Saturn In Pisces – The Biggest Challenge All Women Need To Look Out For In 2023

On March 7, 2023, Saturn the planet of restrictions, limitations, and responsibility is moving into the free-flowing sign of Pisces until February 2026. This is a very different energy than what we have been used to over the last few years. 

As you may know, Saturn is a very important planet for our growth, for growing up and fixing our identities. It may sound very stressful, but actually it offers the greatest opportunity for you to do that big leap and become a better version of yourself.

That’s why Saturn return happens every 28/29 years in our lives and Saturn only changes the sign every year or two, so the energy this planet is bringing is much more lasting compared to other important transits happening every year.

So, yes, ladies, we are in for more change… And 2023 has a lot of change coming… Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are all changing signs… The North Node will also change territory over the summer, and if that isn’t enough change there will be a Venus Retrograde as well. Lots of upheavals are on the way.

Saturn in Pisces is going to shape a new world for us in a big way. Saturn is seen as a sort of mentor, and when the planet enters such a spiritual sign like Pisces, we can only expect that major transformation and healing are on the way. But no, it won’t be easy… 

Are you curious to find out more about the challenges on Saturn in Pisces and what it means for your year moving forward? Then keep on reading as I am going to guide you on what you need to do to make the most of these changes going forward.

Saturn In Pisces Meaning

The natures of Saturn and Pisces are vastly different from each other. Saturn is all about structure, while Pisces is the sign of free-flowing openness and spirituality. There might be a tug-of-war about who comes out on top over the next three years.

Major themes of ethics, spirituality, creativity and healing will confront us all. This may be a period in the world where everyone will want to hide away from their anxieties, but the true balm to soothe any fear is to face it head-on.

My feeling is that a deeper spirituality is going to emerge from this transit and a greater willingness to explore alternative therapies to deal with issues of mental health and addictions. 

Pisces is the sign of escapism. I think the world is going to get a nasty shock if we don’t start taking a deeper look at how everything in the modern world is designed to keep us numb – think of all the scrolling and swiping we all engage in every day.

This is the perfect time for the world to move on from mindless to mindful. Take extra care of your inner world and don’t be afraid to allow the deeper healing to unfold in your life.

Saturn is all about structure, while Pisces is the sign of free-flowing openness and spirituality. There might be a tug-of-war about who comes out on top over the next three years.

5 Tips to Follow During Saturn In Pisces

Saturn in Pisces is going to be a big switch in the world and sometimes having to cope with these lessons won’t be easy. Here are some of my guidelines to follow to help you navigate this time with greater ease. But remember, with Saturn, you always have to do the work!

5 tips for saturn in pisces

1. Structure Your Spirituality

There is one thing I don’t doubt at all about this Saturn ingress into Pisces is that this is going to be an increasingly spiritual time for the world. People are going to start looking for deeper meaning and healing.

You can help this process by being diligent and consistent with your spiritual practices over the next three years. Do all the yoga and meditation you possibly can. 

Attend workshops that focus on your inner child, and be open to alternative therapies like TRE, Reiki, Innerdance, and Hypnotherapy. Commit to your spirituality as it will contain you when moments become difficult. 

2. Stop Looking For Distraction

We live in a world flooded with distraction and mindless entertainment around every corner. Saturn is going to make us painfully aware of how numb we have been to our global heartache. 

A good way to honour Saturn in Pisces is to start dipping your toes into discomfort. This is the perfect time for you to become the master of your addictions and vices. 

When you feel pain and loneliness do you start scrolling and swiping on your phone? Do you look in the fridge for comfort? Do you turn to alcohol to numb the pain? 

Allow yourself to feel the pain instead of running away from it. Confront your dis-ease.

3. Know When To Believe The Conspiracies, And When To Ignore Them

It can be so difficult to be discerning in this time information is constantly planted to make us think or behave in a certain way. While some conspiracy theories are just theories, there are a couple that are facts. 

Try to take everything you are being fed with a pinch of salt, do extra research if you must, but don’t just believe everything you read. This is a great time for you to use your intuition and feel what is right for your body and soul. 

The greatest lesson Saturn in Pisces is about to bring us is to teach us to listen to our hearts over our heads. Remember, your body is always telling you if something is right or wrong. Listen to it.

Many false prophets with their snake oils are going to be called out over the next few years. Saturn hates a fake and a phony.

4. Work On Your Boundaries

Saturn is the planet that just loves boundaries, and Pisces has a particularly tough time enforcing boundaries. This is going to be tough to navigate as everything seems a bit elusive right now.  

Saturn wants to know where the limit lies with everything, be it at work, or in your relationships, and Pisces will struggle to be discerning. This is why it would be really beneficial for you to make some rules for your life. 

Creating boundaries for yourself isn’t always easy, especially if it involves other people and the way they treat you. But if you stand up for yourself, Saturn will surely reward you and give you the confidence to say no.

You might lose a friend or two, but you will quickly notice that you’re better off and feel a lot lighter when you no longer have people in your life who drag your energy down and make you feel awful. 

5. Use Your Gifts

Everyone has a specific gift, skill, or ability they have been given by the Universe. Pisces, being such a mythical and creative sign that loves to help and support others is going to encourage everyone to share their gifts with the world. 

Saturn is a particularly practical planet that likes action and doing. With Saturn in Pisces now, everyone should feel encouraged to use what they have been blessed with to make the world a better place.

Use your gifts to give you a sense of service, purpose, and perspective. This is about helping others selflessly, without expecting recognition and praise in return.

Saturn In Pisces Horoscope: How Each and Every Sign Will Be Affected

Check how Saturn in Pisces will affect your sun sign and rising sign for more accurate guidance.

Saturn In Pisces 2023 For Aries

saturn in pisces for aries

Aries, this really is a year for inward reflection for you, and this transit of Saturn into Pisces and your 12th house is definitely proof of this. You know what it is like to be a lone wolf already, so it is time to embrace that independent spirit of yours – it might be a very lonely and isolating time for you. This period is a fantastic time for you to sit back and reflect on your life and work on any healing you may need.

These next few years are a time to close the chapter on your life and let go of everything that does not work anymore, and get moving on with the next chapter. It could be anything from a job that you’re not happy with, to a relationship that keeps you from achieving your full potential.

There is no way to express how important it is to make sure you have a good support system around you, and this can mean relying on your friends or perhaps investing in regular therapy sessions. 

You could also practice mindfulness or commit to a regular yoga practice in order to achieve the same results. You will be able to move forward more easily if you are able to deal with any subconscious baggage as quickly as possible.

Every ending is actually a new beginning, so be sure that you are releasing any stuck energy that is hanging around. As far as starting afresh goes, there is nothing more frustrating than trying to do so while things are blocking your way. Let it go now. 

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Saturn In Pisces 2023 For Taurus

saturn in pisces for taurus

Taurus, I think we all have a dream or an ideal that we wish to achieve in our connections, but when Saturn goes into Pisces in your chart, it may have you reevaluating what you really want and have you rearranging what you want. 

Your relationships with the people around you may begin to shift as a result of this change. In some cases, they may become stronger than before or they may even start to deteriorate. 

For the next few years, Saturn will be asking you to question what you believe and what you desire most in your life. The themes that you once tied yourself to, and that once caused you to be happy, may no longer be giving you what you need. Change is what you are looking for and you are ready to make it happen. The spiritual path is here to guide you.

At this moment, you have a great opportunity to realize that not everything is as it appears and that it is perfectly fine to evolve and change your mind because second thoughts are very normal and lead to growth in the end. 

I encourage you to evaluate the people with whom you spend all your time, only focus on those who add value to your life, and say goodbye to anyone who is draining your energy. If you are not respected by those around you, then good riddance to them. 

This is the time for you to set some much-needed boundaries, and that might mean retreating and spending more time alone than you ever have before in order to achieve this. 

It is important to take these moments of reflection and realize who is worth your time and energy. There will be a lot of clarity in your life when this transit ends so you will know who is meant to be in your life and who is not.

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Saturn In Pisces 2023 For Gemini

saturn in pisces for gemini

There is no doubt that the next few years will be a turning point in your life. There seems to be a feeling like you are carrying the burden of the entire world on your shoulder, with so much responsibility being placed upon you. It is likely that you will barely have time for anything else but work during this time. It is important for you to achieve your dreams, even if it means taking a toll on everything else in your life along the way.

The pace of things will slow significantly over the next couple of years, and this is the time for you to assess what you have been working towards and evaluate it. 

As a result, you might come to realize that all this public recognition isn’t worth all the personal sacrifices that you have had to make in order to achieve your dreams. As a result, you can now focus more of your attention on what is important to you in your life.

I don’t think there is any sense in working so hard if you do not enjoy the quiet moments in between. There will be a strong reminder to be present, to live in the moment, and to be thankful for what you have right now as a result of this transit. It is Saturn’s job to show you that you also need to take time for yourself from time to time. 

In the event that something does not go your way, don’t try to force things by being frustrated. You should view this as a red light and an opportunity for you to take a moment to pause. If you experience a setback, use it as a point for you to slow down and refocus on what is most important to you, such as spending time with your family and working on the relationships you have with them. 

Quite possibly, your partner may feel neglected by all the hard work you are putting into your career. Therefore, why don’t you look at pivoting your priorities and figuring out what works better for your lifestyle and your relationship?

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Saturn In Pisces 2023 For Cancer

saturn in pisces for cancer

What kind of plans do you have for the future, Cancer? Have you given much thought to them?

Well, Saturn in Pisces is about to shake things up in your life and make you question the sustainability of your future aspirations. You need to learn to give your ideas and beliefs some extra thought – perhaps it is time to evolve.

You’re not someone who is super fond of taking risks and chances, but Saturn in Pisces is about to encourage you to think outside of the box and to get out of your comfort zone. You might question the validity and longevity of the big life changes you’re wanting to embark on, you’re right, you need to think things through carefully. Just because it feels right at the moment, doesn’t mean it is right for the future. 

You might have met someone who has asked you to throw caution to the wind and to pack up your belongings so that you can move halfway across the globe to be with them. This sounds a lot like fun at first, but as Saturn does govern reality and fears of practicality may come flooding in, and with it, all of the fun. You are cautious with reason.

Taking a step back and evaluating everything before embarking on such a major life change is a great idea if you are feeling overwhelmed by these decisions. Just be patient and recognize that you are doing exactly what you are meant to do.

It is possible that things might take a little longer than you had originally planned, but trust me, waiting may just be what you need to get things moving forward. It is important that you trust in what the Universe and Saturn have planned for you. 

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Saturn In Pisces 2023 For Leo

saturn in pisces for leo

Despite the fact that you are by nature an emotional and dramatic type, the next few years may prove to be even more so than usual for you. This Saturn transit is about to dredge up a lot of old issues from your past that need some attention in order to be dealt with properly. In spite of the fact that it is uncomfortable to let go of this now, it is better to do so now than to carry it around for a long period of time.

We may think we have dealt with something all the way, and that it’s buried in the past, but circumstances like Saturn making its way through the eighth house can cause you to go back and relive moments of your life that you would rather forget. There is a process that needs to be followed that involves letting go of who you thought you are. 

You might not be able to embrace the love that you have right now if you have unresolved issues. I think we have all had that one ex who can really get under our skin, the guy who makes us wonder, what if? Over the next few years, Saturn will surely give you the opportunity to get completely over him so that you will be able to move on with your life!

I believe that now is the time for you to let go of any fears that are holding you back from being vulnerable in the present. This can be one of the most challenging times for you Leo, so make sure you reach out to those around you and ask for their support if you need it. 

As soon as you let this relationship go completely, you will find that there is much more room for you to love. Rather than holding on so tight anymore, it is now time for you to let it flow through you. 

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Saturn In Pisces 2023 For Virgo

saturn in pisces for virgo

Over the next few years, out of all the signs, it is likely that you will feel the greatest impact on your serious relationships, especially when it comes to your love life. Hold on for one bumpy ride! You don’t want to miss this. You and your partner are facing a make-or-break moment when it comes to your relationship. 

It is up to you to decide whether you want to go all-in or whether you want to step away completely. As you can imagine, neither of these things will be easy. There are always going to be difficulties when it comes to relationships.

Be assured that if you are having second thoughts about committing, you are perfectly normal to feel that way. A lot of times, hesitation is a part of the decision-making process, especially when one is forced to make life-altering choices. In the next few years, commitment will be one of the most important topics for you to focus on. Can you handle it? Are you ready to take on the challenge?

It is important that you take the time to think things through thoroughly. Do not hesitate to take time away from your relationship if you need to do so. The way in which your partner handles your need for more space when you ask for it will tell you a lot about them. Take note of how they respond to this. 

During this Saturn transit, you should be firm with your boundaries and what you want in a serious relationship. The only way to prevent resentment later in life is to remember to put yourself first from time to time and to be clear in your communication with your partner.

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Saturn In Pisces 2023 For Libra

saturn in pisces for libra

Having a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your lifestyle are important to you, but sometimes life gets messy, and we get distracted, especially when we are dating or in the middle of a steamy relationship. 

But don’t forget to take the time to look after yourself, it’s very important to do so – you have a tendency to be a people pleaser and to give to others more than they deserve.

There is a possibility that taking care of your health is pushed to the bottom of your priority list when you are dating. Whenever a person falls in love for the first time, it is common for them to gain a few pounds in the process. There is no doubt that Saturn in Pisces is here to help you get back on track and to remind you to take care of your health even when life gets hectic.

There is no better time to fall back into a routine than now. Having time for yourself is something that is especially important when you are in a relationship, but it is even more important if you are single as well. When you take the time to do things for yourself, you will feel a lot more attractive and be a much better partner to your significant other as a result.

I hope that the next few years will serve as a big wake-up call for both you and your family and that you will recognize how important it is to take care of yourself by eating healthy foods and exercising regularly. As a result, you will definitely be able to feel the difference in your body in the long run!

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Saturn In Pisces 2023 For Scorpio

saturn in pisces for scorpio

There has been a lot going on for you this year, Scorpio! There is a sense of adventure returning to you, and you feel like you are once again on the verge of feeling a strong passion for life once more but in a structured and sensible way. It is important for you to reignite the things that give you joy.

You have certainly had an interesting love life, to say the least. There are moments of excitement and fun spurred on by a partner, but as Saturn moves into Pisces in your chart, you might start looking for something more stable, a commitment that you can allow yourself to hold on to. The question is, are you on the same level as the person you are with?

There is a good time to ask yourself if the men you have been dating actually have the potential to be a part of your future. Is it possible that you have only found yourself attracted to men who you’ve been able to have fun with, but have been insecure about their long-term value, and now you are looking for something different and stable? If you want something more, it’s okay, you are worth more.

There is a good chance that Saturn in Pisces will make you consider love with a little more seriousness, so you are likely to look for something with more security, and a man that you can rely on, yet still have fun with. Wouldn’t it be great if we could get the best of both worlds?

It can be frightening to give up your freedom to someone, but keep in mind that the right man will always be ready to go on an adventure with you, and he will never take your independence away from you.

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Saturn In Pisces 2023 For Sagittarius

saturn in pisces for sagittarius

What has been happening at home front for you lately, Sagittarius? Have you asked yourself how you have been feeling about your family and lately? Well, if you haven’t Saturn in Pisces is about to dig up some emotions and have you evaluating your sense of security and where you fit in your life.

As a Sagittarius, love and emotions can feel quite hectic, intense, and sometimes even overwhelming and this is how come you love to run away from intimacy. You want to give all of yourself to a partner, but then you get afraid that your freedom and independence are being taken away.

You are about to be pushed to assert better boundaries in your relationships by Saturn in Pisces. It may even be a good idea for you to take a little time away and focus on yourself over the coming years. It is crucial that you are able to recognize when you are losing yourself to someone else, and now it is time for you to work on getting back to yourself without needing to run away.

As a matter of fact, it is quite possible that you had made plans to move in with your partner, but despite your best efforts, delays seem to be meeting you head-on no matter how you turn. Please don’t get frustrated, but accept that maybe waiting isn’t such a bad idea, and when all is said and done, you’ll be able to go into the situation with a clearer head once everything is over.

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Saturn In Pisces 2023 For Capricorn

saturn in pisces for capricorn

Capricorn, one of your best qualities is your ability to be so forward, honest, and forthcoming with your communication. You say what you think, and people appreciate you for your honesty. 

You don’t suffer fools easily. But it is very possible for the next few years that you’ll be completely misunderstood or even a bit confused – it is as if others struggle to understand what you are saying. This will be incredibly frustrating for you.

You’re so used to following your instincts and well-thought ideas, and just taking the plunge with your ideas, but when Saturn goes into Pisces, it is likely that you’ll experience a bout of second-guessing or hesitation to make a move. It is like you don’t trust your ideas that much anymore.

As the years go by, you might feel very restricted, as if responsibility is being forced on you, and meanwhile, you just want to have fun and be free. While it is important for you to think things through carefully, you must still maintain your authenticity at the same time.

There is no better time than now to learn the skill of being direct in your relationships, without coming across as overbearing and to understand that there is power in holding back and not saying everything you think at once. It is not necessary for everyone to know everything about you. When you reveal yourself slowly to someone, there is something magical about it.

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Saturn In Pisces 2023 For Aquarius

saturn in pisces for aquarius

Aquarius, it’s simple, you’re a boss lady who is as unique as they come. However, even the most successful ladies can experience insecurities and issues regarding their worthiness from time to time. The next few years with Saturn going into Pisces is really going to teach you a thing or two about your self-worth.

How long has it been since you took stock of the people and the things that make you feel good in your life? When was the last time you did that? I think that we often do not appreciate the influence that others have on our sense of self-worth, and this is especially the case when it comes to the people we date.

You are going to have to question how much validation you are seeking from your relationships with other people as a result of Saturn going into Pisces. There are some situations in which you will go to great lengths in order to impress someone in order to feel love and affection from them.

During this period, you will really be able to test your boundaries and what you are willing to accept and what you are not willing to accept in your relationships. There is even a chance that you might realize that the only person who really needs your validation is you. 

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Saturn In Pisces 2023 For Pisces

saturn in pisces for pisces

In the next few years, Pisces, you will have the opportunity to learn a lot about how to be the best version of yourself. This is no easy task, especially because you have a hard time asserting who you are because you are so flexible, sensitive, and empathetic towards others. Boundaries are difficult for you to assert. You identify who you are in terms of how you can help others and support them.

It is highly likely that Saturn moving into your sign will shake things up for you and give you a bit of an identity crisis as a result of his presence. During this transit, you might see yourself one way right now, but once this transit is over, you will probably have an entirely different impression of yourself. 

There is no doubt that the impact this time will have on you is going to be huge. As a result of all your foundations changing, there is no doubt that you are going to come out on the other side finding totally new people attractive and charming since everything is changing. I believe that as we change, the world around us changes too, and this is true for those we spend time with as well.

Now is a good time to shift any false narratives you have about yourself, and especially what you say to yourself in terms of your perception of your ability to be loved. There is no better time than now to work on any self-doubt that you have and let go of any self-imposed restrictions that you have, especially when it comes to your relationships. 

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What Does It Mean To Have Saturn In Pisces In Your Chart?

Those of you who have Saturn in Pisces in your natal chart are about to embark on their Saturn Return. How exciting!

Saturn has quite an interesting influence on the sign of Pisces which can often be without boundaries and totally free-flowing. These energies need to really find a compromise to work well together. It is all about to give and take. 

Saturn in this position gives you the opportunity to be incredibly structured and disciplined in honing your craft and making your dreams a reality. But unfortunately, this position may make you crippled with fear and anxiety with the inability to move forward because of your insecurities. 

There always seems to be something holding you back from reaching your dreams or expressing yourself authentically. Something may have happened in your childhood that knocked down your self-confidence and now you need to build yourself up. But this doesn’t always happen too easily. 

During your Saturn Return, you are going to be forced to face your fears and let go of all self-doubt. To become the master of your Saturn Return you need to realize that you are limitless and only you are holding yourself back from reaching your desires. You have a lot more power than you give yourself credit for. 

Don’t let your fears and anxieties make you a pushover, a victim, or a martyr. You deserve better than that and Saturn wants you to fulfill your dreams and desires but you are going to have to put in the work. 

The Universe is pushing you to surrender and let go by enforcing the fact that you cannot always control what happens to you and it is best for you to just flow with the tides. This takes a lot of self-mastery to attain. By looking within and being introspective you will learn to harness the power of your intuition and be a greater source of support to the world around you. 

Your spiritual awakening is going to be a big part of your Saturn Return. Don’t resist it, put in the work and you will see yourself flourishing and growing into a strong and capable version of yourself.

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As you can imagine, this year’s Saturn in Pisces is going to be quite a life-changing experience, but luckily with my help, you have all the tools to understand what you need to do to make a success of it. 

I hope this article was somehow meaningful to you, and that you understand more about yourself and your Saturn sign now.

You are now better equipped to take on the dating game and find the relationship of your dreams.

Remember to embrace your strengths and work on your weaknesses, and always be open to growth and expansion.

But if you still don’t know your Saturn sign, I would never leave you hanging without giving you a helping hand in this process. I realize that not everyone knows Astrology.

You may not even what you’re seeing when you look at your birth chart!

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Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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