How To Make A Guy Miss You (Based On His Sign)

If you’re like most women, you spend your time away from the guy of your dreams wondering if he is thinking of you the same way you think of him. Every day, women from all over the world contact me with some variation of this question:

Anna, how do I know if he really misses me when we’re not together?

As a relationship astrologer, it’s my duty to make sure every woman knows exactly how to make the most of her charm, intelligence, beauty, and talents. My passion is making sure he misses you because I teach you the tricks and tips you need to make him miss you.

It’s not a one size fits all game, though. You have to know how to make a man miss you based on his sign. Each sign gives a man specific motivations, fears, insecurities, and desires.

Once you know how to leverage this information, you can keep him obsessed with you and only you. Just like my clients learn to do every day. So here is a guide to teach you the basics so you can make sure your love interest misses you when you’re not around.


Aries men can be a challenge. Early in the relationship, they’ll chase you with intense passion. You may think you’ve found the perfect man because he’s so attentive. But what most women don’t realize is his obsessive focus is short-lived.

Once an Aries man feels comfortable with you he stops trying so hard. This is where women often complain their Aries man has gone cold. He’s not trying to send mixed signals, he just loves a conquest. When it’s clear he doesn’t have to try so hard to woo you, he won’t.

The trick to making him miss you is to be clear about boundaries early in the relationship. Many women make the mistake of being too available. They feel flattered by his insistence on spending every minute together. So they cave. They cancel plans and make arrangements to see him and before they know it, they’ve spent every day and night together for weeks.

And then he stops calling.

If you want him to miss you, create space for your independent interests. Do this early in the relationship. When he begs to spend time with you, give him a compelling reason that you can’t see him that night. Make sure you tell him you can’t wait to see him, but that you’ve got plans and can’t change your schedule.

Make him wait for you. It’s that simple. But also complicated. Aries men are tenacious. They will go to great lengths to try to have their way. Stand your ground. Aries men don’t know moderation, so you’ve got to be the one to help him pace himself.


Taurus men are patient. This is a great quality, but it makes it more challenging to get him to miss you. You have to spend a bit of time apart for him to really feel your absence. If you have a date with him on Friday night and text him on Saturday night to say you miss him, he’ll be completely confused.

Downplay your emotions with a Taurus man. The best way to get him to miss you is to stand out as the woman of his dreams. Act like the one he’s been waiting for. The biggest part of this involves resisting his charms and sexual advances until he’s serious about you. He secretly wants you but even more, he wants you to respect yourself.

Taurus men will miss a woman who values herself enough to not be too available. Make him work for his time with you. Also, try to keep reminding him that you know your value. Don’t ask desperate or thirsty in a relationship with a Taurus man.

And finally, amaze him in the kitchen. Cook for him. If you aren’t a great cook, take classes. Learn some basics. Impress him by appealing to his appetite and he’ll crave you- and your cooking- when you’re not around.


Gemini men have short attention spans. No shade to my fellow Geminis, it’s just the truth. Gemini men are fascinated by every new thing that catches their eye. If you want to make a Gemini man miss you, you have to have firm boundaries. In addition to this, you have to stand out as absolutely fascinating.

If you have something new to teach a Gemini man every time you see him, he’ll become obsessed with you. He’ll notice when you aren’t around. But you need to be able to keep up with conversation and stay a few steps ahead of a quick and witty Gemini guy.

It also helps if you are flirting. If you have a great sense of humor and know how to keep him amused, he’ll miss you when he’s not with you. He’ll want to spend as much time with you as possible.


If you want to show a Cancer man that you’re the one and only woman for him, you’ve got to pay attention to his feelings. Cancer men are intuitive, sensitive, and super shy. He needs to feel secure with you. When you nurture him and show authentic interest in his feelings, a Cancer man will want to be around you all the time.

Once you master these simple tips, it’s actually easy to make a Cancer miss you. They can be clingy in love. Men born under this sign are known for being quick to get attached.

Keep a slight distance from a Cancer man at first. Have a reason to end dates earlier than he wants to. This keeps him craving more of your attention. Don’t be too aloof or his feelings will be hurt. Cancer men often personalize things.

They need reassurance but also boundaries. Otherwise, a Cancer man will spend all of his time with you and then become bored. He doesn’t easily moderate his emotions so your own boundaries and availability will do this job for him.


Making a Leo man miss you is a careful balancing act. On the one hand, you’ve got to be an exceptional woman. It takes a lot to make a man born under this sign go wild about you. Once he is convinced that you are confident, talented, and one of a kind, he’ll want to spend more time with you.

But this alone doesn’t mean he’ll miss you. There has to be something special that you do that makes him crave you. Think of your favorite restaurant. You may be able to get the same food at a gazillion places, but you keep going back to your favorite place for a reason. Why? Is it the atmosphere? The secret recipe? The friendly staff? All of the above?

To make a Leo man miss you, you’ve got to have something special that he loves and that he knows he can only find with you. This may be your sense of humor, the way you listen to him, your flirty nature, or your engaging stories. Play up your talents and he’ll see you as one of a kind.


Virgo men can be hard to impress. They are mild-mannered and lowkey. They don’t make demands and are easy to please. But when you’re not around, men born under this sign don’t easily pine for you. It doesn’t mean he doesn’t care about you.

It’s just that Virgo men have plenty of chores and errands that keep them busy. They are accustomed to occupying themselves in between more fun engagements. So, the trick is to seep into his subconscious.

Be helpful, informative, caring, considerate, and understate your interest. He’ll miss you when you have traits most others lack even simple things like humility. For a Virgo man, you’re better off not going out of your way to get attention.

It’s better to be helpful, kind, and intellectual if you want to get his attention and make him miss you. When he’s surrounded by people who are attracted to drama, he’ll miss he was with you.


If you want a Libra man to miss you, you’ve got to be his perfect partner. This doesn’t mean being just like him. In fact, sometimes it means being the opposite of him. Being able to complement him works best.

You can also make a Libra man miss you by being exceptionally kind, compassionate, intelligent, and gentle. Libra men are drawn to women who are not judgmental and who have a big heart.

If you are affectionate but not smothering, he’ll be wild about you. You can make a man born under this sign miss you when you are careful to pull back before he does. Libras naturally vacillate between being obsessive and being aloof. If you start to cool off while he’s still in hot pursuit, he’ll be more motivated to chase you.


If you want a Scorpio man to miss you, you have your work cut out for you. If you’re shy and have a vulnerable and romantic presence, he’ll easily become obsessed with you. But if you are too eager, you’ll undermine your own goals.

Scorpio men are intrigued by mysterious women. If you want a Scorpio man to miss you, the first step is to make sure he is obsessed with you. Stay just out of arm’s reach. Scorpio men can be charming and enticing, but don’t go to bed with him too soon.

Once his chase instinct is triggered, show him an interest in the occult. Remain calm and solid as he goes through his labile moods. Show him you have what it takes to live on the edge as he does, but don’t be as dramatic as he is. Always keep his secrets and make him think you have plenty of your own.

Scorpio men often miss a woman and don’t show it. He does covert things like watching your social media or even physically following you from a distance. Trust in the process, you may not always realize when Scorpio misses you.


Men born under this sign can be independent and crave their freedom. This makes it difficult to test whether a Sagittarius man misses you. You need to give him a lot of space. Let him wander and never chase him. Only after he’s had some time to himself will he realize that he misses you.

Don’t take his aloof nature personally. He is an explorer by nature. Join him in his passions and never stand in his way. A Sagittarius man will miss you if you add spice and adventure to his life when you’re around.

Avoid bland conversations. If you don’t have something exciting to offer, it may be best to cancel plans. Never appear boring around a Sagittarius man. Less can be more. It’s easier for him to miss you if you are a rarity in his life. Don’t make yourself too available.

You can be sure a Sagittarius man will miss you if you are his perfect partner. Give him lots of leeway, and keep surprising him when he’s around you. Keep your interactions with him pleasurable. 


Give yourself lots of time and be patient when you’re trying to win the heart of a Capricorn man. If you want a man born under this sign to miss you, you’ve got to show a few key qualities that Capricorns can’t resist.

Be successful in your career. He’s ambitious and obsessed with work. If you want him to be obsessed with you, don’t be a slouch. Tell him you can’t get together because you’re working late. Let him know you’re trying for a promotion. Boast about your accolades and goals.

But don’t boast too loudly. Capricorn men are not theatrical. They need to feel like you are not going to embarrass them, especially in public. Also, have a strong foundation. If you are realistic, practical, and rooted in tradition, a Capricorn man will want to be with you.

But he won’t want to spend every minute with you. Men born under this sign are private and stick to routines. Don’t try to break his schedule or coerce him to change his plans.

Instead, keep to your own routines and schedule. Always be on time. When he schedules you in, respect his time and don’t make him regret making space for you.


Aquarius men are a walking enigma and they like it that way. When an Aquarius man is interested in you, he’ll spend a lot of time with you. But then he ghosts you, only to resurface weeks or months later. Aquarius men are erratic by nature.

If you want him to miss you, sometimes you have to wait out some of the roller coaster rides. But there are some things you can do right away to capture his heart. First of all, don’t be boring. Ever. It’s better to not interact with him than it is to try to interact and have nothing unusual or shocking to say.

When you show an Aquarius man that you share his penchant for the unorthodox, then show him that you are interested in humanitarian causes. When he sees how conscientious and rebellious you can be, he will be fascinated with you.

Always be up for an adventure and test the limits whenever you can. When you show him you know how to have a good time and aren’t uptight about following social norms, an Aquarius man will miss you when you’re not with him.


If you want a Pisces man to miss you, think of every romantic movie ever made. He secretly dreams of finding himself in the plot of a romance film. Be compassionate, empathic, and generous. Show him kindness and affection.

Then, have reasons to keep busy for a day or two. A Pisces man can’t resist a woman who showers him with love. But the trick is to not always be available when he wants you.

Remember, you have to spend time apart for him to miss you. It’s in his nature to want to always be around you when he likes you. You’re the one who will have to set limits.

He’ll miss you if you’re a good listener as well. Keep your mind open and don’t let him hear you speak ill of another. Pisces men love gentle and compassionate people. They are turned off by drama and complaining.

What To Do Next?

Now that you understand how each sign is motivated, you’ll know how to make a man miss you no matter when he was born. Some men need to see confidence and strength. Others are drawn by individuality or vulnerability.

But one thing is universal, each of the signs operates according to specific nuances. What works for one will fail for another. The more you understand his unique personality traits, the better your odds of success when it comes to love and romance with your special man. Feel free to let me know how this advice helped you in the comments below!

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