The Magician Tarot Card – Your Complete Guide

Do you believe in Magic? You should! Seeing this card may bring magic into your world. How does it work? Let me tell you all about it!

The Tarot holds great mystery and lessons. The Magician means so much more than you could ever imagine. I want to help you find the best of everything in your life.

Keep reading to learn all you can about the Magician Tarot card so you can make the magic of manifesting your greatest ability!

The Brief History Of The Magician Tarot Card

Back in the 1400s, Tarot cards were created as playing cards. It was made to be a game in the beginning! When the first deck was created, they decided to make what we now know as “Major Arcana” cards as the trump cards.

Many decks were created after the first and the game became very popular. In the 1800s, the spiritual movement began. People were reaching out to the dead via psychic mediums or mystics.

It was then that the Tarot cards were turned into more than just a game. Now they could be used for telling fortunes or communicating with the dead. The decks became even more popular!

The Magician Tarot card was known as the “juggler” back then. It was known as the lowest trump card when used as a game. The Magician Tarot card was mostly known in divination.

The card is very symbolic of such things like spirituality, mysticism, power, manifestation, and potential for one’s future.

In 1901, the Rider Waite deck came out and became one of the most used and popular Tarot decks available.

1. The Basic Definition Of The Magician Tarot Card

Magician Tarot Card

The upright Magician Tarot card meaning holds great optimism. It means that you’re going to evolve or improve your life. It’s in your hands and you are the one in control of manifesting what you want.

The card may be speaking to your abilities, talents, or skills that help you to push your life forward so that you can make your dreams come true.

You’re digging into your own potential and looking at the resources around you that may assist you in working your mojo in life.

It’s definitely possible for you to use your talents or gifts to transform your life or your situation. You’re not stuck. Take matters into your own hands and find what you need to manifest the good into your life.

Since it’s upright, the Magician Tarot card means good energy, power, and talents recognized. Know that you are like King Midas. Whatever you touch, you turn into Gold.

No, I don’t mean literally, but that’s a fun image, isn’t it?! It means that your energy can shape and mold a brilliant future. You choose the direction you want to use it in.

2. The Magician Tarot Card Definition (Reversed)

When you see the Magician Tarot card in reverse, it means that you’re not flowing as you could be. You may have communication that isn’t going well or isn’t clear.

There may actually be some roadblocks where communication is concerned. This is something you may need to work on or look into a different route on your road to success.

Maybe you’re a bit confused and not sure of what you’re doing, where you’re going, or what to say in order to manifest your good.

The reversed Magician Tarot card meaning can also indicate that there is deceit coming from you or from someone else. You may be lying to yourself about a situation you don’t want to accept.

You’ve lost your willpower or energy to make your life happen. Perhaps you’ve become complacent or depressed. Fatigue can hold you back if you aren’t careful.

Go see a doctor if you’re feeling drained. Maybe there is an actual, treatable cause that is making you feel off your game. You can fix it, but you have to want to do so.

3. Love And The Magician Tarot Card (Upright)

Want a fabulous love life? Yes! Of course, you do. When you see the Magician Tarot card upright means that you have love at your fingertips with some creative manifesting.

The opportunities for creating situations that lead to a great relationship are in your hands. When you believe with all your heart and soul that your dreams will come true, then they will in a most wonderful way.

Be honest with your intentions and make sure they are true. Deception can kill it before it manifests. Put your love energy in and you’ll get love energy back.

The Magician Tarot card meaning is filled with optimism and hope. When you see it, you know something incredible is about to happen to you. Do not forget who you are, you’re a magical being!

Be excited to know that simple intention and planning can help you get to the best relationship you’ve ever had. It may be the relationship that lasts forever with great passion.

Make sure when you put your magic in motion that you’re very specific on what you’re looking for with love or in a person. You don’t want to end up with a variance of it and end up with issues.

Love is what you need to put into your manifesting work and you’ll be really happy you did!

4. Love And The Magician Tarot Card (Reversed)

Magician Tarot Card Reversed

There are a few things that can happen when you see such an optimistic card in reverse. The first thing to know is that the cards around it make a huge difference as to what it’s telling you.

The reversed Magician Tarot card means that there may be delays in whatever you’re trying to manifest with love. It could be that your intention wasn’t true or the person you asked for was great until he lied or cheated.

Things can go sour if your intention isn’t on point. An example would be if you asked for the love of your life to appear. You weren’t specific about what is acceptable and what isn’t.

Your guy shows up, and boy – is he mouthwatering. It turns out, he’s a womanizer and doesn’t know how to commit to one woman. Another example is that he will commit but he has an addiction to alcohol or drugs.

These are the types of things that can happen with the Magician Tarot card in reverse.

This card could also be telling you that someone is trying to pull one over on you, so you had better be careful. You also need to be careful you don’t do this to someone else.

5. Finances, Job, And Career With The Magician Tarot Card (Upright)

When the Magician is involved with your job, career, or money… you’ve got some really good luck on your side. Jupiter must be transiting in the right place for you!

The Magician is pretty much the card you want to see when you’re trying to find a new job, manifest a new career, or make more money. I’m here to tell you that you absolutely can work it and get what you want.

Career opportunities are at your fingertips, but you need to be sure you’re looking in the right place. Honestly, the Magician Tarot card meaning is telling you to do it!

If you want an affirmation to pat you on the back, seeing the Magician really gives it to you. It’s one of the best cards to see when you’re asking about how your job will go, if you will finally find the right career, and if you’ll make an abundance of cash.

There are more resources out there than you realize and if you truly believe in the energy that you put out, you will get back tenfold. What that means is you are open to prosperity and abundance.

Believe in yourself, believe in the Universe, and believe that the energy you put out toward getting what you want will bring it back to you as though it was a piece of cake being handed over.

If you have hang-ups with money or the lack thereof, you can try some really amazing affirmations that will get you back on track, so says the Magician Tarot card in your reading.

6. Finances, Job, And Career With The Magician Tarot Card (Reversed)

Just as with love, the Magician coming out on a reading for your job, career, or finances may be telling you that things are delayed or it’s not yet time for you to receive.

We cannot control the time frame of when we receive what we manifested. That being said, some people get disheartened and give up if they aren’t seeing what they want coming fast enough.

The reversed Magician Tarot card means that you might not have accepted an opportunity that came your way. You might have shrugged off something that could have built into prosperity.

Disbelief in yourself can cause you to fall on your face as well. If you’re not ready to take a chance or a risk, then you won’t get very far. Try working on your own self-confidence.

You might not be using the skills you’ve learned to find the right job or career. You’re wasting yourself with some crappy job that doesn’t utilize your talents and you’ve not done anything to change that.

If you don’t do the work along with your manifesting, you will get nothing. Just remember, you cannot put that energy out there and then sit back to wait for it to return.

The Magician tarot card reversed meaning is that without belief and work, complacency, and low self-esteem kick in. You become another brick in the wall with no compensation.

7. The Magician Tarot Card As A Person (Upright)

The Magician Tarot card meaning for a person is really positive! If you are asking about someone else, it’s telling you that they are someone who is amazing and a very good influence on you.

This person can help you find your niche in life and help you build up a fantastic career, thus, making lots of money. They can show you the ropes and teach you to shine.

If the card is about you, then it’s simply saying that you’re an incredible person filled with lots of talent. Use it and pave the way for your amazing future.

Take risks when they come along and be really confident in yourself. You don’t have to be arrogant – just be sure that you’re always doing your best.

Be a Magician in someone else’s life, if you can. Help someone else manifest their destiny. There isn’t a ‘set in stone’ path. You have to build it; they have to build it.

Show them how when they put their optimism and gratitude to work, they can have the most amazing life. The same goes for you if you aren’t sure. Sometimes this card is a reminder of what you are.

The Magician isn’t a weak person. He’s clever, talented, and knows how to get a crowd of people to see what he wants them to.

8. The Magician Card As A Person (Reversed)

The Magician Tarot card in reverse is warning you of someone who is miserable and cannot get their lives together. This person could rub off on you and cause you distress.

They may lie or steal from you, so be careful. If it’s talking about you, then you need to recognize the negative things you’re doing or saying so you can change it!

Watch out for someone trying to fool you or lie to you. It may be a warning that there is a cheat in your midst, so keep your senses sharp.

If the card is describing you, then you’re in a real tight spot but you’re not without resources. You can turn it around and make your life much more livable.

I’m quite sure you can figure out if the card is talking about you or about someone else. The signs will be there, as will red flags.

9. Advice from The Magician Card In A Reading

Always do your best to be better than you were yesterday. Meditate and do things that make you feel optimistic about life and the future. Try focusing on right now and what you can do with it!

Manifesting your good is something that becomes simple with time and experience. You’ll start to bring things and people into your life faster and faster if you do it right.

You have the ability inside of you to make the life you really want. You can find the right person or draw them to you. What do you want? Write it down. Be specific and know that what you’re asking for will happen.

Give gratitude daily to the Universe for all it’s doing for you as though it’s already happened even though you just asked for it. Giving thanks in advance goes far!

Don’t give up on yourself, EVER. Always believe that you can do it and that the Universe is helping you. You are not without resources.

If you pull the Magician Tarot card in reverse then the advice is that you’ve become too disenchanted and you need to find yourself again.

You are not totally lost. That Magician is in there inside of you.

10. The Magician Tarot Card As Feelings

The feelings that come from the Magician Tarot card are majestic, true belief, warm, talented, enchanted, empowerment, hope, and astonished.

It’s like creating a miracle that is all your own. It makes one feel completely empowered, knowing they don’t have to settle for the life they’ve been living. They can have better.

Whether it’s a job, career, love interest, or a life filled with travel; the Magician makes you feel alive and that all things are possible with your own energy. You’re optimistic and on cloud nine.

You know it takes a while to get there, but you believe with all your heart and soul that what you requested is coming to you at the right time, with the right person, and in the right place.

You’re a sorcerer of your own destiny. There is no better feeling than that.

I do need to say that if you get the reversed Magician Tarot card, you’ll feel bitter, cold, and unable to accept that you can make a change. You feel stuck and unworthy.

Yes, the reversal is the stark opposite. The thing is you CAN change how you’re feeling if you really want to. It’s the power of “mind over matter.” Remember who you are!

11. The Magician Card Meaning Regarding Children

Oh, happy day when you see the Magician Tarot card in a reading. Asking about children you have or future children and the Magician pops out upright?!

It says yes, you absolutely can have children or more children if that is what you really want. You simply need to put the energy out to the Universe that you are thankful and you are ready.

If you’re asking about a current child or children that you already have in your life, there is something magical about them that you should pay attention to. Your love for them is a miracle in the works.

You might be being sneaky to try to make something big happen for them. You don’t want to tell them because when it happens you want them to be surprised and thrilled.

If you have a child who is the Magician, then you’ll know he’ll always be a master creator in his or her life. There is definitely nothing wrong with that.

Getting the Magician card in reverse regarding a certain child may be telling you that something is wrong and you need to look into it. They may be lying to you about something or doing things behind your back.

Watch for those red flags and try to nip the problem in the bud if you can. You’re the parent, so you can certainly work with them to ensure that things will go very differently going forward.

12. Health And The Magician Tarot Card

Ironically, the Magician Tarot card is affiliated with the medical field. He holds a rod or staff, which represents the medical staff. He is the one that can fix or heal people.

Seeing this may also verify that you are a healer. It’s worth looking into practices that you feel suit you. The planet that rules the Magician is Mercury. That’s a problem-solving force as is a manifesting ability.

The willpower of this card is a force to be reckoned with. Seeing this card is telling you that whatever you’re lacking or the illness that you have can absolutely be cured or managed in a way that makes you thrive.

The Magician is associated with the number one, which can cause headaches, back problems, problems with the heart, or liver issues. Be on the lookout. Just know that the Magician upright is typically good news.

When the Magician Tarot card is reversed, then you may be ill and not even know it. Get to the doctor and get diagnosed with whatever you have so you can get it treated.

Stress can cause you a Rolodex of problems. It’s up to you if you want that to happen or not. Try managing your feelings with a bit of meditational help. You can try another practice of healthy thinking with affirmations as well.

13. The Magician Tarot Card Answer “Yes” Or “No”

The Magician knows the right things to say and comes across as confident. When you’re asking a question that needs a “yes” or “no” answer, then the answer with this card in the upright position is definitely a YES!

Naturally, you need to look at the cards around it if you pulled more than just one card. Those other cards will have an impact. If you do a past, present, future card pull then the past sheds light on why you asked the question.

The present shows what you’re currently doing and what you’re thinking. The future card will then tell you what’s likely to occur if you stay on the current track that you’re on.

Just know that the cards are subjective so when you change your mind, the cards will change as well.

If the card pulled is in the reverse position, the Magician Tarot card means no. It’s the negative side of the card. That’s not the case with all Tarot cards, but with this one, it happens to be.

If you only pull one card then it’s pretty clear cut for you. Upright is yes and reversed is no. Pulling another card on top gives more clarity if you want to know why it’s a yes or why it’s a no.

14. The Magician Tarot Card In Position

The Magician Tarot Card In Position

I just mentioned how the position works when it comes to a three-card draw. I’m trying to keep this simple for you so that you understand it and are able to use it in your own life.

This can be done daily, but don’t keep asking the same questions too often. It will sometimes tell you what you want to hear just to keep you from asking again.

As a rule, the Tarot cards answer you once. If you know something major has changed afterward then yes, you can ask again but don’t be one of those people who ask every single day.

The cards will not read right for you if you do.

So, let’s take a look at what the Magician Tarot card means in each position of the three-card pull:

The Magician in Past Position:

The Magician Tarot card in the past position is saying that you’ve already manifested something or someone and things are now in motion. This can be something you know about or that you don’t know about.

Remember that our thoughts and actions manifest all kinds of stuff so this is telling you that you’ve already pushed something forward. Now you have to wait to see how it all plays out.

If the Magician is in reverse, then it’s saying something negative happened that is now setting the tone for your question.

The Magician in Present Position:

Seeing the Magician in the present position means that you’re in a position right now to manifest what it is you want to happen. Pay close attention to your energy and make sure you’re positive about it.

You’re on track and you’re working at a better life or better relationship. Times are good for you going forward. You’re appreciating what you have now and can see how lucky you are.

When the Magician is in reverse in the present position, it can be hard. You might be going through something disheartening like a breakup, cheating, or being lied to. If not someone else then it might be you.

Whatever is going on is something you can still change but you’ve got to get yourself back on track first.

The Magician in Future Position:

The Magician in the future position says that no matter what is happening, there is still hope. There is light at the end of the tunnel and you can still make the life you want or the relationship you crave.

You’re able to reach for the stars! You can heal, you can work your mojo, and you can bring success into your life no matter what it looks like in the present time.

If you get the Magician in reverse in the future position, then things may be complicated. You might be ready to catch someone in the act of lying or being dishonest in some other way. It also may mean you’re lying to yourself.

Be careful with yourself. If you want better then go for it. Don’t let anything hold you down or get in your way. Remember, the cards aren’t set in stone.

15. The Lessons The Magician Tarot Card Wants To Teach You

Lessons The Magician Tarot Card Wants To Teach You

The Magician Tarot card is something we should all learn. It would make everyone’s lives so much better and worth living. Everything in this world would significantly change.

Here are some really important affirmations/lessons that the Magician wants to impart on us all:

  • Believe in yourself and what you can do no matter what
  • Don’t ever give up on yourself, stay strong
  • Be specific in what you’re asking for
  • Know what you want and that you will get it
  • What you give out, you get back
  • Karma helps the Magician, so you better believe in your energy
  • Treat yourself with loving care
  • The Universe always has your back
  • Your willpower means everything
  • Control your thoughts and feeling as best as you can
  • Harness the power of the Magician’s lessons
  • Be inspired and inspire others

The lessons I just shared are incredibly useful if you’re going to try affirmations and manifesting what you want. I suggest you start one yourself. Read books on inspiration so that you can be in harmony with the Universe.

16. Astrology And The Magician Tarot Card

I mentioned briefly that Mercury is the planet that is involved with the Magician. Mercury is the planet of thinking, manifesting, and working to make life more lucrative.

Mercury is known as the “thinker” card. It helps people solve problems, come up with new ideas, and find logic in everything. Anything you can think up, you can manifest!

Yes, Mercury does retrograde semi-frequently and when it does, things seem to go out of whack. This is especially true if you give it power. Your negative thoughts about it will make it a negative experience.

When that happens, you can have problems with your nervous system, your stomach, digestive issues, and other symptoms that go hand in hand with stress so watch yourself!

Try to keep your mind positive during Mercury retrograde. When you do, you learn valuable lessons that will help you. There are good things to learn from it that you can take with you.

17. The Magician Tarot Card In Numerology

I mentioned the number one earlier because the Magician is the Roman numeral I, which is one. That being said, it’s a leadership number that has a great influence on other people.

This is the type of number that inspires people. Number one in Numerology means independence, competition, critical thinking, and lots of studying.

If you notice the number one recurring in your life then it’s letting you know that critical thinking or learning is necessary. There are different frequencies that can happen.

If you see 11:11 or 111, they do mean something. 11:11 means a spiritual lesson is coming for you or is already occurring. It’s almost like a confirmation for you.

When you see 111, it means to watch your thoughts. Use your logical mind to break things down and make sense of it as best as you can. Evaluate why you think the way you do and learn how to possibly change.

Mainly when you see recurring one’s, you’re really in need of paying attention to the energy you are putting out there because you’ll get back something just like it. See how much that actually fits for the Magician Tarot card?

One last thing… the number one Life Path Number means you’re a leader that is here to inspire other people into doing their best in their own lives. Lead by example in all areas of your life.

You may end up being in the spotlight in some way so it’s up to you to be a leader and help others to be their absolute best.

18. When You Keep Pulling The Magician Tarot Card

When you keep seeing the Magician Tarot card, you’re being told to pay extra attention to the energy you’re sending out. If you’re feeling down, you’re sending that energy.

It’s not going to alert you of this if you are already doing well and are positive. You already know you can manifest your life. Typically, when the card keeps coming back around, it’s for you to pay attention to.

You’ve got to watch what you’re thinking, feeling, and doing. It may be a reminder to get back on track and do your best again. It’s alright to be sick, sad, or not doing well sometimes.

We’re humans, so this definitely happens to us all. The thing is, you don’t need to stay there in a darkened state, no. You need to get back up, dust yourself off, and be the person you want others to be.

I do want to tell you that sometimes this card is a karmic thing if you keep pulling it often. If you remember anything, remember that this card is a reminder of what you need to be and what to do.

If you keep getting the reversed Magician card, then it’s definitely telling you that if you don’t watch it, you’re going to go in a very dark state or that you’re already there and may not get out.

Take very good care of yourself and make sure you don’t stay down. Rise back up as quickly as possible!

19. Symbols For The Magician Tarot Card

The symbols on the Magician card in the Rider Waite deck are roses, which symbolize growth and the ability to have abundance. There is also an infinity sign above the person’s head indicating you have the unending ability.

Out of the Pentacles, Swords, and Cups, he chooses the Wand. That wand helps him to create the karma he wants so he can bring the very best into his life. He is able to help others with it as well.

If you’re thinking about the Magician card as a tattoo, I recommend the whole card. If not, you can always do an infinity symbol with some roses around it. There are a million things you can do with a Magician Tarot card tattoo design.

20. Spirituality And The Magician Card

The spiritual lessons that come from the Magician card are that whatever you put out there, you get back. If you are mean to people, others will be mean to you. It may not be the same people but it will happen.

If you cut someone off in traffic, someone will slam their brakes on you at the next light. I’m telling you that the more you understand karma, the faster it will happen!

Keep that in mind if you want to manifest love or money quickly. You can also manifest a vehicle, house, or anything else you want. It can and will happen but you have to fully believe in what you’re doing and understand that it comes in its own timing.

The Magician card spiritually teaches you patience, love, and sincerity. When you are a good person, you get good people to gravitate to you. If you are loving and caring, other people will treat you the same.

If someone is actually rude to you then you need to try to figure out what you might have said or thought that caused this ripple. I will tell you this… be careful how you respond to them.

It’s best to let go and let karma deal with them just as it does with you. Forgive them and understand that what they did or said isn’t really because of you. They have to work something out with themselves.

Remember that nothing is set in stone, ever. You can mold your life into what you want it to be. You are the controller of your destiny and fate. You always have choices.

Take good care of yourself. Be gentle with other people as much as you can as well. Try talking to the cashier at the grocery store who looks incredibly miserable.

All it takes is one person to be really nice to her and she’ll be in a much better mood for the rest of her shift.

Do things that help boost your own mood along with others. Find solutions to make everything flow. You’ll be a better person for it.

I wish you all the luck of the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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