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Inside the Love Astrology of Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

What does it take to make a marriage long and strong? Astrology has plenty to teach us about it! Find out the real story behind the astrological compatibility Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson with my latest celebrity relationship analysis!

Have you ever come across two people who just seem perfect for each other? Have you ever met a pair whose love is so contagious you feel loved just being around them? 

Well, if the answer is no, you need to hang around Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks, because this is the kind of love they have. 

Not only have they managed to build and maintain one of the longest and strongest marriages in Hollywood today, but they also managed it all while raising a tight-knit and functional family and building two dynamite careers. 

So what’s their secret? What makes them so lovable and kind? What makes them the hope and envy of Hollywood’s most elite and society’s dream? 

Let’s dive deeper into their shared synastry and see. 

Overview of Tom Hanks’s Birth Chart

Tom Hanks's Birth Chart Image

Grounded, honest, loyal, funny, light-hearted, and loving are just a few adjectives to describe Tom Hanks’s winning personality.

Whether or not you’re a fan of his hit films Philadelphia, Cast Away, Forrest Gump, A League of Their Own, or Saving Private Ryan, you recognize Tom Hanks as one of the world’s most famous and highly paid male actors and film-producers.

Born on July 9, 1956, in Concord, California, Tom Hanks is a gentle Cancer Sun with a fiery Leo Moon and tenacious Virgo Ascendant.

With Tom being a Virgo Ascendant, his Cancer Sun will naturally fall in his tenth house of career, public reputation, and material wealth.

This is an odd placement for Cancer Suns because it directly opposes their fourth house of home, family, and emotional stability, which could explain why Tom’s first marriage did not last.

A tenth house Cancer Sun also indicates a troubled childhood, or in Tom’s case an unstable childhood, as he and his two siblings were constantly moving from state to state with their father.

However, I believe that Tom’s migratory childhood is what motivated him to create such a stable and secure foundation for his children and his second wife, Rita Wilson.

Tom’s tenth house Cancer Sun also explains why he plays likable characters with a strong emphasis on family and deep emotion.

As a cardinal water sign, Cancer Suns can channel their emotions in a way that is intuitive and charismatic, and with the Sun placed in the tenth house, he finds strength and endurance through his career.

Besides his family and sharing his wealth with others, acting is his peace of mind.

As a Virgo Ascendant, it’s not surprising that Tom Hanks overcame his unusual childhood and separation from his mother. Virgo Ascendants are gentle souls with strong wills that believe wholeheartedly in the power of work.

Although Tom knew he was talented, he worked his way to the top and was never too proud to prove that he was worthy of his roles.

This is how he earned respect as one of the most kind-hearted and well-paid actors in the industry.

When it comes to marriage and fatherhood, there is no better Ascendant pairing than a Virgo Ascendant and a Cancer Sun, and when you throw in his Leo Moon, you could say Tom Hanks is “the perfect package.”

His eleventh house Leo Moon makes him the star of the show and explains why he dominated the industry once he came on the scene.

His Leo Moon also showcases the love for theater, drama, and film that started in high school and followed him through college.

I’ve found that Leo moons are natural actors and entertainers, as their fiery nature and fifth house rulership brings creativity, playfulness, and courage to anything they do.

And with his Leo Moon illuminating his eleventh house of technology, activism, and community, it’s no surprise that Tom Hanks has used his success to uplift and support the causes that are dear to him.

With Venus placed in his tenth house (which also is ruled co-ruled by Gemini), Tom is attracted to witty, curious, and intellectual women that can intrigue him and also understand his career mentally.

Because of this, it’s fitting that Tom was smitten with Rita Wilson when they met on the set of the film Volunteers in 1985. As an actress, artist, and ambitious woman herself, she and Tom hit it off instantly and were married in 1988.

As a husband with Mars in Pisces in his sixth house of daily routines, health, and domestic activities, Tom is most likely very hands-on, loves to cook and help with the children, and does whatever he can to make Rita’s life easier.

With Mars in Pisces, his demeanor and overall behavior are mysterious. Unlike some of his other colleagues, Tom prefers a quiet, private life. He would much rather spend time creating lifelong memories with his family or indulging in his hobby as a collector.

Tom Hanks is a dynamic man who lives a simple life and truly cares about his family, career, and community.

Overview of Rita Wilson’s Birth Chart

Rita Wilson Birth Chart Image

Intense, liberated, captivating, charming, free-spirited, and conscientious are all adjectives I would use to describe Rita Wilson’s personality and voice.

If you weren’t already a fan of her first films, Sleepless in Seattle, Runaway Bride, and It’s Complicated, you most likely know her as Tom Hank’s second and lasting wife.

Born on October 26, 1956, in Los Angeles, California, Rita Wilson was raised in Hollywood, even though she comes from a Greek mother and Bulgarian father.

It’s not surprising that Rita is an American actress, singer, and songwriter with strong cultural ties, especially with her Sagittarius Ascendant, which explains her desire to integrate her heritage into everything she does, including how she raises her children.

With that rising sign paired with a Leo Moon and Scorpio Sun, Rita is an intense woman with a strong drive for success, achievement, and recognition.

True to most Sagittarius risings, Rita is always evolving, always searching for the next big thing.

And with the Scorpio Sun placed in her eleventh house of friendships, hopes, and dreams, she will find that her connections bring her the spotlight she is seeking. 

However, with her Leo Moon in her eighth house, Rita takes time to trust people, and this is where Tom helps her open up.

She also has many gifts and talents, some that she’s afraid to show. This may be why she waited so long to develop her career as a singer, and also why she found her love of songwriting after working with a group of trusted peers.

With her Scorpio Sun in her eleventh house, she works best with others. Her most successful partnership to date is still My Big Fat Greek Wedding, which became the highest-grossing independent film of all time.

In love, Rita’s Venus in Virgo is most attracted and responsive to a man that is stable and reliable. She needs someone calm and centered to balance out her fiery, emotional nature.

With Venus in her tenth house of ambition and career, Rita is most attracted to someone in her industry, or at the very least, someone who supports and respects her career.

At the same time, Mars is placed in her third house of Pisces, which means she needs emotional stimulation to feel intrigued. She wants to connect mentally through music, art, spirituality, and helping others.

If she doesn’t have these things, the negative aspects of her chart may rise to the surface and cause discord where there was once harmony.

But with a man as aligned for her as Tom Hanks, the secret behind their love is mutuality.

Rita Wilson is a fiery, strong-minded, and compassionate woman. And with Tom’s genuine calmness and quiet intrigue, I see why he fell so madly in love with her.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Synastry

Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Synastry

If we just looked at their Rising Sign (Ascendant) Compatibility, I would say these two are not a match. 

But when you go deeper and uncover the hidden secrets in their chart, you’ll find that there is more to this love story that lies on the surface, and this private bond is what makes their love grow and last.

With Tom’s caring Cancer Sun, he understands and knows how to handle Rita’s intense Scorpio Sun. 

And because they both share a Leo Moon and Mars in Pisces, their different approaches to the same ends helps them sustain their shared values.

But to fully understand how each placement affects their overall marriage and love chemistry, let’s take a look at their Rising, Sun, and Moon sign compatibility. 

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Rising Sign Compatibility 

When it comes to Rising sign compatibility, it’s always best when one person’s Rising is the same sign as their partner’s Sun, but it doesn’t always have to be.

If they are of the same element, or if they are supportive of each other like fire and air, and water and earth, the overall nature of their relationship will have fewer challenges.

In Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson’s case, their Virgo and Sagittarius Rising signs do not always align. Due to their different natures, at times throughout their marriage, their underlying differences may cause them problems if they are not fully addressed.

For example, Tom’s Virgo Rising is more comfortable in practical settings that make him feel safe and supported. Rita’s Sagittarius Rising, on the other hand, is all about taking risks and trying new things.

What carries them is their ability to listen and learn from one another, which is shown through their shared Mars in Pisces placements.

With their Mars in Pisces in their third and sixth houses, they have a shared desire to understand human nature on a core level, and this leads them to build a marriage and family dynamic based on compassion and respect for all life.

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Sun Sign Compatibility 

Unlike their Rising signs, Tom and Rita’s Sun Sign Compatibility is through the roof.

With Tom’s caretaking Cancer Sun in his tenth house and Rita’s Scorpio Sun in her eleventh house, their suns are supportive of one another and will naturally create ease in their union.

If I could describe their chemistry in words, it would be that their love flows like water.

Two water signs with an outward focus on their career and how they can build wealth to better their communities, they share many hobbies and have an emotional connection out of this world.

However, if I could advise Tom and Rita, I would say, play more. Sometimes emotions and sensitivity to the outside world can become so strong that they can seclude themselves.

Although it’s good to have a close family, it’s even better to share that unique love with the rest of the world.

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Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson Moon Sign Compatibility

When it comes to Moon sign compatibility in a relationship, you are looking to explore the emotional nature of the union.

In Tom and Rita’s case, they are both strong Leo Moons, which indicates they have similar emotional makeup.

However, their Moons are placed in different houses based on their Rising sign, which causes them to express their inner nature in different ways.

For example, Tom’s Leo Moon is in his eleventh house, so he is very confident and assertive when it comes to showcasing his talents to his peers.

Rita on the other hand is more reserved, private, and conflicted when it comes to her self-confidence, as her Leo Moon is placed in her eighth house of self-transformation.

Because of their unique placements, Tom will be a guiding light for Rita, as he shows her through his actions that success is built and not bought.

Rita also teaches Tom that it’s okay to evolve and transform, even if he loves what he does, he can always pursue something else.

Overall, if I had to give Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson a Love Compatibility score based on their charts, I would give them a 9.5 out of 10.

As a relationship astrologer, I’ve studied their charts, and just based on their placements and not any aspects, they are a match made in Heaven.

And their commitment to always communicate, listen, and put their family first is the key to this long-lasting marriage.

If you would like to know how well you and your partner are matched, take my free love compatibility quiz here.

Do you think these two have what it takes to last? What celebrity couple would you like the real story on? I’d love to hear from you in the comments! 

Your sister and friend, 

Anna Kovach 

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