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How to Lose a Guy in One Day—What His Mars HATES in a Lover

How to Lose a Guy in One Day—What His Mars HATES in a Lover

Did you know that you can lose your man’s affection—completely unintentionally—if you ignore the position of his Mars? Every guy has a set of deal-breakers, and they’re defined by the sign where his Mars is placed. Read on for the big NO’s for every Mars sign!

Did you know that you can lose your man’s affection—completely unintentionally—if you ignore the position of his Mars?

Mars describes his male ego, his sense of manhood and masculinity, that “me Tarzan you Jane” primal, animalistic, passionate part of his nature—and you don’t want to step on his Mars’s toes if you want to keep your man! 

Some men are turned on by damsels in distress and fantasize about saving them, so you can play this card for your advantage, but others will be put off by too much initial drama. Your man might prefer a strong woman by his side—if his Mars desires so—but if he is tradition-oriented, you might endanger your chances for a successful relationship by overemphasizing “girl power.”

Make him feel like a man—one who is able to please his Jane—by understanding his Mars and remembering what NOT to do if you don’t want to lose him!

Mars in Aries

The passionate Mars in Aries loves the thrill of the chase.

He loves to prove his manhood by conquering the prize and testing his muscles, so the worst thing you can do is to give in too easily, or he will soon set his eyes on the next conquest.

You also shouldn’t agree with everything he says and wants! Yes, he does like to be the dominant one in a relationship, and he wouldn’t want a woman who is too willful, but playing by his rules ALL the time will make him lose interest quickly. 

Aries loves his independence, and he will fight hard if you try to put too many demands on him, so allow him some space and let him be the macho man he wants to be. He is turned off by ultra-feminist types and overly domineering women.

Mars in Taurus

Unlike our go-getter Aries, the cautious Mars in Taurus prefers to take his time when entering relationships, so rushing him into things might be the worst thing you can do.

He is a slow starter, but once he gets going he is unstoppable and dedicated to his course of action. He wants to prove his maleness to you by being a reliable and responsible provider who will take care of all your earthly needs!

But failing to show appreciation for his efforts is a sure way to lose his affection. He connects resources (Taurus) with his manhood (Mars), so questioning his earning power will poke at a sore spot and make him resentful.

He is very traditional, so faithfulness and stability are very important to him. If you cheat on him or fail to show you are committed to the relationship, he will find you unreliable and look for a more down-to-earth partner.

Mars in Gemini

Gemini Mars is a child at heart, and just like the Gemini Twins, he likes adventure and exploring things—so the quickest way to cool things off is by being uninterested in his pursuits and ideas.

Impress him with your wit and curiosity if you want to keep his attention. He needs stimulation and excitement in order to feel alive, and he will tire of cozy evenings in front of the TV.

He hates things being predictable and claustrophobic, and he isn’t particularly homey. He needs to be on the move, and your efforts to keep him in the house will only make him restless and distant—and pretty soon he will be on his way.

Being sexually curious, he would not want a girl who is overly shy in bed or who takes sex too seriously, for he is a playful creature.

Mars in Cancer

Emotional Mars in Cancer tends to approach things sideways, like a real crab, and he often doesn’t make a move before he feels secure. You need to pay attention to the more subtle signs of his affection and make him feel safe.

Demanding for him to be forward will only scare him away, and he will probably resent your lack of sensitivity to pick up on his emotional signals.

Cancer likes to take care of the ones he loves, so he will not appreciate too much independence from your side. It would make him feel that he is not needed—and he needs to be needed in order to feel like a man. He wants to protect you and care for you!

Cancer wants a partner who likes to cuddle and show affection, just like him, so if you are not emotionally responsive, he will feel unloved and retreat into his shell!

Mars in Leo

A sure way of losing your Leo Mars man is to hurt his pride and dignity or make him look bad somehow. Leo has a big ego—an ego in need of stroking and approval. So watch out—he can become very hurt if he is put down, especially in front of other people.

He doesn’t deal well with rejection, either, and you should strive to show how much you appreciate him. Reassure him of just how special he is to you. 

Another thing that hurts a Leo Mars is infidelity because he sees it as an insult, a betrayal on a personal level. He needs to respect you and admire you to be able to love you, so any kind of low and indecent behavior on your side will not be tolerated. He is a moralist.

He likes to have fun in a relationship and will find women who lack a sense of adventure and zest for life boring.

Mars in Virgo

Virgo is an earthy sign just like Taurus, so rushing a cautious Virgo Mars into things is not a good idea.

Virgo Mars needs to feel in control of things and have everything “figured out.” Preparation enables him this sense of control and a sense of masculinity, so he will be turned off by a partner who is overly spontaneous, irresponsible, or chaotic—one who pulls the rug under his feet too often.

Virgo Mars will show you his affection by doing things for you, by giving his time and energy, but he might get very upset if you fail to show appreciation for such displays of love. Virgo craves appreciation, and he really wants to be useful and helpful.

This a modest sign, so a simple “thank you” is often more than enough to make sure he doesn’t feel like he is being used while he is trying to please you.

Mars in Libra

Libra is a refined and polished sign, so Mars in Libra will frown upon any coarse or rude behavior on your side.

Chewing gum in the theater, dressing improperly, or being generally unfeminine are all not a good idea if you want to win or keep his heart. Show you are a real lady and dress up for your date; he will appreciate it.

Libra really doesn’t like confrontation, or strong emotions for that matter, so Mars in Libra will not enjoy arguments, and he will not be up for wild “make-up sex.” You need to smooth things over first for him to be sexually aroused.

Luckily, Mars in Libra will always be up for conversation, and you will be able to talk things through. He wants companionship and a committed relationship, but being an air sign, he does need some space and distance—too much drama and intense emotions will scare him away.

Mars in Scorpio

Passionate Mars in Scorpio offers complete loyalty and expects—or shall we say demands—the same from his partner.

Because he’s possessive of the ones he loves and invests so much emotional energy into relationships, betraying or cheating on him is a really bad idea. He will become extremely mad, even prone to revenge, so watch your step.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, and Mars in Scorpio doesn’t want to be changed, so tread carefully! He will also smell manipulation from miles away, so don’t even try it.

This is a deep, intense, and emotionally strong sign, so if you really want to get rid of him in one day, be as superficial as possible, for this is what Scorpio hates the most—next to wet blankets and whiners.

Mars in Sagittarius

Expansive and daring Sagittarius Mars wants to have fun, so the best way to spoil his mood is by being boring and unadventurous, by lacking a good sense of humor, or by pressuring him to stay at home for yet another Netflix and chill.

He needs variety of experience, and a predictable schedule gives him a headache, so don’t curb his spontaneity and adrenaline rush if you want to keep him around, or he will look for fun elsewhere. Take him for a night out and be playful!

A sure way to lose him is to make him feel restricted, for this is a sign that thrives on freedom, which goes for freedom of the mind too. Sagittarius likes to think of himself as open-minded and enlightened, so you should allow him to express his views.

He frowns upon intolerance, prejudice, and stupidity. Sagittarius values honesty and will appreciate your directness but will strongly condemn your lies.

Mars in Capricorn

A quick way to lose your Mars in Capricorn man is to insult his dignity. Belittling him in front of others, or showing any kind of disrespect for that matter, is a major turn-off for this Mars, for he values his sense of respect and dignity very highly. 

Being disinterested in his career, projects, or personal goals is also a fine way to throw away his affection since he needs a partner who will conquer the world with him, or at least stand by him and provide a support system while aims for the stars.

Capricorn doesn’t exactly have the best sense of humor, so watch what kind of jokes you make, especially if they are at his expense—he is touchy and doesn’t like to look bad.

Capricorn takes rejection seriously, so don’t think he will come running back if you treat him bad. This sign doesn’t forgive easily.

Mars in Aquarius

Aquarius Mars needs his space and will react poorly if restricted. A quick way to lose him is to be overly possessive, clingy, and needy. Approaching him too intensely or demanding too much closeness and intimacy when he’s just not feeling it will also chase him away.

Aquarius might forgive infidelity, since he isn’t that hooked on sex, but he will rarely forgive betrayal on a fundamentally personal level. He needs to know he can trust you as a friend, so be careful because he is very attached to his vision of loyalty.

Being boring or intellectually stale will turn him off since your intellect is what turns him on. Be bold and discuss things with him! Also, he needs a dose of excitement and unpredictability to get his juices flowing.

Downplaying his uniqueness or showing no interest in his ideas will hurt the core of his male ego, and he will quickly lose interest in you—take notice of what makes him different!

Mars in Pisces

Mars in Pisces is not an aggressive or particularly assertive type, so he will be put off by displays of aggression or by too much fighting.

Mars in Pisces doesn’t want a partner who is overly demanding in the sexual arena and might not be too sexual with you until he feels an emotional connection on a deeper level, so don’t despair if you went on many dates but still haven’t been intimate. This is a delicate soul who thrives on romance, not on strong energy, so show your romantic side to keep him interested and assure his male ego.

He does like a bit of mystery in a relationship, though, so don’t lay all your cards out just yet. Keep him guessing a little bit. 

He falls for damsels in distress, for women he can heal and “save,” which is why too much independence on your side will burst the bubble of his fantasy about a princess in the ivory tower he aims to set free and embrace in his arms forever!

Now that you know what turns your man off, use these guidelines to boost your chances with him, or to make your relationship even deeper!

You should never pretend to be something you are not, but understanding his deeper desires and using this knowledge to approach him will save you from making unintentional mistakes that may cost you dearly.

Have you noticed any traits in your guy that you can trace back to his Mars? I’d love to hear your story or questions in the comment section! It’s totally anonymous.

Your friend and relationship astrologer,

Anna Kovach

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