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The Truth Behind Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham’s Nontraditional Union

Oprah Winfrey And Stedman Graham Love Compatibility Analysis

What does it take to keep love alive for more than three decades? Astrology has plenty to teach us about it! Find out the real story behind the astrological compatibility of Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham with my latest celebrity relationship analysis!

When you think about a 34-year relationship, you would probably think of two people happily married with maybe a few kids, a cat, or a dog. But what if they weren’t married? 

What if two people decided that they didn’t need a legal marriage to be together forever? Do you think that couple would last?

Well, Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham know all about what it takes to make a thirty-four-year nontraditional relationship, or in their words “spiritual union,” last.

As a relationship astrologer, when I took a closer look at Oprah and Stedman’s relationship synastry, I immediately understood why they chose to enter a spiritual union rather than traditional marriage. The evidence was spotlighted throughout their individual and shared charts.

Oprah’s strong Aquarius and Sagittarius placements give her a liberated perspective when it comes to love. Stedman’s Pisces and Scorpio nature is most comfortable in solitude and long periods of community service and reflection.

Although the world may not understand their union, from an astrological perspective, it makes perfect sense.

To better understand the love synastry between Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham, let’s take a deeper look into who they are as individuals.

Overview of Oprah Winfrey’s Birth Chart

Oprah Winfrey Birth Chart

As one of the world’s richest and most influential women—North America’s first Black multi-billionaire—you could say that Oprah Winfrey is ambitious, fearless, and forward-thinking.

Although she is known for her success and her long-lasting relationship with life partner Stedman Graham, her romantic life and adolescent years were far from easy.

Born on January 29, 1954, in Kosciusko, Mississippi, Oprah’s Aquarius Sun, Sagittarius Ascendant, and Sagittarius Moon made her a showstopper from birth.

What I found most interesting about Oprah’s chart is that her Ascendant (rising sign) is only one degree from Capricorn.

This placement means that she is a Sagittarius Rising with underlying Capricorn tendencies, which are demonstrated through her excellent business and executive skills.

Unlike many Sagittarius Risings, who sometimes struggle with their direction in life, Oprah’s strong placements give her the courage and bravery to charge ahead against all odds.

I believe Oprah’s fiery “can-do” nature is what began her rise to power when she became the first Black female newscaster at her local Louisville station at the start of her career.

Her Sagittarius Rising, coupled with the other placements in her chart, also explains why she has such liberal views on marriage and relationships.

However, with Venus in Oprah’s second house of Aquarius, her legacy, assets, and freedom are more important than matrimony, and this will take precedence over all major decisions.

A second house Aquarius Sun, Oprah was raised to have strong self-confidence and be outspoken about her ideas. She talks about this often when referring to her grandmother, Hattie Mae.

This isn’t surprising to me as I’ve found that most Aquarius Suns have progressive and revolutionary ideas that are eloquently expressed through profound intellectualism and speech.

Oprah took advantage of her growing platform and utilized her hit talk show, “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” which debuted in 1986 and ran for twenty-five years, to push the status quo.

Unlike many of her colleagues, Oprah isn’t afraid to bridge the gap between spirituality, mental health, and politics on her show. Her ability to set trends and shape the world through her media outlets, such as OWN (Oprah Winfrey Network) and O, The Oprah Magazine, is truly unmatched.

With the Moon placed on the cusp of her eleventh and twelfth house in Sagittarius, Oprah was born to inspire and transcend.

As one of the most influential women in the world, she co-authored five books, led hundreds of meditations, and supports education and equal opportunities for girls and young women around the world.

With Mars in her sixth house of Scorpio, she is most attracted to the man who understands her spiritually, emotionally, and sexually.

Although her Sagittarius and Aquarius placements encourage her to live a life of wealth, power, and authority, I believe her Mars in Scorpio is attracted to the man who knows his way around the kitchen and garden.

She is attracted to someone who shares her deep love for the simple mysteries and joys in life.

Due to her Mars in Scorpio, she is an intense woman with many thoughts and past baggage, so it’s no surprise that she was attracted to a water sign like Stedman Graham who could teach her how to slow down, tune in, and eventually let go and release.

Stedman’s calm and soothing spirit is grounding for Oprah, and his strong Pisces placements ensure that he will always instinctively know what she needs.

Overview of Stedman Graham’s Birth Chart

Stedman Graham Birth Chart

Stedman Graham is most famous for being Oprah’s man, but he has a life of his own too.

Before he entered into a monogamous spiritual union with Oprah, he was briefly married and fathered one child.

Like his long-time life partner, Oprah, Stedman quickly realized that traditional marriage wasn’t his cup of tea.

What I found most interesting about Stedman’s chart is that he has a major stellium in Pisces—five planets and two asteroids are placed in his fourth house of home, family, and emotional security.

Born on March 6, 1951, in Cape May, New Jersey, Stedman Graham is a gentle Pisces Sun and Moon, and a Scorpio Rising.

As an American educator, author, businessman, speaker, former baseball player, and media correspondent, Stedman’s Scorpio Rising gives him the connections and magnetism to wow any audience.

His ability to work with intensity, focus, and charm are what helped him get his start at B & C Associates, where he worked with famous members of the Black community, including author Maya Angelou and South African activist Winnie Mandela.

His Scorpio Rising also highlights his passion for educating others on the importance of self-awareness, self-respect, and self-accountability.

As a fourth house Pisces Sun and Pisces Moon, Stedman is very in tune with his inner child, which most likely contributes to his lifelong work of helping young athletes overcome the dangers of drugs and substance abuse.

With Pisces commonly associated with drugs and addiction, this is very important to Stedman, and his Scorpio Rising finds peace in helping others transform.

To officialize his life work, Stedman founded Athletes Against Drugs, a non-profit organization based in Chicago, Illinois, that educates young athletes about substance abuse.

Regarding love, Stedman’s Venus and Mars are both placed in his fifth house of Aries. And with Mars being Aries’s planetary ruler, Mars is very dominant and active in his chart.

As a Venus and Mars in Aries man, Stedman is not shy when it comes to going after what he wants. Combined with his strong Pisces and Scorpio energy, Stedman’s placements create a passionate, sensitive, observant, and fiery lover.

I believe that Stedman has an erotic side that he keeps locked away just for Oprah.

When challenges arise, Stedman may struggle with facing his problems head-on. But I believe this is something he would have mostly overcome early on in his life.

This lesson was probably learned through his first wife and most likely contributed to the decision to build a nontraditional life with Oprah.

Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham Synastry

Oprah Winfrey Stedman Graham Synastry

When I first looked at Oprah and Stedman’s synastry, I couldn’t see any connections. I immediately understood why they chose their unique relationship, but I couldn’t figure out how or why they chose each other

Oprah is almost all Sagittarius and Aquarius, and Stedman is almost all Pisces and Aries. So how do these two opposites attract? 

Well, I looked again, this time with a closer eye, and it all comes down to their Venus and Mars. 

Oprah’s Mars is in Scorpio, which is the same sign as Stedman’s Rising sign. And Mars almost always impacts the man a woman will choose, or at least the type of man that she will be most attracted to. 

With Stedman’s Scorpio Rising sign the same as Oprah’s Mars, his intensity, spirituality, and emotional depth are what got her attention. 

On the other hand, Stedman’s Mars and Venus are both in Aries, which align perfectly with the strong Sagittarius and Aquarius energies in Oprah’s chart. 

It’s said that Stedman had to ask Oprah out several times before she was confident enough to say yes, and this is an excellent example of his relentless Aries and Scorpio love nature. 

Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham Rising Sign Compatibility

When you look at Oprah and Stedman’s Rising sign compatibility, the odds don’t weigh out in their favor.

Typically, Rising sign compatibility shows you how well a couple’s underlying natures, who they naturally are, work together. In their case, Oprah’s Sagittarius Rising may have difficulties understanding Stedman’s Scorpio Rising, but again, with Oprah’s Mars in Scorpio, there is a balance here.

As a Sagittarius Rising, Oprah is strong-minded, opinionated, and bold. As a Scorpio Rising, Stedman is introspective, mysterious, and deeply passionate.

I believe that Oprah can learn how to be more graceful and forthcoming through Stedman’s Scorpio nature, and Stedman can learn how to be more joyful and welcoming.

If I had to give Oprah some advice based on her Rising sign, I would say to her, “Be cautious about what battles you choose to fight with Stedman. It’s important for him to feel like he has a say. So as independent as you are, let the man lead sometimes. You don’t always have to say what you know. Silence is golden, Oprah.”

Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham Sun Sign Compatibility

Very similar to their Rising Sign compatibility, their Sun placements are also one sign apart. 

This makes for a challenging relationship but one that can easily be worked out through compromise and cooperation. 

As a second house Aquarius Sun, Oprah is focused on exploring and illuminating her thoughts and societal beliefs as a way of stability. 

As a fourth house Pisces Sun, Stedman is focused on creating a sanctuary of peace and emotional security for himself, his family, and the entire world. 

Although their Sun signs have similar missions, they express them in completely different ways. 

For example, Oprah’s Aquarius energy makes her an intellectual person who is more perceptive and more at home with thinking than feeling, and Stedman is the complete opposite. 

Stedman’s Pisces energy makes him like a sponge. He picks up everything. He will not enter any situation if he does not feel emotionally safe and respected. 

Based on this, I believe their biggest strength and challenge will be learning to balance their rational and emotional differences. 

Oprah will need to be more sensitive to Stedman’s more feminine needs, and Stedman needs to respect her and allow Oprah to be intellectually dominant. 

Although this is the reversal of what society deems a “traditional” relationship, this is what works for them, and I believe it’s how they’ve managed to make it work for over thirty years. 

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Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham Moon Sign Compatibility

When determining a couple’s Moon sign compatibility, I am looking to see how well their innermost natures respond to one another. This may include their private thoughts, emotional responses and impulses, and subconscious desires.

In Oprah and Stedman’s case, Oprah’s eleventh house Sagittarius Moon has trouble identifying with Stedman’s fourth house Pisces Moon.

Where Oprah is extroverted and forthcoming with her thoughts and feelings, Stedman is silent and reflective. Oprah would rather discuss their issues, while Stedman would rather meditate or ruminate before they sit down to talk.

In some cases, Oprah’s fiery nature may fly off the handle and scare Stedman away. If they ever break up, I think this would be the cause.

With the eleventh house ruled by Aquarius, Oprah may seem more detached and cold-hearted than Stedman. Her focus is on the world and her career, while his focus is on the home and contributing in small ways. Stedman is not focused on being “on the scene.”

However, with time and patience, Oprah will have learned how to navigate Stedman’s sensitive waters, and Stedman will have learned how to dodge and put out Oprah’s fire in return.

I feel strongly that these two have learned how to stay in their lanes while successfully building and sustaining their relationship together.

Is it traditional? No.

Does it work? Clearly yes!

Should you try it? Who knows? Only you!

If I could give Oprah and Stedman an overall love compatibility score based on their synastry and primary placements, I would give them a 7 out of 10.

Although they have strong connections, several differences cause underlying tension. The success of their relationship is not based on the stars aligning in their favor, but on the fact that they are two people who choose every day to make it work.

Do you have someone in your life that you would like to be with? Or are you wondering if you can overcome your differences and work it out?

If so, I have a free love compatibility quiz I would like you to take. It will only take a few minutes. After you’ve taken it, and if you’re opening to sharing your results, I’d love to hear them in the anonymous comments below.

Your sister and friend,

Anna Kovach

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