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The 4 Most Narcissistic Zodiac Signs

You may have noticed a lot of buzz on the internet lately about the narcissistic personality. Are these personalities a product of nature? Nurture? Sometimes, the tendencies toward narcissism are actually related to the stars and planets, like so many other facets of an individual’s nature.

Narcissistic personality disorder is technically a specific disorder, but someone can have narcissistic traits even without the full set of symptoms. A narcissistic person is likely to have an inflated sense of ego, they are grandiose and think quite highly of themselves – or at least, they seem to.

But more often than not, deep inside they are actually quite insecure. They use their over-the-top personality to mask this. While anyone can have narcissistic traits, there are some Zodiac signs that are known for having this type of personality more than others.

Here is a list of the most narcissistic of the Zodiac signs.

The 4 Most Narcissistic Zodiac Signs

1. Aries

As the first sign of the Zodiac, Aries often acts like a first-born child. That is to say, they see the world through their own lens and assume others think the way they do. They may be benign narcissists, mistakenly assuming that others share their interests and find their ideas to be fascinating, or their narcissism may be more overt.

People born under the sign of Aries can be dynamic and charming, as can people with narcissistic traits. But they will often see others as an extension of themselves rather than as separate autonomous people.

An Aries who has not dealt with their own insecurities can go to great lengths to try to stifle their fears and doubts. They may become dominating; obsessively love-bombing their partners but becoming emotionally shallow when things become more serious.

They are known to be jealous and can fly into fits of rage when challenged. They don’t like being shown up and have a deep urge to be the best at everything they do. Their competitive streak may even be projected onto their closest partners and friends.

2. Leo

Leos have a personality that is larger than life. They light up a room when they walk through the door and they easily attract the attention of everyone around them. When they are secure and healthy, Leos can be confident and inspiring.

But when they are not balanced and healthy, the toxic aspects of their personality can come to the surface. They can be self-centered. Their sign is ruled by the Sun and this represents the ego. Thus, Leos can be self-obsessed and consumed by desires to be famous, wealthy, and to prove how exceptional they are.

In fact, those born under this sign assume everyone should recognize their talents. They expect to be admired and to win at all costs. In relationships, they can be jealous and possessive.

At first, others may find them charming and exciting. But their strong personalities can mask a deeper sense of fear and emptiness. They may become obsessed with having the best of everything and even become convinced they need to modify their partners, always feeling the grass is greener with someone else. This can create instability and intense fights in relationships.

3. Taurus

Taurus is usually reliable, sensible, dependable, romantic, and nurturing. They are likely to be caring and considerate. But this sign can also be highly insecure and self-conscious. They can be excellent at masking their fears and weaknesses by trying too hard to project an image of having everything under control.

Drawn to their favorite comforts and luxuries, they can be vain, jealous, and materialistic. An insecure Taurus can be obsessed with their appearance both because they want approval and acceptance and because they feel they aren’t quite good enough. They may try too hard to focus on looks to mask their inner turmoil.

Taurus people don’t like to wade through emotional waters and may try to stifle their feelings. But if they take the process too far, they run the risk of turning their traumas into toxic personality traits. They may use money and material comforts to manipulate others at first, giving the appearance of being a generous caretaker when really, their goal is to be needed and depended on by others.

4. Scorpio

Scorpio is known to have an intense personality and their mystique can also be part of their charm. But it can also lead others to fear their notorious vengeful side. The truth is though, Scorpio is also the sign of deep psychic connection and subconscious insights. Oftentimes, Scorpio people have done enough soul searching to be well aware of their flaws and are motivated to work on themselves.

Yet, if a Scorpio hasn’t done the work to heal their psyche, they can be filled with toxic tendencies. They can easily be drawn to sabotage themselves and their relationships. One of the ways they do this is through narcissistic tendencies.

In romance, for example, a Scorpio can show the pattern of love bombing associated with narcissism. It may feel flattering when a Scorpio has you in their sights. They will go out of their way to shower you with gifts and compliments, and they may surprise you by showing up at your work or home unexpectedly.

But after a while, a Scorpio will show the other side of this obsession with you. People born under this sign easily become possessive and jealous. They can even become manipulative and controlling. They are actually quite clever when it comes to influencing others’ minds. An evolved Scorpio uses this gift to help facilitate healing and transformation. But a Scorpio who has not worked on their own healing can use this power of perception and intuition to play mind games or act controlling over others.

Scorpio will go to great lengths to charm your friends and family and to portray an image of being the perfect partner, but if their narcissistic side comes to the forefront, people born under this sign will end up going into fits of anger when they are crossed or when others are not able to fulfill their impossible demands.

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Final Thoughts

Although these signs have narcissistic tendencies, it doesn’t mean they’re all bad. After all, we’re each capable of healing if given the right opportunities. But if you do find yourself being the target of the excessive fake amorousness and demands of a narcissistic person, you may want to reconsider your boundaries.

Narcissistic people will try to use you to make themselves feel more powerful, successful, or attractive than they feel alone. These relationships tend to self-destruct because no amount of love is ever enough to satisfy a narcissistic person.

Have you been in a relationship with a narcissist?

There may be healing and reflection that can help you recognize the red flags and avoid this kind of love trap in the future.

Before you rule out any future relationships with the signs that have the most narcissistic tendencies, remember that narcissism emerges when people born under this sign are not dealing with their deeper insecurities and working on their own healing.

If you are frustrated with the love that you’ve fallen into with one of these signs and you’re at your wit’s end, then it might be a good idea for you to try something different.

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Wishing you love and light on your journey.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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