10 Secrets To Understanding Your Man’s Moon In Aries

Does your guy have his Moon in the fiery sign of Aries? Are you looking to know more about this placement, and how you can make it work for you and your relationships? The Moon is his most inner self, and knowing its secrets can help you to make sure his needs are fulfilled in love and life! 

The Moon in Astrology rules our emotional responses, inner self, and some even say, our inner child! The sign of the Moon tells us what we need to feel emotionally secure and happy, and how we instinctively respond to any given situation – it’s our feelings, after all! 

If your man has his Moon in Aries, the very first of the Zodiac signs, it makes him a real firebrand! Life is never boring with him around, and his warmth, enthusiasm and spontaneity generally makes him a very well-liked person.

Here are the top ten secrets you can use to help you understand his Aries Moon better, and improve your relationship.

10 Secrets To Understanding Your Man’s Moon In Aries

1. He Needs Attention – And He Needs It Now!

Secrets To Understanding Moon In Aries man

The first secret that you should know about his Moon in Aries is his strong need to be seen and validated right away! If you ignore him, or dismiss him or his feelings, it will hurt him very deeply. 

Attention makes him feel loved and secure, and he’s not going to be too patient about it – sure, it may be seen as demanding to some, but the amount of gratitude and love he gives in return for being given presence is enormous! 

2. He’s Loving & Loyal

Aries is a sign that’s known of its impulsive ways, but when upon getting to know him better, you will find him to be incredibly loyal! He will always have the back of the people who mean something to him, defending and protecting them. 

This loyalty is something that you can’t take lightly. And he does expect loyalty in return. Anything less just won’t align with his strong moral compass.

Along with his loyal nature, he tends to always be very loving an affectionate. His warmth and passion are something that your guy – and everyone else – will treasure about you! 

3. He Reacts Quickly

Moon In Aries Man Reacting Quicky

With an Aries Moon, his reactions are fast and instinctive. If someone gives him love, he’ll respond instantly with love in return. Just as if someone attacks him, he’ll leap into defense mode. He’s always ready to jump into the action, in other words! 

Of course, reacting quickly has its drawbacks at times, and he will have to learn to occasionally rein in his impulses so that he’s not losing his cool so fast. And you may have to let him know that it’s not always okay to fire off! 

4. He Needs His Independence

Independence is one of his biggest emotional needs. He’s naturally super self-sufficient with an Aries Moon, something that can either make you feel threatened, or make him oh-so-attractive!  

So, although he absolutely adores attention and affection, he will need time out to do his own thing, see his own friends, and pursue his own hobbies. He’s not the kind of guy to need to be attached at the hip to anyone, in other words! 

If his independent is threatened – heaven forbid – he can get quite edgy and even aggressive, hard-headed, and rebellious – so watch out! 

5. He Takes Things Personally

Moon In Aries Man Taking Things Personally

Your Aries Moon guy is not the type of man who can brush things off. No, for him, it really is a personal offence when plans are cancelled, or a breakup happens, or he’s not assigned a certain work project. 

And so, it does become ultra-important for him to try and always step back to see that it’s often not about him – at all!  And for you to keep this in mind in your relationship. It can be tough to “handle” him, at times, so remember to be patient! 

6. He Likes To Take The Initiative

Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac, and so he’s are the type of person to start things – start a relationship, start a conversation, a project, and so on. 

His courage and bravery are one of the most heartwarming and inspiring things about him, and with his Moon in Aries, he has bucketloads of these qualities! 

Thus, men with an Aries moon are often said to be the types to really pursue a woman, to take that brave step forward and be the first to admit their true feelings. It takes a special kind of courage to be able to do that! Lucky you, right? 

7. He’s Easily Hurt

Moon In Aries Man Hurt

With his Moon in Aries, he is someone (because he takes things so personally) who can be very easily hurt. Despite his bravery and courage, there’s often a kid inside who will be hypersensitive to criticism. 

This makes him someone who is quite deeply vulnerable, and so it’s important to keep in mind that his temper and reactivity is often just a result of him feeling his feelings faster than most people!

Knowing his deep sensitivity can be a great secret to understanding his Moon in Aries and how it works in relationships. Being kind and gentle to him, supporting and encouraging, will make him love you that much harder.

8. He Adores A Good Adventure

Aries Moon people need adventure in their lives as much as they need air to breathe! Without adventure he is easily bored, frustrated and feels confined.

Sometimes, adventure looks like a new challenge, such as an exciting project at work, for example. Or, it’s a more classic adventure, such as jumping into his car and having a spontaneous surf trip! 

Make sure you are open to adventure, if you want to have a happy relationship with an Aries Moon man.

9. He’s Optimistic & Positive

One of the best secrets of your man’s Moon in Aries is how he is always happy, positive, and optimistic. Sure, when he gets down, he gets terribly down, but he also bounces back very fast, often with a plan of action in mind.

This positivity is seeming that you will love and admire about him and you will adore his ability to always somehow see the silver lining in any situation, no matter how dire! 

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10. He Always Tells The Truth

Aries is always direct and to the point – sometimes painfully so for people who aren’t able to handle confrontation. With your man’s Moon in Aries, there’s just no beating around the bush, and he will shoot straight from the hip.

This secret about his Moon sign can be a key to understanding him better, and to not take it too personally.

You see, he prides himself on telling the truth, and you will learn to appreciate always knowing where you stand.

In conclusion, an Aries Moon man is independent, warm, loving, adventurous, and honest! Yes, he can be reactive and take things personally, but his sensitivity makes him a wonderfully loyal partner and friend – and very loving, too! 

Enjoy using these Moon secrets to improve your life and relationships, and to understand him that much better. And if you’re still curious about your Aries Moon guy, my Aries Moon Man Secrets might help you to understand him better. Click here for more details on him!

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3 thoughts on “10 Secrets To Understanding Your Man’s Moon In Aries

    1. OMG! I’m a cancer as well and like this Aries Moon guy. What’s it like being with one? I hear aries moon are not compatible at all with cancer suns 🙁

      1. Dear Martha,
        Yes, Aries Moon and Cancer Sun are not compatible, but these aspects activate the biggest lessons we need to learn from each other. You are essentially different and this can cause conflict but you feel each other which can help you create balance. He is more practical and you are more emotional. You are his missing part. This aspect brings mutual magnetism and fascination, but it could also bring hurt feelings. It takes good communication and emotional maturity for this type of aspect to work. 
        Best of luck to you both!

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