How Your Moon Sign Can Help You Connect To Your True Self

Astrology is much deeper and more complex than just your Sun sign, and in today’s article, we will delve into your soul through the Moon signs.

The Moon is one of the two luminaries in Astrology (the other one being the Sun, of course), two “planets” that never go Retrograde and are most important, next to the North Node.

Your Lunar sign reflects your soul, your mother, your deepest emotions and desires, your primal fears and knee-jerk reactions. Through observing and learning about our Moon sign we can discover passions that drive us.

Moon in Aries

When the Moon traverses through the Martian waters of Aries, he feels in haste, on-edge, nervous, and in need of speed.

Emotions tend to run high and wild when the sensitive and vulnerable Moon sits in combative Aries in a native’s chart.

What is important for these natives is to feel free to express their emotions in their raw form. They should not be boxed in and forced to “behave.” Forcing of any kind will have an opposite effect on these people.

With Moon in Aries, you need freedom, lots of it, and space in relationships to lead and fulfil the role of a leader. You also need people who will not react to your every whim, scream, and drama.

In order to balance your feelings and emotions, you need to be creative in your emotional expression and you need to understand yourself on a molecular level.

Taking a closer look at your Moon’s dispositor (the house in which it dwells) and its aspects with other planets, you can get a more complete picture of your true, inner self and what gives you that fire to move mountains and drain rivers.

Moon in Aries is known for its outbursts of powerful emotions and jealousy. So, if you easily fall prey to lesser feelings, instead of bursting out and destroying everything in your path, take a closer look at what triggers you, and try to solve it through conversation and compromise.

Moon in Taurus

The Moon is exalted in Taurus, which means it feels great and amazing in this sign. However, just because it’s exalted, doesn’t mean that all is rainbows and flowers.

The Moon in Taurus, because of its exalted state, cannot think straight; it tends to amplify all emotions and sensations. It tends to indulge itself in hedonism and things that might feel good, but aren’t so good for the native in actuality.

This is a very fertile placement for the Moon, and in Taurus, it gives you a lot of pleasant emotions. Even more than that, it gives you the power to attract the things and people you love.

Moon in Taurus has a lot of luck with money, but you need to work jobs that you really love, otherwise, you won’t last long on a job. When you intertwine your passion with work, you attract massive amounts of fortune and a plethora of powerful connections.

With Moon in Taurus, you tend to be quite possessive, not just of your materialistic belongings and hedonistic luxury, but also of “your” people.

Meditation and breathing techniques can be crucial in helping you put things into perspective and in gaining clarity in matters where your exalted emotions clouded your mind and judgment.

Moon in Gemini

The Moon in Gemini has found itself on Mercury’s turf, and what does that mean?

It means a lot of chit-chats, spreading of information, and using logic to fight off fewer desirable feelings, and fooling yourself.

With Moon in Gemini, you tend to be light-hearted, and you gravitate towards partners who can listen to your inner musings. You need someone lively who will fulfill all of your mental needs.

Moon in Gemini relies on its own intellectual prowess rather than on feeling and reliving all of the emotions. This is why you tend to fool yourself into thinking “it’s not important, I can deal with this later.”

What is important is for you to realize that letting yourself feel all the emotions you feel and allowing yourself to be all that you can be is crucial for your personal evolution and the betterment of your relationships.

Find yourself a partner who likes to talk about his emotions, someone who will prompt you to talk more about your inner workings, someone with whom you can talk until the break of dawn, and never run out of things to say.

Acknowledge that all of your emotions are valid and that you are valid, no matter how short-lived or fast-changing it all may seem. You are you, and be proud of what makes you, you.

Moon in Cancer

The Moon is in domicile in Cancer, meaning that he is in his own sign, on his own turf. He shines a cold light on the inner workings of a soul when in Cancer. These natives can sense and feel almost everything.

Moon in Cancer is not an easy burden; to be able to feel and comprehend so much on an emotional level can wear a person down. This is why you need to find a creative outlet for your abundance of emotions.

Sing, write, paint, dance, and talk – whatever you are drawn to, just be honest and faithful to yourself. You need someone who will be able to take all of that which resides in you and turn it into something coherent and beautiful.

Same as how the Moon changes the tides, the emotions within you change, sometimes they overflow, other times they are scarce, but never are they less or weak in intensity.

Surround yourself with people who recognize and value your true worth, and get how precious it is to be a part of your journey. The emotional light you shine on other people’s hearts stems from your own, so be kind to it.

Just don’t forget to shine that compassion and kindness you show to others so selflessly, on yourself from time to time. Love yourself as you would another and you will be at peace with your Moon.

Moon in Leo

With Moon in Leo, you shine like the Sun on your loved ones, and you are the safest heaven they can sail into.

You are the emotional stone pillar for your loved ones, whenever there is a crisis or need for help, they will turn to you, and that brings you joy and pride, as you enjoy nothing more than seeing your loved ones thrive.

You like the feeling of pride, and when your loved ones give you the cause to be proud of them, your heart shines the brightest. The only question is: who is there for you?

It’s majestic, the “work” you do with others on an emotional level, but don’t forget about yourself or allow yourself a burnout. Better be safe than sorry, so tell us, dear reader, who is there for you when you need a time-out?

The Sun is the other Luminary in Astrology, the first being the Moon, and when the Moon lands on the Sun’s turf, the emotions shine twice as bright. What you need to look out for is emotional burnout. So be careful to whom you give your trust and secrets.

The worst thing a Lunar Leo can experience is a backstabbing from someone they deeply trusted, so before that happens, weigh out who is worthy of your trust and heart, and who is not.

Moon in Virgo

Now, these are natives who like to be efficient, logical, and neat, even when it comes to emotions.

In Virgo, the Moon once again travels through Mercurial waters. Here, it likes to have everything in order and neatly folded into its own hypothetical drawers. Unlike Gemini Moon, Virgo Moon doesn’t have the urge to talk about its feelings, it rather likes to fold its feelings into tiny boxes and catalog them in alphabetical order.

To be able to be so neat and orderly, Lunar Virgos strive towards partners who will not challenge them or “disrupt” them on an emotional level. However, you seem to attract only those kinds of “disruptive” partners.

You know, in your heart of hearts, that you seek chaos in order to be able to feel all the feelings you bury deep. You desire to be thrown into the fire pit; you find yourself most alive when you are in the emotional eye of the hurricane.

But, if you allow yourself to fall too deep into the emotional rabbit hole, you might find yourself clawing to climb back up, and not finding the right way or that light at the end of the tunnel.

So, it would be very smart and safe of you to prevent chaos and madness to such an extent, and instead, keep yourself closer to the edges of that adrenaline rush that even the slightest deviation of emotional plans can cause you.

Moon in Libra

When the Moon finds itself in the domain of a sophisticated Libra that is under the rule of loving Venus, it feels good, because they are related planets.

Unlike the materialistic and fertile nature of Taurus, in Libra, the Moon gets to express its abstract side – endless romance, charming courtship, and romantic gestures of grand proportions.

The Moon in Libra gives very fair natives who have a panache for verbal courting and a tongue of silver. You have innate guidance on the art of verbal expression; you know what to say, and exactly when to say it.

Your life is subordinate to your partner, and if you are alone, it’s as if you’re a half-person. This is, of course, not true (nor very healthy), but your heart wants what it wants, and you enjoy life the most when it’s shared, so you go and get it.

The only advice really worth remembering is: don’t sacrifice your wellbeing and dignity for the sake of just being in a partnership. Retain your self-value and your dignity by setting healthy boundaries and knowing your limits.

Don’t fall to despair if unworthy partners keep knocking on your door, you just enjoy your own company, your own charms and good times that you are, indeed a master of, and bide your time, because the right one will come, and he might even be on his way right now!

Moon in Scorpio

Kudos to all other Moons, but this one here is the real MVP. The Moon is in fall in mighty Scorpio, aside from Moon in Capricorn where it is in its detriment, and thus its lessons are the toughest ones.

In Scorpio, the Moon is under the rule of a big, bad wolf: Pluto. That alone sounds quite intimidating, doesn’t it? Well, it should be, because Lunar Scorpios are the most intuitive, insightful, and knowing individuals out there.

Lunar Scorpios are loyal to a fault, intense, and fall madly and deeply in love. They are ride-or-die people, and they will stick with you until the end, even if the end is brought on by themselves.

Your worst enemy is, however, yourself. No one can destroy you utterly and completely like you, yourself can. And the saddest part is in destroying yourselves in cycles, like you generally do, you take your loved ones down with you.

The only thing is, your loved ones do not know how to rise from the ashes, they do not have the secret of the alchemical transformation, and thus, they are not capable of rebirth as you are.

So, the advice for you, mighty creatures, is: take care of yourselves, so that you don’t fall, crumble, and burn, so that your loved ones do not have to burn with you, and you can go on living together.

Moon in Sagittarius

When the Moon finds itself in Sagittarius, it enters the Jupiterian domain. Here it has a lot of opportunities for expansion, growth, and learning. Lunar Sagittarians love to learn, to get to know, and to experience.

Your emotions are not… well, emotional. Instead, you show your loyalty and affection through mental connection, stimulation, and the exchange of ideas, knowledge, and life experience.

You love partners who can set you free, who can traverse the world and evolve with you. You love people who can bring new knowledge and adventures into your life.

You deal with loss and trauma through distractions and delusions. You hate when others try to force you to face your own trauma and negative emotions, so you lash out and run away, which is totally fine, because you are ready when you are ready, not when others want you to be.

But, instead of flying away to who-knows-where when you feel pent up and trying to run away from yourself, why don’t you try sitting down, breathing deeply, being present in your own body, and allowing it to feel all that you have to feel.

The emotions within the body last only 90 seconds, even when they are the worst of the worst, you are a brave soul, and all who know you believe in you, so try believing in yourself and see what can happen in 90 seconds. The path to healing is feeling, so let yourself feel wise, Sagittarius.

Moon in Capricorn

The Moon is in detriment in Capricorn because it’s under the thumb of a stern, strict, and harsh Saturn. The Moon and Saturn are opposites, they do not like each other, nor do they get along in any possible way.

Lunar Capricorns are born with a plethora of karmic relationships and emotional hardships in front of them. Unlike Lunar Scorpios who are most detrimental for themselves, Lunar Capricorns are very detrimental for their loved ones, too.

You have trouble grasping your own emotions, you think you are wise, and your every decision is just and right, alas, it is all but that. You came to learn emotional responsibility and maturity in this lifetime, which is why you have all these challenging and fierce lessons ahead of you.

You are often torn between your true self and what you would like to be, and how you would like for your relationships to go. But before you can shine your brightest and be a pleasure to be in love with, first you have to learn about yourself and your own buttons.

The solemn advice for you is to let yourself feel, even though oftentimes you are not sure how; experience it, and get burned. Don’t shy away from real pain and lessons because in that way you are trying to skirt away Saturn’s plan and program for you.

Saturn is the great lord of time and karma, and even though you might think that you can outsmart or outrun him – you cannot, you just keep prolonging your own karmic lessons and sentence by avoiding what he has planned for you and set in front of you in your path.

Moon in Aquarius

Now, this is an odd one. The Moon ventures into Uranus’ territory by stepping into Aquarius. These natives are representing the new frontiers in the Age of Men. Uranus urges them to discover new horizons and explore things in an unconventional way.

You want to feel and experience things that have never been seen or experienced before, others may judge you too cold or uninterested, but that is not the truth, is it? No, it’s not. You just don’t want to settle for less when you have a vision and feel it in your heart that there could be and is more.

You similarly struggle with emotions as Lunar Sagittarians do. You prefer to rationalize and think, rather than actually feel emotions. When you find yourself in love or aching for someone you lost, you are confused.

You also struggle with an emotional release through tears, you prefer to keep yourself busy, to research, learn, and discover rather than focus on what’s hurting you, pushing through it, and healing.

Peculiar advice for you is to approach yourself as you would an interesting topic or hobby – look at your emotions like a psychological puzzle and try to work out where each piece goes and why.

This ought to help you work through your traumas and emotional residue from painful events without feeling like a dork or thinking less of yourself for allowing real emotions to flow through you and resurface in front of others.

Moon in Pisces

Here we have a very gentle, feeling, and imaginative Moon. The Moon likes to dream and drown in neon visions of romance when in Pisces. Its ruler is the lord of dreams, romantic spice, and all that seems (at least on the surface) nice – Neptune.

Lunar Pisces can love and give themselves in love like no other, there is a reason Venus is exalted in Pisces. But these natives struggle with discerning where their imagination ends and reality begins.

With Moon in Pisces, you need someone stable; someone who can appreciate your soul and all the beauty you bring to the table in a relationship, but also someone who can ground you and nudge you towards reality in a gentle way.

You tend to get carried away on the pink sails of your dreamy heart. You want to experience all and in surrendering to another in such a complete and utter way that you sometimes lose more than you bargained for.

The best advice for you is to find a creative outlet for your romantic emotions and outbursts, and to channel all that dreamy goodness into art that can even bring you name and profit (like Sir Tolkien did, Lunar Piscean all the way).

Find someone who will dream big and pink with you, someone who feels you on the soul level and can level with you anytime and anywhere, don’t settle for less, you deserve it all and then some more! Take good care of your heart, you only have one and it needs to keep beating for you.

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Love Is The Way…

Wherever the Moon ended up landing during the time of your birth, it is what it is, so make sure to do your best with it and to enjoy relationships and love to the fullest, in your own way.

Seek what and who makes your heart beat faster, enjoy those butterflies in your stomach, but always make sure to love yourself first and foremost, and to respect yourself and healthy boundaries.

Dream big, love hard, and take all you can get from this merry-go-round we call life.

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Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. So interesting. I like conversation and communication with people so much (moon in gemini) but for a lover it’s not so important to me to have long talk , instead I like passion, emotion and depth. I’m so grateful of all your nice and kind compliment dear Anna.

    1. Hi Paris!

      Thank you for writing in sweetheart. I appreciate your affirmation that what I wrote is helpful. Be sure you stay tune to my Horoscopes and Tarotscopes as well. I think you’ll enjoy them. Blessings to you!

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