come true. Welcome all your desires in with a feeling of abundance and gratitude. 


A clearing of all the close relationships in your life is due right about now. There is no point in postponing this for much longer. This retrograde serves as a reminder that not all relationships are meant to last forever. 

And this is the truth when it comes to friendships and romantic connections. Ask yourself which people in your life make you feel good and like you can be your most authentic self with? There is no point in spending time with people who make you feel like you need to be someone else in order to be accepted. 

You might come to realize that it is often better to be on your own than with people who make you feel like you aren’t good enough. This is such an important lesson for you to learn, especially if you have been saying goodbye to many connections recently. 

Keep your distance from any energy vampires, and see the difference you feel in your soul. I would be careful to allow them back into your life when this retrograde is over. But for now, retreat and enjoy the peace.

Tarot Love Advice For Pisces: Queen Of Cups

You can fill your own cup with love and magic. You have the ability to master the true meaning of love and to share this with those around you. The most important thing you need to remember is to put all that love into yourself first, and then the right people will enter. 

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My Final Wishes For You During Uranus Retrograde

Wish a planet like Uranus you can always expect the unexpected, but when it goes retrograde it is a different story. The pace is a lot slower and more introspective and all the drama comes right down to earth. 

Be still with yourself and your desires and make peace with all the changes that have happened in your life recently. Life is going to just get harder if you don’t surrender to these changes and let go of everything that has happened. 

Remember change doesn’t have to be upsetting, and sometimes we need radical moments to move forward into a better position in our lives, even though it can be scary and upsetting it is necessary for our growth. 

All you can really do is go with the flow and let it happen! If you try to hold on too tight, nothing good can come from it. 

Just keep in mind that Uranus retrograde is very subtle energy at play and things might unfold slowly over time. It is very different than when Uranus is direct and just barges in and makes big drastic changes in our lives. 

So, over the retrograde try to make peace with the changes, and realize this is for your own good and ultimate liberation. Just do your best to go with the flow and let life unfold as it should.

What are you looking forward to most during Uranus Retrograde? And how do you think this time is going to influence your love life? Please let me know in the comment section below, I am so curious to hear your responses.

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Wishing you all the love in the world.

Your sister and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Bilancia ascendente Sagittario, innamorata follemente di un Toro…mi sembra perfetto per me…
    Mi aspetto grandi cose nel lavoro e tanta stabilità nella vita …

  2. My bf an I broken up weekend I cant sleep eat feelin stressed someone is there in the picture on my side I am so confused I love him an want to be with him but after this break up am feelin really sorry for my previous bf after all the hurt an things he said but am confused am not sure if to give him a chance or let go forever an this nex one start a future with or who I really supposed to be with am jus a mess atm confused fustrated scared everything atm like wat to do,askin myself wen I wil be at peace settle an with who an wen I wil hav kids an wil I ever hav kids with my situation polysistic ovaries I hav an all an plus in a financial situation am really fustrated at this point

  3. You grab my attention right on with your insights. I feel as if you are talking to me! I lost my husband to cancer 10 months ago and I feel I am healing. The Uranus retrograde is just what I need!
    Thank You ??

  4. I’m looking forward to all these new changes in my life..for starters I’m on a diet right now and have been seeing great results..I lost 15 pounds…I’m in love with a Taurus..and I’m in deed talking it slow and going with the flow…

  5. Its interesting. Feels linked with several people. One remodels a bathroom to look like a sacred temple another enters a temple of understanding – both have venus in virgo but are not a couple. Mars has been conjunct health purity asteroid hygeia. Another 3 enter a clean bright pure energy fantasy healing resort. I used the mars to paint my kitchen. A younger one Capricorn is dramatic wild and has too natal mars square uranus. Daddy is pulling his hair out.
    Gates is divorcing. Partially retiring. I feel I am in his web now I feel it is his worldwide web and no way out but I also logically assess his cycle of 30 years since 1992 onslaught is done so maybe not to panic. Glad to hear its going to calm. I have strong seeds to grow once fertile soil comes ready.
    I like slow. I can t believe how much more I easily did when I was young….

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