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Solar Eclipse In Taurus — How The First Solar Eclipse Of The Year Will Affect You

Hello my darlings, and welcome to the only guide you need for the upcoming Solar Eclipse in Taurus on April 30th. You may have heard about how Solar Eclipses are kind of a big deal if you even hover on the periphery of any Astrology community, but if you’re unsure of what to expect, that’s okay. That’s why you’re here!

I’m Anna, a long-time Relationship Astrologer. I’ve written a lot about relationships and romance in the past because it’s always been a passion of mine to help others get together, but I’ve got true interest and experience in all realms of Astrology. Since my readers keep getting savvier about Astrology, I can’t help but beam when I realize their genuine desire to learn.

This is why I’ve branched out into articles like this one, where we can talk about the spiritual significance of big Astrological events together. This is one of my favorite parts of the job. Writing for my readers that are ready to learn more about the stars and the energies of the Universe is my greatest joy.

I wanted to cover what a Solar Eclipse is in the first place and what it means when it’s in an Earth sign like Taurus. Then, I’ve outlined the effect that this particular Solar Eclipse coming on April 30th means for you and your sign specifically.

I’m ready to dive into this… I don’t know about you! Come with me to figure out what all this Solar Eclipse business is about and why it’s a big deal and then stay with me to find out how this is bound to manifest within your own life.

What Is A Solar Eclipse?

Some events that go on in the sky are only a big deal to people like you and me who already are infatuated with the goings-on of the stars. Solar Eclipses are not one of those. Societies all throughout time have revered and feared these events. And who could blame them? The Sun blinks out, for crying out loud!

We know why it happens now, which helps us understand the significance behind these events. All Eclipses involve the Moon and the Sun without exception. Other planets do not play a role in these events unless a strong aspect is being made to the two of them at the same time. This time, there is no other aspect being made to the Sun and Moon so it’s all about them.

Solar Eclipses can only happen on a New Moon. The New Moon is when the Moon appears black in the sky or is totally invisible. Knowing the significance of the New Moon is essential to understanding the effects it has when it shifts over the Sun, creating the Solar Eclipse.

The Moon goes through its entire cycle in 28 days, which covers the Full Moon to the New Moon and every phase in between. The New Moon can be explained well if we look at what the Moon actually looks like during this phase. And that is to say, the Moon is dark and hard to see.

Since the Moon is associated with emotions, the mother, the subconscious, and that which is hidden, we can expect all of these things to begin to internalize. You could find yourself sleepy and more willing to drift into a dream state, whether awake or asleep. This is because we privately are craving connection to that which can only be found within us.

The Sun is the opposite of the Moon in many ways. It represents outward achievement, confidence, and making a mark on the world outside of oneself. This is the planet that rules our sense of self and our ego as well, which makes the Sun the most important planet and the reason why we look up our Sun sign over others in horoscopes.

Since the New Moon is about planting seeds for new beginnings, the Solar Eclipse combines the confidence of the Sun with the growth potential of the New Moon. This is a period where your ego and your desires are aligned, depending on the position in one’s chart.

This is a time to focus on ego, identity, spirit, and vivaciousness. Since the New Moon represents new beginnings and planting seeds for further growth, these two planets coming together represent setting goals that actually stick because of the involvement of your identity and ego in the decision to do it.

This is a helpful period if you’ve wanted to initiate big changes and new cycles in your life, but it brings out that which has been obscured too, which can be good or bad or anything in between.

If there are issues that have needed to be addressed (especially in whichever house this Eclipse falls in for you) then they could be made apparent during this time. The Sun is making that which normally isn’t seen apparent all around it, and this goes for you and the people in your life as well.

When the Solar Eclipse is in the sign of Taurus, there is an emphasis on material wealth and tangible gains of some kind. This could be a highly productive time for anyone since Taurus is about putting in a lot of work. But remember, Taurus is about rewards as well!

With the ‘Lord’ of the Eclipse being Venus (which just means Taurus is ruled by Venus, so Venusian energy influences this Eclipse) it becomes a Solar Eclipse that focuses on all things Venusian. Venus being in Pisces during this time assists with positive manifestation due to Venus being happy in the sign of Pisces.

Money moves can be powerful during this time. Setting up a savings account can produce fruitful rewards in the future. The key is to begin *new* financial ventures. The established ones won’t likely suffer during this time, but they also won’t get as much of a kick from this transit.

Since Venus is involved, romantic gestures can be a theme, but this also largely depends on what house this Solar Eclipse falls in for you.

Solar Eclipses are powerful periods that have been the subject of myth and legend for millennia, and now we have the ability to take full advantage of these powerful occurrences.

To find out how this Solar Eclipse in Taurus is bound to affect you, check out your Sun sign (or Rising sign, if you know it) below to find out how this alignment can manifest for you.


Aries, the financial emphasis of this Solar Eclipse is magnified for you. This house governs income, earning potential, belongings, and your property in general. As a result, a new beginning for your relationship with money or your ability to earn an income is on the horizon. This is a down-to-Earth manifestation for a Solar Eclipse.

Practical means are emphasized during this time period. The things that you can point to and say ‘that’s mine’ are most affected. You might find yourself realizing that it’s time to do away with the negative energy surrounding money. A triggering event could make you realize that focusing on tangible things and real-world benefits and consequences is essential to getting where you want to go in life.

More than any other sign, I suggest that you open a new savings account around this time if you don’t have one. Your money is bound to multiply over a significant period of time (Taurus embodies ‘slow and steady’).


Taurus, this Solar Eclipse is landing smack within your house of self in your own sign. This house rules your temperament, appearance, health, and the lens that you process the world through. Needless to say, it’s the most important house in the chart of most people. The Solar Eclipse here can affect your outlook on life as a whole.

You could find yourself realizing that there are parts of you that need retiring in favor of new ways of being. Nothing will die that isn’t meant to begin anew during this time. You are a powerful manifestor during this time, so ensure that your thoughts are focused on an ideal future rather than a less than satisfactory one now.

Unless you’ve got some major skeletons in the closet, you’re likely to find this period of rebirth to feel like being cleansed. You can take life a little seriously under this transit, so don’t forget to take some deep breaths when things get intense (as they can under this alignment).


Gemini, you could feel like this Solar Eclipse didn’t have a strong effect on you, but this is actually not the case. It’s landing in your house of isolation and the unconscious, and so the effects here are not likely to be seen for quite some time. A lot of psychologists will tell you that it’s what is cooking under the surface that influences our lives in the biggest ways, paradoxically.

This Eclipse will make clearer the things that you’ve been sweeping under the rug. You could find that your finances are disrupted somehow and that, as a result, you have to start fresh in some way. This can be as innocuous as transferring money to a new account with higher yields or it could be a loss on the stock market. Anything is possible.

If you’re getting intuitive hits during this time, it’s a good idea to write them down and meditate on them. Meditating can also induce intuitive hits. Listening to the Universe and the stirrings of your heart can help you see what the purpose of this alignment was for you.


Cancer, Eclipses of all varieties can affect you more strongly than a lot of signs. You should find this one to be relatively benign since it’s going down within your house of friendship, social groups, your long-term hopes, and your idea of a perfect world. This is a house of the blessings that you receive, and as such, you might enjoy this Eclipse more than a lot of signs.

You can, however, find that toxicity within your friendships or social groups is exposed during this period. If there is a friend or a few friends that need to be let go for you to fully realize your hopes and dreams, then this period can assist in that.

This is also a period where you could make plans to realize a personal goal or dream. This period can keep you focused on what you really want out of life and help you hatch a scheme to get there. The good that comes out of this transit is more than deserved.


Leo, like Cancer, you’ll feel the effects of this Solar Eclipse more potently than a majority of signs. The fact that it’s going down within your house of public reputation, status, profession, and career, the effects of this Solar Eclipse can be more public for you than other signs.

You will be noticed for one reason or another when this Eclipse rolls through. If you’re already popular (as Leos like you tend to be whether you know it or not), this effect is magnified. You could be on the radar of everyone around you. Now, this could be due to a new job offer or something positive, so don’t fret too much.

You could gain promotion during this period, or otherwise, start a new transition within your career. This could be money-motivated due to the presence of Taurus here. This Solar Eclipse is bound to push your comfort zone. Ensuring that your actions and words align with who you are while respecting the authority of those more experienced than you will be the keys to success.


Virgo, this Solar Eclipse in Taurus is landing within your house of higher education, abstract thoughts, foresight, philosophy, teachers, travel, and religion. Since this Solar Eclipse is all about new beginnings, you could find yourself longing for a fresh start someplace new.

You could find yourself interested in starting school again at this time, whether that be to gain a GED or to begin a new journey at a University. You could also have more to do with professors and highly educated people in general. Being as whip-smart as you Virgos are, you’re sure to appreciate the kind of conversations and connections that come from this.

Taking a vacation is a good idea to do at this time since it can help you approach the mundanity of normal life with a clearer perspective when you return.


Libra, a Solar Eclipse in the house of rebirth, secrets, and taboo is admittedly one of the most volatile positions for a Solar Eclipse. This is a house that represents mystery, so determining how this one shows up in your life can be just that… mysterious and unpredictable.

This house is traditionally related to debt and your partner’s money and spending habits. This can represent a period of time where you decide to do some real work on your debt or perhaps you begin debt consolidation. In addition, your partner’s spending habits and income can become a sticking point or a benefit during this time.

This can be a period where you’re forced to start anew in some respect. Perhaps an old relationship pops back up but now you’re in a better position to accommodate it. Past relationships in general can benefit from a fresh start right now.


Scorpio, you’re experiencing this Solar Eclipse in Taurus in a powerful house, the house of partnerships and contracts with others. This is a house of advisors, counselors, partners, and marriage. If you’re in an established partnership, you could indeed be affected heavily by this. Even if you’re not in a dedicated romantic relationship, you will feel this with anyone that you have a strong one-on-one relationship with.

With the Solar Eclipse in Taurus in this house, expect relationship dynamics to shift in some tangible way. You and your partner could be finding contention or similarly, elation, over money and your possessions. This is a good time to work out what long-term, real-world goals the two of you have together.

I do not advise signing contracts at this time. The sometimes-unpredictable energy of the Solar Eclipse can make you regret the choice later on. I’d hold off a few days on either side to make a documented affiliation with another, including getting married.


Sagittarius, this Solar Eclipse in Taurus is happening within your house of labor, schedules, duties, occupation, health maintenance, and your pets. You may find yourself being just about finished taking flack from people at work or from the perception of being held down by your daily minutia.

This Solar Eclipse can be best utilized if you want a fresh start on the job. Maybe you ask for a department transfer or something similar. If you’ve been thinking about leaving your job in favor of a new one that offers more compensation, this is a good time to put in those applications.

With the Solar Eclipse in this house, you can find that you may also find yourself beginning a new workout or diet regimen. This is a time when you can begin an extended process of getting closer to your health goals, so don’t let this time slip by if you’re looking to level up physically.


Capricorn, this Solar Eclipse in Taurus lands within your house of romance, children, art, entertainment, the stock market, and gambling. This is likely a joyful period where beginning constructive new projects are supported by the energy of the Solar Eclipse.

Romantic relationships that haven’t become official yet could reveal themselves to be good for the long-term or a flop. Either way, be grateful that the truth is being revealed to you while keeping an open mind to other romantic possibilities if needed.

This is a period where you’ll want to use protection if you’re sexually active since a Solar Eclipse can assist with the ‘planting of seeds.’ If you’re trying for a baby, however, this is an ideal time to make a greater effort since the likelihood of positive results is higher.


Aquarius, a Solar Eclipse in the house of home, family, your past, parents, and memory can be a triggering position. If your childhood was relatively smooth and had few dysfunctions then this period may work out okay for you. If it was full of disruptions or you carry trauma from childhood, this can easily be a tough period to get through.

You may actually be moving or get the idea to move during this transit. Some events could awaken a desire to find a new place to live during this time. Being willing to keep your mind open to any sign of a fresh start or a total release of baggage will be the most beneficial thing for you during this transit.

Similarly, redoing the space you live in could be helpful in maintaining a solid sense of self while taking control of your home environment (especially if you weren’t able to do so during your childhood). Feeding your inner child is important, so go ahead and decorate and paint and make it all your own.


Pisces, the Solar Eclipse in Taurus is activating your house of communications, local trips and errands, neighbors, and siblings. This Solar Eclipse puts emphasis on your thought processes and how you communicate with others. The way you condense and process information from all around you is a major theme.

With this in mind, we can conclude that this Solar Eclipse is shedding light on how your way of communicating and thinking is or isn’t benefiting you. Doing away with the thought patterns that aren’t working for you anymore is essential.

The best approach is to focus on what mental processes are best to usher in a new sense of mental stability and even expression. If you’re ruminating on certain thoughts, focus on the things you’d like to think about instead of what you don’t want to think about anymore. This focus on a fresh start rather than an ending is the energy that will help you take advantage of the energy.

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Wrapping Up

Whew! What a rush this one is going to be, folks. Solar Eclipses are typically periods of big changes and new beginnings, so my overarching advice is to be open to the energies. The thing with Solar Eclipses is that we can prepare for them (and SHOULD prepare for them) but the outcome can’t easily be changed.

As such, learning to surrender to that which we can’t control will be the best way to grow from the experiences we’ll see around us. Being open to the new directions the Universe can take us during this Eclipse will allow you to see your ultimate path a little more clearly and embrace the direction your soul was meant to move in during this incarnation.

Covering these major transits is one of my favorite things to do for all signs. I’m a sucker for interpreting alignments like these, and when my readers resonate with my projections, it warms my heart like no else. Well, almost nothing else!

What I love even more is getting to meet my readers and go over their personal charts and transits, like this Solar Eclipse in Taurus. I’d love to see your chart since this Eclipse can and will affect all signs in radically different ways depending on the condition of elements within the chart.

If you want more depth and context for any part of what I’ve gone over up above, you can reach out to me right here.

Talking to my readers personally has proven to be a moving experience for me, so you’d be doing us both a huge favor.

Wishing you all the luck in the Universe,

Anna Kovach

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