What He Wants In A Marriage, Based On His Sign

What type of woman does your crush really want when it comes to marriage? Are you in a relationship but unsure if you are what he wants? Let me help you out, sister!

I want to help describe to you what your man wants in marriage based on his Zodiac sign. It may help bring light to your situation, so stay tuned and find out all you can! 

What He Wants In A Marriage, Based On His Sign

What An Aquarius Man Wants In A Marriage

This fiercely independent, out-of-the-box, intellectual man needs a woman who can keep up with him, keep him on his toes, and appreciate his need for alone time.

The Aquarius man marriage requires a woman who will appreciate that he needs to do some things on his own. The Aquarius man will also want her to be the very same way. He wants to be on a team with his wife.

At the same time, he wants a wife that will do her own thing, have her own friends, and come home to him at the end of the day. An adventurous wife who loves to do things with him is a must in an Aquarius man marriage.

The more unique you are, the better! His wife needs to be a woman that sets herself apart from the mainstream in style. She must have her own flair! Her inner beauty needs to shine through her personality.

What A Pisces Man Wants In A Marriage

The tender-hearted Pisces man is dreamy and romantic. He wants a wife who will support his dreams and help inspire him to take the right steps to getting what he wants.

He’s very sensual and sexual, so he needs a woman who can keep up with him. The Pisces man’s wife is usually someone who can satisfy his cravings, but can also connect with him spiritually through sex.

A Pisces man marriage ideally includes lots of physical attention such as kissing, holding hands, and snuggling. She must have empathy to understand him.

What the Pisces man is looking for is a woman he connects to on a deep, spiritual level. He wants to dream with her, he wants to soar above the clouds, and get lost in their love.

What An Aries Man Wants In A Marriage

The strong and motivated Aries man marriage will have to consist of an equal partnership. What this would entail is being physically fit, being active, and being adventurous.

The Aries man marriage requires a woman who can keep up with his energy levels. He needs his wife to maintain the independence that she had before marriage.

He wants his wife to work and take care of business. Aries likes to work out, play sports, and travel. The Aries man’s wife will need to do much of the same, or have a routine of her own that is active.

Be beautiful, keep him satisfied in the bedroom, and work hard. That’s what the Aries man marriage truly needs to survive and make him happy. Aries isn’t for the weak. A woman has to be a pillar of strength to win his heart.

What A Taurus Man Wants In A Marriage

The slow and steady, hard-working Taurus man needs a very special type of marriage. The type of wife he wants is someone who will be independent… but not totally.

He loves it when a woman has her own career and works hard at it, but he also wants time with her at home where he can feel close to her. Sometimes he wants personal time to himself, and sometimes it’s the opposite.

A Taurus man marriage needs to consist of a warm, passionate, and intelligent woman. She needs to curb her emotions and watch her temper. He prefers someone with a calm demeanor who is also optimistic.

Naturally, a Taurus man marriage has to be strong, loyal, and secure. His wife has to be the yin to his yang. Show him what you’ve got!

What A Gemini Man Wants In A Marriage

The Gemini man marriage requires very simple elements. He wants a wife who will be understanding, open-minded, busy, and nurturing. Given the fact that he stays busy (or tries to), he wants his wife to do the same.

He’s not any good at keeping the home lovely, so he’ll rely on his wife to do this. Being independent and still taking care of the homestead while being sexually pleasing to him is the perfect Gemini man marriage scenario.

The Gemini man needs adventure and excitement in his life, and that includes his marriage. He really craves a wife who will appeal to this need. She needs to be creative, artistic, and try new things.

A Gemini man’s wife must always stay in love so that he’ll also stay in love. This is the secret success that the Gemini man needs in his life-long bond. You might want to take up skydiving! I’m kidding… but heck, it might work!

What A Cancer Man Wants In A Marriage

The sweet Cancer man marriage is all about tenderness, family, and security. That is what a Cancer man desires in a wife. He wants to be loved, be understood, and given security by his lady.

He will always do his best to take care of his wife and family. The Cancer man will want you to maintain independence because it’s too much stress for him to be the only one working.

A Cancer man marriage really needs honesty, spiritual connection, and the comfort of having the right woman to come home to after a rough day. She has to be understanding of his moods.

One last thing is, the Cancer man needs you to get along with his family. It’s important to have everyone close to him. It helps his heart feel whole. The more you do for him, the more he does for you. He’ll take you to the clouds!

What A Leo Man Wants In A Marriage

The mighty roaring Leo in all his success wants a wife who is very special. A Leo man marriage is like a dance at a ball and tryst in the bedroom. His wife has to be high energy to keep up with him.

The Leo man requires a wife who doesn’t mind being social with him, dressing up pretty when going out, and looking your best even at home. You don’t have to look runway model type at home but clean and tidy.

The wife of a Leo man will need to be complimentary of her guy. He needs his ego stroked and he needs her to stay optimistic no matter how hard things may seem.

He loves beauty, so the Leo man marriage will be about success, having the best, and always feeling the best; not just him but his wife also. His wife needs to be strong, intelligent, and independently driven. He needs a Queen to be King!

What A Virgo Man Wants In A Marriage

The intelligent, sexy, and loyal Virgo man is looking for a wife who is very special. He doesn’t want just anyone and believe you me; he’ll wait for as long as he has to until she comes along.

He is in no hurry to get into a meaningless relationship. The Virgo man marriage needs to consist of honesty, trust, loyalty, and respect. He wants to marry his best friend.

Virgo isn’t one of those guys who needs a guy pal to be his best friend. He wants his wife to fulfill that role. He’s inspired by her independence, wit, and optimism.

The ideal Virgo man marriage consists of two partners who get each other’s humor, can talk at length with intelligent conversations, discuss their dreams and aspirations, and then, of course, love each other deeply.

What A Libra Man Wants In A Marriage

The wise and justice-seeking Libra man wants a truly special marriage. In fact, a Libra man marriage needs a woman who knows how to help him balance his life better.

Sometimes he gets caught up in working too much, playing too much, or spending too much. His wife needs to be wise with finances, and good with time to help him out.

The Libra man wants a complimentary marriage with his wife. They look great together, they are social together, and they both have their own careers or projects that happen to complement each other’s lifeline.

The Libra man marriage needs romance, play, a warm bed, and true conversation that ends in each other’s arms. One more thing… she needs to help him make decisions!

What A Scorpio Man Wants In A Marriage

The Scorpio man marriage requires a woman of great strength, patience, and ability to achieve her goals. The woman that marries a Scorpio man will have to learn to understand and deal with his mood swings.

He wants romance, optimism, and support for all his endeavors. She has to be able to inspire him to keep pushing himself forward to get what he wants. She also has to stand up for herself for the Scorpio man marriage to be a triumphant relationship.

The Scorpio man needs a wife who will absolutely be loyal, truthful, and tell him like it is — even if it upsets him. He’d rather know than not know. She has to take care of herself and be passionate about her endeavors.

Although he may not know it, he needs a wife who will keep him in check and help him stay on the path to his dreams. She fills a huge role for the Scorpio man, but he’ll make it worth her while.

What A Sagittarius Man Wants In A Marriage

The Sagittarius man marriage is one of the easiest, for the most part. He’s pretty laid-back, even when he’s adventurous. He loves to travel and try new things. He loves to live life in the present.

A wife for a Sagittarius simply needs to have his back, allow him his personal freedom when he needs it, be his other half, and he’ll always come home to her.

He does love a smart witty type of wife who doesn’t mind competing with him sometimes. He loves to laugh so a good sense of humor is something she’ll need to have.

The recipe to a successful Sagittarius man marriage needs a fun wife who is adventurous but can also be firmly planted on the ground to keep logic in situations that require it.

What A Capricorn Man Wants In A Marriage

The industrious and success-seeking Capricorn man means serious business when it comes to love. The Capricorn marriage is one of loyalty, fortitude, effort, and commitment.

He needs a wife who is totally “in” with marriage. That means she will fight for it, even when she wants to give up because she made a commitment to the marriage and she isn’t a quitter.

She will need to understand his moods and be there to be supportive where she can. Independence is absolutely required on her part. The Capricorn man will need time to himself to keep his mind sane.

Her morals and ethics have to be very strong and in place. A woman cannot be wishy-washy with a Capricorn man. The Capricorn man marriage is one that has to be locked tight and stand the test of time.

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The More You Know…

Now that you have a good idea of what each man in the Zodiac is looking for, you can tell if you will fit his criteria. Please keep in mind that there are other factors that play in this.

Remember that his moon sign could alter things a bit as can his rising sign when he’s looking for his “Soulmate.” Each man is unique in their own way, as you are.

This brief article does not define 100% of what he’s looking for or what you are. Astrology has the power to help you find the right man in many different ways.

I have to write these articles so that they apply to each and every sign. While generally correct, you could be feeling as if your specific situation was overlooked. I won’t have it!

I pride myself on my connection with my audience. I never want you to leave feeling like you didn’t receive enough help in your relationship.

I created the VIP Consultation services to find those that need my one on one, personalized attention. I desperately want to get to know you and your unique situation, so don’t hesitate to book an appointment with me!

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I wish you all the luck of the Universe.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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  1. Well I am backing off for while till he is realize I am right person for him!!! He will realize that he made mistakes for leaving me !! So I am happy now n move for while!! I always keep my self busy!! So thanks!!! I will keep eye out!!! I know he is my bestfriend n soulmate!! So. He will realize one day might be late !! Never know!!!

    1. Hi April!

      Sometimes that is exactly what you need to do. For one thing, it helps him figure out if you are the one he wants and also gives you a bit of time to figure out if he actually is the right one or not. You’ll be surprised what comes through when you two aren’t connecting. You’re very welcome sweetheart. I wish you all the luck of the universe!

    1. Hi Andrene!

      Thank you sweetheart. It’s my pleasure to provide useful information for clients like you. Knowledge is definitely power. I do hope you’ll stick around and get into more of what I write. You never know what may help you to build something even better. I wish you all the best!

  2. “The Scorpio man needs a wife who will absolutely be loyal, truthful, and tell him like it is — even if it upsets him. He’d rather know than not know.”

    Absolutely, 100 percent on the money with this.

    The Scorpio man’s trust will be intense, and he’ll put everything into you, but if you put one crack in that trust, the intensity will press it to all fall down.

    1. Hi Jesse G!

      Wow! Thank you for chiming in and verifying what information I’m putting out there for ladies. I also thank you for your inspirational points as well. It’s very much appreciated! I wish you nothing but the very best in love and in life as you truly deserve it!

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