How He Breaks up With a Woman According to His Sign: What to Watch For!

Are you fearing that you’re on the verge of a break up but not sure how he may act according to his sign? Perhaps you just want a heads up so that you know how he may act in the future if he’s thinking of breaking it off. Whatever you reason is; there are certain things you can definitely look for in order to predict where his head is at as far as a break up is concerned.

Some of the men make themselves very obvious and some of them are rather stealthy. It’s important you know what his sign is as it may help you figure out some of his behaviors. Naturally I’m here to help you. So keep reading to find out what each sign is capable of regarding break ups.

Aries Man Break-Up

aries man

With the Aries man; he tends to start making you feel left out of his life. He’ll stop calling, he’ll stop inviting you out, and he’ll make excuses as to why he cannot be around. He may tell you he needs space or he may not even say anything at all.

Aries man is pretty cut and dried when he wants out of a relationship. He should just tell the woman flat out but instead he starts just slowly cutting her out of his life so that she basically gets the hint.

Sadly not all women get the hint right away and need a little help. When he starts going out with friends or making himself sparse to you; he may be considering going his way and he’s trying it “on” to see how well it works for him. Click here to learn more of what an Aries man does with a break up.

Taurus Man Break-Up

taurus man

Taurus men don’t like to quickly end things. They already feel horrible that they want to break it off in the first place. It may make him feel like he’s a failure or he doesn’t want to seem like the bad guy.

He will start disappearing, backing off, stops inviting you out, doesn’t want to take you around his family or friends anymore. He may even stop having sex with you. These are all things he’s trying to “show” you so that you’ll break up with him.

If you still aren’t getting the message; he’ll fuss, fret, and then plan the break up. To you if you haven’t seen the red flags; that he’s coming out of left field with this which will hurt. There are other signs to look for; click here to learn more of what he does when Taurus man wants to break up.

Gemini Man Break-Up

gemini man

The Gemini will become ultra flaky when he wants out. He will be nowhere to be found when you need him or want him. He’ll make himself sparse and he’ll stop communicating like he was before.

He doesn’t like being the one to break up so he’ll try to do things that will make you want to break up with him instead. That way he’s not the bad guy in this and he has a clear conscious. One of the things he may also do is cheat and get caught on purpose!

There are other things that the Gemini man may to do try to get you to break up with him so that he doesn’t have to do “the deed”. If you want to more; you can click here now to read the other possible angles Gemini man will try to work with you in order to get out.

Cancer Man Break-Up

cancer man after breakup

The Cancer man is rather strange. He’ll start pointing the finger at himself and how you deserve better than he can ever give you. He may even point out other men and tell you that maybe they’d be better.

He tries to discourage you from staying with him and is in effect; trying to get you to break up with him. It’s easier for him if you do the breaking up because then he doesn’t have to feel so guilty about it.

Since Cancer man is a very emotional type of guy; he doesn’t like being the one to break it off and inflict pain on someone else. He may even do something such as cheat in order to get caught so that you’ll break up with him. Its nuts I know but they can do this. Click here to learn more about how Cancer man breaks up.

Leo Man Break-Up

leo man after break up

When the Leo man wants out; he’ll begin to lose his charm that drew you in at the beginning. He won’t go out of his way to make you laugh, he’ll give you the cold shoulder and he likely won’t be a gentleman like he once was.

He may have charmed the panties off you at some point but now he doesn’t have time for you, he doesn’t buy you sweet and thoughtful gifts anymore, and shows his more egotistical side. It becomes all about himself which will be a turn off to you.

He’ll make himself very busy so that he doesn’t have time for you. He’ll have lots of excuses as to why he can’t hang out or spend time with you. You’ll FEEL how disconnected he is and will eventually just tell you he’s done OR he’ll wait for you to end it so he can move onto the next woman. Click here to learn more about Leo man break ups.

Virgo Man Break-Up

virgo man

The Virgo man is already very particular and seems to nitpick even when he’s in love with someone. When he decides that he doesn’t want to be involved anymore however; he becomes a nightmare.

This guy will point out your flaws like none other. He’ll bring up old wounds to rub salt in them, tell you how worthless you are to his life, and will point out how everything you do is wrong.

It’s almost as if there isn’t anything you can do right. You’ll feel that everything you do annoys the heck out of him. It probably does because he now has zero tolerance for you since he really just wants out. Click here to find out other things Virgo man does in a break up.

Libra Man Break-Up

libra man after break up

When Libra man is considering breaking up; he starts to disconnect in ways that are noticeable. He starts making plans with friends, going out of town, making himself less available to you.

Via social media, he’ll possibly take down any photos he had of you two up; he’ll hide his relationship status or put it back to single, or will start blatantly flirting with other women.

He tries to give you signs that he’s not in it anymore instead of just being honest and telling you face to face that he’d like to call it quits. He probably will stop texting with you and cool off on the phone calls even.

Basically he backs out in every public way that he can so that when it comes down to it; you already have figured out that he’s finished. If you still don’t get it; then he’ll actually verbalize and tell you.

Scorpio Man Break-Up

scorpio man after break up

The Scorpio man becomes increasingly annoyed with you when he’s ready to get out. Anything you do is irritating and he starts chewing at you every chance he gets. It’s that much worse if you live with him.

All the little things he used to not say anything about or even thought was cute; he’s now miserable with. He’ll be edgy, moody, and will possibly even ice you out if he’s really done.

Scorpio men sometimes ghost women when they’re done. They don’t want to face the consequences or have confrontation so they’ll pack all their stuff and just poof! Be gone! Scorpio man does other things that you should check out by clicking here now!

Sagittarius Man Break-Up

sagittarius man after break up

The flighty Sagittarius man will simply disappear when he’s done with you. He’ll stop making plans with you; he’ll not be solid with anything, and will likely just totally disconnect.

He won’t even bother to give you excuses really; he’ll just mumble something that has no rhyme or reason then just tell you goodbye. It will seem very confusing as he seems to be void of much emotion.

When you try to make some sort of plans with you; he’ll flake out or tell you to find someone else to take as he’s unable to do it. It’s likely not true though. He just doesn’t want to tell you flat out that he doesn’t want to go with you.

Sagittarius man hates confrontations so he’ll avoid it like the plague. This is why I say he may ghost you and you’ll never hear from him again or see him. They’re great at disappearing when things become too much for them.

Capricorn Man Break-Up

capricorn man

Capricorn man becomes very cold when he isn’t in it anymore with a relationship. He will begin talking about his future but where he used to say “we” and “us”; he starts talking about “me” and “mine”.

Not including you in his future is a surefire sign that the Capricorn man isn’t interested in having you in his life going forward. He’ll start acting like a real jerk to you as well.

Eventually he’ll just out and out tell you that it’s not working and he’d be best on his own. He may start moving on without your knowledge and then let you know how great everything is going without you. Click here to learn more about what Capricorn man does in a break up.

Aquarius Man Break-Up

aquarius man after break up

The Aquarius man turns into a cold fish when he isn’t feeling it anymore. You’ll try to hug him or kiss him and you can tell the resistance he has. It’s enough to make you feel pretty darned uncomfortable.

He may actually say “we need to talk” and it’s not normally good news when he says that. It’s sort of rare if he says that and means that he really does want to talk about solving an issue. Otherwise; he’s probably going to complain or break it off.

He will be standoffish to you and you’ll know something is very wrong in which you’ll likely want to ask him. When you do, in true Aquarius form; he will tell you the brutal truth. Click here to learn other things Aquarius man may do during a break up.

Pisces Man Break-Up

pisces man after break up

When a break up with a Pisces man is coming; you’ll just sense it. You once had a bond that made you impenetrable. However; he’s changed and you can’t explain it but you FEEL the disconnect with him.

He may go through the motions in the relationship but you can tell the sparkle in his eye is no longer there when you’re with him. He seems distant and pulled back in some way.

He’ll be sitting next to you yet you feel like he’s a million miles away instead of being present with you. You’ll wonder if he’s seeing someone else or if the love between you is gone.

With Pisces; if you feel this way then it’s likely the truth. You have an empathic bond with him and it’s very likely that you’ll pick up on the fact that he’s quite out of the relationship.

In this case; it’s probably best to just ask him if he wants out and he’ll tell you that is exactly how he’s been feeling but didn’t know how to bring it up to you as he doesn’t want to hurt you.

Each man has their own unique style of calling it quits. None of them take pleasure in ending a relationship unless it was super toxic. Some are very frank with you and others are good at ghosting.

Knowing what your man’s sign is and what he’s capable of helps you. Keep learning all you can about him!

Your sister and relationship astrologer, 

Anna Kovach 

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