Venus in Libra: How This Balanced Energy Affects Your Love Life

Hello, lovelies! On Monday (Moon’s Day), the 16th of August, our lovely lady Venus will enter her domicile sign – Libra. Venus will remain in Libra until September 10th when she will move into darker waters governed by Pluto – the sign of Scorpio.

Until then, we will focus on the prettier and more esthetic things in love, we will explore how Venus feels in Libra, and what does her “mood” mean for your sign. But, before we delve into the “esthetics” of each of the twelve signs, we will talk about the general overview of Venus in Libra. 

You’ll feel that Venus in Libra puts on heart-shaped, pink glasses of romance and falling in love. So don’t be surprised if those of you who are single get called out on dates more, and those of you who’re dating get charmed and excited twofold!

Venus in Libra is on her own turf; thus, she will bring to attention topics such as fashion, spending money on art and culturally elevating dates, spending time with people who avoid drama and love to socialize. She will heighten romantic feelings and attraction. 

If you have a crush on someone, or there’s someone you’ve liked for a very long time, Venus transiting through Libra will make you want to confess your affections and make a move! And it just might bring you good fortune and luck in your romantic adventures. 

Venus in Libra is in her own sign, and through Libra, it manifests “higher octaves” of love, and shows off Neptunian vibes. We’ll be more prone to idealizing our partners (or wannabe partners), to seeing others in the best possible light, to dressing nice with style and class, and to spending more money on beauty products and cosmetic surgery. 

For the best understanding of how Venus in Libra will affect you, take a look at your Rising sign, but keep an eye out for both your Sun and Moon signs, too. The house markers should help you get a fuller picture of how this transit will go.

If you are excited about this positive Venusian shift, and you want to know more about how will it affect you, then keep on reading and enjoy your stay! 


Hello sweet Aries, Venus in Libra is transiting through your opposite sign, thus, your 7th House of partnerships, other people, marriage, and romance. You might find this transit unamusing as you’ll be forced to think and not react. 

Venus in Libra will challenge you to see things from other people’s perspective, to understand better, to be tamer, and more reasonable and understanding. You being you, your focus will be somewhere else (on yourself probably), but Venus will bring a lot of dating opportunities and people who’re interested in you. 

It’s going to be as if you’re suddenly being called to too many events at once, and you’ll find yourself thinking, “why isn’t cloning invented yet?!” You’ll also be asked to bring a milder temper to the table, and to sit with “grownups,” which may or may not agree with your personal opinion, but if you take this chance to show off your reasonable side, you might get yourself some sweet deals or a promotion. 

Think what you will, Aries, but the second half of August and the beginning of September are going to be very productive and fruitful days for you, just remember to enter all deals and social gatherings with a cool head. 


Hey Taurus, what’s good? This Venusian transit is bringing your sister-sign energies to the table. It’s transiting through your 6th House of everyday rituals, health, chores, and discipline. It’s completely possible that you will meet someone new at your day job, or that you will finally go out with someone you’ve been eyeing for some time now from your gym. 

Venus will bring up some pleasant and nicer energies to the usually dull 6th House, and with that, if you’ve planned some cosmetic procedures – it’s a good moment to execute them. Updating your fashion wardrobe and beauty products is also a good thing to have on your to-do list. It’s just might be your luck to meet someone fresh while you’re window shopping for that perfect lingerie or that new lipstick you’ve been promising to yourself!

Shaping and beautifying your body will be your primary focus when it comes to Venus during the second half of August and the first part of September. Also going to places where you sweat (work out), pharmacies, shopping malls, and private pool parties are going to be a major theme. 

Showing off your body and confidence in a bikini or in a good workout outfit is going to play in your favor during this transit, so make sure you’re in a good mood and you’re hyped up when you’re checking the things from your to-do list this month.


Hey my fellow Geminis, how are you? You came for information, and information is what you’ll get, so let’s get right to it! Venus is transiting through your 5th House – the House of pleasures, dating, entertainment, and a good time. The best thing you can do during this transit is something you do best: let go, go with the flow, and enjoy the ride. 

Venus in the 5th House in Libra will bring a lot of flirting, communication, and gossip. You might even find out through the grape vine that someone likes you, and it could be even more than one person! What you do with that information is entirely up to you, but I might suggest something preposterous – have fun!

Now is not the time for you to make long-term plans, instead enjoy the moment, enjoy the ride, have a lot of fun and enjoy your romantic company. Then, when the Venus transits into Scorpio, you’ll have enough “field experience” and food for thought to weed out the admirers who’re not worth your while. 

Remember to take care of your health, too, or at least to take precautions because upcoming Venus transit through Scorpio will happen in your 6th House – the House of health, so whatever choices and decisions you make during this transit, just make sure they won’t have long-lasting effects on your health. 


Hey Cancer, what’s good? Venus is transiting through your 4th House of home, family matters, relationship with your mother and your grandmother. 

From August 16th to September 10th you might get set up on a lot of blind dates by matriarch from your family. You might even be tricked into going out on a date through a clever ruse cooked up by your mom and grandma. 

You’ll also want to improve your relationship with women in your life. This is a perfect moment to enter a marriage with your fiancée or to start living together. Beautifying your house, or buying interior presents for your mom is a great move during this period. Talking to your mom about your crush is also a very good move. 

Don’t run away from blind dates or from spending time with your mom. Instead, try to embrace the things this transit brings to your doorstep, and you might find yourself very grateful that you did in the coming months. This transit comes bearing gifts, you just have to not doubt them and accept them with an open heart and open arms.


Hello Queen, how are you? Let’s dive right into it, shall we? This Libra Venus is happening in your 3rd House – the House of communications, short-distance travel, and learning. So it’s’ quite possible that you’ll learn a secret this month and that it will be something to do with love and romance. 

You might find yourself on a sudden road trip to a spa or hot springs hidden in nature not far from your place. You could get asked out by people who will communicate with you via social networks where there’s a lot of beautiful pic-posting, like Instagram, Tumblr, Tinder, or Pinterest. 

You might happen to enroll into an online course, and you stumble upon someone who will pique your interest. Going to education events that require short-term transit is a good idea during this transit as it elevates your chances of meeting someone who is looking just for you. 

If you made a wish to the stars in earlier months, now it’s your time to come and collect, so go out, meet with new people on educational events, go on short road trips and spend time where there’s a lot of communication and nice pictures around. 


Good day your eminence, how are we on this fine day? So, this transit happens in your 2nd House, the House of finances and your body. It’s a perfect time to invest those savings into yourself and improve your body image (although, it’s not like there’s a need for improvement). 

If you get approached in the waiting room of a clinic or waiting in line in your bank, don’t get surprised, Venus has come to bring you gifts and one of those gifts is certainly a new love interest. 

The Venusian gift might also come in the form of someone who wants to date you and has a lot of money, and showers you with tangible gifts (lucky you!). 

Although, it might be the other way around too. A big financial break might come knocking at your door this month and you might find yourself showering your crush with nice gifts and expensive dates. 

This transit is definitely a beneficial one for pampering yourself and your romantic fires. Whatever you do, just make sure you’ve checked your checkbook and you’re not out of balance. Enjoy yourself, but don’t get ahead of yourself. Stay pretty and sharp.


Hey you! How’s your day so far? Having fun? As you should, as Venus is transiting your 1st House – the House of self, your appearance, outward persona, overall health, and good fortune. So, having Venus transit through your Ascendant is great because not only is she the ruler of your chart, she’s also the Queen of elegance, beauty, style, and gold. 

She’s bringing you a powerful, beautiful, and positively transformative period. You’re glowing, you’re in love, and you like it! You’re in the midst of a grandiose glow-up and it shows. Everyone is noticing you, you’re the star of the show and admirers are approaching your left and right. 

This is your time dear Libra, savor it, enjoy it, and bask in it. Go out on dates, hang out with your girlfriends, go out in museums and art exhibitions, go shopping, treat yourself in spas, get a manicure, change your hair color, cut your hair, add more color to your life and make it big!

If you have a crush, ask them out on a date – you’re going to have a blast! If you get asked out – go out because, why not? Who knows what kind of prince might be hiding inside a frog, so kiss him and find out! And don’t be surprised if you get kissed first, who know how majestic your transformation will turn out to be. Venus has got your back. 


Dear Scorpio, how are things? This Venus transit takes place in your 12th House, so all the things hidden in the dark of your soul, out of light, and out of conscious mind are stirring. And so it happens that these “things” have to do with your emotions and monetary worries. 

Now is the time to sort out previous relationships, to deal with enemies from the past and get a more objective perspective on how you were treated vs how you are treating people who’re trying to get close to you now. 

This is a perfect transit to attend shamanistic workshops, go on a Tantra retreat, deal with your ghosts from the past so that the new people who’re trying to get to know you in real-time have a decent chance of actually getting to know you and making your life more pleasant. 

Investing money in yourself is the right move during this transit. To others, it may seem like you invested money in something intangible, something invisible, but others’ opinions are not your business – you do you and do anything that helps you heal and move on with your life in a better shape than before. Give an opportunity to someone new you might meet on one of your Plutonic escapades, but do not give in to the ghost from the past, they’re in the past for a reason!


Hey Sag, how you doin’? This transit occurs in your 11th House – the House of mates, humanitarian work, internet, global situation, and volunteering. So you might want to ride this wave of chill vibes by hanging out with your crew and doing some volunteer work. Venus will award you greatly for it. 

Alas, you might also realize you’re in love with one of your mates, so you might worry about how the new situation will change your relationship. It’s natural to worry, but don’t give in to it, instead focus on the positive outcomes and trust in Venus to bring you good luck. 

Love might find you during one of your humanitarian events or acts, the Universe works in mysterious ways, and who knows who might be watching you do some good deeds, and feel compelled to join you. If you decide to go to the animal shelter and adopt, you might end up coming home with more than what you bargained!

Someone approaching you online is also a valid chance. Especially if you install an app like Slowly, or you spend a lot of time on platforms that promote volunteering and philanthropy. However, you look at it – good luck comes your way through the matters of the 11th House, you just need to accept it. 


Hello there Cap, how are things? Venus is traversing your 10th House – the House of success, public image, career, and fame, so your good luck and focus will be on these matters. Venus can bring pleasant and easygoing partners into your life, as well as career-advancing chances that turn out to be very pleasant. 

Your style is always on flick and chic, but if you’re attending any gala event and plan big dates during this month, make sure to go that extra mile because the chances are you’re going to impress someone important. And that just might make your life much easier and more pleasant. 

Use this opportunity to meet as many important people at your office, as you can, showcase yourself and your strengths, don’t be afraid to go that extra mile and be confident about it. It’s literally your time to shine. 

There’s going to be a lot of opportunities for career growth that will also include the growth of your paycheck! Venus in Libra might also bring you a raise together with an admirer who also happens to be either a public figure, or someone very prominent in their field of profession. Don’t be shy, use your good fortune, now IS the time!


Hi there dear Aquarius, what are you up to? This Venus transit happens in your 9th House of higher education, overseas travel, long-distance relationship, philosophy, and foreigners. So get your thinking hat on and head out to your college reunion or your philosophy club. 

The stars, well, in this case, only one – Venus, is looking down upon you with good fortune, so use it! There’s going to be some dating opportunities around a college or university, and also during your travels. If you’re moving to a foreign country or you have a vacation planned, be ready to be asked out. 

You won’t fall for any admirer, though, your focus will be on the academic types, the ones that have something to offer in a conversation and you can actually learn something from them. You might meet someone who can be considered a foreigner from your perspective, and that person could sweep you off your feet. 

The love that happens during this transit for you will definably be an intellectual love. Lovers who are stimulated by intellectual topics and high IQ are very likely to cross paths with you during Venus in Libra, so keep your eye on any possible candidates that have the aptitude to make your heart flutter.


Hi Pisces, how is your day going? This Venus transit finds itself in your 8th House – house of transformation, rebirth, renewal, and death. But also, sex, fetishes, and fantasies. So, expect to find yourself feeling moodier than usual and more erotic as Venus will get all those dark 8th House juices flowing. 

If you are with someone, your relationship has the potential of growing deeper and more serious. You will open yourself more to the other person and you will allow them to get closer to you. If you’re single you might meet someone with whom you hit it off right from the start and you get this feeling like you’ve known them for a long time. 

Or, you might get a lot of sexual attention but you decide to work on yourself and transform your emotions through Tarot reading or therapy sessions. Some unexpected money might come your way, too. So, although the energies of the 8th House are demanding and there’s a lot of work, there are going to be worthwhile rewards coming your way, too. Hang in there, you’ve got this, and Venus has got your back!

Stay open to visits to BDMS clubs, fetish parties, and sexual exploration (safely, of course!). If you show courage you might gain a life-transforming experience that will liberate your sexuality in more ways than one. 

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Final Thoughts

If this post about Venus’ transit through Libra sparked your curiosity for more in-depth Astrology content, reach out here to get a personalized reading of your whole chart. 

Venus in Libra is calling all of us to ravel in beauty and experience world through romantic glasses. Be social, go outside, and show off your great style and unique fashion taste. Enjoy yourself and the time spent doing what you love! 

Venus feels right at home in Libra, and she comes bestowing gifts of beauty and romance, so be brave to let yourself relax, blow off steam, unwind, and find your pleasure once again. 

Let me know how this transit goes for you, leave a comment depicting how did you use this beneficial aspect and what kind of adventures did you enjoy? Stay positive, experience happiness, bring someone joy and most of all – love yourself. 

Wishing you a beautiful Libra Venus transit, 

Anna Kovach 

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