The Best Synastry Aspects For A Fruitful Relationship

Those of you who have been readers of mine for a while know how much Astrology means to me. Especially pertaining to romantic relationships. I have seen time and time again how many women get the relationship of their dreams by just following my Astrological advice through using my guides. It is absolutely amazing!

The thing is, when most women search for help with their relationships using Astrology, they are basically just scratching the surface of the possibilities that Astrology can awaken for them and their relationship. Relationship Astrology just goes so much further than Sun Sign Astrology.

The Astrology of Relationships is called Synastry. This article is here to explain to you the ins and outs you need to know for a fruitful and successful relationship. Synastry uses the aspects of Astrology to see the relationship between two people.

Keen to find out more about the Synastry you and your partner have? Then keep on reading to find out more:

What Is Synastry?

Synastry is simply relationship Astrology. It shows the way individuals interact with each other on a personal level, and how they communicate and respond to one another. It can show the flow and the friction two people might experience with one another.

Synastry is a wonderful tool to help people to learn to relate to each other on a healthier level because it shows the strengths and the weaknesses of two people. It makes it a lot easier to see what the individuals need to work on to make the relationship flourish.

What Are Aspects In Synastry?

Aspects are the connections the planets make between each other within your own Birth Chart or with someone else’s. It is a mathematical relationship between the planets that indicate if an aspect is a positive or a negative one. As an example, when two planets are 180° from each other it is called an opposition. The significance of the angle will affect us all in a unique way.

Some aspects are difficult and some are easy. The easy aspects are the trines, sextiles, and conjunctions. While the difficult aspects are squares and oppositions. The easy aspects show where things flow and the difficult ones show where there is tension in the relationship.

Synastry aspects can show either ideal or difficult conditions in a relationship between two individuals.

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Synastry Aspects For Romantic Relationships

Synastry Aspects For Romantic Relationships

A Synastry Chart is a chart that measures the flow of two individuals in a relationship. It shows how compatible two people are using their individual Birth Charts. The Synastry shows how these two people will respond to each other in a relationship.

It is a brilliant idea to look at a Synastry Chart when you are in a relationship because it can highlight all the positives and negatives you might experience in your relationship.

Many people take this step before they get married to show the couple what they need to be aware of in their relationship moving forward.

What Are The Key Aspects In Synastry?

Every aspect in a Synastry Chart is going to reveal something about the relationship, but some aspects are more important than others.

The aspect between the Sun and the Moon between two individuals needs to be looked at first and then of course Mercury for communication, Mars, and Venus for love and sex, and then Saturn for the long-term possibility.

These are the five major aspects in Astrology:

  • The Square – this aspect causes friction and challenges in the relationship. The two individuals need to work hard to overcome this.
  • The Opposition – This aspect is powerful and intense because it reveals where two people are completely different. This aspect can help you to grow and learn to compromise.
  • The Conjunction – The energy flows in a similar fashion, however, it can be either a positive or negative outcome depending on the planets involved.
  • The Trine – Positive flow and ease between people. There is harmony and blending.
  • The Sextile – This aspect creates harmony and excitement between two individuals.

What Does It Mean When You Have Good Synastry With Someone?

To have good Synastry with someone is one of the best indicators that you will have a strong and fruitful relationship with them. It shows that there is good natural chemistry with him and that getting along with him is easy and effortless.

In my opinion, the best Synastry isn’t always just positive aspects. No, I think when there is a good mix between hard aspects and easy aspects it makes the relationship interesting. The thing is, when there are only good aspects it can make the relationship stagnate and be quite boring, but when some hard aspects are thrown into the mix, it tends to make the relationship a little more interesting.

Friction isn’t always a bad thing, especially not in relationships because without friction there aren’t any challenges or opportunities to grow.

The Best Synastry Aspects For A Fruitful Relationship


The ‘Sun/Moon/Ascendant’ aspect in the Synastry Chart can really help you to understand how you and your partner interact with each other. These three points show what kind of impression you give one another and how much understanding the two of you share on a core level.

When a couple has favorable Sun/Moon/Ascendant aspects it can indicate if the personalities match and if there is good chemistry between the two people in the couple.

It shows if they can get along on a basic level and if there is a good emotional understanding between the two.

Sun Conjunction/Trine/Sextile/Square Sun

The Sun is your identity and who you are at your core. This aspect shows your personality and who you are as an individual. It is the part of your chart that shows the truest you.

When a couple shares the same Sun sign, this is known as a conjunction. This aspect shows that the two of you are on the same page when it comes to most things. You understand each other on a core level.

Sun Trine or Sextile Sun Synastry. this is a fantastic aspect. This aspect shows that the couple is able to flow and harmonize together. There is effortless support between the two individuals. It is easy for the couple to get along despite some basic personality differences.

If both parties are willing to work on the relationship, there is no reason this relationship wouldn’t be a success. It is possible for the couple to thrive together.

Sun Square Sun Synastry. This relationship can be complex, but extremely dynamic. A lot of growth can occur between these individuals because there will be many challenges they need to face together over the course of their relationship.

This aspect can either make or break the individuals, it just depends on their willingness to work through things and to compromise to learn a level of understanding between the two of them.

Moon And Moon Synastry

The Moon is your emotions and feelings. It is the part of you that shapes your intuition and shows how you react to your environment on an emotional level. It governs how you like to be nurtured and treated by others.

Moon Trine, Conjunct, or Sextile Moon Synastry. When a couple shares a positive Moon connection like the trine or sextile, it shows an instantaneous bond between the two partners. These individuals have an empathetic connection with one another.

They tend to have similar emotional responses to things and they are usually quite comfortable with one another. It is easy for them to create an environment with each other that feels safe and secure and like they can be at home with one another.

Moon Square or Opposition Moon Synastry. When the aspect between the Moons is either a square or an opposition, it can make it quite difficult for the couple to be emotionally in sync with one another. It can be hard for the couple to share empathy with one another and it isn’t always easy to understand each other’s needs.

This aspect takes a lot of work to figure out, but it is possible. It may just take more effort to understand one another.

Sun To Moon Aspects In Synastry

When there are aspects to the Sun and the Moon, it can show a very strong attraction between two individuals.

Sun and Moon Conjunction Synastry. This aspect between a couple shows a really strong and powerful relationship between the man and the woman.

However, sometimes it can cause a bit of friction because there is a tug of war between the ego needs of the Sun and the emotional needs of the Moon. The couple just needs to work hard to find the balance they both need.

Sun and Moon Sextile or Trine Synastry. There is a deep bond when a couple has the Sun and Moon aspect each other with the sextile or trine. The couple easily experiences the emotional support they need from one another.

This aspect shows strong compatibility and that they recognize that they understand each other but that they can also rely on one another in the relationship.

Sun and Moon Square or Opposition Synastry. These two aspects between the Sun and the Moon can be quite a challenging dynamic in the relationship. The opposition is a little less difficult because there is an understanding between the couple.

However, the square can cause a bit of friction. This couple will have to work hard to create harmony in their relationship, but the challenges may make the relationship stronger as they really have to work together to learn to get along.

Mercury Synastry

I often see that Mercury is overlooked when it comes to Synastry, but I think it is one of the most important points in a relationship because Mercury rules communication, and the healthiest relationships always have a basis of good communication.

Conjunctions, sextiles, and trines are usually the best Synastry aspects when it comes to Mercury because it makes the communication flow easily. This minimizes any arguments or conflicts between a couple.

Squares and oppositions are quite difficult in Mercury Synastry because it shows that a couple really struggles to communicate and understand one another. It can be difficult for them to see eye to eye. It takes a lot more work for them to see each other’s point of view, but of course, it is possible with a bit of hard work.

Venus And Mars Synastry

Venus in a Natal chart is the planet that determines the way you show up in relationships. It is the way you like to approach love and romance. It is basically your Astrological love language.

When there are good aspects in a Synastry Chart between the Venus of both individuals, it can show strong affection and attraction between the two parties.

Mars is the planet in the chart that shows how you show your passion in life. It is the part of you that expresses your sex drive and how you go after what you want in life.

In a relationship, it shows how you argue and handle conflict between yourself and your partner.

Venus And Mars Aspects. When it comes to Venus and Mars in the Synastry Chart, it doesn’t really matter if the aspect is a good or bad one because regardless of this, the aspect will show how a couple loves. Trines and sextiles between Venus and Mars can actually be a little boring, while squares and oppositions may show passionate love and sexual attraction.

In my opinion, as long as there is an aspect between Venus and Mars, it is a good thing.

Couples with easy aspects between Venus and Mars may find conflict resolution a little easier as they can quickly learn to deal with their differences and know how to easily adapt to each other. While hard aspects may cause conflict and friction, they may make the relationship a lot more exciting and passionate.

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My Final Thoughts

Synastry is a fantastic tool to use to gain a better understanding of your relationship. It can help you focus on your strengths and help you to work on your weaknesses as a couple. The most important aspects would be the ones between the Sun, Moon, and Ascendant. When there is good flow between these three points it is usually a good indicator of a compatible relationship.

And then, of course, if there are aspects between Mercury, Venus, and Mars, then it is just the cherry on top of it all. All the other planets also play an influence on a relationship, so if you are all interested in finding out the role of the outer planets on your Synastry then please don’t hesitate to leave a comment in the section below.

Love Can Be Discovered Through Astrology!

There is so much to be explored through your Birth Chart.

You literally can figure out if someone is your Soul Mate or if they’re just someone who is meant to be in your life now. You can compare your Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mars to really know if you two have it. Checking the aspects that I mentioned can also bring a bit more clarity.

The important thing is that you’re taking into account all the good with the bad. Compatibility can be a more complicated thing than just your Sun sign alone. Most people are blinded by the fact that there is just more they need to know. They read an article and find their Sun signs don’t line up well and assume that it’s not going to work out.

Don’t be one of those people! There is far more involved with the planets and the aspects that are transiting. They help with development, healing, growing, and Soul Mate potentials. Right now, I cannot pull up your chart and know exactly what works for you and what doesn’t in this article alone. Keep in mind the information I’ve shared with you before.

The best thing you could ever do for you and your relationships before you throw in the towel due to Sun sign incompatibility, I highly advise you stick with me!

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Sending you all the blessings of the Universe!

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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