Why Saturn Retrograde Is A Great Time For Commitments

Saturn happens to be one of my very favorite planets. Some Astrologers may view it as quite a hard energy to work with, and it is, because it deals a lot with things like restrictions, limitations, and responsibilities. It is very much an adult-like energy.

But there are so many wonderful things we can learn from this planet, like the value of longevity, commitment, unbreakable promises, and most importantly: time, and what we make of it. 

I know you have heard of Mercury Retrograde, but did you know that all the other planets in the Solar System can also seem to move backwards? And that includes Saturn, whose Retrograde is starting on May 23rd, 2021, and only ending on October 11th, 2021. A much longer Retrograde than what you are used to, I bet!

What Does Saturn Retrograde Do Exactly?

Retrogrades seem to be a time that people fear, but this is absolutely unnecessary. Yes, it can feel quite destabilizing for some people, but all Saturn Retrograde actually wants to do is have you question the structures of your life, and have you take a step back and evaluate what is working for you, and of course, what isn’t.

Some signs might thrive in this kind of restructuring energy, like a Virgo or Capricorn, for instance. Two signs that love routine and find peace in knowing the rules. But it can be especially tough if you’re a more free-flowing person like a Pisces or a Sagittarius, who just wants to take life as it comes.

Another aspect to consider with Saturn is its emphasis on karma, and with the Retrograde on its way, expect a lot of “what goes around, comes around” kind of energy to be at play. It is time to reap what you have sown. 

If you have been living aligned, doing good deeds, and living up to your purpose and potential, then expect to be rewarded. But if you have been acting against your morals and your beliefs, then things might seem tougher. Take this as your wake-up call to change it all around.

The nice thing with Saturn and especially its Retrograde is that it is a slow process, don’t expect too many shocks or upheavals. The changes will occur over time, giving you the space to make adjustments accordingly. 

How Can Saturn Retrograde Help Or Hinder My Love Life?

Saturn is a big teacher, and it often takes away from us in order to give to us later on. It is very possible to go through a relationship breakup with a Saturn transit, but this is never usually a bad thing, because the planet is just making space for something or someone better.

Because Saturn is the most adult planet in the Solar System, it is synonymous with settling down and commitment. Usually when someone makes a big decision like buying a house or getting married, somewhere Saturn is involved.

When Saturn goes retrograde, it is asking you to take an inventory of your life, especially your commitments. You might come to decide to take the next step with a lover over this time, or to end things completely. 

Rest assured, whatever Saturn has to teach you is always the right path to follow. The more you try to resist it, the harder it will be. So, try to take any challenges in your stride and embrace what this Retrograde wants to teach you.

By the end of this retrograde you’ll know if you need to hold things back and call it quits, or take complete responsibility and be fully committed. Continue reading to find out what is in store for your sign for the next couple of months!


Aries, we all have a dream and a perfect ideal, but when Saturn goes retrograde in your chart, it may have you questioning and restructuring what you truly desire. You may notice the relationships around you shift. They may become stronger or even start deteriorating. 

Saturn’s purpose for the next few months is for you to question your beliefs and the things you desire most. It is quite possible that the themes you have once tied yourself to no longer give you what you need.

This is a great time for you to realize that not everything is what it seems, and it is fine to evolve and change your mind, because second thoughts are very normal. Evaluate the people you spend all your time with, and only focus on those who add to your life, and say goodbye to any energy vampires.

It is time for you to set some much-needed boundaries, and that might mean retreating and spending more time alone than ever. Take these moments of reflection and realize who is worth your energy.


Your life has taken a serious turn these last few months. It is like you have to bear the weight of the world solely on your shoulders, taking on so much responsibility. You barely have time for anything else but work.

Be prepared for things to slow down significantly, it is time for you to evaluate and review everything you have been working towards. And you might realize that all this public recognition isn’t worth the personal sacrifices you have had to make.

There is no point in working so hard if you cannot enjoy the quieter moments. This Retrograde will remind you to be present and live in the moment and to be grateful for what you have right now. 

When things aren’t going your way, don’t try to force it through frustration. See it as a red light and an opportunity for you to pause. Use any setback as a point for you to slow down and focus on what is most important to you, like spending time with your loved ones and working on your relationships. It is quite possible that your partner feels neglected by all your hard work.


Gemini, have you given your big plans much thought? Well, Saturn Retrograde is about to shake things up in your life and have you questioning how sustainable your future aspirations are. 

You’re no stranger to risk and taking chances, especially when your heart is on the line. But mindful Saturn is about to swoop in and have you questioning the validity and longevity of the big life changes you’re wanting to embark on.

Perhaps you have met someone who has asked you to throw caution to the wind, and to pack up your things to move halfway across the world to be with them. This sounded a lot like fun at first, but as Saturn turns backwards fears of practicality come flooding in.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by these decisions, take a step back and evaluate everything before embarking on such a massive life change. This might be quite difficult for someone like you who believes wholeheartedly on taking risks, but being patient plays an important role in life as well.

Things may take a little longer than what you initially planned, but trust me, waiting might be just what you need!


Cancer, you’re by nature rather emotional, but the next few months may be even more so than usual. Saturn Retrograde is about to really dredge some stuff up from your past that needs quite a bit of attention. 

Sometimes we may think we have completely dealt with something, and it is buried in the past, but occasions like Saturn making its way backwards through your 8th house may have you reliving moments of your life you would much rather forget.

Unresolved issues could prevent you from fully embracing the love you have right now. We all have that one ex who can really get under your skin, the man that makes us wonder, “what if?” Well, over the next few months Saturn is giving you the proper opportunity to get completely over him!

It is time to let go of any fears that are holding you back from being vulnerable in the present. Cancer, this can be a really trying time for you, make sure you reach out and ask for the help you need. There will be much more space for you to love when you let this relationship go completely.


Leo, out of all the signs, you’re going to feel the biggest impact in your serious relationships over the next coming months. So, hold on for one bumpy ride! It is make or break it time for you and your partner. You might decide to go all in, or to step away completely. Neither of which will be particularly easy.

If you’re feeling any kind of second thoughts about committing, then be rest assured, this is very normal. Hesitation is a part of the process, especially when having to make a big life altering decision. Commitment is going to be a huge topic for you over the next few months.

Take this time to thoroughly think things through. If you need to take time out away from your relationship, then do it. You will be able to tell a lot about your partner about the way they handle you needing more space. 

This Saturn Retrograde is all about setting your boundaries and being firm with what you want in your serious relationship. It is incredibly important to remember to put yourself first sometimes, because this is the only way for you to prevent any resentments later down the road.


Virgo, you’re all about healthy living and taking care of your lifestyle, but sometimes life gets messy and we get distracted, especially when we are dating or in the throes of a steamy love affair. 

And taking care of our health takes second place. It is common for people to gain a few pounds when they first fall in love, I believe it is called “happy weight.” But Saturn Retrograde is here to kick you back into gear and to remind you to take care of your health, even when life gets busy.

This is the time to fall into a routine again. It is especially important to set time aside for yourself when you’re in a relationship, but even more so when you’re single. Doing things for yourself can make you feel a lot more attractive.

Take the next few months as a big wakeup call, and realize how important it is to take care of yourself by making time for exercise and eating healthy things. Your body is definitely going to thank you for it in the long run!


Libra, this year has been pretty full-on for you! It is like your sense of adventure has been revived and you feel a certain passion for life once again. It has been important for you to reignite the things that give you joy.

Your love life has certainly been interesting, to say the least. Moments of excitement and fun spurred on by a partner, but as Saturn turns backwards in your chart, you might start looking for something more stable, a commitment you can hold on to.

It is a good time to ask yourself if the men you have been dating actually have future potential in your life. Maybe you’ve only been attracted to guys who you can have a good time with, but feel unsure about their long-term value and now you’re looking for something different.   

Saturn Retrograde is going to have you thinking about love more seriously and you’re likely looking for something with more security and a man who you can rely on, but still have fun with. 

This can be scary if you feel you’re giving your freedom away, but remember, the right man will always be ready to go on adventure with you, and will never take your independence away.


Scorpio, have you asked yourself recently how you have been feeling at the home front? Well, if you haven’t Saturn Retrograde is about to dig up some emotions and have you evaluating your sense of security and where you fit in your life.

As a Scorpio, love and emotions can feel quite hectic, intense, and sometimes even overwhelming. You want to give all of yourself to a partner and jump right into any situation that even slightly resembles a deeper intimacy, but this can often lead to an imbalance in the relationship.  

This Saturn Retrograde is about to push you to assert better boundaries in your relationships. You might even want to take some space and focus on me time over the coming months. It is important for you to recognize when you are losing yourself in someone else, and now is the time to work your way back to you.

It is quite possible that you had plans to move in with a partner, but no matter where you turn, delays seem to meet you head on. Don’t get frustrated, but accept that maybe waiting isn’t such a bad idea and when all of this is over, you’ll be going into the situation with a clearer head.


Sagittarius, one of your best qualities is your ability to be so forward, honest, and forthcoming with your communication. You say what you think, and people appreciate you for your honesty. But it is very possible for the next few months that you’ll be completely misunderstood or even a bit confused.

You’re so used to following your instincts, and just taking the plunge with your ideas, but when Saturn goes backward, it is likely that you’ll experience a bout of second-guessing or hesitation to jump into things.

As the months go by, you might feel very restricted, as if responsibility is being forced on you, and meanwhile you just want to have fun and be free. It would be good for you to think things through carefully, but still stay true to your authenticity.

It is a good time for you to learn the skill of how to be direct in your relationships, without coming on too strong, and that there is power in holding things back. Not everyone needs to know everything about you. There is something magical about revealing yourself slowly to someone.


Capricorn, it’s simple, you’re a boss lady. But even the most successful ladies can experience insecurities and worthiness issues. The next few months with Saturn going Retrograde is really going to teach you a thing or two about your self-worth.

When is the last time you took an inventory of the things or people that make you feel good in life? Sometimes we don’t realize the influence others have on the way we feel about ourselves, and that is especially the case with the people we date.

Saturn going backwards is really going to have you questioning how much validation you seek from your relationships with people. And especially how far you will go to impress someone in order to feel love and affection.

This period is really going to test your boundaries, and what you will and will not allow in your relationships. You might even come to see that the only person whose validation you truly need is yourself. 


Aquarius, these next few months are going to be jam packed with lessons on how to show up for yourself. This is no easy task, especially because you have a hard time asserting who you are, because you are so attuned to your relationship to groups and community. You identify who you are in terms of the relationships you have.

Saturn going Retrograde is more than likely going to shake things up for you and give you a bit of an identity crisis. You might see yourself one way now, but before this Retrograde is over, you’re likely going to have a completely different opinion about yourself.

And the impact this time is going to have on you is huge! Because all your foundations are changing, you’re more than likely going to come out on the other side finding totally new people attractive and charming. When you change, so does the world around you, and that includes the people you spend your time with.

It’s a good time to shift any false narratives you have about yourself, especially what you say to yourself in terms of your perceived lovability. This is a great time to work on any self-doubt, and let go of any self-imposed restrictions you have, especially when it comes to relationships!


Pisces, this really is a year for inward reflection for you, and this Saturn Retrograde is even more proof of this. This period is a fantastic time for you to sit back and reflect on your life and work on any healing you may need.

These next few months are all about closure, and letting go of the parts of your life that no longer work. This can be anything, from a job you’re unhappy with, to a relationship that is only holding you back.

It is very important that you rely on your support system, and that could mean depending on your friends on investing in regular therapy. It could also be as simple as practicing mindfulness, or committing to a regular yoga practice. The quicker you deal with any subconscious baggage, the easier it will be for you to move forward.

Remember that every ending is actually a new beginning, so make sure you get rid of any stuck energy. There is nothing worse than trying to start afresh when there are things holding you back. 

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My Final Thoughts

As Saturn drifts backwards, make sure you take the time to fully assess your life and the parts that are no longer working for you. It is especially a fantastic time to just take a step back and rest.

Sometimes the best thing to do in a situation is to simply do nothing, and let it play out in the way that it is supposed to. Saturn is trying to teach you something, but it is up to you on whether you’re willing to take this planet’s advice on board.

Have you been feeling any of the effects of this Saturn Retrograde already? What is your sign and what has been going on in your life and how are you dealing with it? I’m very curious to know, so please leave a comment in the section below! 

Wishing you all the love in the world.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


9 thoughts on “Why Saturn Retrograde Is A Great Time For Commitments

  1. I am currently at a fork in the road situation with my relationship. I am an Aquarius with a guy in Pisces and a difficult situation that’s pushing me to reevaluate and reconsider alot of things.. I don’t know whether this will end us or bring us closer together, but the only obvious options are a death of the previous relationship and either a rebirth of something new.. or just the acceptance of that what is done is done.. let’s see how this unfolds!!

  2. I’ve been going through a difficult time past year so if karmic healing comes, it might be a welcome change.

  3. I have definitely felt the set back-I am learning to be more patient with things. I’m willing to push with some major decisions that I have dealt with within my years.

    1. I’m a Scorpio with a Sagittarius moon. I’m also thinking about a relationship with an Aries guy with moon i Pisces. We haven’t really entered into a relationship per se, but I can surely feel the chemistry. I have the strange feeling that it is good that Saturn “slows down” now to give me the time to think about my life on many levels. Yes, last month I started thinking about moving to a new place. I also started looking deeper into myself and healing my past wounds, taking care of my inner child and learning about love (including self-love). I always thought that there’s the right time for everything, so this Saturn retrograde comes just in time. ?

  4. Hey Anna.
    I have felt a little of this retrograde. I have felt the world around me changing. I have desired to look deeper into me. My Sag Man is going through a huge shift in life. This sometimes brings out my self-doubt. We will both be going through a wild ride this summer. I hope we make it out together.

  5. I am a Scorpio in a tumultuous relationship with a cancer. Right now I am in holding emotionally. It is as if I am numb. I am not chasing him, the other woman is. I don’t know how this will end. I am working on me instead of the situation. She is Scorpio also.

  6. My pices man of 2.5 yrs is excessively tired. It feels as though he’s coming more united with me whiles I (Leo) an over here making sure and questioning if he is the man I want for all time.

  7. Anna
    Spot on with Saturn wow
    Im going through major changes at the moment in work situation

    I have been put in an unfortunate position but I know it is wrong and I have held back and putting my trust in my faith guardian Angel friends and family to get me through

    Yes I’m in control (for a change)
    and feeling ok

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