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The True Significance Of Your Solar Return Chart

The Astrology Solar Return Chart is to help you see what you will be dealing with for the next 12 months from the time it begins. It’s not like fortune-telling though… So then, why is it important?

Well, let me share with you the true significance of your Solar Return Chart. It’s a very informative piece of your life puzzle. This chart helps Astrologically describe what you’re in for.

Are you with me? GREAT! Let’s get started on our adventure to learn about your Solar Return Chart…

What Is A Solar Return Chart?

The Solar Return Chart is based on the exact time of your birth every single year. The Sun always returns to the same place where it was when you were born every year.

When the Sun makes this return, it helps you figure out the life themes you will be facing for the next 12 months. It looks at all the major transitions with the planets so that it can help best give you a “head’s up.”

It will also tell you when is a good time to do things or when not to do them. It’s like your own personal Astrologer giving you direction. I love giving you direction, but wouldn’t you like to know what’s going on for the whole year?

Of course, you do! Oh, and I want you to know that some websites call the Solar Return a Solar Revolution – it’s the same thing. Think of it as the Sun going all the way around and returning to its original placement.

In basic terms, a Solar Return is a one-year horoscope that also helps you to navigate and learn to get the best out of your 12 months ahead.

It may point out to you troubles that are likely and how you should take care of them. It may tell you when the best time to fall in love is or how to approach someone with the right words.

It may advise you when to travel and when to stay put. It may suggest a move is coming your way or a new love. Perhaps your lover finally wants to commit. This chart will tell you many things.

What A Solar Return Chart Won’t Do

While it’s extremely helpful for you to know what lies ahead for you, it’s only for you. It’s not going to tell you whether someone will love you back or that they will marry you.

I mentioned marriage before because it will say when it’s most optimal for you to be married or that people are drawn to you with ideas of commitment. I hope you understand the difference in my example.

It’s not going to tell you that you will win the lottery, but it will tell you when the most lucrative times to play might be.

In other words, it’s not going to give you any answers that do not involve your choices. This chart is your birth information, and therefore is about you and you alone.

Though it is a very useful companion to get through a year. It gives you the opportunity to make the right choices by telling you what energies you have to work with and those to leave behind.

It may tell you also what lessons will approach you, but it won’t tell you how to learn them. They will simply point the way, and the rest is up to you.

What To Look At In Your Solar Return Chart

Yes, you’re going to want to read the whole entire thing. Do you understand what any of it means? Well, that’s rather up to the person reading it for you, if not yourself.

Unless you learn a bit about Astrology, you’re most likely going to rely on the person who did the reading for you. In that case, look for a reader who explains everything in an easy-to-understand form.

After getting that established, what you should look at are all the transits that are taking place during these 12 months. When you’re trying to plan a trip, celebration, wedding, change of career or job; you look at the month in the chart.

What it tells you is if things are going to be prime for you doing these things or if it’s a bit shaky. This allows you to perhaps plan another time.

I would highly recommend that when you read through your Solar Return that you read a little at a time. Read one month at a time and process. Then when needed, you can turn back to it.

This truly is a guide to help you flourish and do your best. It helps you to learn what you have to deal with or what changes might come your way.

This 12-month forecast is all for you based on your Sun sign. It’s very helpful if you’re trying to get things together. It may help you learn more about yourself and those around you.

Is A Solar Return The Same As A Horoscope?

In a way, yes, it is like a standard horoscope. The thing is that this is based on you via your exact time of birth. It will also ask you for your current location rather than your location of birth.

These transits that take place throughout the year affect everyone very differently. When you do the Solar Return, you get that much more knowledge-based on YOU.

It will go through all the transits that are taking place the year of your request for the Solar Return. If you were to read the blog articles on Astrology I share with you, then you’ll be able to begin piecing things together.

The significance of your Solar Return Chart may even teach you lessons that you didn’t know you needed. There are lessons that are meant to be learned along the way and some that you’ll figure out right away.

How awesome it is that you can actually see important opportunities a year in advance! To have a guide that allows you to look back on it every time you need a bit of clarity is pretty amazing.

I know I’ve done my own before and I was pretty shocked at how helpful it really was. My clients have all said it’s enlightening indeed.

Are there recurring themes in your Solar Return? Pay attention, because such things will help you to maybe change your situation for a better outcome. It can help you stop bad habits as well.

How Accurate Is A Solar Return Chart?

It would seem that even though it’s going off of someone’s Sun sign, it’s also going off of the exact time of birth. That means it’s much more personalized than a typical horoscope.

That being said, as far as I’ve noticed over the years, all my clients have reported their return charts to be stunningly accurate!

With all my years of doing Astrology, I’ve also found them to be extremely accurate. It’s hard to mess up when it’s using exact data. Your Solar Chart is uniquely YOU.

It won’t work for anyone else. Only you will find the truth in what you read because it was formulated with your personal information. While some may not make sense at the time you read it, it will when the time comes.

You can expect to understand or identify with the report that is generated from your information. You can trust it and believe in it! I would never steer you the wrong way.

If I tell you that it’s accurate then that’s something you can truly believe in. My clients are so very important to me. Trust in my love for you all!

Can Solar Returns Be Compared In Relationships?

While the Solar Return is useful for the individual who has it cast, it’s going to be useful for your partner if they decide to do the same. You can read your own while your partner reads theirs.

As far as comparing, you might compare when you two are planning to go on a trip, starting a business, or even planning your wedding. Your chart may show your best time in November, while your partner’s may show October.

Naturally, there is wiggle room if you find a month that would be suitable for you both. This also works when you’re planning financial endeavors. It can tell you two whether or not you are able to be successful in a business partnership.

Perhaps you’re trying to figure out the best time to take a vacation with your partner. Again, you both have to look at the months and then compromise on which will work best.

As far as a Solar Return being used for things like a Synastry, it doesn’t quite have the same effect. Remember, the Solar Return is for you. It’s not really going to tell you if someone is a match or not.

If you really want a chart that shows the compatibility that you have with someone, it’s probably best to stick with a Synastry.

Now, you can compare your Solar Return with your actual Birth Chart. Look at the Sun’s placement and all the transits that connect with it. It’s pretty fascinating stuff!

Solar Return Tidbits…

The significance of your Solar Return Chart is to learn everything you can about what the year presents for you. It’s that simple, really.

If you truly want something more impactful for you than a standard horoscope then having your Solar Return Chart is far more satisfying.

You absolutely are the one that makes your own choices but the chart helps you to see what you are working towards and encourages you to make the right choice.

This is better than any psychic telling your future. They don’t know what your choices will be because those are yours alone. They also cannot tell you about lessons you’re going to learn for the year.

This is where Astrology is really amazing!

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Your Solar Chart Explained

I tell you what, I actually do read Solar Return Charts!

If you really want someone who is going to explain in an easy way what your year holds, I’m the right match for you!

No, seriously though… I mean it!

If you’ve been reading my blog then you know my teaching style. I want you to know exactly what you’re facing for the next 12 months.

Why not give it a try and see how useful it is for you!

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I will help you navigate through the year because everyone needs this type of guide.

It’s nice to know what energies will be blending and when. You can maximize your ability to love, grow, learn, and increase your financial standing or success.

If you really want to have it all in your life, then this guide is for you.

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You have absolutely nothing to lose and yet so much to gain. This can be a life-changing experience for you.

Knowing what is ahead can only help you prepare or tell you when the time for action is called for.

When will a commitment happen in business or in love? The chart can definitely indicate when that may be.

I keep explaining to you how incredible this report is but you’ll only truly understand when you get it for yourself.

Get yours and learn the magic of Astrology now!

As always, I wish you all the very best in love and in life, as you truly deserve it!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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