Donald and Melania Trump Love Compatibility Analysis

The whole world is wondering—are Donald and Melania Trump really in love? With so much publicity surrounding their unusual marriage, it’s only natural that we ask. After exploring their astrological love compatibility, I wouldn’t say that the couple is “in love.”

Based on their birth charts and shared synastry, the truth is they most likely got married for practical reasons. But still, will their marriage last, or will it burst into flames like his previous marriages?

Before I reveal the truth behind their love story, let’s take a deeper look at who Donald and Melania Trump are as individuals. 

An Overview of Donald Trump’s Birth Chart 

Donald Trump's Birth Chart

Businessman, television personality, and now the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump was born to be in the spotlight.

As a strong Gemini Sun, Sagittarius Moon, and Leo Rising, Donald Trump’s path to leadership can be explained by his dominant fire and air placements. 

Born on June 14, 1946, in Queens, New York, Donald Trump’s Gemini Sun is located in his 10th house of career and authority, and I find that very interesting. 

Where the Sun is located in the birth chart showcases our dominant personality; it represents how others see us and what we wish to become. 

In Donald’s case, his 10th house Sun placement ensured all along that he would be most famously known for his business achievements and his position in government. His ability to succeed is amplified by his 4th house, Sagittarius Moon. 

Sagittarius is the 9th sign of the Zodiac. It is symbolized by the archer—someone who is always looking ahead; someone who will never stop pursuing and “shooting” for their dreams. 

With his Moon being in the 4th house, Donald Trump’s success was most likely to come from the foundation built by his family. However, his Sagittarius moon has encouraged him to take his family’s foundation and expand it. 

At some point in his life, he will have to break free from his influential background and pave his own path. This will most likely happen in the mature years of his life. 

I believe Donald Trump’s Sagittarius Moon combined with his Leo Rising is what makes him such an excellent salesman. We can see this in his early success as a young businessman and in his 2016 presidential campaign. 

On the other hand, his 4th house Moon placement may play a major role in his non-traditional family life. 

Known as a playboy after his divorce to his first wife, Ivana, and short marriage to his mistress, Marla Maples, he isn’t exactly what I would call a “family man.” 

But even so, I would argue that his relentless pursuit of success is how he expresses his love for his family and his children.

As a Leo Rising, he is a natural entertainer and provider. He shows affection through pleasing others with humor and lavish gifts, especially in the later years of his life.  

Even though Leo Risings can sometimes come across as obnoxious or over the top, I’ve found that this is only because they want the very best that life has to offer. 

But behind the charm, fame, and Twitter rants is a caring and sentimental man. Donald Trump’s Venus in Cancer in his 11th house showcases his compassion and sincerity for his fellow man, which plays a major role in his journey to becoming president. 

With a Venus in 11th house placement, Donald Trump naturally values his emotional independence and freedom more than anything. He is not attracted to traditional relationships that limit his ability to travel and express his unique beliefs. 

And with the 11th house being associated with the innovative and rebellious sign of Aquarius, he also struggles with playing by the rules. 

What I find interesting is that all three of his main placements (Sun, Moon, and Rising) influence a more nontraditional and playful approach to love.

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In love, friendship is more important to him than affection. However, he needs to feel dominant in his relationships to feel safe. We can see this in his marriage to Melania Trump. 

An Overview of Melania Trump’s Birth Chart 

Melania Trump Birth Chart

Unlike her husband, who is dominated by fire and air, Melania Trump is ruled by the element of earth.

Famously known for her marriage to the 45th President of the United States of America, Donald Trump, Melania Trump is somewhat of a mystery.

Born on April 26, 1970, in Novo Mesto, Slovenia, Melania Trump is a Taurus Sun. As a Taurus Sun, Melania is naturally a practical and grounded woman. 

Taurus is associated with personal finances and assets, and I’ve found that most Taurus Suns come from humble beginnings.

Taurus Suns dream of becoming financially stable and self-sufficient. They desire a life of comfort and luxury, but it requires hard work and patience to get there.

With Taurus ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, Melania’s Taurus Sun also highlights her career as a fashion model in Paris and Milan. 

Despite her background in the spotlight as a model, it’s not surprising to me that Melania Trump is one of America’s most secluded first ladies. 

I’ve noticed that Taurus Suns with strong earth placements tend to live private and intimate lives behind the scenes, and Melania is no exception. 

Because her time of birth is unknown, I am unsure of Melania’s Rising and exact Moon signs. 

However, based on her birthday, she can only be a Sagittarius or Capricorn Moon. If Melania is a Sagittarius Moon, it would explain why she was attracted to a life of spontaneity and influence as a model. 

The influence of a Sagittarius moon would also explain her inspiration to travel and build a new life overseas. Although Sagittarius is known for its adventurous side, it is also attracted to individuals with power and opportunity. An example of this is her marriage to a business tycoon and politician, Donald Trump.

On the other hand, a Capricorn Moon placement would explain her ambition as a child. 

Unlike Sagittarius Moons, I’ve found that Capricorn Moons typically choose their path at a young age and pursue it until they retire. If Melania Trump is a Capricorn Moon, her childhood and adult career as a model would support this.

For women, Venus showcases how she gives and expects to receive affection. With a Venus in Taurus (the same sign as her Sun), Melania Trump desires a love that is stable, passionate, and reliable. She is comfortable playing the traditional role of a wife and a mother.

What I find interesting is that Venus in Taurus is most attracted to fire signs, even though they have a hard time staying committed. This is because Taurus craves passion, intimacy, and devotion, all of which fire signs naturally have. This may be why Melania is attracted to Donald Trump.

With Mars determining the type of man Melania is sexually attracted to, it’s not surprising that her Mars is in Gemini, the same sign as Donald’s Sun.

Donald and Melania Trump Synastry 

Donald And Melania Trump Synastry Chart

Although Donald Trump’s marriage record would indicate he’s a lady’s man, Melania’s Taurus Sun highlighting his house of commitment and longevity could make this union his last. 

Even though they have different ways of living, their mutual desire for success, achievement, and a life of luxury brings them together at the end of the day. 

In public, they may come across as cold and unloving, but behind closed doors, Donald brings the excitement and passion out of Melania, and Melania encourages him to settle down and focus on the more realistic, practical sides of life. 

With Melania having dreams of being the perfect “trophy” wife, and Donald’s Leo Rising always wanting to show off and impress, they have the potential to make a good team. 

To explore their compatibility even more, I am going to explain their synastry based on their Sun and Venus and Mars signs. 

Donald and Melania Trump Sun Sign Compatibility 

For starters, Donald Trump is a Gemini Sun, and Melania is a Taurus Sun. Some astrologers would say that these two are incompatible by nature because they are one sign apart, but that’s up for debate. 

I’ve found that couples with Sun placements one sign apart can be very successful. Unlike other couples, this placement creates diversity and positive challenges for these pairs. If they can learn to compromise on their differences, their relationship will never be boring. 

Because Gemini Suns are very outgoing and intellectual, Donald Trump is the social butterfly in the relationship. 

For Donald to feel satisfied in his relationship with Melania, he needs the freedom to explore his ideas and career goals without interference. This is intensified by his 10th house Gemini Sun placement. 

Naturally, Melania’s Taurus Sun makes her more reserved and laid back. But underneath her earthy demeanor, there is a stubborn bull that will go above and beyond to fulfill her mission. Donald Trump is very attracted to this quality. 

However, trouble may find them when it’s time to make a decision or commit to something long-term. 

Gemini Suns are ruled by a mutable quality, meaning that they float from one idea to the next. Taurus Suns are ruled by a fixed quality, meaning that they stick to one thing until it’s complete and always follow through.

Because of this, I wouldn’t be surprised if most of their disagreements are the result of Donald Trump overreacting or not being true to his word. 

But being the devoted and consistent Taurus Sun that she is, Melania most likely puts up with this behavior because she loves him and the life that he has built for her. 

If I could give Donald Trump some advice, I would say:

“I suggest that you create more flexibility in your busy work schedule for your marriage. 

At the beginning of your relationship, you most likely went above and beyond to seduce Melania with your charm, but how often do you do those same things today? 

Giving her a few minutes of your undivided attention every day may seem tedious, but this is all it takes to keep your Taurus wife happy.”

Donald and Melania Trump’s Venus and Mars Sign Compatibility 

In astrology, Venus indicates the type of woman a man is attracted to, and Mars determines the type of man a woman is attracted to. 

Let’s evaluate Donald and Melania Trump’s Venus and Mars signs to explore their love compatibility. 

Donald Trump’s Venus is in Cancer, showcasing his desire for a sensual woman with a great physical appearance. He is most attracted to the feminine type—women who have no problem birthing his children and making him a home. 

I often see men with Venus in Cancer placements taking on the role of breadwinner in their family, especially since Cancer was born to nurture and protect. 

On the other hand, Melania’s Mars is in Gemini, showcasing her desire for a man of charm, intellect, and great connections. She is most attracted to a partner that she can learn from. In order for her to feel aroused, she must be mentally stimulated. 

Just like their sun signs, their Venus and Mars placements are one sign apart, highlighting potential challenges and delays in their communication and affection styles. 

If they want their relationship to last, then Donald will have to find healthy ways to express his desire and affection to Melania so that she can understand it. With her Mars in a mutable air sign like Gemini, she will need words of affirmation to feel safe. 

Luckily for them, Donald’s Sun sign is in Gemini, supporting the Gemini energy that Melania is seeking. So naturally, I believe this relationship can work. 

The only way I feel that they will run into major conflicts is if Melania decides that playing the “supportive spouse” role is no longer in her best interest (or if Donald gets bored again and decides to leave her). But because both her Sun and Venus are in a fixed earth sign like Taurus, she will have a hard time giving up her duties as first lady and Donald Trump’s wife. 

If I could give Melania some advice, I would say:

“I suggest that you never lose sight of your own goals. Even though you are living the life you’ve always dreamed of, you don’t have to give up your identity. 

Find healthy ways to merge more of your own personality into your marriage. Donald has a very strong personality, especially with his Leo rising and Sagittarius Moon. So, if you want to feel heard, you will have to be bold and speak up. You can’t afford to sugarcoat your feelings with him.”

In terms of compatibility, I would give Donald and Melania Trump a score of 5 out of 10. 

Although their relationship can be long-lasting and fulfilling, it requires a lot of work on Donald Trump’s part. I believe he truly cares for Melania, but nothing is more important to him than his public reputation and career, and this can be troubling for her at times. 

On the other hand, if they can balance their schedules and priorities to include more intimacy and connection, they are much more likely to build a healthy system of communication, and this gives them the consistency that their relationship drastically needs.

My advice to them both would be to build a life together while maintaining their core values and principles, especially when they find themselves questioning how they even got married in the first place. 

I often tell my clients it’s not about having the perfect relationship; it’s about practicing compassion and respect in tough times. 

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Your friend and favorite relationship astrologer, 

Anna Kovach

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