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How To Bring Back The Passion In Your Relationship — Based On Your Moon Sign

It is no secret that the Moon is one of my favorite aspects of Astrology. There is so much the Moon governs, like our emotions, sensitivity, and intuition. This is why it is so important in relationships!

Relationships are all about emotions and the way we connect to another person. Knowing and understanding your Moon sign can make the biggest difference when it comes to your relationships.

The Moon is who we really are, the person that comes out when we are at our most vulnerable and sometimes it takes a lot of trust to show this inner vulnerability to another person because the Moon is, after all, a planet that helps us relate to other people.

Understanding your moods and those of others can make it a lot easier for you to love and be loved completely. When you can be so vulnerable with someone, it can really open the door to you being a lot more passionate with your partner.

To achieve greater passion in a relationship, you simply need to be able to trust your man and know how to be vulnerable with him. Your emotional intensity is the doorway to passion and romance, and this is all the Moon’s area of expertise.

If you are looking for more ways to up the passion in your relationship, then start to pay closer attention to your Moon sign. There is a lot you can learn from it, so keep on reading to find out how to live more passionately according to your Moon sign.

When You Have An Aries Moon

Those of you ladies who have an Aries Moon sign are no strangers to passion and romance. Passion is who you are at your core. One of your best attributes is that you are incredibly direct and straightforward.

When you want something, you aren’t afraid of asking for it directly. You likely have no problems feeling that passion in your relationships because this is your natural baseline. However, a little bit of spice and drama seems to do the trick.

You go after your desires, and if something is missing in your relationship, you will say what you need without feeling the tiniest bit of shyness. You know what you deserve and you aren’t going to settle for anything less.

Having something to fight for is your favorite way of arousing that passion within you. When someone is worth your time, you will go above and beyond to make them yours. You are a warrior goddess and nothing will stand in your way!

When You Have A Taurus Moon

Those of you lucky ladies who have a Taurus Moon are blessed with sensuality and affection. This is truly all you need to bring up that passion in your relationship. You just ooze femininity and elegance, which makes you so unbelievably desirable.

When your five senses are aroused, you become the happiest woman alive. Nothing turns you on more than hearing your darling whisper sweet nothings in your ears while you lie on a comfortable bed with candles flickering in the background.

You are all about the ambiance and setting a comfortable mood for you and your lover. But for him to really meet the true you, he needs to make you feel safe and secure in his arms. There is nothing worse for you than a bad investment in an undeserving man.

Safety and security in a relationship give you the opportunity to break down all your barriers and truly allow a man to see your vulnerable side. This is when you can let your passionate self shine and create the most amazing relationship with your partner.

When You Have A Gemini Moon

You’re not your typical woman, that is for sure. Having a Moon in Gemini means that you care more about what is going on inside of the head of the man you are dating than what he looks like in his appearance.

The thing that turns you on the most and gets you hot and bothered is when a man can stimulate you mentally. This is all the passion you need in a relationship with a man because nothing else matters.

You are one of those women who can get bored very quickly when you don’t feel like you and the person you are with have that intellectual bond. So, all you truly need to feel that passion is to have an extremely interesting conversation with your man.

This is how to get your wheels turning and to make you feel excited in your relationship. When someone can make you feel curious and want more, then you know you have met the right one for you.

When You Have A Cancer Moon

You are most definitely one of the fortunate ones with your sensitive and empathetic Moon in Cancer. You are one of those lucky ladies who simply understand your emotions on a level that most people couldn’t grasp.

This makes it really easy for you to dive deep and understand what you need in any given situation. Even though you may be rather sensitive at times and take things to heart on an extreme level, you know how to stay true to yourself.

This emotional intensity is where you get your passion from! You want to feel completely nurtured and adored by your man; you simply need this safety to allow him to see your true passionate nature.

When you feel safe your light shines the brightest, but it takes a lot of time and patience for someone to break down those barriers to find out who you truly are underneath that shell you find so protective.

When You Have A Leo Moon

You certainly have a dramatic and passionate flair naturally with your Moon in Leo! The way you love is warm and joyful, however, you need a lot of attention and admiration to truly feel connected in your relationship.

One of your absolute favorite things about love is the act of giving and receiving love. This is all that really matters to you. When you feel your partner’s devotion to you, your passion for them automatically increases. This is all you have ever wanted.

Attention and affection make your heart sing. You absolutely need to feel like you are wanted and appreciated for who you are as a person and you tend to be at your happiest when you feel the warmth of a loving partner.

When your passion is switched on, you are probably the most loyal and caring partner a man could ever hope for. You love fiercely and without any apologies because you know life is better with romance in it.

When You Have A Virgo Moon

High standards are the norm when you have a Moon in Virgo. You tend to be much more of a practical lover, meaning you take a very measured approach in the way you share your affections.

However, you still need someone who can tick all of your perfectionistic boxes, and then only maybe you will let your guard down enough to be really passionate. With a lover, you need someone who is helpful, kind, ambitious, and understanding.

Your list is quite long, so you may have to learn to compromise and realize that no one is perfect, including yourself. But when you do fall in love, you tend to take a simplistic and practical approach and you show your affection by being helpful and supportive.

When someone allows you to be their support system, that is when you drop down your barriers and embrace a more nurturing aspect of yourself. This is what a true connection looks like to you.

When You Have A Libra Moon

You are one in a million. Having a Libra Moon makes you a sweet and gentle soul with a penchant for romance. You absolutely love being in a relationship, so arousing that passion within you isn’t too difficult.

However, you still need the perfect environment to thoroughly shine. Your whole world revolves around finding balance and harmony in your life, and this is exactly what you need to let your passionate side come out to play.

Peace brings forth your fullest expression, without it you feel shut down and out of balance. You have one of those personalities that likes knowing that people like you so you tend to go out of your way to make other people smile.

Passion for you looks like a world filled with beauty, grace, harmony, and stillness. A place where you can be loved and cared about by your soulmate. Romance is the stepping stone for you to find your passionate ways.

When You Have A Scorpio Moon

Passion is definitely not in short supply when you have your Moon sign in Scorpio. Absolutely no one is more passionate or mysterious than you. You thrive on emotional intensity and a little bit of drama tied in.

Your soul is deep and brooding, thus you need to be partnered up with someone with whom you feel a strong and profound connection. It is impossible for you to reach this level of passion without feeling that integral bond; you simply need it to survive.

You love exploring and testing the boundaries with your romantic partners. You invite in the taboo and do your best to make friends with it. This means you need to be with someone who is comfortable enough to dive deep because this isn’t a joke to you.

Intimacy means everything to you – without it, you feel like a shell of yourself. Passion comes when you feel that strong connection with someone; it might not come around often, but when it does, you cherish it.

When You Have A Sagittarius Moon

Having a Sagittarius Moon must be so exciting, after all, you ladies usually enjoy quite a bit of adventure and exploration. Making discoveries and expanding your mind, body, and soul is your path towards passion.

For you to be truly happy in a relationship you need to feel a great deal of freedom and independence. Without this, you cannot fully be yourself, and not being yourself feels like a prison to you.

You can be rather restless, so being with someone who is confident and secure enough within himself to give you as much space as you need is definitely necessary for your happiness. Without this trust, you tend to shut down and want to move on.

However, when you are happy and stimulated on all levels within your partnership, then nothing can stop you from sharing that passion. You are quite a physical person, so enjoying a night of fun with your man is sometimes all you need.

When You Have A Capricorn Moon

You are one of the more reserved Moon signs, Capricorn. It takes a while for you to warm up enough to get hot and bothered with anyone. Your emotions are a little bit more detached and you can easily hide the way you truly feel.

You are all about controlling your emotions, so big displays of passionate outbursts are very unlikely to occur. You are an extremely private person and need to be with a person who can respect that about you.

It is important for you to find someone who can be patient with you because it takes a long time for you to feel that trust with someone. You have a big heart and really care about the people you have in your life; however, you tend to show it in practical ways.

You tend to feel most passionate when you recognize that the man you are with shows ambition and like he is going somewhere in his life. You find ambition and success really sexy. Being in a power couple is your absolute fantasy.

When You Have An Aquarius Moon

You’re an unconventional goddess. Most people don’t really know how to make sense of you because you are so detached and aloof! It can actually be quite hard for others to figure out whether you like them or not!

You’re passionate about a lot of things, but romantic relationships don’t always do it for you. It is more important for you to find success in supporting the world in some fun, inspiring, and innovative way.

However, having a strong friendship basis with your partner can arouse feelings that look something like passion. As long as your man gives you free rein and doesn’t try to control your eccentricities and radical nature, the two of you will do fine together.

It is imperative to your happiness that you can be yourself without judgment and not try to change who you are as a person. Autonomy and free choice are the recipes to success for you in a relationship.

When You Have A Pisces Moon

You have to be one of the most loving and romantic Moon signs, Pisces! There is nothing better to you than being in love with your darling, so finding the passion in your relationship isn’t actually too difficult.

When you feel held and cared for, it makes you feel like you are on top of the world! However, when you want to spice things up, all you need to do is turn to your imagination and let your fantasies run free.

Embracing your creative side is a wonderful way for you to ramp up the passion in your relationship. You have a bunch of ideas that you would like to explore and having a partner who is open-minded is perfect for you.

You also need to be treated with gentleness and care. You are a sensitive darling, and anyone who treats you with compassion and grace can work their way straight to your heart. Love is all you truly need to be happy.

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My Final Thoughts

My darlings, I hope finding out more about your Moon sign has brought you some clarity and a deeper understanding of yourself. The Moon plays such a vital role in relationships and it should always be something you pay attention to – it is your emotional world after all!

I hope what you have learned is something valuable and that it can help you going forward to experience the greatest satisfaction in your romantic life. Isn’t it so amazing how Astrology can reveal so much pertinent information?

I am very curious to hear from you and what you make of your Moon sign. In which sign is it and what are YOUR personal favorite ways of bringing up the passion in your relationship? Perhaps there is something you can teach me! Please leave a comment in the section below!

I am wishing you so much love and happiness.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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