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Quick Tips for Winning ANY Man Based on His Zodiac Sign

It’s not easy to find a good man these days—so when you have your sights set on a wonderful guy, you want to pull out all the stops to make him want you and fall head-over-heels in love with you! 

Astrology can be a fantastic tool here. While you can’t know everything about a man from his Sun Sign alone, having his birthday does give you valuable information and a powerful starting point in kicking off a romance.

Your man’s star sign (also called his Sun sign) is a fabulous guide to what he likes and wants in a relationship, and what will ultimately appeal to his personality. With a few little tips and tricks, you will be able to build up his sense of confidence and self-worth, which is what every man needs to feel good and to make him see you as someone who can enrich his life. 

Just remember that it goes both ways, ladies! Make sure he is doing some hard work too, and making YOU feel special, loved, and good about yourself! 

How to Win an Aries Man’s Heart

How to Win an Aries Man’s Heart

Aries men are just so darn masculine—they belong on the cover of a vacation magazine, as they epitomize rugged adventure and independence. 

Aries men can be the toughest to get hold of, but once you have him, he is yours forever—provided you don’t bore him. 

These fire signs adore the thrill of the chase, but they hate rejection, so you will have to learn to tread that fine line between being just out of reach but not so detached that he feels he is not wanted. 

Let him lead the way and call the shots, and don’t be shy to be a princess from time to time. Aries men LOVE to be the hero that saves the damsel. 

Don’t cling. Be independent and up for adventure, and make sure he knows how special and adored he is. Make him the center of your world, and he will shower you with love!

How to Win a Taurus Man’s Heart

How to Win a Taurus Man’s Heart

It takes time for the Taurus man to open up and be yours, so your biggest gift here is patience. 

He won’t rush, and neither should you. Eventually, you will find yourself with the most loyal, consistent, and romantic man around. Don’t push him to commit right away, though, because he doesn’t respond very well to being told what to do.

This man is enormously stubborn and needs a gentle, patient hand. 

Learn to cook delicious foods like his mom makes because the way to this man’s heart really is through his stomach. He loves good food, and having a woman who can prepare his favourite gourmet meals is a massive plus for him—and he would want you to enjoy dining out as much as he does. 

This man is romantic and sensual. He has an eye for beauty, so doing your very best to dress well, to wear something that excites and stimulates his senses, is guaranteed to make him want more of you. 

How to Win a Gemini Man’s Heart

How to Win a Gemini Man’s Heart

The quickest way to a Gemini man’s heart is using your mind and your clever words. He won’t be very interested in you unless you can have a stimulating and entertaining conversation together.

He adores women with opinions of their own, who are just as keen to learn something new as he is. 

Being versatile and adaptable will also appeal to the Gemini man. He loves women who can be chameleons and change from one day to the next. This is one time where your “multiple personalities” can all come out to play—the Gemini man will love meeting different and interesting parts of you! 

Variety really is the spice of life for him, and as long as you can give him that, he will never stray. 

Smart, intelligent, and sociable woman are his Kryptonite. Appeal to his mind, and he’ll be yours in no time! 

How to Win a Cancer Man’s Heart

How to Win a Cancer Man’s Heart

Cancer men are potentially the easiest to capture. They are softies—so gentle, highly sensitive, and all they want is someone to settle down with and make a home and possibly even babies. 

Of course, this is not something you should leap on right away, but don’t be shy to suggest moving in together sooner than what may be normal. Chances are he wants cohabitation more than you! 

This man loves his mom more than anyone in the world, and making a special effort to get along with her will be a feather in your cap. He loves it when his favorite women get along well. 

Cancerian men need emotional support and someone to understand when they have had a bad day and just want to be at home under a blanket, watching their favorite series. 

Don’t try to force him out of his moods; he will be on the upswing in no time with your gentle and empathic care. 

How to Win a Leo Man’s Heart

How to Win a Leo Man’s Heart

Leo men are kings, and they like to be treated as such. And of course, you will be his queen—once you have captured his heart, he is loyal and deeply dedicated forever. 

The best way to this man’s heart and soul is to be as loyal as he is. It’s also great to affirm him and make him feel good about who he is and what he does. 

Your own confidence and strength are big pluses for him, and although he doesn’t like too much independence, he respects a woman who is in charge of herself, yet feminine enough to let him lead the way. 

This man also loves a good show. Grooming yourself well and looking gorgeous will appeal to his masculine pride in all kinds of ways. 

Being warm, authentic, dignified, and attentive will ensure that this strong man is all yours. 

How to Win a Virgo Man’s Heart

How to Win a Virgo Man’s Heart

Virgo men are very fastidious, and they appreciate a woman who is well-groomed, refined, and classy. You’ll have to make sure your talons are always trimmed and your hair is washed. 

Don’t leave a stack of stinky dishes in your sink when a Virgo guy is coming over. Virgo men get very uncomfortable in a mess. Any sign of slovenliness will make him run for the door and never return! 

A Virgo man will really notice it when you do something useful for him—for example, if you make him a healthy, nutritious meal, or you help him out on a busy day by running an errand here and there. 

Nothing means more to these gentle and kind-hearted souls than going out of your way to do something practical in his life. He loves a woman who is health-conscious, cares for the planet, and can hold her own in conversation with him. 

How to Win a Libra Man’s Heart

How to Win a Libra Man’s Heart

Single Libra men are like unicorns, so if you find a lone one, nab him! 

Libra guys are a rare breed in that they simply LOVE having someone to share their interests with—someone to share themselves with. 

Libra men are responsive to flirtation, to beauty, and to women who are fun-loving and easy-going. Always make an effort to look good and flirt with him, and show your interest in the arts. Be willing to do everything with him, and dare to romance him—he will love it! Taking this man out for a meal or a show is a sure way to his heart. 

Don’t be jealous when he is flirty; he is ultimately loyal to you, but he does love attention from others. 

Above all, learn to negotiate and don’t push for your own way, as this man doesn’t like aggression and confrontation in the slightest. 

How to Win a Scorpio Man’s Heart

How to Win a Scorpio Man’s Heart

The Scorpio man is not an easy one. He might make you jump through a million hoops to prove your trustworthiness, so be ready to be open about your past—and be completely honest with him.  

Your patience and loyalty are your biggest assets here, and reassuring him of your devotion—until death do you part—is how to ensure you have this man’s heart for life. 

He loves sex, too, so be as kinky as you dare and be sure to match his sexual appetite. He will appreciate you going to the dark side with him, and he will need someone who can be deep. 

He likes a bit of drama, so don’t be shy to show a bit of your inner diva! 

Be ready to show your soul first—but don’t expect him to share his secrets right away. He needs to know who you are deep inside, and then he will show himself. 

How to Win a Sagittarius Man’s Heart

How to Win a Sagittarius Man’s Heart

This man wants life to be a great big adventure with you, so for heaven’s sake—DON’T cling. 

Don’t push this one for commitment—he will give it to you only when you give him his independence and let him fly free. 

Make sure you are ready to jump on a plane and fly away to the next adventure. Trying to hold this man back from his great love, traveling, will ensure the demise of the relationship. 

Be ready to grow and expand, and don’t be shy to try new, crazy spiritual ideas with him because he will love it. If you do yoga, great! That’s a plus for him. 

The Sagittarius man loves a woman who can have fun—a lot of it—so your moves on a dance floor and ability to hold your liquor if you drink will be very much enjoyed. 

Your independence, easy-going nature, and willingness to push the limits will have him coming back for more and more. 

How to Win a Capricorn Man’s Heart

How to Win a Capricorn Man’s Heart

The Capricorn man is the boss, so don’t push him too hard. 

He will admire and respect your professional success, and he loves an ambitious, goal-oriented woman, but he also likes to be in charge, so trying to push him out of the way will only make him cold and withdrawn. 

Be comfortable with rules and structure, as this is what he thrives on.

Suggesting marriage (eventually) won’t scare this man away like many others; he wants the commitment and will treat you like gold if you are loyal and true to him. 

Capricorn men love a woman who works hard and plays hard. Your success is what turns him on, as well as your class and your refinement. Being lazy and without goals will drive him away, so get your game face on here. Get into that classy suit and heels and show him what you’ve got—and he will be yours forever. 

How to Win an Aquarius Man’s Heart

How To Win An Aquarius Mans Heart

The Aquarius man is a bit weird, and he likes you to be a bit weird, too. 

Aquarian men don’t like the usual kind of girl—they want someone who stands out, who is different, unique, and authentic, so dare to be YOU. That’s what he’ll want. 

Don’t be boring or stuck in your ways. Be open-minded, as curious as he is, and willing to explore new frontiers and ideas with him. He will love it if you keep up with science and technology—or even if you believe in aliens. 

You can’t be possessive over these friendly men. You’ll have to be okay with his socializing and his flirtatiousness. 

He wants you to be his best friend before his lover, and you will need to turn his mind on before you get physical. Don’t be offended when he’s doesn’t get you emotionally—he’s not built to handle strong feelings, so try to have another outlet for those. 

How to Win a Pisces Man’s Heart

How to Win a Pisces Man’s Heart

Piscean men are into easy-going girls who have a spiritual side to them. He responds very well to women that are empathetic to his needs and feelings and are able to go with the flow. 

Being stuck in your ways or closed-minded, or worse—uncompassionate—are all turn-offs for him. 

Pisces men want someone that they have a spiritual connection with, and someone who won’t be too confrontational and argumentative. 

These guys tend to love water, so if you are a surfer (or happy to watch this water baby play in the waves) then you have a partner for life. 

Be willing to tap into your spiritual side, to live a life of unforced flow, and don’t get uppity about work and responsibility. A Pisces man lives life quietly and gently and is all about music, the arts, and love. He will adore any creativity or musical talent, and going out dancing together will be a source of joy. 

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Final Thoughts

One can never really “make” someone else fall in love, of course, but knowing a few things here and there can certainly help the process along, as long as you are both being true to yourselves. 

Perhaps there are a few things you don’t fully agree with in his personality, but that is what makes love so special—we learn to cherish even those parts that aren’t perfect. 

Making the effort to get to know what he likes and dislikes and what makes him fall in love will have a lovely boomerang effect—the love you show will be returned right back as he goes out of his way to learn what you love, and what makes you fall just as hard! 

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