The Astrology of Sting and Trudie Styler

As a relationship astrologer, I always love when the chemistry between two people is worth more than the difference in status or household-nameness. 

This is exactly why I love the relationship between Sting and Trudie Styler. Despite not being in the same league necessarily, they have found a way to make their love work… for 27 years no less!

Sting is the front man and instrumentalist of the rock band The Police. Trudie has made a name in the theater and behind the scenes as a Producer and Director. 

I can understand why these two have been able to be there for one another consistently for so many years. 

With Sting’s Sun in Libra and Trudie’s Sun in Capricorn, on paper it can look like these two might butt heads at times. 

However, to better understand the astrology behind Sting and Trudie’s relationship we have to look at who they both are as individuals. 

Overview of Sting’s Birth Chart

Overview of Sting’s Birth Chart

One thing about Sting is that he was never meant to fade away into the background. 

Sting is a legend in the music world as the lead singer of the classic rock band, The Police. He has provided The Police their catalogue thanks to his song writing capabilities. He also plays the bass for the band.  

Born October 2nd, 1951, Sting is a Leo Rising, Libra Sun, and Libra Moon. This makes for one charming man and one who could easily get an arena full of people cheering for him. 

In astrology, Libra is the second air sign and it is arguably the most social sign of the Zodiac. 

As a Libra Sun, he is very likeable. He can adapt his technique at any time to be what others around him want him to be. He can be a bit of a people pleaser in this way, since Libras are all about keeping the peace. 

The Sun placed in Sing’s third house indicates a great love or words and wordplay, as well as self-expression in general. It’s easy to see how he got to be so universally respected because the man can turn a phrase with the best of them.

It’s also obvious to me that this is where a lot of his singing and songwriting prowess sources from. 

Because Venus, the planet of pleasure and sociability, rules his Sun, it should be easy to see why the parties that this guy attends always blow the roof off the house!

When it comes to relationships, I’ve found that Libra Suns want to be extremely involved in the partnership.  They aren’t ones to make their relationship an afterthought in their life. In fact, Libra Sun people get a log of their inspiration and energy from their partnerships. 

Because the third house deals with siblings, I was not surprised to learn that Sting is one of four children. Not to mention that Saturn, planet of aging, is in this house as well and Sting is the oldest of his siblings. 

Looking at Sting’s chart, it becomes obvious that his Libra Sun isn’t the only source of his outgoing personality.  His Leo rising also has much to do with it! 

Leo risings enjoy a long legacy of being equated with fame. Many other celebrities have that Leo influence. They are ruled by the sun and so they are bright, bold, and hard to ignore. 

In Sting’s chart I believe his Leo rising is the key to his being the center of attention in any endeavor. He was even the front man in the band that made him famous!

In relationships, his attention-seeking nature (Leo Rising) will gravitate towards partners who fulfill his need for affection and positive words of affirmation.

With Sting’s Air Moon in Libra, Sting is a double Libra having both sources of light in the chart in Libra. In order to properly process emotion, Sting needs someone else around to process with. He needs to process in conversation in order to fully understand his emotions. 

Venus in Virgo gives Sting a helpful sort of love. He wants to be of service to his partners and isn’t opposed to sacrificing for their happiness. 

When Venus, the planet of love, is in a grounded Earth sign like Virgo, the love is likely to last long. 

In my experience individuals with Venus in Virgo in the chart, the people having this placement often desire a love that is open to improvement. Sting said that he has not gotten complacent in his romantic life with Trudie, and perhaps this is why! 

With Venus placed in his second house of resources and how one makes money as well as one’s values, he places a lot of weight on the topic of romance. He has values about what romance should be like and love is an investment to him.  

Overview of Trudie Styler’s Birth Chart

Overview of Trudie Styler’s Birth Chart

Trudie Styler is the lesser known of the pair, but she has done amazing work nonetheless and should not just be viewed as Mrs. Sting. 

Trudie is a classical actress who has done historical dramas as well as stage acting in England. She is now known for her directing, producing, and philanthropy efforts. 

On paper, these two would have trouble seeing eye to eye unless you are a trained astrologer who knows what to look for. Upon a closer inspection, I can understand why Sting and Trudie have made it for such a long time. 

Trudie is a Capricorn Sun and either a Capricorn Moon or an Aquarius Moon (she has no birth time, which astrologers need to make concrete assumptions about which sign the moon is in). 

For simplicity’s sake, I have chosen to interpret her chart as if she has an Aquarius Moon, since that is the sign the moon was in longer on the day she was born, therefore she was more likely to be born in that sign. 

Born on January 6th, 1954, in Bromsgrove, England, Trudie and Sting have been married for 27 years and have been together as a couple for 37! 

In astrology, Capricorn is the eleventh sign of the Zodiac. It’s a cardinal Earth sign meaning that it prefers to take action in a sensible way. Capricorn is consistent in its approach, but prefers action to stagnation. 

Capricorns are concerned with status and upward movement in life in general. They are not easily impressed by showy displays and instead like to put weight on the more solid and reliable aspects of life.

As a Capricorn Sun, Trudie has been able to work her way up to being the boss of the show in her own arena. She went from actress on the stage to being in charge of the actors on the stage or in front of the camera.  

Trudie, being a Capricorn, also likely loves the idea of solidity and has a growth mindset. She wants to be the best person she can be. 

Trudie’s Sun is receiving energy from both Mercury and Venus in her chart. This means that for her, romance and communication go hand in hand and they are both central to how she views herself. 

Trudie could very easily come off as having some Libra energy herself due to how close the ruling planet of Libra (Venus) is to her Sun. She is likely a romantic person who also knows the value of a deep and solid connection to another. 

Trudie’s Moon rests in the air sign Aquarius. Aquarius describing Trudie’s emotional nature would indicate that she is a friendly person who also very much needs her space. She is a great networker most likely but may struggle with deeply intimate and emotional relationships. 

She wants someone who can be her friend while also respecting her boundaries.

With Jessica’s Venus (what she loves) in Capricorn, and Mars (how she loves) in Scorpio, she has a very serious love nature. 

I have found that Venus in Capricorn women seek someone who is stable and who will be there for her through thick and thin. The person she is with will also have to be as ambitious and motivated as she is. 

When Mars is in Scorpio the person with the placement had better have a partner with sexual stamina, because this placement loves sensual and meaningful sex. It’s no wonder that this couple is known for their sex life!  

This also indicates that Trudie is a woman who needs to love in a quiet but authentic way. Scorpio has no time for fake love. They want all of their lover in all ways, no exceptions. 

Overview of Sting and Trudie Styler’s Synastry

Sting and Trudie’s Synastry

Sting being a Libra Sun and Trudie being a Capricorn does not necessarily look great on paper. These two signs are in a difficult and conflicting relationship with one another. 

Despite this, I can see that these two are more compatible than popular astrology would have one think. 

Assuming that Trudie is an Aquarius Moon, then by sign Sting and Trudie have compatible Moons. Both Moons would be in air signs and this is a good indication that they have an emotional nature the other can understand. 

Sting and Trudie’s Sun Sign Compatibility

These two should not get along if one goes only off of Sun sign compatibility. The signs Libra and Capricorn are not an easy match.

Their core egos do not match naturally since Libra is an air sign and Capricorn is an Earth sign. The air signs do not tend to care so much for consistency and stability and would prefer to go with the flow, whereas Earth signs need stability and to have their feet on the ground. 

As a Libra Sun, Sting would value relationships more than anything else in life. He is willing to be flexible for those around him in order to keep the peace and he doesn’t enjoy conflict. 

Trudie, a Capricorn Sun, would be less yielding. She has her eyes on the prize and if necessary, she might forget the feelings of others to achieve her goals. 

In this relationship, Sting could often be left feeling like he is making a lot of accommodations in order to let Trudie achieve her goals. 

Trudie could feel like Sting has no initiative or little urge to succeed. 

Sting and Trudie both would have been open to compromise to make it for as long as they have. There are parts of them that just see life a different way and as a result we hope communication is good between these two! 

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Sting and Trudie’s Moon Sign Compatibility

As a Relationship Astrologer, I personally believe that the Moon signs are the most important significator for a good relationship. 

Sting has a Libra Moon and Trudie has an Aquarius Moon and this bodes very well for them!

The best part about this match is that both moon signs are air signs, which means that Sting and Trudie understand each other’s essential emotional nature. 

Sting’s Libra Moon feels best when everyone is getting along. He needs a sense of peace between all the people that he loves or else he just won’t feel okay.

He feels best when he can be social and when he has a partner that he can count on around him. 

Trudie’s Aquarius Moon seeks a lot of social stimulation and so being a connector among her peers is important to her. She likes to spread new ideas to everyone she knows! 

Trudie’s nature requires that she gets enough space around her to feel comfortable but enough social stimulation to keep her mind active. 

These two will keep each other socially stimulated. Neither are really good at processing emotions alone, but together they know what they’re feeling and this is important for the both of them. 

These two would have a great time talking together and just hanging out in general. They feel comforted deeply by the other’s presence and they feel unjudged for their emotions. 

These two likely bring with them a bunch of friends since they are two very social signs of the Zodiac. Neither of them mind this, and they both enjoy the company of the other’s friends. 

No matter what the Sun sign compatibility indicates, the Moon signs of Sting and Trudie are what will keep things solid between them. 

Overall, I give these two a 5/10. They may struggle at times, but the good news is that they both obviously have enough willingness to compromise that it still is able to work between them.  

Advice that I have for Sting and Trudie is to make sure that they keep up great communication. Ensure that you’re always cognizant about what the other needs. 

Sting, respect that the woman you love has her eyes set on great achievement. Trudie, remember that Sting has a lot of flexibility but no one can bend and never break. 

Always make sure the other knows that they are your priority. 

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