Weekly Love Horoscope for March 18th – 24th

Hello Sweethearts, welcome to the week of the Spring Equinox and the Astrological New Year, as we have the entry of the Sun into Aries.

We are still in the waning moon phase meaning it’s an excellent time for progress and achievement and yet although the sun enters Aries, Venus conjunct Saturn and Sun triggering Neptune before entering Aries mean the keys to success are in consistency, loyalty, compassion and creativity of mind.

In love, loyalty and steadfast commitment with a desire for higher understanding is key.

Check your Sun, Rising, and Moon signs for more accuracy.

Aries – The Luxurious Fabric of Love

Sexually, you are entering a very expansive and experimental phase (from this month); you may begin to try things that were once taboos for you, and you may find that it is quite liberating. Certainly, there are new levels of intimacy to be reached in all love relationships, and you may even find that you share a deep secret or fear with your partner for the first time as a deep trust develops.

Sun conjunct Neptune in your solar 12th, means new relationships may have hidden motivations on one or both of your parts and Aries cannot be blind to this – you can also not hide from this or forget it. You must have your eyes wide open in love and not let the excitement draw you away from the potential dangers.

Aries are certainly daring in love, and not much will deter you from pursuing the one you have your eye on – you must be careful of fixation, and this is a time when romantic feelings are very intense and often take over the senses.

With Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces, loyalty is a massive issue, and events will test that loyalty by throwing you both conundrums which can be very revealing of how far you will both go to defend or stand by each other.

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Taurus – Shaken and Stirred

“What is essential is invisible to the eye, only the heart can see rightly.” Taurus want to be like 007’s martini when it comes to love, i.e., shaken and stirred. Even difficult and upsetting events in your love life can be fulfilling if they reveal depth of feeling and a multi-layered, multi-dimensional level of emotion.

With Venus, Sun, Neptune and Saturn active in Pisces, what you cannot stomach is shallowness, and you will walk right away from relationships where there is a facade and a front – you will also have scant patience with people who are uptight and unwilling to share. 

New relationships can start in unusual circumstances, often where you are playing Good Samaritan and doing a good deed in a group situation. Spiritual interests are often a uniting force in new relationships and can speed up the bonding even where you are very different and know very little about each other.

Taurus in long-term relationships where there is only a superficial connection can feel both lonely and also empty; if you cannot inject meaning into your relationship and revive the emotional connection, is it worth staying?

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Gemini – Lifting The Veil on Your Emotional Illusions

Love can be confused with a more general mood which has gripped you. You may fall in love fast this week, but often you are in love with an idealized version of that person, or you may be in love with them as they are reinforcing your opinions and beliefs.

With a strong emphasis in Pisces, love is also strongly linked to the activities you are immersed in, and so love relationships may develop with colleagues or associates who you are working closely with, but will these relationships last when the task is done, or the phase is over?

It may be a love born of highly specific circumstances rather than an attraction based on your true selves. Secret romances are possible this month as you are liable to be involved in liaisons which are unorthodox or unusual and which carry a deep meaning and engender a powerful emotional reaction within you. 

Marriages can either be a bubble of enjoyment which helps you escape the hard realities of the world or a sphere of life where you feel disappointed and lonely. In either case, the choice is with you; it is all down to your underlying emotional outlook rather than what is really happening.

Right now, illusions feel more real than what is real, and so to change reality you must change your outlook or detach yourself until your mood levels out, and you are more practical in outlook.

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Cancer – Heart of the Matter

Your energy is high this week, and you have creativity, ingenuity, and the ability to work with people. You can offer spontaneous leadership where required or just step into a new role and start doing it as if you were born for the position.

With an emphasis in your 9th solar house, you have a natural flair and confidence and can adapt quickly and make needed changes while keeping momentum going.

You can embrace new ideas with courage, and a ‘nothing ventured nothing gained’ spirit of enterprise.

With Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces you are very intense and quite demanding, and so you may need to give your partner a bit of space and respect them if they want some breathing room as you can be hard to be with full time.

Communication is vital; however, you need to be sure that you are asking the right questions so you can nip anything in the bud. You have the ability to go direct to the heart of the matter and address what is really important – at times you can be blunt, and you may not steer clear of asking pertinent questions about personal matters.

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Leo – Energy Drives Change

Pisces represents your solar 8th house and so this week’s activity in Pisces can be characterized by battles and a feeling of being up against it. In many ways, it is like wading across the tide; everything is pulling you one way, and you are resisting.

Because of this and the fact that you are not feeling very relaxed or easygoing, this can be an energy sapping month. You have a great deal of persistence and deep reserves of emotional energy, and this can help you endure storms and keep you focused.

You are very single-minded and not in the mood to let things get on top of you, which means that no matter what you will achieve this week, even though it will not come easily. Your energy is high and yet can be hard to control as you tend to erupt, burst forward then retreat; you do not always judge the situation well as you get hot headed.

You are not always reasonable this week; however, you do have passion, and that passion can help you achieve great feats against the odds. Sometimes a ‘what the heck’ attitude can be quite liberating, but be sure you assess what the fallout could be before you act, and make sure you can handle the consequences.

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Virgo – Getting the Motor of Your Love Life Running

Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces means cooperation and being seen to work with others is an essential element to your success; even if you are not necessarily in a team frame of mind, you need to win people over onto your side.

There is good karma to be generated when you act with fairness and are even-handed and open-minded in your approach to others. A stubborn mindset where you think you have all the answers and that no one has the right to challenge you can mean you overlook something vital – so be open to suggestions and be observant.

Being stubborn and identifying too firmly with one viewpoint can also make you rather defensive and quick to take offence – this plays to that insecure, uncertain feeling you have this week. The solution is to be more flexible in your thinking and not rooted to one set of ideas.

You get bored fast and so you will look for ways to spice up your love life with possibly a spontaneous trip out or weekend away.

External stimulation is very important for you, and so you are unlikely to feel very sexual if you eat or sit at home in front of the telly after work, you will need to shake up your routine and try new things to stimulate your sexual and romantic desires. You can become quite frustrated if your partner is unwilling to go along with you.

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Libra – Talk Is Cheap, Love Is Hot

In new relationships, Libra are beginning to wonder whether a new date is suitable – it could be that you are sexually incompatible or while there is chemistry, the actual modes and means you both enjoy just do not match up. It may also be that some of your new partner’s opinions and habits are quite opposed to you and grate on you, even anger you.

If you are a person who likes an ‘opposites attract’ style relationship, which Libra often do, this can work for the time being, but you will already be thinking there is a sell by date fast approaching.

With Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces, you are awash with powerful desires, and they are not all about sex; they can also be about goals you want to set for the relationships, and you wish your partner would share your enthusiasm, which may not always be the case.

You can clash about priorities and money, and often you will be sitting at opposite ends of the couch after starting a fairly innocuous conversation. But amorous feelings are stimulated now, and they can often win the day with fights turning into great sex – intense and heartfelt communications even if angry turn you on.

In dating situations, you have to be more attuned to subtle signals, and you must pick up on the mood, or you could come on too strong or too eager. Strive for a balance between taking the initiative and being sensitive and aware of others’ needs and wants. 

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Scorpio – Crack the Case

Your optimism and your enthusiasm are high, but you are not very self-aware, and that can mean you misjudge certain situations – this is not the best time to put yourself on the line with an important judgment call, and you should hold back on making very strident opinions known as you may set yourself into a corner which is hard to climb down from.

An emphasis in your 5th house means that you crave recognition, and you want to push yourself forward into situations where you think you are going to make an impression, but things are unlikely to turn out as you wish, especially if you act out of character or in a way which is in contrast to your usual persona.

If you want to grab the headlines in your sphere of influence, you must capitalize on your position or build on what you have rather than striking out in on unrelated tangent. 

Probably not the best month to start a sexual relationship, although having said that, with passion in the world of Scorpio running so high, I am sure it is a risk you want to take. If single, you need to take a long hard look at what you want from a relationship – indeed, even if you are dating, ask yourself if you have settled for something that is below par.

Why settle for second best? Is it down to fear, or perhaps you are paying too much attention to your age or to what stage of relationship your friends are at, or it may even be parental expectations. So make a list of your priorities in a relationship and see where the current one ranks – there is a whole world out there, and you love adventure right now so get out there and crack the case romantically.

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Sagittarius – Bonds are Tested

Independence and headstrong attitudes can test your love relationships. It may be revealing to find out how supportive or unsupportive your partner is of your new ventures and aims, and this may reflect deeper attitudes. You should be patient and allow your partner to come to terms with any changes as a result of the things you are doing within your life – however, if he continues to resist and create obstacles, you may just have to ignore their objections and press forward.

Good relationships are mutually supportive, and often relationships go through a phase where this assumption is tested – that is what is happening right now with Sun conjunct Neptune in your solar 4th house. You are more likely to take decisions unilaterally without consulting your partner; it is better to consult and give them time to adjust.

You should also not neglect old obligations, finish what you have started before jetting off in a new direction as this will help you get more support from your partner.

There is responsibility on the home front, and this can weigh heavy, especially as you are in a forward thrusting, self-motivated mood – this may be part of the reason your partner has reservations about your plans and why you should make it clear that you will not neglect any current obligations or responsibilities.

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Capricorn – Snap, Crackle, Pop

For single Capricorn, love can be exciting and confusing. Sudden romances can arise, often with people who you would not expect to develop feelings for. Romance this week with Venus, Saturn and Neptune active in your solar third house, is not always about companionship and the search for meaning, it is more about experimentation, novelty, and getting a buzz.

 Often sudden intense relationships can develop due to an intellectual or social interest (lovers are often met via spiritual, community or university activities) which you share; these can, however, fizzle out as fast as they began, almost as if the need in you was fulfilled and the relationship has served its purpose.

You are turned on by people who seem radical, inspired, and who shun convention – somehow being with them gives you Dutch courage; you may soon realize that anything permanent with them would be unsuitable.

Romance is also sought as an outlet and an escape from routine and responsibility, a way of recapturing youth. This is why even Capricorn in relationships may flirt or chat online, perhaps even taking it one step further – however, it is that feeling of being risky and stepping away from your usual limits which turns you on more than the other person.

This is why you should try and seek this excitement via creative or sporting outlets as if it all unravels it can be very hard to explain. 

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Aquarius – What Ifs

This is a passionate month in love when feelings run high. However, as Saturn is activated in your 2nd solar house, you and your partner tend to be very entrenched in your views and both are acting stubbornly, which can impede relations and cause tempers to flare. When it’s good, it’s very good, and when it’s bad, it’s pretty volatile.

When you are both on the same page about a topic, you can go hammer and tongs all night discussing it, and this can be both very stimulating and can bring you closer and can lead to tender and intimate moments. However, when you disagree, you tend to both stick to your guns, and things can spiral downwards fast as you will rile each other. I sense some silent treatment both ways and a degree of sulking or even exaggerating to gain the upper hand.

 On some level, you both need to practice more detachment and to realize that not all problems can be solved or ironed out within days; some matters develop over a long period, and in time, positions can change due to new information – so perhaps you should argue not over what ‘if’s’ but only over discernible objective facts. Try not to invent facts or overplay emotions to get your own way.

The good news is that later in the week you may be able to let your hair down and indulge yourself – the danger is that you may go a little overboard and go wild as soon as you feel the pressure is off. Enjoy yourself, but try and do things in moderation.

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Pisces – Roll With The Punches

With Saturn activated in Pisces, you are concerned about what others think of you; not that this will stop you being yourself and striking out in your imaginative Piscean way, it will just ensure that when you strike out, you are that little bit more certain of a positive outcome and not gambling just so that you can be first. In love, too much reason can be a barrier to understanding, and you need to pause to pick up the subtle and nonverbal forms of communication – deeds not words can tell you more about the relationships. 

In marriage and long-term relationships, it is vital to accept the quirks and the ups and down rather than trying to get out some emotional steam iron and flatten out all the creases for a perfect finish – the beauty of the relationship is in the flaws. Problems in love should be tackled day to day and not micro analyzed and dissected.

This week, things will change fast in love, and so what is a problem today need not be one tomorrow and so keep rolling with the punches and do not linger on yesterday’s argument or issue; it’s gone like the rain of yesterday, and today is sunny so make hay.

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Planning in relationships and looking for love to follow some standardized pattern is not the way to go with Sun conjunct Neptune, Venus conjunct Saturn and Mercury in Aries. Many new relationships that start will be highly spontaneous in nature and will defy conventions in many ways.

Love will follow an unconventional path but one that also has more excitement and deeper meaning due to the unpredictability. Venus conjunct Saturn in Pisces indicates love with long term potential but short term sacrifice.

The themes for this week are:

  • Loyalty
  • Steadfastness
  • Compassionate Communication
  • Relationship wisdom
  • Compassion
  • Creative and artistic inspiration.

See you again next week.

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