How To Find Love As A Scorpio Woman - The Complete Guide

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How To Find Love As A Scorpio Woman

Scorpio women got a bad reputation over the years. However, there are still so many good things about them. Let’s see how to find love as a Scorpio woman.

How “Old School Feminism” Ruined Today’s Women

There are so many benefits feminism gave to us women when it started to rise by the beginning of the last century. Many great women fought for equality when it comes to working, salary, right to vote, respect and many other important facts the women of today consider totally normal.

And so far, this was all so good. On the other side, this “old school feminism” brought us some negative traits also. Yes, we are equal with men when it comes to most of the careers and we are right to demand the equal pays.

However, in terms of biology, we are not equal, we are complementary, while the roles of a male and female are totally equal. In the usual biological terms, the male is the one to protect and provide from the outside world, while the female protects and provides in the inside world.

Therefore, no woman should be afraid or ashamed of her genuine need to find her male pair and have a family with this man. The inner feeling of being respected and protected by a good guy, and having children with him, is something basic which has to be praised.

How To Find Love As A Scorpio Woman

Freedom Killed Love

The “old school” of feminism produced the freedom for women to be sexually active with men, without getting married and consequently without men taking care of their children, and eventually forcing women to play the roles of single mothers.

And this is not a good thing. Besides this, men got used to the fact that they can get a woman without having to fight for her time, attention or emotions, and frankly, without having to make a thought how will they provide in the future for her future.

As a woman, especially as the Scorpio woman, or any other astrological sign who is ruled by the water element and therefore emotions, you have to understand that men are not to blame. We, women, make the rules and we, as all sisters on this planet, are held responsible for the breakage of the respectful dating or marital procedures. 

Love Strategy That Works

In the past few decades, some new/old teachings reappeared again and the books talking about the dating rules, how to choose a partner and how to get married became and stayed bestsellers for all those years. And those books are valuable gifts mothers give to their daughters.

As a Scorpio woman, or as any other woman in general, you should seek for a man who is worthy of your respect. Yes, there are so many choices, so many dating sites, and so many girls ready to go to bed with any man coming their way, not because they are bed girls, but because no one has taught them better.

If you want a lasting romance ending up in devoted and truly blessed marriage, first you need to level up yourself to be able to find the proper man.

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The Journey of Self-Love

Scorpio woman has deep emotions, she is highly sexual, but she is also very sensitive, and although she is able to fight like a dragon when the danger is around, she needs to feel protected and respected too. And having all this in mind, you should position yourself first as a woman who has her own life, her little passions, and her successes.

Your days need to be filled, besides your regular job or schooling, with some additional and creative activities which will educate you further, give you joy, and of course, put you in touch with many good quality men.

It’s easy to get trapped in a bad relationship if you’ve met just one guy in your life. However, if you danced, did martial arts, sang in the church choir, took some archeology, cooking or acting classes with many other men, then you will be able to recognize which guy is marriage material, and which is a plain bum.

Your dating life shouldn’t revolve solely around clubs or those endless wining and dining nights, nor it should be focused on your makeup routines or expensive clothes, which will be out of fashion by the next season anyway.

The quality of your life is what matters the most and you need to set the plan for your future, in the sense to become busy becoming better, improving your skills and therefore your career, more educated and yes, better looking by taking care of your nutrition, exercises and spending time outside in open air. 

Scorpi Lady - How To Find Love As A Scorpio Lady


Get Busy Scorpio Lady

When you set your schedule in the proper way, then you surely won’t have the time to waste it on some shady characters and the energy brimming inside you will attract just the right kind of guys. Suddenly, you will become too complicated or too “expensive” for the usual type of street bum. 

Your clothes and your makeup or hair might stay the same, but your gestures, the way you move and your manners will speak loud about your high value. 

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Conclusion On How To Find Love As a Scorpio Woman

You can find love as a Scorpio woman, in the arms of a Taurus type of guy, which means that he should be oriented toward the material world in order to take care of his wife and children, but he should also possess enough honor and honesty to pursue you in the gentleman’s style.

And that is, again, your part to fulfill. Act like a real lady, and you will be treated like a real lady.

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Wishing you all the luck of the universe

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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