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Scorpio Man & Cancer Woman Compatibility—Celebrity Spotlight on Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande And Pete Davidson Love Compatibility

 A Scorpio man can be a powerful match for a Cancer woman. These signs have so much in common that you can feel almost telepathic together. So why didn’t it work out for Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson? Explore the romantic connection between the singer and the comedian—and find out what Astrology has to say about this pairing with my Celebrity Compatibility Spotlight.

Hold the phone! When the signs of Scorpio and Cancer get together, dreams come true and powerful connections are made—for better or for worse. 

The two of you are so similar that you often seem like a mirror for each other, reflecting your shared sensitivity, desire for deep connection, and powerful intuition. 

Let’s dive deeper into the compatibility between these two water signs!

Romantic Compatibility Between Scorpio Men & Cancer Women

If you think about the animals that represent each of your signs—the scorpion and the crab—both of you have “exoskeletons.” These outer shells function as your protective armor, keeping others from getting into your most vulnerable parts too quickly. 

Hence, both of you can actually seem rather cold or defensive when first dating or meeting, only to later allow each other in to see your softer side. 

There is no middle ground with the Scorpio-Cancer connection, but against all common sense, you are drawn to each other over and over again. When you’re good together, you’re really, really good. And when you’re bad, you’re terrible. 

Scorpio, your Cancer woman is one of the most tender, loving, caring signs out there, and you’ll feel very safe with her. Sure, she’s moody as anything, but you can be, too, so you get it. 

And Cancer, your Scorpio man is someone you fall deeply in love with—his magnetic, sexy, and secretive energy is very attractive to you, and you’ll sense that he has the same goals as you when it comes to love—to form a bond that is unbreakable! 

Will It Get Serious?

There’s every chance that the two of you will get very serious indeed! This is one of the most powerful relationship combinations out there, after all, though it can be very difficult for you both to maintain your connection when the rest of the world comes into play. 

You are both private people, and it’s better for your relationship if you’re able to keep it that way (i.e. don’t chase fame!). 

The dating phase might have a touch of game-playing as you attempt to get under each other’s skin, but there will be an overwhelming attraction that you both feel and will be powerless to control. You’ll fall deeply, and the honeymoon period will last forever! 

It’s as if your souls know each other, and you’ll spend hours simply staring into each other’s eyes and wondering how you managed to find one another. 

In the Bedroom—Hot or Not?

The sexual connection between the two of you is off the charts! You both prize emotional connections, and because you have a heart-to-heart bond, your sex life will be dazzling. 

Cancer, you will love how passionate and charismatic your Scorpio man is—he sweeps you off your feet sexually, and his libido will dizzy you and make you want more! He also holds a very safe space for you to explore your own sexuality, and together, you can push all kinds of boundaries. 

Scorpio, be aware that your Cancer women needs plenty of cuddles afterwards to feel valued and adored. That’s her favorite part! 

Commitment—Forever or For Now?

As a fixed sign, Scorpio is all about commitment, so that’s generally not something you have to worry about as a Cancer woman. 

Once he gives his loyalty, it’s usually forever—unless you betray him, in which case you will be dead to him. He’s extreme like that! 

As for you, Scorpio, you can rest assured that while your Cancer sweetheart does go through her “phases,” she has the same intentions as you and will not leave this relationship easily. 

It can go both ways, though. At your worst, the two of you can be overly dramatic and far too emotional and can drown in all the watery energy you share. Make sure to maintain some boundaries and all will be well. 

Problem Areas

Both of you are terribly emotional and moody, and you’re going to have many moments of rubbing that moodiness off on each other. 

When you fight, you know exactly where to poke holes in each other’s armor, and this can have devastating consequences if you’re not careful. 

Cancer, the sometimes manipulative and even vengeful behavior of your Scorpio man may worry you, though you may not always realise that, because of your passive aggression, you could be doing the same thing. 

The two of you always have to be sure to look in the mirror first and make sure it’s not you causing the fuss. If you each own your part in your dramas, things can flow much more smoothly. 

Celebrity Couple Spotlight: Pete Davidson & Ariane Grande

Faster than a speeding bullet—this relationship is one of the most whirlwind on-then-off relationships in modern Hollywood—and that’s perhaps indicative of the times we now live in. 

As Ariana’s hit song so perfectly put it, “Thank U, Next.” 

But there is more to the story, and perhaps if this couple hadn’t had quite as many challenges, then maybe they could have worked it out. After all, look at Scorpio/Cancer couple Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles—after fifty long years, their love has truly passed the test of time despite the setbacks and challenges they had. 

Unfortunately, this pair faced influence from all sorts of problems—exes, being so young, media scrutiny, rebounding, mental health problems, and the hardest thing on a relationship—death).

Ariana, the highly emotional Cancer, and Pete, the intense Scorpio, definitely had a powerful connection. They had several tattoos linked to one another, all of which have now been covered up. Their 5-month relationship from May 2018 until October of the same year ran like someone hit fast forward—triple speed!

These water signs were in a vulnerable place, and all their usual defenses weren’t there to protect them or caution them that perhaps they were rushing their individual rebounds. They were both recently in long-term relationships when they got together, and perhaps they didn’t realize it at the time, but they did break the hearts of the ones they were with. 

Ariana, the Sentimental Cancer

Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson Love Compatibility

It has to be said that Ariana was with someone else when she fell for Pete. Her beau at the time was Mac Miller, who, shortly after they split, died of an accidental drug overdose. 

However, Ariana did say that it was a toxic relationship and that she had tried her best to support him and carry him, but ultimately she could not be his mother—and this comment alone indicates what a typical Cancerian she is, always trying to take care of someone else! 

She must have been swept off her feet with Pete, the strong Scorpio, perhaps feeling as if, for once, she could be taken care of. One of the most telling things about her sign was the speed at which they moved in together—Cancerians love nothing more than “nesting” with their beloved ASAP! 

Pete, the Intense Scorpio

Pete, the Intense Scorpio

Pete, a stand-up comedian and emotional Scorpio, was perhaps even more intense in his declarations of love than Ariana. 

Pete suffers from Borderline Personality Disorder, which can be tough when it comes to relationships of any kind. Scorpio people do have intensely profound emotions, which can feel very overwhelming, and they often have a deep fear of abandonment. 

To Pete, it must have felt like heaven moving in with equally intense Ariana, and how can we blame him for giving in to his water-sign drive?

Unfortunately, that can be the danger with two water signs—there’s little to no rational thought in the mix! Pete has a sharp tongue, which makes him great at comedy—but he took it too far when he made jokes about the bomb attack on Ariana’s concert, which was one catalyst for their demise. 

Astrological Compatibility Between Pete & Ariana

Scorpio and Cancer are a very good mix, as we talked about earlier. However, with the other issues thrown in, such as their shared mental health issues, their recent long-term relationships, and the loss of Ariana’s ex, Mac Miller, these two had very little chance of success. 

It would have been prudent to wait before they decided to get engaged and get a bunch of tattoos, move in together, and tell the world about their feelings! However, when these two signs fall in love, they really do fall harder and faster than most, and it can be hard for both Scorpio and Cancer to see the forest for the trees. 

Their feelings take over, and because both of them are emotion-oriented signs, they’re not going to hide their feelings. In essence, Pete and Ariana are very compatible under their fatal issues, and perhaps they’ll find each other once again down the line, when they’re more mature and life has calmed down for both of them. 

What Worked?

They were both young, free and in love—these two allowed the feelings to simply flow, and they seemed to have enormous fun together. 

Ariana was plainly besotted with Pete, writing songs for him, flaunting the engagement ring he gave her, and defending him on social media. 

Pete was clearly mad about her, too, and just the feeling of being so wholly adored would have made both partners feel on top of the world. They also seemed like they were a bit of an escape for each other from the pressures of modern life in the limelight—never easy for young, water-sign people with emotional health issues. 

They played together, and it looks as if they could let their inner children out. 

What Didn’t?

There were many challenges here. For one thing, as I mentioned, they were both in relationships when they met, only to dive deep into each other instantly without giving themselves a moment to think whether they needed a bit of time to get over their previous sweethearts. 

This, in essence, was rebound love. Rebounds feel real and solid and can be a total fantasy, but they cannot last until healing has been done. 

Pete’s mental health would have also been difficult, and his Scorpio fear of loss and betrayal would have affected Ariana behind the scenes. However, the clincher was the death of Ariana’s ex, Mac Miller. 

The relationship between Ariana and Pete took a downhill turn after his loss, and sentimental Cancer Ariana would never have been able to sustain a connection, reportedly feeling terribly guilty for being in love with someone else while still with Miller. 

It takes a long time to grieve, and it’s very hard to sustain a new relationship while grieving over the loss of an old one—and that would have been hard for Pete, as well, being a possessive Scorpio. 

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Final Thoughts

Without a doubt this was a fantasy. These two threw all common sense out the window, and although it felt real to them, on the outside, the world looked on and shook their heads, as one tattoo after the other kept piling up! 

They were engaged after a few days, after all, which is never great way to start a new relationship, especially when there are other people’s hearts still involved. These two just had no patience, and unfortunately—being governed by their feelings as deeply as Scorpio and Cancer are—they really didn’t have the ability to stand back and process what was happening. 

Who knows, maybe when they are older and wiser, they’ll find their way back to each other! 

Which celebrity couples are you dying for an Astrological behind-the-scenes look at? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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