Moon In Aquarius Woman: How You Want To Be Nurtured In Love

Aquarius is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac circle, where the soul needs others in order to execute ideas. Aquarius is the time of the year when the Sun is “weakest,” and people need to organize and help each other to survive. The rulers of Aquarius are the planets Saturn and Uranus. And in this sign of unity and breakthroughs, Saturn has its air quality. This is why the Moon in Aquarius often feels confused and is easily influenced.

A Moon in Aquarius woman will feel well-protected in a way, when she is surrounded by like-minded people. Aquarius is the sign of collective visions and dreams while the Moon is utterly individual, and this is why a strange mix of feelings will be present in this woman at all times. She will seek her individuality through others.

The Meaning Of Moon In Aquarius

The Aquarius sign belongs to the air element, and it symbolizes greater unity than the family or close friendships. This is humanity at its fullest expression and it’s mainly related to geopolitical issues, ideologies, or technological or social improvements. Everything connected to the idea of “people” belongs to this sign.

If we notice that the Moon belongs to the water element and governs the sign of Cancer, which is all about roots, inner peace, and free flow of emotions, we can roughly see the conflict happening here. Also, Aquarius is the eighth area of the Zodiac circle looking from Cancer, and it shows the domain of transformations, ecstasy, or traumatic experience for the Moon.

This is exactly why the Moon position in Aquarius is seen as not so beneficial. However, looking deeper, this Aquarius Moon is one of the twelve Zodiac options, and the person born with this placement will have a certain mindset that can either help or disturb their advancement in life. Or more likely, results will be mixed. But, let’s see some peculiarities of this special case like when a Moon in Aquarius is in the natal chart.

Is An Aquarius Moon Problematic Or Rebellious?

Any position of the natal Moon can be “problematic” if the Moon creates some negative aspects with the Sun, Mars, Mercury, Uranus, or Saturn. And you can admit that the possibility for those kinds of aspect structures is high. Simply put, there are so many different beings on this planet and they all require different ways to express their needs. If we all were harmonious, wise, and peaceful, then nothing would happen in the world or our personal histories.

So, to answer your question: a Moon in Aquarius can be “problematic” in some situations, but it doesn’t color the individual as someone with conflicting feelings. A Moon in Aquarius is more about the safety that society will enable for this individual, and also, more about the soul-upliftment through some ideals. And those feelings are not problematic in their essence.

Is an Aquarius Moon rebellious? Well, not necessarily. If the natal Mars is not closely involved, then the person will love more to be a part of the group, to be protected by their laws, written or unwritten, and to obey someone up there who is giving the general orders.

Only in the situation when an Aquarius Moon person has their natal Mars in Taurus, Leo, or Scorpio, then they might have the agitating nature, see the reason for confrontation in anything or anyone, and simply sabotage the union within the larger group. In positive cases, such a person can be talented in certain technology or social sciences and their “fight” will be then redirected into constructive goals through their meticulous work, and not by verbal discussions.

What To Do When The Moon Is In Aquarius

When the Moon is in Aquarius, no matter if you have this position in your natal chart or not, you can use those two and a half days per month as the auspicious time to socialize, gather some information regarding your future, practice group sports, or activities, or simply find some time to visit places where the majority of people gather, like shopping malls, fairs, or amusement parks.

This will be prominent if this Moon in Aquarius takes place in your fifth or eleventh house when you could get an invitation to a party, get out on the streets to join some protest, or write to your government officials trying to correct some issue.

If this transit happens in your first or seventh house, then you could think or write about your plans or consult with your spouse about which direction your relationship will take in the future. If the same Moon in Aquarius happens in your second or eighth house, think about diversifying your income or investments and enquire about new forms of money, like cryptocurrencies, for instance.

If the same transit takes place in your third or ninth house, then this is a good time to listen to a wider audience, gather information from all over the world, and learn some new technical skills. If the Moon in Aquarius happens in your fourth or tenth house, then this is a great moment to finish some working tasks remotely or do a team-building event.

And if this particular transit takes place in your sixth or twelfth house, then you will think about some screening, try a new diet, or travel to a big city abroad.

How Moon In Aquarius Appears In A Woman’s Chart

Moon in Aquarius personality traits revolve around the current trends or anti-trends in the world. This person will have the strong need to belong to the greater group and be one of their followers or leaders, depending on other indicators in the natal chart. In any case, this won’t be the image of the lonely philosopher.

This is the kind of person who will surely rebel against their family of origin and everything related to those family values, and join some new and “larger” family of the same-minded people. Forgetting deliberately about the roots and tradition will be the core of their feelings. However, this type of individual won’t join some religious group or sect, but rather ideology and social movements.

This is the feeling of the lonely and moist Moon, which belongs to the air element, being left out in the open and windy place. And the only way to survive is to get closer to many similar-thinking natal Moons and protect each other against all injustice and hard conditions.

The Moon in Aquarius belongs to pioneers, like those who came together from the old world to settle in unknown territories of today’s North and South Americas. Those are also all the oppressed workers or freedom fighters in any of the countries of our modern age. Some of them are fighting for better conditions, whilst others are destroying the local law. However, all of them have the same guiding idea that their actions will result in new, better conditions for

In this sense, a motherly figure, a family, or any tradition won’t have any role in their minds while they are creating the new tradition. Remember that the sign of Aquarius stands opposite Leo, the sign of royals, government, and leaders.

What Does An Aquarius Moon Woman Look Like?

Moon In Aquarius Woman

An Aquarius Moon woman will look very casual and relaxed. But, to tell you the truth, there are basically two types of Aquarius females depending on their natal Saturn and Uranus positions. You see, Saturn in Aquarius is the symbol for multitudes. And therefore, the Aquarius Moon woman will love to look exactly like everyone else.

If all her girlfriends or relatives wear a certain type of jeans, t-shirt, jacket, or shoes, she will be totally identical. And you can often see this fashion style in some city neighborhoods or social groups. All adult women wear the same black leggings, plain t-shirts with popular faces on them, and the same sneakers. And they are practically “uniformed.”

When an Aquarius woman belongs to other groups, then she will wear a certain designer or fashion brand and she won’t even dare to experiment with her style if her friends don’t do the same. And more often than not, she and her special group will have a fashion or style guru in the form of a celebrity. If that celebrity proclaims the style change, they will all obey and change their small handbags into big handbags, with the obligatory brand written all over it, for instance.

On the other hand, if the Aquarius Moon woman has a strong Uranus in her natal chart, then she will find some more radical fashion groups, and she will then tattoo, pierce, wear this or that; just think of anime, Lolita, or punk-rock, and you will get the proper image of this woman. And in the same sense, she will use unusual hair color or makeup just to stand out from the common ones, and to stand up to her “people.”

The Moon In Aquarius Woman In Love

Moon In Aquarius Woman In Love

Be aware of the fact that the way we all fall in love, receive and give pleasure, and express affection or repulsion depends mostly on Mars and Venus as planets that govern our hormones and drive. However, since the Moon rules over emotions and is the basic pillar of human psychology, its role mustn’t be avoided in this “love formula.” And this is especially true for women because their biochemistry is regulated mainly by water.

The Aquarius woman in love will look and behave like her close friends. If they start dating, she will start dating. And if they start thinking about getting married, she will do the same, no doubt. In general terms, she will fall for a talkative partner, someone who will be able to “sell” her emotions. And she will be very content with casual places for dating like shopping malls or pop music concerts.

Most likely, she will have the first encounter with her partner during the party or through an online dating site. And from that point on, they will see each other once or a few times, have some tacos or pizza, and soon enough, end up in bed together.

And then, her partner will stop taking her out, practically move in, and they will spend their time “watching Netflix and chilling.” She will send endless texts and be an expert for all sorts of emojis and text abbreviations. And in so many cases, her partner will get bored, pull back, and then the soap opera will follow for a few weeks, or even months.

If this relationship falls apart, she will repeat its pattern with the next partner, until her natal chart is ready for a real commitment. In this case, she will meet someone with special skills or appearance, and she will admire that person so much that she will be able to change her whole style or strategy to get closer to them. She will listen more, and talk and text less, and her fear not to mess this up will practically create the aura of mystery around her and invite that partner toward her.

The Moon In Aquarius Woman In Bed

Moon In Aquarius Woman In BedMoon In Aquarius Woman In BedMoon In Aquarius Woman In BedMoon In Aquarius Woman In Bed

Sexual drive is seen mostly through the position and the strength of the planet Mars. However, everything related to sex, what we like or don’t like in it, is also under the government of the planet Venus, almost similar to when it comes to love. But, since the Moon placement is the epitome of an individual soul, its position plays a major role here too. Especially for women, who are driven by emotions during their sexual experiences.

The Aquarius woman in bed could be a very talented lover, or on the other hand, she could come off as nitpicky and annoying. The proper outcome will rely on the position of the planet Mercury in her natal chart because Mercury is the natural ruler of the eighth area looking from her natal Moon. And consequently, looking at the position of her Mercury, the level of her skills and desire will be clearly determined.

However, looking in general terms, she will love romantic words in the beginning, and sexy or “dirty” words while participating. Words and “communication” will be truly important for her because she will feel close, loved, and desired by someone when that person is talking to her, no matter their current situation.

In the initial phases of romance, she will be a fiery lover with a great interest in sexual techniques and various poses. But she might lose interest soon after things get committed and regular because she needs the excitement of the “first time,” each time.

The Moon In Aquarius Woman’s Strengths And Weaknesses

The Moon In Aquarius Woman’s Positive Traits

The Moon in Aquarius will be a good-hearted woman for sure. Even if she gets annoyed or furious, soon enough she will forget small human conflicts for the higher good. Also, she is frequently open to new ideas, and although she is not focused on spirituality per se, she always has the best intentions revolving around humanity and better living conditions for all forms of life on this planet.

When educated, the Aquarius Moon woman will be very intellectual and prone to social sciences. She will have some radical, but positive ideas and many people will admire her energy and zest for life, her ability to talk or preach for a long time, and her never-ending fire and innate need to improve everything she sees or touches.

If this woman has beneficial aspects between her natal Mercury and Uranus, then she will be skilled beyond imagination for all technical things, she will have deep intuitive insights into how electric or electronic items work, and she will be known as the great inventor.

The Moon In Aquarius Woman’s Negative Traits

When it comes to negative traits, an Aquarius Moon woman may be very boring, predictable, or annoying with her average style, and nothing or no one will be able to get her out of her little world. The manner of her environment will determine her whole life. And the same goes for any ideology.

If she is more under the influence of the planet Uranus, then she will be a “rebel without a cause” type, which can be truly exhausting, and her unpredictable behavior will drive other people crazy, especially the members of her family. In most cases, she will then become a real extremist and she will be able to break frontiers, whether those frontiers will be in a positive or negative direction.

If her family, for instance, has centuries-old traditions related to food, she will indulge in extreme styles of nutrition and make the full circle before she finally realizes that her tradition found the best way so long ago.

She could be very aggressive with her words, without any tact and empathy for other people’s feelings or different views. And in this sense, she will be impulsive. And for all those reasons listed here, she could be seen as a stubborn and hard-to-cope-with person.

Moon In Aquarius Compatibility

A Moon in Aquarius will have the best compatibility with a person with their natal Sun, Moon, or Rising sign in Leo. They will need a spark or just the glance in their eyes to start a passionate and joyous love adventure, which will heavily rely on many discussions, plans, and theatrical situations because both of those signs will be known or even famous for something.

The Moon in Aquarius will also get along very well with all air signs like Gemini, Libra, and another Aquarius. Those relationships will be based on endless communication, feelings like they are on some sort of mission to make this world a better place. Also, a Moon in Aquarius will make a great match with all those who have significant points of planets in fire signs like Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. With those signs, the bond will be based on mutual passion and support.

The worst compatibility for an Aquarius Moon is seen with water and earth signs – Taurus and Scorpio the most. An Aquarius Moon person will seem too radical, a bit like a rebel without a cause, and naive to those two signs, and for an Aquarius Moon, Taurus will appear slow, too conservative, and oriented toward material values, while Scorpio will be seen like someone shrewd and very dangerous to some extent.

Moon In Aquarius Celebrities

Moon in Aquarius celebrities always have some unique story originating from an early age. Some of those stories are filled with conflicts, but all of those stories are powerful messages of the unbreakable zest for life despite differences or obstacles. All of those famous ladies never gave up their mission, although, with that decision, some cost them their lives.

Diana, Princess of Wales, was the first, and very famous, wife of Prince Charles, the future King of England. She was born in Sandringham, UK, on July 1, 1961. Her natal Sun is in Cancer, her Moon is in Aquarius. And her Rising sign or Ascendant is in Sagittarius, while her point of greatest achievement, the cusp of her tenth house or MC, is in Libra. After some turbulent years of her marriage with Prince Charles, she divorced him at last and gained the world’s title of “Queen of Hearts” due to her charity work. She was killed in a car accident on August 31st, 1997. Until this day, there are rumors that she didn’t die by accident, that she was involved with some secret services, but if you read a book of predictions written many centuries ago by famous French royal Astrologer Nostradamus, you will notice one verse mentioning her name, and you will know the truth at

Marilyn Monroe was and still is a true feminine legend in the world of film and entertainment. She was born in Los Angeles, California, on June 1, 1926. Her natal Sun is in Gemini, her Moon is in Aquarius. And her Rising sign is Leo (naturally), while her MC is in Taurus. She was the epitome of feminine beauty by the middle of the last century, known as a magnificent model, actress, singer, and film producer. She gained her glory by acting somewhat airy, but she had knowledge and experience in many areas. And she ended her life by still mysterious conditions on August 5th, 1962.

But let’s see a famous public figure of our days, and Victoria Beckham is certainly the perfect example. She was born in Hertfordshire, UK, on April 17, 1974. Her natal Sun is in Aries, her Moon is in Aquarius. And her Rising sign is in Cancer, while her MC is in Pisces, the world of illusions, entertainment, and the arts. She started her career as a singer in the girl group Spice Girls, and soon after, she got married to a famous soccer player. After that event, she was a fashion model, a mother of several children, and she is paving her way to success as a fashion designer. However, she is mostly known as an influential socialite.

And we shouldn’t forget the unforgettable Sophia Loren. She was born in Rome, Italy, on September 20th, 1934. Her natal Sun is in Virgo, her Moon is in Aquarius. And her Rising sign is in Capricorn, while her MC is in Scorpio. When it comes to the most beautiful and popular actresses of the last century, Sophia Loren is surely among them. Marilyn Monroe was seen as a sexy, but naïve or shallow type of woman, but Sophia Loren was a real goddess at a peak of her glory; dark, tall, and sexy to her core, but at the same time exceptionally intelligent and humorous. And even in her older years, she is still seen as an extraordinarily beautiful woman.

However, let’s not forget many other phenomenal Moon in Aquarius beauties and capable businesswomen like Jessica Alba, Gigi Hadid, Sandra Bullock, Uma Thurman, and many, many more. They are unique, strong, yet vulnerable, and always ready to fight for their ideals.

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My Final Thoughts

The Moon in Aquarius woman is really unusual and progressive, and she will strive for justice for all. But please have in mind that, although the Moon position is extremely important, you have to know all other planetary positions and aspects they make, to be able to “construct” the whole chart or the whole character of the person.

And by knowing the complete natal chart, you will be able to see where your strengths and weaknesses are, what happened in the past, and what will happen in the future, and how to take advantage in crucial moments.

This is exactly why my team and I have created a special, limited-time offer VIP consultation, to help you personally. Make sure you secure your slot while there are still some open!

Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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