How You Want To Be Nurtured In Love: Your Moon Sign Explained

It is no secret that the Moon in Astrology is one of my favorite placements; especially when it comes to relationships. The Moon is all about emotions and feelings, what we need to feel nurtured and how we like to be taken care of.

The Moon is also how we nurture and want to be nurtured. The things we do that become habits in order to cope with whatever we have going on. It is the placement you need to take a look at to know how to practice self-care.

It is important to look at this aspect when it comes to relationships because we often look to our partners to fulfill some of these needs within us. And if you know what your Moon sign is, then it is so much easier to be able to express what you need from your partner.

It is my mission in life to help women to achieve the relationships of their dreams through Astrology. So please continue reading and take a look at your Moon sign to find out exactly how you want to be nurtured in love.

You can also scroll down and take a look at your partner’s Moon sign and see if you can up your game in the ways you nurture him in your relationship. Enjoy and I hope you learn something valuable!

Aries Moon

An Aries Moon needs to be put first. You need to know that you are number one in your partner’s life and you kind of want to be put on a pedestal. It is important for you to feel adored in your relationship.

It is also really important for you to have your own autonomy. You need a partner who can give you a lot of space to breathe to do your own thing and process your own emotions. You are highly independent and go at your own speed.

Your emotions can be rather intense, and you do not do well in situations where you have to bottle your emotions in. It is really vital that your partner understand that you need a moment to blow up and feel whatever it is you are going through. You need space for your passion to come out and play.

I think the most important thing to note with this placement is that you can’t wait around and expect others to make you feel better. You need to be in control and sort yourself up by doing things for yourself. This is your ultimate form of self-care and why independence is so important in your relationships.

As long as you are with someone you feel safe enough to be upfront and honest with your feelings you are good to go! You need to be authentic and never hold on to whatever you are feeling, it has to come out!

Taurus Moon

As a Taurus Moon, you need two very important things in your life, and that is the feeling of safety and security. This Moon sign feels most nurtured when everything is cool and calm, and that there is enough stability in your relationship.

Material comfort is of the highest importance in your life, and this stems to your relationship. You might need a partner who is well off with a healthy bank balance. You work really hard to be financially stable, so you need your man to show you the same kind of stability.

Physical touch is just as important in your relationship. For you to feel nurtured you need a man who gives you a lot of physical affection and often as well. It can be as simple as a hug or a cuddle. You need to feel that person close to you.

Being in a routine with your partner also makes you feel really good about the relationship. You experience a sense of calm when you know what to expect and when. Something as simple as a regularly scheduled date can really help you feel nurtured in your relationship.

And of course, being treated to good food, or a luxurious gift will make you feel all kinds of appreciated by your man. You love to be spoiled and taken care of by your partner. For you, it’s the little things in life that matter.

Gemini Moon

Communication is of utmost importance for you in a relationship. Your Moon sign really needs to talk in able to feel nurtured by the relationship. When you’re going through something you feel really supported when you can talk about your feelings to your partner.

Talking really helps you to process whatever it is you are going through. Connection through communication really helps you to feel fulfilled and heard in your life. You have a lot to say and it is vital that someone listens.

You also do really well when you can be with someone who shares the same kind of sense of adventure as you. A man who is happy to explore your curiosities with you and is happy to learn with you.

You will feel really nurtured by leaving the house and going on short trips around your area with your partner. You tend to get agitated and irritable when you spend too much time around the house.

Boredom is a mood killer for you, so staying active with your partner is the best way for you to feel fulfilled and taken care of in your relationship. Keep your curiosities alive and find a way to share them with your man!

Cancer Moon

Simple pleasures make you feel the happiest! Having a Cancer Moon makes you rather susceptible to emotions. You are quite sensitive and empathetic, and you feel for other people deeply.

Your Moon sign is interesting because you feel most nurtured when you nurture others. It is like you receive by giving. You want everyone in your life to feel comfortable, and when they don’t it is easy for you to feel out of balance and out of control.

You simply love to be in the role of caretaker! But you also need to look after your own needs and be treated by your partner. One of the best ways for you to feel nurtured is by eating a home-cooked meal. If a man cooks for you, your heart skips a beat.

You need your partner to feel like home and family to you. This makes you feel so safe and secure in your relationships, and you need this security to feel vulnerable with your partner. It can be quite scary for you to open up to someone completely.

You’re very protective of yourself and only open up when you know you’re in good and safe hands. You need to be able to feel okay enough to let someone else take care of you for a change. So, if a man feels like home to you, then you’re probably on the right track!

Leo Moon

You’re vibrant and love to have the spotlight on you. You wear your heart on your sleeve and you’re unafraid of showing the people you love how much you care about them, as long as they return the favor.

Attention is really important for you in a relationship. You want someone who spends a good amount of time with you and is devoted and loyal in the relationship. You hate having your heart messed with, so you appreciate honesty above everything else.

To feel nurtured in your relationship you need to have the freedom to be able to express yourself as you need. You have a lot of passion and creativity boiling inside of you, and you simply can’t suppress it. You need to be with someone who is okay with you being dramatic when you need to be.

Romance is of utmost importance to you; you’re not shy to admit that you need a partner who makes an effort with you and isn’t afraid of displaying a grand gesture of his affection towards you.

You want the full shebang when it comes to love and you crave to feel the heats of passion with your man. You need to be able to have fun, but most importantly be yourself if you want to feel nurtured in love.

Virgo Moon

You are at your best when you can help others. It is so important for your happiness to feel like you are of service to the world. You love sorting out problems and coming up with solutions to issues.

You’re a very practical person, and it is almost like you feel the most nurtured when you are able to support someone else in achieving their dreams. You need to be needed and really enjoy when your man asks you for help.

There is a side of your personality that tends to overthink and overanalyze every little situation you find yourself in. This often leads to anxiety and feelings of stress. Having a partner that can calm you down and reassure you when you feel out of control is the best for your personality.

You do so much for others, so it is really nice when he does something for you. Sometimes you need to be taken care of as well. It is the best feeling when you get home from work and the house is tidy, your man has cooked you a meal and then runs you a bath. It’s the small things that count!

You feel really nurtured when you and your man have a common goal the two of you share together. You love lists, so being able to work towards something with your guy will give you all the nurturing you need in your relationship!

Libra Moon

Peace and harmony are the two most important things you need to feel nurtured in your relationship, Libra. You’re an incredibly sweet person, and you want everyone in your life to feel comfortable and at ease.

You go out of your way to make the people in your life feel happy, and sometimes you focus a little bit too much on other people’s happiness and forget about yourself. It is clear to see that the social connections you have in your life are of utmost importance to you.

The truth is, any kind of relationship nurtures your soul. This is why love and romance are such a big deal for you. Connecting and getting to know people gives you so much meaning. You feel especially loved when you are with someone who loves communication just as much as you do.

You love to talk and communicate your feelings to the person you are with and need them to be open to chat on a regular basis. So, you need to be with a partner who is happy to discuss things. You also live for the finer things in life, and deeply appreciate beauty.

You need your romantic partner to make you feel beautiful by showering you with compliments and spoiling you with gifts. You’re rather old-fashioned when it comes to love, so when a man goes the traditional route, you feel super loved and appreciated.

Scorpio Moon

Having a Scorpio Moon is quite an intense experience in itself. You feel everything so deeply and are so sensitive to your surroundings. The most important thing you need in life in general, but especially in your relationships is to feel emotionally secure.

The best thing for your Moon placement to feel nurtured is to be with someone who has no problem reassuring you and making you feel safe. You’ve had intensely disappointing experiences in your life, so it can be rather difficult for you to trust someone.

You feel it strongly necessary to protect your vulnerability at all costs. The last thing you want to do is feel hurt or betrayed by a man, and that is why you tend to close yourself off and why it takes you ages to open up to someone.

You need someone to prove to you again and again that he is someone you can trust and isn’t out to hurt you. Basically, you need a protector and someone you can rely on. The truth is you want to be vulnerable, soft, and open.

Because you feel so intensely you need to be with someone who is happy to dive deep and be emotionally vulnerable with you as well. A man who is willing to be passionate and wants to share an emotional connection with you.

Sagittarius Moon

You are super resilient, and like taking care of yourself. Adventure is the most important thing in your life. You need to be on the move and learn something new. It is just completely impossible for you to sit still.

You’re always ready for a journey and taking off on a whim. A conventional relationship isn’t really your cup of tea because you can’t stand to follow rules, and need so much freedom to explore and do what you want when you want.

For you to feel nurtured in love you need quite a lot of space. It really isn’t good for you when you feel tied up or held back by a relationship. You need to be able to experience life the way you want to. No one else is going to tell you what to do.

You need a man who is happy to let you be independent and will support you with all your adventures. It would be nice if he could join you on some of your journeys. The thing is, you’re looking for the answers and thus need someone who feels equally curious about life.

A conventional life just isn’t going to do it for you. You need to be able to feel free and have a man who is secure enough to trust you to always come back to him. If you have freedom in your relationship, then you will always be happy.

Capricorn Moon

You keep your emotions under wraps and to yourself. You’re extremely practical, so when you do experience any kind of emotional turmoil, you tend to turn to work and keep yourself busy by focusing on a job or a goal you have in mind.

It can be quite hard for you to access your emotions or indulge yourself to feel whatever it is you are going through. You would much rather ignore your feelings and view your emotions as an inconvenience.

This doesn’t mean you DON’T have emotions, because you really do. You just see them as an inconvenience and they tend to get in the way of whatever you have planned for your future. You can feel rather lonely at times and like you are cut off from others.

For you to feel nurtured in your relationships you need to be willing to open yourself up to others and feel okay with being vulnerable with your feelings. It is more about what you can do to try and connect to someone else, as opposed to what they can do for you.

You truly just need a man who is patient and supportive. This is truly all you need to feel nurtured, but it would be a good test for yourself to allow yourself to depend on someone else for a change. This might help you soften and make it easier to connect with your man.

Aquarius Moon

Your emotions aren’t at the forefront like some other signs. In fact, you have a bit of a reputation for being someone detached and aloof at times. You find it kind of difficult to assess your emotions and find it easier rationalizing them away.

You are super intelligent and have the ability to logically analyze your emotions and thus, try to fix the things that you perceive to be causing the problems in your environment. Whenever there is a solution, you feel like you’re on top of your emotions.

Emotionally, this can make it quite tricky for you to connect with the man you are in a relationship with, basically because you know how to think most of your troubles away. This can make it challenging for you to realize that you actually need to soften and be vulnerable.

You take care of yourself for the most part, but when you find a partner who is just as interested in partaking in humanitarian causes you might feel like you have hit the jackpot! Supporting and bettering the community at large is a really big deal to you. You want to be with a partner who is just as passionate about changing the world as you are.

You need to be able to connect with him on an intellectual level. Talking and discussing topics you are passionate about is really important for you. If you don’t feel like a man is on the same intellectual page as you, well then, he can forget it!

Pisces Moon

One of your most amazing qualities is how highly sensitive and emotional you are. You are basically an antenna for the emotions of the world. You feel everything and this makes you super intuitive and empathetic to those around you.

You’re the type of person to cry at the drop of a hat, especially when the world becomes a little too much for you to handle and you feel yourself becoming overwhelmed. There is nothing wrong with being so sensitive by the way, don’t let anyone ever make you feel bad about being emotional!

For you to feel emotionally nurtured in your relationship you need a man who can be a source of strength for you and someone who is sensitive to your emotions. Basically, a man who lets you cry and is a shoulder for you to lean on.

You need to surround yourself with loving and supportive people and find moments where you can be alone to retreat so that you can reflect on whatever is going on in your life. You need a man who knows when to hug you and when to leave you alone.

It is really important that you learn what your boundaries are and find a way to express your needs to your man. He won’t know how to support you unless you tell him how. You need to remind yourself that there is nothing wrong with asking what you need.

My Final Thoughts On Moon Signs

As you can see, your Moon sign plays such an important role in your relationships because it is the center of how we connect and relate to others. It is so important to know what your Moon sign needs because feeling secure in yourself and your relationship stems from this placement.

What is your Moon sign and what do you need to feel nurtured in love? What do you feel you need but is lacking in your relationship? Please let me know in the comment section below! I would love to hear your thoughts and opinions.

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Wishing you all the love in the World.

Your friend and Relationship Astrologer,

Anna Kovach

8 thoughts on “How You Want To Be Nurtured In Love: Your Moon Sign Explained

  1. I’m a libra woman, it’s true what it said. I’m married with a cancerman, the last years he is very different.
    In the beginning is very good with compliments and the old fashion way that I love.
    Now he doesn’t care what colour my hear is or what I wear.
    I’m really out of love…..

  2. Awesome article. Taurus moon here and it all makes sense now why I’m so happy and content with my new man 35 days dating him ?. I love physical touch, hugs and he spoil me with little gift surprises, calls out of the blue to tell me how he feels about me. Thank you so much Anna! Love and light to You!

  3. I’m a Sagittarius with moon in Scorpio, reading with what I’ve just seen is so true for me. I definitely close myself off as I’m scares of hurts. And yes, I do need a man whom I can have a deep emotional connection with especially being empathetic female.

  4. Pisces Moon here, and the article is spot-on as usual. I enjoy your articles and emails so much. I’ve learned a lot about myself, thank you!

  5. Perfect for a sag moon. And great timing for me to remember this. Especially since my feelings are my biggest challenge. When I’m pinned in I feel it bad. No matter how hard I try to work thru it with my People pleasing Libra sun balancing act. I feel it like a Sag. I must be free. I’ll love you like a libra but I must be free like a sag to feel loved.

  6. Skorpio here with Gemini Moon. Married to a Cancer for 21 years who always complains that I like to travel so much. Well spot on.

    1. Hi Anja!

      Ah yes adventure and travel. I am not surprised with Scorpio/Gemini. Cancer is more about staying home and enjoying everyday life with family/friends. You need to find some middle ground between you. If you can do that your marriage will be blissful and lasting marriage. I wish you both all the very best!

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