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Prince William and Kate Middleton: Love Compatibility

Some would label them England’s most boring royal couple, while others would say they are the  most sane. 

But behind their sometimes cold and predictable royal behavior, there’s a love story—and you may be wondering what brought Prince William and Kate Middleton together! Are they really in love? 

After exploring their astrological love compatibility, I would say that their connection is both personal and political, as both their charts show strong indications that they were born to lead. 

I believe that behind closed doors, they have a genuine emotional and mental connection, and their synastry proves that. 

But before I go deeper into their love story, let’s take a deeper look at who Prince William and Kate Middleton are as individuals. 

An Overview of Prince William’s Birth Chart

Prince WIlliam Birth Chart

It’s no coincidence that Prince William is the eldest son born to Prince Charles, making him second in succession and the most likely heir to the British Monarchy.

As a dynamic Sagittarius rising with a family-oriented Cancer Sun and Moon, Prince William was destined to lead the monarchy into the future. He was born to expand and build upon what his ancestors and queen grandmother implemented.

Born on June 21, 1982, in London, England, Prince William’s Cancer Sun is located in his seventh house of partnerships and marriage. This highlights his strong allegiance and relationship ties to his family, showing us that much of his inner drive is based on tradition, heritage, and the monarchy’s future.

As a relationship astrologer, I’ve found that men born in the season of Cancer are naturally family men who enjoy being head of household. They tend to be very subjective and protective of those they love, and they will go above and beyond to protect their financial stability by any means necessary.

Being an instinct-centric Cancer Sun, Prince William showcased his caretaking spirit when he decided to pursue a military career in 2005 and became an air ambulance pilot to serve his queen and country. 

What I find most interesting about Prince William’s birth chart is that his sensitive Cancer placements are supported by his bold Sagittarius rising, showcasing his passion, appreciation, and excitement for the future of his kingdom, even though he will go about things in a more traditional way than his Scorpio rising younger brother, Harry. 

In Astrology, Cancer is often associated with the mother, and I’ve found that those born with their Sun and Moon in the sign of Cancer typically have strong affiliations or root origins to their birth mother. 

In Prince William’s case, his birth mother, Princess Diana, played a major role in the unfolding of events in his life, even after her tragic death when William was a young boy. 

As a young princess, Diana’s dream was to give her children a more expansive experience than most royal children had received in the past. 

It was said that Prince Diana took her sons to Walt Disney World, McDonald’s, and other “common” places that one would never expect royal children to go. 

Her tragic death played a major role in William’s stance on the paparazzi and the media’s role in his life. Even though he serves in a senior royal position, he tends to live a life of privacy and reservation. 

Prince William’s Cancer Moon also indicates his marriage to Kate Middleton, a Capricorn Sun and Cancer Moon, both very compatible with his placements.  

With his moon in his seventh house of partnerships, which is commonly ruled by Libra, it’s no surprise that Prince William married someone he felt was “proper” and “socially acceptable.” 

I’ve found that this placement tends to represent a man who marries for tradition and comfort, rather than passion or love, even though his Sagittarius rising makes him something of a silent adventurer. 

Instead of ambushing the monarchy with radical ideas and ways of expression like Harry, Prince William, influenced by his Sagittarius rising, takes a more logical and regal approach to fulfilling his desires. He fills his spare time with games of polo and motorcycling, a pastime that he and his lively younger brother share. 

In love, Prince William’s Venus in Taurus is another strong indicator of his conservative nature. 

Venus in Taurus in his fifth house also explains Prince William’s sometimes cold, distant, and stubborn nature—he is known as the “hard-nosed traditionalist” in his family. 

However, I also believe Prince William’s Venus in Taurus placement explains his attraction to a grounded, serious woman like Kate Middleton. He shows his affection through acts of loyalty and consistent strong values of marriage and family. He is dependable and stable, and this is his gift to his family. 

But behind the serious personality is a responsible, caring, and loving father and husband who takes pride in being a stable provider and active participant in his family. 

Prince William’s Mars in Libra in his ninth house of expansion and growth contributes to his reputation as someone who is people-oriented and just. He believes in taking actions that support others and bring enlightenment to his kingdom. 

Because of this, he takes a socially active role in his senior royal family duties, causing him to travel all over the world as he negotiates world peace and diplomacy for his patronages. 

Mars also represents his sexual nature, determining how he expresses his physical desires and emotions in love and sex. 

I believe this explains why Prince William is attracted to an intellectual woman of substance, not just a woman of status and beauty. And with Kate Middleton’s Mercury and Venus in witty and humanitarian Aquarius, it’s no wonder William was attracted to Kate’s beauty and brains.

An Overview of Kate Middleton’s Birth Chart

Kate Middleton Birth Chart

Very similar to her husband, who is primarily ruled by the sign of Cancer, Kate Middleton is a subtle woman of water and air. 

From her quiet and unwavering support of her husband to her reserved and modest fashion sense, Kate Middleton is a symbol for the English woman. She is a shrewd, instinctive, and sometimes brooding Capricorn mother, wife, and Duchess of Cambridge.

Born on January 9, 1982, in Reading, England, Kate’s cold and detached Capricorn Sun highlights her conventional and conservative nature.

She is ruled by mature Saturn, so it’s not surprising that Kate Middleton is known for her dismissiveness and lack of emotional connection.

However, coming from a family of affluence and history, like her husband, Kate was raised in a very traditional setting and encouraged to express the classical ways of the English woman, which is what we see today.

I’ve found that Capricorn Sun signs (especially women) have a strong affinity for the arts and design. Kate supports this with her study of art history at St. Andrews, where she and Prince William met. He studied art history, as well.

But with her Moon in Cancer, there is a softness to Kate that can be seen only by those closest to her. Her Cancer Moon deepens her love and appreciation for youth. An example of this is her charity work with children.

Kate’s love for charity and helping others through her social platform can be found in her Mercury in Aquarius placement, bringing awareness to her passion for social justice and art.

In love, Kate Middleton is stimulated by mental connection, sometimes causing her to come across emotionally detached or withdrawn. Her Venus in Aquarius means she is attracted to a man of global status and worldly connection.

However, I believe Kate’s Mars in Libra is what really draws her to Prince William, as they both share this placement.

On the surface, Kate appears to be unaffectionate. But ultimately, her respect and admiration for the monarchy is what brought them together. And of all the couples in the senior royal family, I believe this marriage is the most likely to last.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Synastry

Prince William and Kate Middleton Synastry

After building a friendship as flatmates in college, Prince William and Kate Middleton began unofficially dating in 2003.

As family-driven, conservative individuals, their shared love of heritage and tradition gives them a common goal that they can work toward as a couple.

What I love most about their synastry is how well their values align and how this translates to their public image. Although some would consider their relationship to be boring, I believe this is their style and, contrary to popular belief, how they prefer to do things.

Even when they are ridiculed for their differences or apparent lack of affection, I believe their friendship and support of one another is what keeps them strong.

But to explore their compatibility, even more, I am going to explain their synastry based on their Sun and Moon signs.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton Sun Sign Compatibility

For starters, Prince William is a Cancer Sun, and Kate Middleton is a Capricorn Sun, which can be a very compatible combination. 

Interestingly, their Suns are the polar opposite of one another. Capricorn and Cancer are exactly six signs apart, which means they want the same things in life but express them in different ways.

For example, Prince William’s Cancer Sun inspires his desire to attain security and safety for his family. This will most likely occur through material possessions and financial stability.

As a Capricorn Sun, Kate Middleton is driven by the desire to attain security and comfort for herself. This will most likely occur through public achievement, government, or a position of authority.

Some astrologers would say these two are separate things, but really, they are the same.

As a lover and spouse, Kate’s Capricorn Sun will support and uplift the practical desires of Prince William’s Cancer Sun.

Although Capricorn is the assumed masculine energy in this reading, Kate’s feminine nature possesses strength and wisdom that Prince William deems invaluable; he will respect her advice and wise counsel.

Because of this, I believe Kate plays a major behind-the-scenes role in the politics of the monarchy and her husband’s duty as the most likely successor to the throne.

However, Prince William’s sensitive Cancer Sun encourages Kate to be more sensitive and nurturing. He reminds her that it’s okay to be vulnerable and comfortable in her skin.

I would guess that those closest to the royal couple would say that Prince William is Kate’s inner peace and not the other way around.

Interestingly, I’ve found that couples who happen to be opposite Sun signs naturally tend to work well together. For example, celebrity couple Brad Pitt and Angeline Jolie. Brad is a Sagittarius Sun, the polar opposite of his Gemini Sun wife, Angelina Jolie, and despite their tumultuous relationship, they are famous for their shared work together.

If I could give William and Kate advice based on their Sun signs, I would advise them to find ways to separate work life from home life, as the two will unintentionally mix. If not, they run the risk of losing their spark, which could lead to resentment and neglect in the future if they aren’t careful.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton Moon Sign Compatibility

Prince William and Kate Middleton: Love Compatibility Zodiac

In relationships, the Moon sign and placement represents how each partner processes and expresses their emotions.

With William and Kate both being Cancer Moons, they possess a shared emotional connection and inner nature that most couples would not understand.

I believe their shared Moon sign connection is what led to their natural friendship and sense of duty to one another.

Emotionally, Prince William’s Cancer Moon strengthens his Cancer Sun’s emotional nature, causing him to be very introspective, shy, and sometimes nervous.

In relationships, this sentimental quality is expressed as someone thoughtful, caring, and considerate. Men with their Moon in Cancer tend to be natural nurturers who were raised by their mother or have a strong desire for a motherly presence in maturity.

On the other hand, Kate Middleton’s Cancer Moon softens her hard Capricorn Sun and exposes more of her femininity and positive traits as a public figure and woman.

In relationships, she will express her Moon’s sensitivity through her gift of observation and intuition. Although she is not a traditional homemaker, she makes a conscious effort to fulfill the needs of her husband and kingdom. She is a very caring and cautious woman.

I believe that Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Moon compatibility is very high.

Their shared Cancer Moon invokes unspoken chemistry that some astrologers would call psychic or intuitive.

In circumstances where one spouse is feeling lonely or depressed, they will instinctively know how to comfort and uplift one another.

As parents, both Prince William and Kate will have a desire to be nurturing disciplinarians to their children. One thing I know they will agree on is their children’s privacy. They both feel that it is in their best interest to live a private, normal life as much as possible.

Either way, their shared understanding and respect for one another’s commitments and emotions increases their likelihood of a successful and fulfilling marriage.

In terms of overall compatibility, I give Prince William and Kate Middleton a score of 9 out of 10 in love.

My parting advice to Prince William and Kate is to break out of their rut now and then and do something spontaneous. Although they both hold serious titles, they must allow themselves to have fun.

I would tell them to never let tradition dictate who they are as people. Don’t be afraid to make history your own. Be your own best version of the future. 

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Your friend and favorite relationship astrologer, 

Anna Kovach

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