4 Birth Chart Signs to Find Your Soulmate, According to Astrology

Looking for your soulmate and wondering how to find it through astrology? A lot of people are familiar with their zodiac sign and birth chart, but not many are familiar with all the insight that information can give you.

Have you ever spent time wondering who your soulmate is?

Astrology reveals more than you could ever imagine. If you’ve often wondered if you’ve met your soulmate (or if someone else is still out there), then you might want to pay closer attention to this information!

Find out more about what makes your relationships work out for the very best. I will share with you points in your chart that will give you clarity on this problem area.

A Glimpse Into the Houses in Your Birth Chart

When you look at the wheel of your birth chart, you see 12 sections. These are called houses, and they are very important, just like the planetary aspects are.

The houses you would look into for your love life and compatibility would be as follows:

First House: This house is also where your Rising sign is found. It’s the house of “self” and is how other people perceive or see you. Your Rising sign adds to your personality.

What do you want to show your partner or potential lovers? This is the area you’d look at and possibly make some alterations to. Transits through here will change things now and then as well.

Fifth House: This is your house of creativity, thoughts of children, meeting new people, doing things you love, and being open to partnership if you are single. If you aren’t open to a partnership, then this at least shows what you are open to.

Seventh House: Traditionally, this is the house where you would look to view relationships or potential love. These can be friendships and partnership relationships, but many look to it when it comes to love.

This house not only tells you what you were born to do with love but also how you are with it and what types of relationships may work for you. Transits through here will either tell you it’s a great time for love or that it needs more work.

You always want to look at what the planets are doing in or around your seventh house! It’s very lucrative to see such transits as Mars or Venus Sextile in this house.

Eighth House: This house is about health and sex. Naturally, you want to look at the sign that rules it to know what it applies to you, things to look out for regarding health, and what you are like sexually.

Your passion is outlined here, and this will be enhanced with transits from Jupiter, Mars, and Venus. Is it time to heat things up with your partner? You can certainly find the answers here.

Neptune can also reveal dreams or fantasies if it’s transiting through your eighth house. This is why it is important to check transits whenever possible!

The Connection Between House Rulerships and Relationships

I mentioned the importance of the houses, but now I want to tell you what your fifth house is ruled by based on your Sun sign. It gives you a better scope of understanding.

Aries: Your fifth house of creativity, new romance, and potential is ruled by Mars. You’re the one who takes action when it comes to what you want.

Taurus: The fifth house ruler for you is Venus. That means you’re definitely one to follow your heart and seek out only the real deal when it comes to partnership.

Gemini: Mercury rules your fifth house, which makes you the type that wants to fully think things through. You want to connect with someone who intellectually stimulates you and inspires you.

Cancer: The Moon is the ruler of your fifth house. You’re looking for a soul mate connection. Your emotions run deep, and you want to be totally bonded on the highest level.

Leo: The Sun is the ruler of your fifth house. When you’re attracted to someone, you just go for it. You don’t mind initiating communication and romance to win the one you are drawn to.

Virgo: Your fifth house is ruled by Mercury. This makes you turn inward and think about things quite a bit before you actually commit. You want to be connected with someone that you see as an equal. This takes time to build.

Libra: The fifth house for you is ruled by Venus. You’re definitely amorous. You love giving and sharing your attention. You’re a big flirt with someone you’re interested in.

Scorpio: Pluto is the planet that rules your fifth house. This means you dig pretty deep before you start a new relationship. You want to be really sure the person is someone you can truly trust and rise to the top with.

Sagittarius: Jupiter rules the fifth house in your chart. You’ve got lots of good luck and charm when it comes to meeting new people. You can just about convince anyone to give you a try. The adventure of a new relationship excites you.

Capricorn: Your ruler of the fifth house is Saturn. You are a complicated individual who is hard to get to know. You do this because you want someone inside and out when you decide to commit.

Aquarius: Your fifth house is Uranus. You really live spontaneously; you do what you want when you want to. You desire a partner who will be able to fly with you. This makes you a very picky person when it comes to love.

Pisces: Neptune is the ruler of your fifth house. You’re all about dreams, fantasies, and what could be with someone new. This turns you on, and you want to live a beautiful life with your potential new partner or lover.

Now that we’ve looked at the fifth house, let’s take a look at the other crucial house to look into, which is the seventh. What you need to know about taking this look is your Rising sign.

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Your Rising Sign Coordinates With Your 7th House of Relationships

If you don’t know what your Rising sign is, you need to find out because it’s really important!

Aries Rising: Your seventh house ruler is Venus. That means that, as active and upfront as you are, you definitely love to be in love. You adore the care that a partner can give you. You’re someone who will show your love through your actions.

Taurus Rising: You have two planets sharing the rulership of your fifth house. Those two planets are Mars and Pluto. This makes you a person of action, but not until you’ve fully thought it through and are sure it’s what you want for the long run in love.

Gemini Rising: The ruling planet for your seventh house is Jupiter. You’re lucky to be in love! You’re able to provide much care, romance, and longevity with the right partner. Just be aware of both sides of your personality.

Cancer Rising: The seventh house for you is ruled by Saturn. When it comes to relationships or even marriage, you need some depth. Your soul needs to know for sure if this person is right. Trusting your gut is a very important lesson for you.

Leo Rising: You have two planets ruling your seventh house! You have both Saturn and Uranus. This means that you’re a lot deeper than your partner realizes. You’re spontaneous, but you’re also trying to fulfill your soul’s needs.

Virgo Rising: You’ve got both Jupiter and Neptune in your seventh house. This means you have excellent luck with having a partner who excites you and helps you make your dreams come true. This also increases your ability to have the right soul mate.

Libra Rising: Your seventh house is ruled by Mars. When you know you’re with the right person, you’re ready to dive right in and commit. It’s getting you to that point that is part of the journey, as per your fifth-house advice.

Scorpio Rising: Venus rules your seventh house with great love and compassion. This is fantastic! Your emotions are tied to your partner, and you’re sure they’re the one for you. This makes you feel very secure in a partnership.

Sagittarius Rising: Mercury is the planet ruling your seventh house. You’re an adventurer, but you want someone who is going to keep up with you. Adventures are more fun when spent with someone you love. Having that mental connection is very important for you.

Capricorn Rising: The lovely Moon rules your seventh house. You might be tough as nails, but once you’re in a relationship, you open up and share with your partner. You become solid in love. You’re also very loyal in the commitment you make to someone special.

Aquarius Rising: The Sun is your ruler for the seventh house. The light penetrates the truth of your relationships. It helps you see what’s true and what is going to adhere to your expectations of a beautiful love.

Pisces Rising: The seventh house for you is ruled by Mercury. This means that when you finally get into a relationship, you need to use your head. Dreaming is great, but be sure you’re in the relationship for the right reasons. Communication is a necessity for your partnership to last.

The 5th and 7th houses in your chart are crucial to your relationships or potential ones. When you know what’s going on, you can best figure out if the person you’re spending time with is the right one for you or if it’s best left as a friendship.

Remember that the fifth is at the beginning of a relationship or finding a new connection that could become a relationship, whereas the seventh house is the actual relationship you’re in or developing.

The Planets That Reveal Attraction and Love…

When we’re talking about love, the most important planets to look at transiting are the Moon, Venus, and Mars. Jupiter can bring luck, and Uranus can bring spontaneity, so they shouldn’t be ignored either.

The Moon describes feelings. It is who you are on a deep emotional level in your own birth chart. This is the inner you that not everyone sees. This is what you share with a lover.

When you take a look at their Moon, it will reveal who they are on the inside and may help you figure out if they are compatible with you.

The Moon transits change things but help you along the path. They will indicate where feelings are at the given time of the transit. Is your partner thinking of you?

It tends to answer these types of questions where you are wondering where their head or heart is.

Venus will show where someone’s heart is. For you, it shows what your heart is focusing on at the time. If it’s in one of the houses I’ve mentioned, then it’s focused on love and partnership.

Venus brings up sexual desires and what you truly want in your love life. It also tells you who you are as a woman or lover. In fact, you can look at his birth chart to see what his Venus reveals.

Whatever his birth sign is, Venus will determine his best match, depending on what sign it’s in. Isn’t that fascinating?

To add to this, Mars is the male’s lover or partner. As a woman, if you look at your own birth chart, look at your Mars, as it reveals what type of guy is best for you. Whatever sign it is, it helps you figure out what you can look for.

I don’t want to make this confusing or limiting. If you aren’t in his Venus sign with your Sun, you may still be in his Moon or your Rising sign. There is still hope!

Love, Passion, and Longevity Aspects in Your Birth Chart

There are definitely some aspects that play a big role in harmonious relationships based on your birth chart. This is especially true when you compare it against someone else’s chart.

The aspects between the Sun, Moon, Mars, Venus, and Rising signs can indicate strong connections and attraction. This is especially true for couples that are already together.

An example of this would be Venus conjuncting with the Moon. This helps forge romance and intimacy between two people. There is an opportunity for great and lasting love.

On the other side of this, you could look at Venus opposite Pluto, and this may mean a relationship is one-sided. One person is more demanding than the other, which can cause arguments and discord.

It means there may be some power struggles between the two. Venus sextile the Moon brings the opportunity to have a very deep love and understanding between you and your partner.

Naturally, Venus sextile Mars brings amazing sex and chemistry that is developed between two lovers. Are there hot times between you two? Oh yes! There is a lot of physical connection there.

Even better is when Mars is interacting with something such as the Moon, there is some super amazing sex involved. Emotions are in there, which definitely helps with fortifying a loving union.

Venus trine your partner’s Jupiter will create positive energy that helps a relationship to be warm and tender. This definitely indicates a great relationship!

I should add that it also brings good luck or tidings into a couple’s life. This works for other relationships as well, but when you’re looking at love, this is a powerful aspect.

Excitement comes from your Venus sextiles or trines your partner’s Uranus. You two are supportive of one another and enjoy spontaneity in your love life. You’re adventurous and like to keep it that way.

Now, the Sun squares the Sun (your Sun squares your partner’s Sun) is often a very deep connection, such as a soulmate connection. You may struggle a bit to adapt to each other, but it helps you grow with your partner.

Your Sun sextile Jupiter (your Sun with his Jupiter) brings out compatible values between you. These are the things you have in common that allow you two to connect very well.

This one is one of my personal favorites. The Sun conjunct Neptune (your Sun and your partner’s Neptune) is a mystical connection. This is a cosmic soulmate connection. You may have been together in a past life or two!

One more thing… Venus interacting with Mercury is awesome. This is the mental connection or communication you two have. Communication is always the make or break of relationships.

These are the basics of the aspects that connect two people. These are the relationships you want to stay in tune with. The best thing is to have an actual synastry done so you can see all the aspects.

Love Can Be Discovered Through Astrology!

There is so much to be explored through your birth chart. You can literally figure out if someone is your soulmate or if they’re just someone who is meant to be in your life now.

You can compare your Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars to really know if you two have it. Checking the houses that I mentioned can also bring a bit more clarity.

The important thing is that you’re taking into account all the good and the bad. Compatibility can be a more complicated thing than just your Sun sign alone.

Most people are blinded by the fact that there is just more they need to know. They read an article and find that their Sun signs don’t line up well, so they assume that it’s not going to work out.

Don’t be one of those people. There is far more involved with the planets and the aspects that are transiting. They help with development, healing, growth, and soulmate potential.

Right now, I cannot pull up your chart and know exactly what works for you and what doesn’t in this article alone. Keep in mind the information I’ve shared with you before.

The best thing you could ever do for yourself and your relationships before you throw in the towel due to Sun sign incompatibility is highly advise you stick with me!

Do You Need Help With Relationships Via Your Birth Chart?

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As always, I wish you all the very best in love and in life, because you definitely deserve it!

Sending you all the blessings of the Universe!

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach x

2 thoughts on “4 Birth Chart Signs to Find Your Soulmate, According to Astrology

  1. Dear Anna,
    I value your knowledge and insight into the human nature tremendously, I always read your articles, forecast, whatever you send and have purchased some of your products as well. Not that they helped me with my love life, but they helped me to know more about myself and to find ways to behave the way that might attract my “platonic Capricorn, who always says he loves me as a human being but not as a woman.
    I’m 74, widowed 6 years ago, and though my sex drive is obviously not that of a 20 year old I do crave for the physical touch, hugs and caresses which he (similar age) is avioding with the phrase I quoted.
    Other than this we seldom have great problems, we usually have a great time together, travelling, discovering places, enjoying concerts and theatre laughing, dancing.
    But this has been going on for almost 3 years!
    On your advice I am patient, but how long?
    My heart would bleed to give up this lifestyle but I do hate the lack of intimacy, to be honest.
    Any advice?


    1. Dear Ilona,

      Capricorn man wants a partner that he can actually feel inspired by. If you are able to learn about the things he’s into and you’re doing something similar, you can dazzle him with it. He’s more likely to fall in love with someone who makes him feel honored to know them. You’ll need to show him your talents, gifts, and ability to really tackle things one after the next.Be graceful in your words, try not to bash anyone or talk negatively much. He’ll be turned off fairly quickly if he thinks you are being fake in any way. He wants you to genuinely be nice. This will intrigue him. Being a classy lady will totally be how you get the attention of a Capricorn man. Staying that way will help to keep his attention focused on you for the long term.

      Sending Love to you.

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