Weekly Love Horoscope for May 27th – June 2nd

Hello my sweethearts, welcome to a very important reading as Jupiter enters Gemini is a once in 12 year experience.

This is an excellent time for self-improvement which can include fitness, consciousness-raising, or working on your skills and your communication with others.

Think hard about the message you want to send out about yourself, about your business and clarify that message make it more impactful. Don’t believe everything you hear, you can be a trifle idealistic right now and what glitters appears to be gold and so remain skeptical but certainly hopefully and progressive.

If your partner is showing signs of slowing down or wanting to get into a routine, that may feel rather dull to you and you’ll go where the action is, and that may be with friends, family or by yourself.

This week is perfect for couples who share sporting or social interests as your passions bond you and spur the relationship on to greater heights. You have a high level of determination this week and can be quite a force in relationships, you will drive your love life forward initiating on many levels.

If single you will ask a guy out no problem, and you will probably expedite the sexual side of the relationship. For some of you, a sexual relationship will be all you really need right now to fill the gap.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – Thunder and Earthquakes

With Mercury sextile Saturn, this week will test the validity of your relationship – is the relationship solid or is it built on foundations of sand. You know how those buildings in San Francisco have a special architectural design to help them withstand earthquakes; well that is just what you need in terms of your love relationships or marriage this week.

You need to be careful that your partner is not the object of your projection as often you project that inner restlessness onto your partner or loved ones. You may subtly put pressure on a partner to the point where they start the argument or walk out the door in anger. 

With Venus and Sun in Gemini, communication is often central to your romantic life and there is an emphasis on building the relationship by frequently texting, messaging or any form of cyber communication, this favors the progress of online and long distance relationships.

You can be quite provocative and rather flirtatious, and you are very good at getting guys revved up, you may unwittingly create expectations which you aren’t really ready to meet and so be careful of that. You enjoy hanging out with people who are different and even a little off the wall and a new partner with a bohemian lifestyle could hold a lot of appeal, although if you are honest with yourself, you know it’s just phase and it isn’t your cup of tea longer term.

This is a week of many spontaneous get-togethers and these are always the most exciting. Whatever is planned tends to be lackluster, but anything that happens spur of the moment holds a special magic.

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Taurus – Money, Success and Tenderness 

Jupiter in Gemini means fortune when you are bold and daring in terms of reigniting romance in love. This is a very proactive time in love when you don’t just accept things how they are, you want to improve the levels of affection, understanding and togetherness.

You aren’t going to be happy with a partner who wants space this week, if they are standoffish or cool, this can well arouse your jealous side and, while you will remain diplomatic on the surface, you will be rather concerned. However, there is nothing nefarious going on, there may just be a mismatch of needs or bad timing which can be ironed out as the week goes on. 

Your patience is required to get the most out of relationships, and while things are in your favor when you seize the initiative and turn a new page to make the relationship more fulfilling and tender, it does require effort and a multifaceted approach, no one thing can turn the tide, however a thoughtful and varied strategy certainly will yield results. 

Taurus like to be part of a team when it comes to relationships, perhaps less so in other parts of your life, and you are eager to work with your partner on projects, joint goals and to entertain together.

An excellent time to reach targets and use your willpower and determination to make plans work even in the face of delays and difficulty. This week is a busy one and it’s perfect for those who work with finance and consulting. Your instincts about investment are piqued.

You need a cautious and patient attitude, however you cannot be passive, you need to initiate new projects that will bear fruit later in the year. This perios is one where great progress can be made in your business, however it’s often slower than you would prefer. The best growth is organic, you cannot spend your way to success.

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Gemini – Rainbows 

As Jupiter enters Gemini, remember that a relationship is a dynamic, living thing, it’s always moving in a direction and thus there is always scope for molding it, nothing is set, although often fixed signs (your partner may be one), desire a relationship to become set and static, but that can become self-defeating. This week you need to lead with positivity and that can both improve the relationship and create healing.

Leading is about accepting that change is inevitable and jumping on board or even choosing a direction, the positivity bit is about being optimistic and not looking for problems to fight about, but solutions to get excited about. Look for the rainbow then use that to decide where to go. Problems and unhappiness will always be there to some extent, but we can choose whether to magnify that or push it out of the picture. 

With Sun and Venus in Gemini, problems in relationships can be remedied right now as you have a very constructive spirit, you are neither defeatist or deluded and that’s a grey combination. Time to address any part of the relationship that’s been neglected because it’s thorny or contentious, shine your positivity onto it, look at the issues with courage and resolve.

You can have a very powerful effect on your relationship right now, it all comes down to your attitude and which gives you a great deal of clout, not that you are going to be domineering, but you are going to be the strong character in the relationship who leads by her positive example and brave approach.

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Cancer – Spontaneity versus Stability

You are eager to engage with a wide range of people and are accepting of them no matter how different they are. Your need for rebellion and breaking the mold is activated through love and you may enter new love affairs against your better judgment or the advice of others because you have this need for spontaneity and immediate gratification.

Love affairs start quickly and unexpectedly and there’s a great amount of butterflies floating about. Stimulating new opinions and connecting with potential partners who have different lifestyles is intrinsic to romantic encounters, there are things which excite you and also things which cause you concern or are even quite shocking, but love right now is about leaving comfort zones.

This week the key to healthy longer term relationships is cultivating stability. Mercury in Taurus sextile Saturn indicates a need for constructive conversation and problem solving rather than endless debate. It’s ok to argue and see things in different ways, however what you want to avoid is prolonging these arguments until one of you win, or get the better of the other, the key this week is letting the unimportant things go, don’t waste energy and precious time on these.

Stability is jeopardized when you browbeat each other or refuse to walk away from debates that are getting nasty. Work on understanding each other’s point of view rather than forcing an unnatural concession by one that the other is right. Healthy communication encourages understanding is not competitive at the core. Even after an argument, you can still work on your relationship by how you navigate the post argument terrain. Don’t use the silent treatment, don’t exaggerate offensive, don’t allow your ego to prevent reconciliation.

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Leo – Widening Circles

With Jupiter entering Gemini, this week is great for meeting new people, there are positive changes to your manner and your approach to life which project outwards and impress other people increasing your appeal.

You have a sympathetic air about you and are highly responsive to other people on an emotional level, you are warm and welcoming. You relate to people on a number of levels and your emotional intelligence is enhanced, as is your understanding of social dynamics which allows you to avoid the unusual dating pitfalls.

Leo are known for being assertive in love, you go after what you want or who you want, however this week you can almost magnetically attract the right person to yourself with little effort. So, while this week is excellent for promising new relationships, you don’t necessarily have the hit the bars or the clubs, you could have a meaningful first encounter in almost any setting

You are ambitious and there’s an injection of willpower which brings potency to your initiatives. You have a way of penetrating the barriers which usually slow you down. You have a forward impetus which results is a quite determination that produces more patience than you usually have.

An inner security helps you stay with a course of action without being deterred by criticism. This is an excellent time to begin new contracts as these can yield long term and very important progress for your business or career.

This is an excellent time to put the foundations in for significant long term changes to your life that can lead to greater freedom and possibilities. For example, you may now begin to research a new career or home move that has the potential to revolutionize your life.

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Virgo – Passion, Pride and Pause 

In new relationships you should avoid showing vulnerability and speaking about previous relationships. New relationships should not be approached from a standpoint of neediness or over-eagerness – play it cool and do not limit your options. Single Virgo have the tendency to pin your hopes on someone too quickly, instead of staying available and playing the field a bit.

Buried hurts and angers may resurface in relationships – use this as an opportunity to get to the bottom of the problem and draw a line under it. Your ego and pride can actually be the biggest obstacle to getting closer in relationships – try to set ego and pride issues aside when you have deep conversations; otherwise, it can take more time to resolve things. Be sure not to project issues from precious relationships onto the current one – do not assume that since an ex did XYZ, your current partner is likely to do the same; you are, in fact, tarring all relationships with the negativity of one of your past experiences. 

In some cases, pride and a certain arrogance can be an overcompensation for feelings of self- doubt and lack of self-worth – think more about how your confidence or lack of it can be impacting on your relationships. This period can be one of intense debate in marriage, and quite a bit of argument about decisions and directions.

In new relationships, this may seem like a crisis, as it’s hard to reach agreement and you may feel you have no common ground with your partner, however it’s a result of the Mercury sextile Saturn which encourages deeper thinking; and analysis and some indecision or toying with ideas is normal.

Use this period to pause and re-engage about recent decisions you both have made as well as events, and ask yourself, do I want this, should we change gear now, do we understand this properly.

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Libra – Open minded and exciting

As Jupiter enters Gemini to join Sun and Venus, if you are single, the people you come across right now will challenge your perceptions of what a love relationship can be and you have to be open minded to get the most out of a potential new relationship.

Recently developed relationships will have to adjust to shocks and surprises that cause some discomfort, however it’s a good time to get to know each other much better. Expect the unexpected in love, love relations are bound to be more volatile. It’s often via new romantic relationships that you are able to discover a freedom and creativity, and tap in to a youthfulness within you which helps reinvigorate your approach to life.

So love is often the key to happiness in terms of your own self-development not only the actual romance, so you should see romance that happens right now not just as a pathway to marriage but a pathway to your own individual unfolding identity. 

New people who come into your life right now really challenge you, because you need to be challenged in order to get to another stage of development. A new partner may encourage you to think out the box and to challenge your previous perceptions of love and life in a positive way.

This is an excellent time establish a new social circle of people who will broaden your horizons and bring a lot of excitement back in your life, but it’s not necessarily at time of cozy romance and definitely no time of traditional romance.

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Scorpio – Keep Awareness

As Jupiter enters Gemini joining with Sun and Venus, it’s normal to be asking questions and if you are married, some of these questions will be about the direction of your marriage or serious relationship. Your life is under the microscope and you are understanding your needs and what you want from life better. It’s almost like a maturing process which you are undergoing and as part of that you are going to wonder how to drag your relationship into the future with you.

You will tend to feel more aggrieved about how a partner takes you for granted or assumes that you want the same things as them. While you are agreeable and you seek harmony this week, you are observing everything and taking note. You are far more aware of the behavior that isn’t right or which is downright toxic, and you are resolving to do something about it.

Often the first step for you is just coming to terms with certain realities of your relationship and understanding how you may have contributed to these by being too easy going or just being blind to what’s going on. You own awareness can make all the difference in charting a brand new course for the relationship.

You are cognizant of the little games, the manipulative remarks and the way he seems to know how far to push you. You can begin to push back by simply being unpredictable and so when you feel yourself about to react, stop and ask yourself, “What’s he/she expecting me to do it say?” Then do the exact opposite, this simple move can lead to great changes in your relationship.

Even if you have started a promising relationship recently, things may have plateaued. This week you are reluctant to move forward, and you may forego going on dates or being intimate in order to pamper yourself or go about with your girlfriends. You could be feeling that a new partner is getting to clingy and you are not really ready to be in the sort of relationship where you are keeping tabs on each other.

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Sagittarius – Lucky in Love

It’s so exciting that Jupiter is entering your solar 7th house, you are lucky in love, but don’t be flippant, don’t be careless with your new suitor’s feelings as you could let opportunities slip through your fingers if you don’t pay attention.

If you go into this week with a boyfriend, you may find yourself tempted many a time and your current commitment is tested. Are you really in love with the current beau or will the relationship crumble as soon as another enticing prospect comes along?

This indicates a very important time for long term relationships and marriage. You are keen for commitment and may even get married this week.

It’s a rather good time to get married, if you had already planned it that way, but it’s not a good time for a spontaneous wedding as while it may work out long term, the medium term will be very tricky as you will both think you made a mistake. 

You have to guard against co-dependency creeping into to relationships as, good work done in the past weeks at independence, can be ruined as you take a few steps back and become too conciliatory. Your indecisiveness can telegraph a message of weakness into the relationship and so conceal your indecision for now.

You must trust your instincts, don’t discuss your problems with your partner, you have the answers within yourself and so don’t ask for advice. Power comes from resolving an inner conflict yourself. Don’t look for the comfort of approval, go with your heart whether he approves of it or not. Act on impulse and do things independently and this helps the relationship move in a positive direction.

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Capricorn – Pragmatic and Earthy Tones in Love

The key this week in love is pulling together and not allowing circumstances to get the better of you. Indeed there is plenty of time for work and pleasure as long as you prepare and think ahead. With 3 planets in your solar 6th, you may not be a week of spontaneity and excitement, but if handled well, the work and effort you both put in this week can pave the way for more exciting times in the weeks to come.

You and your partner have to accept the realities of the situation you find yourself in, but that does not mean you have to accept anything as an eventuality! Dealing with the facts and the immediate threats you face both in terms of finances and day to day problems, can have an empowering effect and you begin to see that there are many more paths forward than you thought. While there is a lot to accomplish through this week, there is some predictability to events and so if you keep at something you can get through it successfully.

You and your partner can, by using common sense and being pragmatic, experience an enhanced sense of security, trust and camaraderie. However, if you allow emotions free reign and play games over cooperating, then feeling of loneliness and isolation can take hold. The choice is yours, this week you must be proportionate and cool headed to ensure good relations and steady progress to your mutually beneficial goals. 

In new relationships, you feel very sexy this week and you enjoy surprises and sudden sexual encounters. You have a high level of energy and you require your partner to be up for virtually anything. New relationships with people who are cold, apathetic, monotonous or low energy cannot survive. You need a partner who mirrors your high energy and enthusiasm for life.

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Aquarius – Holiday Passion

While arguments are normal and most couples experience conflict, the key is to make these heated moments productive. Can a heated moment open the door to communicating about a sensitive subject, can you both stay in control when you argue and do you know how to walk away before anything really damaging gets said.

Make sure arguments are geared to getting agreement, not settling scores. Arguments should be a catalyst to repair, not an avenue to despair and resentment. Know what type of arguments you are having and do your part to change the dynamic of those arguments, this empowers you.

Resentment kills relationships, so you have to own your part in the escalation or tension, and while each argument has its own set of extenuating circumstances, themes continue, and so no excuses as excuses mean you allow passivity and nothing can change for the better.

Holiday romances are certainly possible, however a promising start may be followed by an uncertain future or even a break up, before you resume the relationship. So, things that start this week may have a promising future, in the future, but not right now and so proceed with some caution.

With Jupiter entering Gemini, mutual passions are key to sexual passion developing, so look out for potential partners who are enthusiastic about the same things as you. Partners you meet this week may be daring more than caring, and while you may get your fair share of kicks, you may also feel a little left in the cold as your new beau is likely to have a full life and you may not yet be center of that.

You have to exercise self-love as your partner may not be doting or attentive, he may even be careless with your feelings, however over time you will develop a deeper emotional understanding, but that’s a few weeks down the road.

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Pisces – Pressure and Release

You are very romantic this week and also extremely adaptable to the needs of your partner. You may get quite some satisfaction from helping or caring for your loved one.  You may be in a position where your words or ability to comfort can make a very big difference to a new or old partner.

You will enjoy taking control in the relationship, and this is a week where you may have to take more responsibility as your partner is either ill or has family/work concerns and you need to step into their role.  You will enjoy this role, and it may actually change the relationship in the future, giving you a more dominant role.

This a month of looking inwards for approval, not outwards. Whatever you do, do not go all out to be a people pleaser; there is a tendency this year to push the boat out to impress others and gain some sort of superficial reward or acclaim.  The benefits of this are short-lived and rather hollow.  

When you are throwing your weight behind what you really believe in, you will have success and an inner warm glow – remember it is what you think of yourself and how you really feel about things that is important now.  Look within yourself for approval and support.  You have great mental resilience and staying power; you have the thick skin needed and the determination to face anything and get through it.

There can be disruptions which disrupt the usual flow of events or the routine in your relationship, but this can present an ideal opportunity for a rethink.  You guys may be on a course that, if honest, neither of you believe in, and now is the time to take advantage of any sudden happenings or even arguments, to voice concerns or broach tricky subjects that don’t often come up.

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The excitable energy of Mercury is slightly tempered by the fact that it sextiles Saturn in Pisces, and therefore it’s very important for you to use intuition, to listen to your gut feel and not to be too assertive or brash.

With Jupiter entering Gemini it’s essential not to be too hard on yourself. You should support yourself and the people closest to you by being generous and loving. This is an excellent time for the development of relationships, but there’s definitely an emphasis on communication, fun and being observant in love.

Whatever your star sign, remember that this week is powerful for:

  • Positivity
  • Communication
  • Personal Growth
  • Creative thinking
  • Fun
  • Enjoying life

See you again next week.

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