Inside The Astrology: The Highs And Lows Of Kim Kardashian And Kanye West’s Marriage

Few other celebrity couples dominated the 2010s like Kim Kardashian and Kanye West (otherwise known as Kimye). They were synonymous with luxury and prestige as a couple since 2012. 

I think Kanye and Kim shocked everyone when they first got together! No one suspected Kim would go with such an edgy guy that could make or break her reputation, but she fell hard for the singer. 

Despite Kanye’s rough exterior, he ended up settling in with Kim, and soon enough the two of them welcomed daughter North West in 2013 followed by three other children in the years to come. 

The public has had its doubts about Kimye since its inception. Something always felt off in the dynamic and the world picked up on that immediately. 

That being said, there were several intoxicating reasons that they stuck with each other for as long as they did!

Kanye is a capricious Gemini, while Kim is a graceful Libra. Their Suns are both sitting in air signs, giving the two of them an easy sense of understanding between them. 

To better understand the relationship between Kim and Kanye, it’s important to look at their individual charts to see where they are coming from as people. 

Overview of Kim Kardashian’s Birth Chart

Kim Kardashian’s Birth Chart

Kim Kardashian and her family have been among the most influential people of the 2000s. I mean, come on, she has a wildly successful game based on her!

Born on October 21, 1980 in Los Angeles, California, Kim is a tasteful Libra Sun, a sensitive Pisces Moon, and an optimistic Sagittarius Rising. 

In Astrology, Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac and the sign most associated with beauty, style, and aesthetic pleasures. Kim perfectly exemplifies these traits, as she has been considered a fashion icon for over a decade!

Her Libra Sun inclines her to stay in relationships more than she is single. Libras feel a lot better when they have a partner to play off of. 

The Sun placed in Kim’s eleventh house makes her a generally gifted person in the sense that life seems to offer her advantages left and right. She attracts a community of people and can strike up a rallying cry with ease.

Because her ruling planet is Venus, she is the epitome of femininity and others naturally idolize her – but that goes without saying! Her womanly hourglass build is an iconic look that has been much imitated in recent years. 

Venus will create someone who is sympathetic and kind as well, explaining Kim’s large sums of money donated to charities supporting the homeless!

Libra Suns are more proficient than any sign in relationships. Libra understands the value of compromise, and so they tend to have amazing romantic achievements under their belt. 

In addition to Kim’s Libra Sun, her Sagittarius Rising is going to better explain some of her tendencies in relationships. 

Sagittarius is a cheerful sign ruled by the abundant Jupiter, which gives her an expansive quality that draws others in. She likely feels that there are no limits to what she can do, and she assumes the same about others. 

In addition, she tends to be open minded to all different types of people. She’s accepting of all kinds of people.

I believe that Kim’s Sagittarius Rising allowed her to see past Kanye’s bad-boy reputation to the softer side of him. The natural receptive nature of the Sagittarius energy aided her in seeing Kanye for who he was.

Despite Kim’s extroverted Libra and Sagittarian nature, there is a more private side to her. Her Pisces Moon makes her empathetic and open to the energy of others. She can’t find it in herself to call anyone a lost cause. 

On top of all of this, Kim has Venus in her ninth house of other cultures, philosophy religion, and higher powers. It makes complete sense that she married someone who not only is incredibly philosophical but also literally calls himself God at times!

Kim’s Venus is in the sign of Virgo, indicating that she wants someone who is attentive and aware as well as incredibly intelligent. She may hold her partners to high standards and finding her ‘perfect’ partner may have been challenging for her. 

Overview of Kanye West’s Birth Chart

Overview of Kanye West’s Birth Chart

Kanye West is one of the most legendary rappers alive, but Kanye will tell you that he is the best rapper alive. He has a healthy ego and is famous for his cocky attitude.  

Born on June 8th, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia, Kanye West is an expressive Gemini Sun and an introspective Pisces Moon. This combination makes him highly changeable and adaptable overall. 

Kanye’s Sun and Moon are wildly complementary to Kim’s Libra Sun and Pisces Moon. They understand one another and communicate well. 

In Astrology, Gemini is a wordsmith and a master at knowing a room. Literally, Gemini’s usually know everyone in the room!  

Ruled by cerebral Mercury, Gemini Suns (aka: Kanye) are quick witted and funny. Gemini Suns are usually pretty charming to boot! He has a great capacity for ‘knowing his audience’ and he can quickly shapeshift into someone that his current spectators.

Directly challenging Kanye’s Gemini Sun is his Pisces Moon, which directs its energy inward. This gives Kanye many sides to him. He has a side that thrives off of social interaction (Gemini) and another that requires time away from the world (Pisces).

Pisces Moons are easily moved by the energy of those around them. The fact that Kim and Kanye both have Pisces Moons is extremely telling for reasons I’ll expand upon in the synastry chart section!

Kanye has Venus in the sign of Taurus, which implies that he’s into an extremely feminine type of woman. Venus feels at home in Taurus which indicates that it’s expressing its natural energy with ease, adding to Kanye’s total charm.

His Venus sign indicates that Kanye desires someone who can offer support and stability to him. His combination of Gemini and Pisces can leave him feel disconnected from reality, so he truly benefits from having a partner who is down to Earth. 

This reminds me of all the times that Kim went to Twitter and news outlets to defend Kanye’s actions, citing his mental health. She held him down while he was going through an extremely difficult time. 

Venus in Taurus can lead men to seek a ‘trophy wife’ for aesthetic reasons. Not to say that he isn’t emotionally connected to Kim, but he certainly isn’t complaining about her famously gorgeous figure!

Kanye’s chart tells me that he is an enigmatic man who has some amazing talent and a way with words, but he is one who struggles to keep his feet on the ground. Kim was his anchor to reality in many ways.

Overview of Kimye’s Synastry

Overview of Kimye’s Synastry

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, being some of the most sought-after celebrities in existence, have had extremely public problems that they’ve had to deal with the eyes of the world on them. 

On a personality level, Kim and Kanye are an excellent match. So why aren’t they still together, you ask? There is something much deeper at work under the surface with these two. 

Their Sun signs are completely compatible, with Gemini (Kanye) and Libra (Kim) both have Suns in air signs. They form what is called a trine relationship, which means that there is easy rapport built between them. They get how the other operates with very little effort.

Their Moons are both in the sign of Pisces, which I imagine makes the both of them feel that their relationship was a retreat from the outside world.

Kim and Kanye’s Sun Sign Synastry

It makes perfect sense that these two both have their Suns in communicative air signs. Air signs are naturally social, and totally comfortable relating to a broad range of people which translates well to the celebrity lifestyle.

Gemini Suns (Kanye) get their energy from social interaction with just about anyone and the Libra Sun (Kim) is totally willing to accommodate the Gemini’s hyper-social nature. 

Libras and Geminis are both willing to try new things and they’d both prefer to do it with someone they like hanging out with and talking to, so they’re absolute peas in a pod. 

Geminis need a relationship that offers a long leash, since they pretty much act on whatever thought pops into their head. They need a partner who is okay with this aspect of them!

This is why Libra is a perfect match for them since they are more than willing to do whatever it takes to keep their partner comfortable and happy. 

In their relationship, Kanye tended to speak far too quickly and without full consideration in typical Gemini fashion. Kim’s Libra Sun makes her despise confrontation, so she continually was forced to attempt to cover for his thoughtless words. 

In addition, since the two of them are so social, there is a good chance that one or both of them was spilling just a little too much tea about their relationship to the wrong people. Air signs can have a hard time restraining their tongue, and as a result the couple had a long string of ‘insiders’ reporting on their lives to the press. 

This is an example of how even seemingly ‘good’ synastry placements can have another side to them. 

To top it off, Kanye’s Sun is physically located in Kim’s seventh house, the house typically associated with relationships and partnerships. This means that Kim would have automatically had a desire to partner with Kanye for reasons even she probably didn’t understand. 

If I could have helped Kimye in any way based on their Sun Signs, I would have advised this fated couple to practice restraint in their words to avoid greater trouble that ultimately adds extra stress to the relationship. 

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Kim and Kanye Moon Sign Compatibility

In my experience, the Moon sign is ultimately the most important factor in relationship charts. It describes our emotional reactions and how we feel just under the surface where others can rarely see. 

Both Kim and Kanye are spiritual Pisces Moons. This makes them both understand the internal processes of the other.

Typically, both partners having the Moon in the same sign is a total blessing, but knowing what we know about Kim and Kanye lead me to believe that too much of a good thing can be disastrous. 

On one hand, their Pisces Moons allow them to connect on a soul level. Pisces already feels more like a celestial being than a human, so the two of them can connect about just how connected they feel to the collective.

Pisces is represented by the twelfth house of the Zodiac, which is the house of music, poetry, mysticism, psychic activity, sleep, and loss.

The two of them likely felt as if the two of them meeting was like the Universe aligning to show them a soul they’ve been waiting to reconnect with.

Despite the deep connection and subconscious connection that the two of them share, Pisces has some truly detrimental aspects that can devastate a partnership slowly. 

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and I believe that Neptune and Pisces are playing a truly gut-wrenching role in the relationship of Kim and Kanye. 

Neptune is the ultimate illusionist and represents total escapism. Neptune casts a fog wherever it goes, making the truth of the situation exceptionally hard to see. 

Kanye’s Neptune is directly on top of Kim’s Ascendant Point (Rising). This indicates that she is unknowingly deluded into seeing Kanye through rose-colored glasses. 

She likely discounted and excused much of Kanye’s controversial behavior because it’s like she was seeing the events through a thick fog, and she just couldn’t see if it was actually Kanye’s fault!

Kim’s Neptune is in a tense relationship with Kanye’s Sun, actively opposing the planet that rests in her house of partnership. This leads Kanye to have an ‘ignorance is bliss’ attitude to the relationship as well. 

The relationship between the two of them was like an escape from the public eye and for that reason the two of them truly valued that gift the other gave them. Despite this, the same energy makes them overly forgiving and conveniently blind to the deep-rooted issues of the other.

Pisces and Neptune were part of what made the two of them come back and make up time and time again, no matter the scandal. 

Eventually the cold truth seemed to have kicked in as Kim apparently had enough and cut it off with Kanye.

It’s likely a good thing that these two aren’t together, but it only would have taken minor tweaks to make their relationship viable, which to me is the saddest part. 

Had the two of them come out of one another’s spell long enough to see the damages piling up, then they may have been able to fix the problems they ignored for so long. 

Their Moon sign compatibility was both what made Kimye great, and also what led to their ultimate downfall as a couple.

I would give this pair a 7 out of 10 in general Astrological compatibility.

Sometimes on paper it looks like it could be a success but then the stars have different plans. As the French say, c’est la vie!

Are you a Libra woman dating a Gemini man? Have you experienced relational bliss or partnership hell? Let us know down below in the comments!

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