How to ask a Man out according to his Zodiac Sign

Are you crushing on a really amazing guy but aren’t sure how to approach him or talk to him? How do you get his attention or get him to maybe ask you out? In some cases you should just go ahead and ask him out. How would you go about doing that? Keep reading for some simple basics when it comes to each guy via their Zodiac sign. Knowing ahead of time may help you plan your attack and secure that date with him. Below are some very important pointers for each sign and how they relate to women. This should help you figure out how to approach each guy and what you can use that will help you secure a date with him or get him to even ask you out. If you’re really ready to take the risk then go for it!

Asking An Aries Man Out

The Aries man actually appreciates a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to go for it. This would mean telling him what you think, how you feel, and that you’d like to get to know him better.

Ask him out for lunch, dinner, or even something simple like a game night with your friends. Anything that sounds fun and allows for the two of you to get to know each other will help you land him.

Aries men love sports or any other “active” type of journey. With that in mind, it’s very easy to lure an Aries man. Click here to learn more about what you can do to ask an Aries man out.

Asking an Aries Man Out

Asking A Taurus Man Out

The Taurus man likes a woman who is independent, smart, and knows how to have some thoughtful conversations. He’s a good one to talk to about current events and asking him what his opinions are.

Having meaningful conversations is something that sparks his interest as does your well put together presentation of yourself. He loves beautiful women and when you walk into the room then dazzle his mind, he’s going to find you interesting.

You can definitely play your humanitarian card with him if you’re someone who helps the less fortunate or animal shelters. He digs a woman who is generous and loving. Click here to find out other ways you can approach a Taurus man.

Asking A Taurus Man Out

Asking A Gemini Man Out

With the Gemini man, it’s a matter of flirtation to the maximum. Wear a super cute and flirty dress, wear a fashionable make-up style, and give him the look you give someone when you’re about to devour them.

Bat your eyelashes, put your hand on his while you talk, and basically be rather obvious what you’re trying to do. If the Gemini man is finding you appealing, he will take the bait.

You could also be on point and tell him “I’m interested in getting to know you better” and that should be what is needed to land a date with him. Click here for more tips on how to ask the Gemini man out.

Asking A Gemini Man Out

Asking A Cancer Man Out

Cancer man is secretly looking for a woman that will be his partner, wife, and future mother of his children. This means he likes things that involve this type of life. One of those things is food, especially home-cooked meals.

He is definitely one of those guys that you get closer to his heart through his stomach. If you want to impress him, make him some tasty dessert or perhaps ask him over for a home-cooked meal.

There are other facets of importance with the Cancer man but getting his attention through food is one of the most impressive. Click here if you’d like even more tips on how to ask a Cancer guy out.

Asking A Cancer Man Out

Asking A Leo Man Out

When dealing with a Leo man, it’s always best to focus on him. I know it sounds kind of weird but he’s one that eats compliments up and loves to talk about his life, his goals, and what he wants to do with his life.

He may want to talk about his job, his hobbies, or his other interests. Whatever it is, you’re going to want to be engaged in his words. When you show your interest in him, it makes him wonder more about you.

Tell him how fantastic he looks and how his style just accentuates his personality. There is more you can do though and you’ll need to click here now to find out how else you can ask a Leo man out.

Asking A Leo Man Out

Asking A Virgo Man Out

This may sound really odd but you can typically get a Virgo man’s attention by talking to him via a social network or via text if you’re able to get his phone number. Of course if you are on a social network, you can ask for his cell number.

Virgo men can be somewhat shy and reserved until they get to know someone. Once they feel comfortable, they’ll let it all hang out and talking shouldn’t be a big ordeal really.

The thing is, there are variances with the Virgo man based on his rising sign. So where some are very shy, some are outgoing. Get to know which one yours is then you’ll know what to do. Click here for more tips on how to get him to go out with you.

Asking A Virgo Man Out

Asking A Libra Man Out

The Libra man is one that is very social. He’ll do well in social settings which makes it easy for you to ask him out in a group setting to start with. Invite him to a party or get together. He’ll love it!

Once you get him there, you’ll see how well he blends in with everyone else and how he’s able to keep up with current conversations.

The best thing you can do to get in with him is giving him your undivided attention. Libra men love attention from beautiful women and so when you let him know that though you’re with other people where you are, you’re into him and would like to also have one on one time with him.

If he’s into you, he’ll definitely take you up on that offer. Once you get the ball rolling, he may very well ask you out on a date and thus allowing for you two to get closer to one another without so many other people around.

Asking A Libra Man Out

Asking A Scorpio Man Out

One simple tactic with the Scorpio man is to actually listen to what he talks about. Keep it fresh in your memory bank. He’ll later talk about it again and if you can remember what he said before, he knows you’re listening to him.

Scorpio men want to be listened to and understood. Letting him know you’re there for him and to understand him, he’ll appreciate you more. Knowing you’ll listen to him when he wants to talk or even vent, makes you reliable.

All that said, you can also flirt with him to let him know that you’re interested. That way he knows you’re not only into him, a great listener, but you’re also forthcoming with your feelings. Click here to learn more steps you can take with the Scorpio man.

Asking A Scorpio Man Out

Asking A Sagittarius Man Out

The Sagittarius man is all about having lots of adventure. This includes traveling and doing very exciting things while living in the present. He’s looking for a partner that will keep up with him and be his equal.

That being said, to get this guy’s attention and ask him out, you would first talk to him to get to know what he likes. Once you’ve got that in the bag, you can start mentioning appealing things.
What I mean by this is, talk to him about places you’ve never been and things you’ve never tried but would like to. In fact, you can suggest to him what you’d like him to do with you.

This lets him know you’re interested in him and you’d like to have future adventures as well. This makes you much more interesting to him and he may take you up on asking him out on your next adventure.

Asking A Sagittarius Man Out

Asking A Capricorn Man Out

This serious and mysterious man will often come off as cold or callous. However, he really becomes an adoring man once he actually feels comfortable around you. He appreciates a well put together woman.

If you’re dressed as though you’re going to impress someone in an interview, you may get his attention. As far as asking him out, you should be forward with your intention with him. He’ll appreciate the candor.

Tell him that you find him intriguing and you’d like to get to know him better. Ask him if he’d like to go get a drink with you to talk. If he’s interested in you or feels you may be worth it; he’ll go. Click here for more information about asking a Capricorn man out.

Asking A Capricorn Man Out


Asking An Aquarius Man Out

The Aquarius man is sophisticated and intelligent. He likes a woman who is very different than the rest and isn’t afraid to be who she is. He wants to see inner courage, self-love, and ambition for life.

He’s passionate about his life and is typically a very giving type of guy. He’s often involved in a humanitarian type of activities so if you are as well, it might be well worth it to bring it up to him.

In fact, if you’d like to ask him out, you could be really creative with your humanitarian skills. Perhaps you can ask him to join you at a local soup kitchen to help the homeless. You’ll be playing at his heartstrings. Click here if you’d like some more tips on asking an Aquarius man out.

Asking An Aquarius Man Out

Asking A Pisces Man Out

The Pisces man likes to talk a lot. He also likes it when a woman asks him questions about who he is. It’s appealing that a woman wants to know more about what he likes and what his passion in life is.

That being said, it doesn’t take too much work to ask a Pisces man out really. Dress in something attractive, fix your hair and look like the Goddess you are and he will definitely worship you.

You can talk to him about possibly doing some new things together. For instance, if neither of you have had Chinese food but would like to try it, talk about it and then ask him in a sly way “maybe you’d like to take me to that place downtown sometime?”

This allows him to still sort of have the lead but he’ll like that you’re being upfront with him. Letting him know you’re into him helps him to figure out what he can or should do next with you.

All these men have some specific ways they want to be approached. The main thing is, be yourself, be honest, and enjoy yourself. What’s the point if you’re not enjoying yourself in life or with the guy you like.

All of these men want to see you laugh, enjoy yourself with them, and to know that they are the one that is making you feel alive. Some of them want you to be independent but some of them don’t mind you being co-dependent.

It really depends on what each guy has for a rising sign and/or moon sign. It can change their demeanor in ways that you wouldn’t ordinarily expect. Just make sure that you really get to know your guy.

When you’re feeling confident enough, you can certainly make your move and secure yourself one heck of a catch. I have plenty of articles that help you to get each sign much better that you may want to check out.

I hope this helps you finally land that date you’ve been angling on getting.

Happy Hunting Ladies!

Go for it and get him!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach


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